still need to name this sucker


Homestuck Beta Kids Week Day 5: Free Spot!

I’m still a sucker for homestuck mock rpg stuffs. i want to go into details as in creating random name skills and what they do (like Rose skills: Foresight, nullify opponent’s critical chance; etc) but this takes too damn long to finish, so maybe next time!

(the individual sprite is transparent)


during my Petsmart trip I also found this handsome fellow and thought he was too pretty to live in a tiny, dirty fishbowl.
I hadn’t planned on getting another betta ( let alone two!) but those nasty little cups make me so sad.
so now I’m up to three bettas - I really liked just having one…but I’m a sucker for those fins and pouty faces XD

he still needs a name ( I’m thinking he looks like a smaug- but I’m not totally sold on it) but he seems pretty happy in his new digs- although I think the filter current may take some getting used to.