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Medicine (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

I’m so sorry for any stupid errors, its 2am and my brain is mush but I can’t sleep so I sHALL WRITE


Request; You are Bucky’s personal medicine, the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used you to keep him line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Stark Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her

Other characters featured; sam, steve, nat 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; talks about torture, language 

Word count; 1449

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‘He won’t snap out of it, Rogers,’ Natasha explained, a sigh evident in her voice. ‘Usually he comes around after a day, but it’s been nearly a week and-’

‘- You need to give him time.’ Steve interrupted, staring at his best friend behind the glass.

 An ex-HYDRA agent had triggered his Winter Soldier mode on a recent mission and after much destruction and pain, they’d managed to get him into a Hulk-proof glass room. He kept coming in and out of the phase over the course of the week, sometimes Bucky and other times the Winter Soldier.

‘I wasn’t finished.’ The ginger assassin continued. ‘I was reading his files - Looking at what they used to calm him back at HYDRA.’

‘Don’t even go there. He can’t handle anymore drugs.’

‘It’s not a drug, Steve.’ Sam was now stood beside them, Bucky’s file in his hands. ‘It’s a person. Y/N Y/L/N.’

Their converation was abruptly stopped by a smashing of a metal fist against the glass - Bucky was stood in front of them, breathing heavily. He looked angry, but there was a glint of nostalgia in his eyes.

‘What did you just say?’ He spat.

‘Y/N,’ Steve said slowly. ‘You know them?’

‘Y/N,’ Bucky stepped away, muttering to himself. ‘For the first time in six days, he was calm, his words wild as he stared furiously at the floor.

‘There we go,’ Natasha grinned to herself. ‘We need Y/N.’

Bucky’s eyes snapped back up to hers at the mention of the name again.

‘We need Y/N.’ Steve nodded, repeating her words back to her. ‘But is she still there? Is she even still alive-’

‘Don’t you dare say that!’ Bucky yelled, smacking the glass again. ‘Stop talking about me like I’m not even here!’ He stopped, breathing heavily. ‘Of course she’s alive. She has to be.’

‘I’ll try, Buck. I promise.’

He grabbed Natasha and Sam by the elbows, yanking them into the office opposite to the holding room and out of earshot from Bucky. Sam was still reading the file while Natasha was peering over his shoulder.

‘She used to be good at calming him down,’ She explained. ‘HYDRA tried to separate them, they were too dependent on each other. After that, they got angry and both attempted to assassinate their guards until within each other’s presence again.’

‘That’s wild,’ Sam commented.

‘And it’s just what we need.’ Steve replied.

‘Are you suggesting we break into a HYDRA base?’ Natasha’s green eyes thinned, her ginger falling over her shoulder as she cocked her head to the side. ‘But which one?’

‘SHIELD traced the last base to somewhere on the outskirts of the city last week,’ He responded. ‘Their planning the raid to destroy, but if we can get in and out quickly and quietly without them noticing, Fury will be none the wiser.’

‘You are insane, Rogers.’ Sam huffed. ‘But I’m in.’

‘Me too.’ Natasha replied.

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On the Case Files

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1,591

Request: NO

Warnings: major smut

Summary: After a long week on a case, the team returns home, all tired and ready for a good seven hours of sleep, but Reid has a hard time keeping it in his pants, so he just decides to do the reader on top of her case files. Features really horny Spencer and public sex. You’re welcome

Originally posted by adriansarkisi

“Anyone up for dinner?” Emily asked as soon as everyone was back inside the bullpen that night.  The case had taken all week, and it was a relief to be back home.  

“Em, it’s already ten o’clock.  I’d love to, but I can barely keep my eyes open,” JJ replied, walking into her office to retrieve the rest of her belongings.

“Yeah, I’m going to have to second that.  But thanks for the offer,” Morgan said to her.

“Reid, how about you and y/n?” Emily asked across her desk.  

“I think we’ll pass,” Spencer replied.  He sat down at his desk and fired up his computer.  “I still have something I need to finish anyways.”

You looked over at Emily.  “Thanks, Em,” you told her.  She smiled and bid the rest of the team goodbye as Hotch and Rossi were both long gone.

“I’ll see you two tomorrow.  Make sure this kid gets a good night’s sleep,” Morgan said to you as he patted your boyfriend on his back.

“I will,” you replied with a smile.

Soon, JJ was out the door as well and it was just you and Spencer left in the bullpen.  You decided to sit down at your desk to go through some case files that JJ had given you to review as she couldn’t really decide which ones to present to the team.  You were always a big help to her with that.

It wasn’t long before you felt an arm slither around your neck, holding you tightly.  You smiled while continuing to look over the files.  But it was hard to focus when you could feel Spencer’s lips against your neck.

“Spence what are you doing?” you asked with a confused smile.

“I need you,” he whispered against your skin, the feeling of his hot breath giving you goosebumps.

“Spencer,” you warned him.  But his hand inched down to your chest, slightly cupping each breast.  “Spencer!” you yelled, swatting his hands away.  “There cameras in here.”

“So?” he asked, continuing his assault to your neck.  You sighed in pleasure as he nipped and sucked at the flesh below your ear.

“Spence, I’m serious.  If Garcia is still here, she’ll see us,” you told him, but you weren’t making a move to stop him.

“She’s gone, and I can delete the footage,” he promised as he grabbed your chair and swung it around so you were facing him.  In no less than two seconds, he hauled you out of your chair and onto your desk, on top of the case files you still needed to go through completely.  “I need you right now,” he admitted, attacking your lips with his.

He was hardly ever as horny as he was right now, and you had to admit that it was really turning you on.  And the thought of him taking you in the middle of the bullpen made it so much hotter.

His tongue was greedily exploring your mouth, and although you wanted to push him away, his savory taste, as addicting as it was, made you wrap your arms around him and pull him closer.  Your legs tightened their grip around his waist, and you instantly felt his excitement protruding from his pants.  You moved hips forward to meet his, gaining you a pleasure moan from your boyfriend.

His hands were greedy as they roamed every inch of your body until he eventually had one arm wrapped completely around your back to hold you as close to him as possible, and the other was at your core, rubbing roughly against the fabric of your pants.  You moaned against his mouth in response to his eager hand.

“Fuck,” he whispered into your open mouth.  “You’re soaking through your pants.”

Who knew sex in a public place could do that to you?

You moved your hands to undo his fly just as he began to undo yours.  About a minute ago, you wanted to shove Spencer away, but now you were too incredibly turned on to stop, and you knew you wanted him just about as much as he wanted you.

You could hear the case files beneath you crinkle and you knew JJ was going to wonder how the hell they got so messed up, but you didn’t care in that moment.

Spencer finally had your pants off, leaving you in your underwear.  You were still trying to shove his off, but it became harder to do anything when his hand was suddenly inside your panties, gathering your juices onto his fingers.  He stopped kissing your and leaned back, taking his hand from your panties and putting your arousal against your lips, prompting you to suck the taste of yourself off his fingers.  His mouth was opened slightly in awe of what he was watching and you instinctively pulled your legs closer to you, causing his erection to press against your core yet again.

You moaned at the taste of yourself and looked him right in the eyes, slowing beginning to rub yourself on him, making his arousal grow with every small thrust.

His eyes were hungry as they watched you slurp up the last of your slickness.

You were both panting by this point.  There was nothing sexier in the world to you than what was currently happening in the BAU bullpen.

“Do you wanna taste?” you asked him in a low voice.  His eyes lit up at your invitation and to answer your question, he knelt down to face your center, wasting no time to remove your panties and lick clean up your lips, making you moan some more.  

He usually took his time when it came to sex, foreplay was his favorite thing about the bedroom.  Teasing you was his forte, but right now, all he wanted - all he needed - was you and he felt he had no time at all.

You placed each of your legs onto his shoulders to give him a better angle.  His tongue was circling around your clit while his fingers entered you without warning.  His movements were rough as he retracted his fingers and shoved them back inside of you, repeating the process over and over again.  Your moans got louder and louder as you approached your climax, and it took over you with one final thrust of his fingers, hitting you in just the right spot.  You held onto the table underneath you to keep yourself from falling backwards, but that didn’t matter because no later than you came did Spencer remove his fingers from your core and stand up, fully discarding his pants and releasing his erect member from his boxers.

“I love you,” he said in a rush as he connected his mouth to yours once more before thrusting into you without so much as a warning.  You yelped in surprise and pleasure as he kept his movements rough and quick.  The only sounds in the room were those of your loud moans and skin against skin.  You didn’t want to think about how messy the files under you were, so you started to thrust along with Spencer, meeting the rhythm of his hips, a large slap each time your cores met together again.

The cameras were surely picking up every moment of your scandalous activities, and it only made you feel more excited with every breath that became shorter and harder to take.  

It didn’t take long for Spencer to climax, releasing himself inside of you with every thrust.  His moans against your mouth were enough to send you over the edge once more, releasing for a second time within the matter of minutes.

Riding out your highs together, you kissed each other, open mouthed and messy.  

You finally reopened your eyes to look up at your boyfriend.  His hair was a mess, sticking to his sweaty forehead.  You couldn’t imagine what you looked like.

“Couldn’t wait, could you?” you asked him with a sleepy smile.  He chuckled in response and removed himself from you, pulling his boxers back up to his hips.  You sat for a moment on the case files, bare from your waist down, wondering what you were going to say when JJ saw them.

“I’ll reprint those for you,” Spencer said as if reading your mind.

You looked up to the ceiling and winced as you pointed to the camera that was fixated right on your desk, signalling that it captured every moment.  Spencer looked up to see what you were pointing at and although his face grew red with realization, he smirked and disappeared through Penelope’s door to delete the footage of you two fucking on your desk and a pile of file folders.

While he was gone, you put your clothes back on and mentally cursed at yourself seeing the damp files.  They were covered in your climax, and although the thought of it was arousing, the sight was slightly disgusting.  You laughed slightly as you picked up each ruined folder and disposed of them into the trash just as Spencer returned from Garcia’s lair.

His smile was all too mischievous as he grabbed his things.  You narrowed your eyes at him.

“What are you smiling about?” you asked, gathering your own things.

He said nothing but simply held up a flash drive.  You rolled your eyes with a smile and reached for it, slipping it into your purse.  No way were you going to let him hold onto that.

“I love you, too,” you said as you walked hand in hand out of the bullpen.

Being stubborn and unreasonable is a good way to make your business fail with me...

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

So I own a few residential properties, I used to maintain them myself but I have a small business that needs my constant attention so I hired a property management company to maintain the properties. Property management companies handle everything, fix anything broken, screen the tenants before moving in, evict them if they don’t pay rent etc, while I just collect my rent money minus their little reasonable fee they take every month. When I chose this company, who I’ll call SPM for shitty property management company, they seemed to be a very good company. Local, been established for awhile, nice people, etc. I needed help marketing my properties and getting good tenants moved in, so I chose them.

While most of my properties we’re vacant at the time, I did have a few occupied, and 1 tenant living in my higher-end condo property and he was my favorite tenant, who we’ll call FT. I screened him and approved him myself before I hired SPM. He was a very good tenant and he rented from me for 3 years which is a long time and a great thing for landlords. Paid rent on time, made repairs himself without deducting rent, didn’t smoke etc. I ended up getting to know him because he wanted to buy the condo and he was a great tenant, so we became very good friends.

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•To Build A Home•
Chapter 1

He’s pissed off.

He’s bleeding from the huge gash on his forehead, his bike is in pieces of scrap metal on the side of River road and he’s fairly certain he’s missed his date with Tiffany… Taylor? No, it was definitely Tiffany. So yeah, he’s pissed.

Jughead Jones tucks his scratched up hands deep into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulls out a cigarette, lighting it against the wind, he inhales the familiar taste of tobacco and burnt paper and his shoulders finally slump in exhaustion.

This day sucks. It officially sucks, it’s sucked from the minute he set foot on the construction site to the time he walked into his second home, The Snake Sack Bar, he was tired, he was cranky and fuck if he wasn’t starving.

The blare of a truck horn shakes him out of his pity party, his redheaded best friend sticks his head out of the drivers seat window and grins

“Archie Andrews to the rescue! I’m here to save the damsel in distress.” He pulls to a stop beside Jughead as the dark haired man looks less than amused.

Archie’s eyes turn serious as he looks his friend over
“Seriously man, are you okay?”

Jughead shakes off his concern, he never quite got used to anyone caring about his wellbeing

“I’m fine, it’s my bike you should be worrying about. Look at her, she’s in pieces.” His hands are flailing frantically and Archie snorts

“Pieces doesn’t cover it. I don’t think even your uncle Harley can fix this buddy.” The all American boy drops a hand to Jugheads shoulder and begins to help him pick up all the pieces, throwing them into the back of his pickup.

“Mind telling me how this happened.” Archie treads carefully.

A low growl escapes Jugheads mouth,
“Jason Blossom and his goonies ran me off the road, probably has something to do with Jason taking over his dads construction company, probably doesn’t like that I’m working for Andrews Construction, or maybe they have something against the Serpents.” Jughead shifts in his jacket, the emblem displayed proudly on the back.

Archie snorts bitterly, a dangerous look flashing in his eyes
“Were 25 now, I figured the days of high school competition were behind us, he’ll never get over the fact that I stole quarterback away from him.”

Jughead shuddered at the mention of high school, that had not been a good time in his life and he very rarely revisits that place in his brain. He’s so much different now, ladies love him, he takes a new girl home every night. Gone is the gangly adolescent boy who hid behind bleachers, replaced by a filled out , muscular bad boy that drives all the girls who ignored him in high school mad. Damnit he could be showing that cheerleader Tiffany… Taylor, shit what was her name? whatever, he could be showing her the time of her life.

“I know a mechanic a town over, works real good with bikes. The shops open, I can take you there now.”

This is why Archie Andrews is his best friend, no matter what, they are always there for each other, it’s the way it’s been since they were four years old. Jugheads pressing some fancy satin scarf against the gash on his forehead as Archie mumbles something about Infection. They pull up to Pops Mechanic Shop and Jughead hops from the truck, he’s a bit woozier than he expected, his knees wobbly. Archie shoots him yet again, another concerned glance.

“I’m good dude, now where’s this mechanic you mentioned, I wanna talk to him about..”

He’s cut off abruptly by a distinctly feminine voice

“Archie Andrews, you better not have blown out your breaks again! I just fixed this truck last week.”

Jughead turns quickly to the voice behind him and nearly passes out. (It’s most definitely because of lack of blood, not the sexy creature before him.)

Standing In front of him is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, long tan legs are wrapped up in short denim overalls, a dirty, red rag is hanging from one of her pockets, her feet are tucked into heavy work boots. Jughead lets his eyes trail over her body all the way up to her toned,bronze arms, she’s covered in motor oil and dirt but it only makes that much sexier. her silky blonde hair is tied up in a messy bun, strands sticking to her sweaty forehead, her eyes are the color of freshly cut grass and her lips are so perfect it should be illegal.

“Nope not me this time Betty, check the back of the truck.”

As soon as she moves to the back her eyes widen

“Woah, holy… poor baby, what happened here?” For the first time since the conversation started Betty’s eyes are on his, ocean blue meeting meadow green, they linger on his before flickering to the steadily bleeding cut on his forehead

“It’s my bike.. well it was my bike. I kind of.. got into an accident.” He answers dumbly, she can obviously see that he was in accident. Dumbass.

“That needs stitches.”

She speaks so suddenly it takes Jughead by surprise


“The cut on your head, it needs stitches, you ripped it clean open. I can fix your bike, gonna take a while but I can get her running.”

Jugheads mind races to catch up with her

“You can?”

“Sure, shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got some paperwork for you to fill out in the office, Arch I made cookies, there might still be some in the garage if the guys haven’t snatched them all up.”
A flash of red races to the garage, leaving Jughead to follow Betty.

The office is run down but usable,

“Do you have insurance?” Betty asks, her head buried in a filing cabinet, Jughead snorts causing her to look up a hesitant smile on her face.

“No.” the raven haired boy clarifies “no insurance.”

Betty nods, eyes understanding as she hands him a clipboard

“My prices are good, I won’t overcharge you, I can promise you I’m the only one who’s gonna be able to work on that bike.”

Jughead signs the paperwork quickly handing it back and sticking his hand out

“I’m Jughead Jones.”

The blonde chews on her lip for a Monet before taking his hand

“I’m Betty Cooper and I know who you are Mr.Jones” she grins wickedly and he smirks

“Oh really?”

He’s moving closer now, breathing in her air as she steps forward, face dangerously close to his own

“Mhmm, and that why I can say..” she trails off suggestively before taking a huge step back and shaking her shoulders

“I’m only interested in doing business with you, nothing more, nothing less. Your reputation precedes you Mr.Jones. I can’t count the amount of Husbands who come in here and try to sell their wives cars after you’ve broken their marriage up.” She giggled uncharacteristically before shoving his papers into the desk drawer

“So thank you but no Thankyou.” Just as she’s about to leave the room Jughead grips her wrist

“You don’t know me.” He speaks desperately, something about this woman makes him want to get on his knees and beg.

With sad eyes Betty looks down at his fingers holding her wrist.

“No.. but I know your kind.”

He wants to protest but Archie enters the room

“All set guys? Hey Betty, Veronica wanted me to tell you we’re coming over tonight, we’ve got a dinner party tomorrow and she has no clue what to wear.”

“I’ll be home.” The female mechanic smiles lazily.

All three of the adults head outside

“Well arch, I’ll see you tonight and Mr.Jones….”

“Tomorrow. I’ll be back tomorrow.” His eyes drill into hers and for a moment something flashes that he can’t quite catch but she’s quickly turning her back to both boys and walking back to work

“Whatever you say jones, see ya around.”

Archie looks back and forth between his two friends

“Everything okay? Hey if we speed I’m sure we can make it for your date with Tamara.”

Ahh Tamara, that was her name. Jughead stares out the passenger window and watches as Betty gets underneath a car, a wrench clenched in her fist.

“Nah, forget about Tamara. Hey you mind taking me to the ER, apparently I need stitches.”

Intelligence Isn't Everything

Reid x reader

“Y/N! Wait up…..”

Y/N slowed her pace slightly but not much, allowing her colleague to catch up.

“Christ, for someone in heels you can sure walk fast,” Spencer commented, falling in step besides her as they made their way back to the BAU headquarters.

“Yes, well. I’m cold and I want to get back to the others,” her long hair caught on the breeze and she pulled her jacket tighter.

“Well we’d still be with the others if you’d accepted that I was right about the case.”

Never. Not when Y/N knew she was right. And on this occasion, she definitely was. But Spencer kept pushing it, insisting she was wrong about a small detail from a case that they’d covered four months ago. She should have let it slide but she couldn’t. She was fed up of him always being the golden boy, the genius. She was just as smart, her IQ only being a few points lower than his. Yet the team had all sided with Reid, everyone except Garcia who had backed her up.
And so what was meant to be a fun night out after work, with drinks and dancing, had turned into a full on debate between Y/N and Reid, and now the two were heading back to work to find out which one of them was correct.

Some would have called the pair of them stubborn mules. And she could bet that the team were laughing at their inability to drop the discussion and to agree to disagree until the next day. Still, they’d be back there soon enough, and she couldn’t wait to gloat. She was certain on this one.

They entered the building and Y/N headed straight for the elevator, frowning when she saw her tall, messy haired colleague heading for the stairs that led to the basement. She whistled to get his attention.
“Oi. So called genius. Where are you going?”

“Down to the records room,” he replied as if it was obvious.

“But it’ll be quicker to check on the computers?”

“Quicker yes. But Penelope was backing you up and I know she can remote access the servers. I’m not having her logging in and changing this just so you can feign victory.”

“Oh my God. You have that low an opinion of me that you’d think I’d get her to do that?”

Reid shrugged, “I just want absolute proof that I’m right here, so there can be no question.”

“Fine,” Y/N crossed the room to the basement door and followed him down the stairs and into the basement, muttering obscenities under her breath.

They reached the records room and flicked the lights on, shutting the door behind them and surveying the rows and rows of filing cabinets and storage boxes in front of them. Y/N spied an empty desk pushed against a wall and went and hopped up on it, settling herself back to wait.

“Are you not going to help me find the file?” Spencer asked.

She shook her head. “Nope,” she popped the ‘p’ loudly. “File I want is upstairs on a computer, easily accessible. You wanted to come down here, you find it.”

She watched him roll his eyes and mutter something under his breath which sound very much like “Ane.“

“Did you just call me an ass…. In school boy French?” Y/N was shocked, Spencer rarely insulted his team mates. And using french was just yet another way of him trying to show his intelligence off to her.

He stood staring at the files, trying to work out logically, where the one he wanted would be. Deciding, he opened a cabinet and started sifting through.


“Oh grow up, Spencer.”

“Oh cos I’m the one being a child here?”

“Yes! Because I certainly aren’t. You couldn’t let this drop, you kept insisting and insisting that I was wrong. You belittle me all the fucking time, Reid. And quite frankly, it pisses me off. You’re not the only intelligent person here. You talk down to the others too, but they all think that the sun shines out of your ass crack for some fucking reason.”

He sniggered and kept searching through the folders.

“It’s not funny, Spencer. Do you know how many times I’ve been tempted to put my transfer papers in because you make me feel so small and pointless? I was hired for a reason, because I’m good at my job. Because I came top of my class in cal-tech, the second highest graduating marks in the history of that class. Second to yours of course. I should have realised that that was how my career would go as well. Always second best to the boy wonder.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault the others consult my opinion first,” he discarded a pile of files onto the floor, searching further.

“No, but you could shut your mouth and stopped interrupting me when I actually start speaking first. Nine times out of ten, you jump in with exactly what I was going to say. And everyone then thinks that it was your fucking breakthrough. Why can’t you just let me have it for once?”

“Because you have everything else… And my intelligence is ALL I have!” he sounded exasperated, as if it were obvious.

“Excuse me?” Y/N stared at him confused. “I have everything else? How exactly? What do I have that you don’t?”

“Erm, A social life outside of the BAU. Parents that are still together. I bet you weren’t bullied and teased all the way through high school either, you had to have been one of the popular girls with how good looking you are.”

“So you hate me because I have friends any family? And because you think I’m attractive?” Y/N was shaking her head know. “Spencer that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard.”

“It might be to you, but it’s not too me. My intelligence is all I have.”

“Sure sure… Cos you’re definitely not 6ft 1 with a sexy combination of hair, eyes and bone structure that most people would kill for.”

“I’m not.”

“You’re so blind sometimes Reid, it’s ridiculous. I literally don’t think I can work around you anymore. I’m gonna ask for a transfer on Monday.”

She started to walk towards the door, intending on leaving. She no longer cared about who was right or wrong here she just wanted to out.

“Wait!” Spencer sounded stricken and Y/N stopped and turned.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t want you to leave the team. You are…. You’re good at your job. And maybe…. Alright maybe I AM a bit too pushy and forward with my opinions sometimes. Just… I can’t help it. But I’ll try okay.”

Wow. An apology. He looked at her, his dark brown eyes blazing. Well… He’d apologised. That was a first.

“You’ll get over the ‘hating me cos I’m beautiful’ thing?” Y/N made air quotation marks with her fingers.

“I’ll try… ”

“Fine. Let’s just go. I need a drink.”

“But I found the file? Don’t you wanna know who was right?” he waved the manila folder at Y/N and she considered her options, deciding that yes, she did still want to know. She nodded and he opened the file, quickly scanning to the information they were both craving.

That was one thing he could do which she couldn’t. Speed read. And it annoyed the hell out of her.

“Well?” She placed her hands on her hips, watching as his eyes flickered to hers and then down to the paper. Looking back up at her, he fixed a grin on his face and announced.

“I’m right!” Spencer closed the file and went to slide it back into place.

“Really? I was so…. sure?” Y/N felt confusion and then idiocy. She’d argued this point for two hours. And she was wrong? Bringing her eyes to his face, she studied his face, detecting a small flicker.

“Lemme see,” she held out her hand.

“No. You don’t need to, I’ve checked and told you. I’m right.”

Y/N lunged for the folder, now certain that he was lying to her. Ripping it out of his hands, she quickly flicked through it, finding the information she needed.

“You absolute shit, Spencer Reid. Even after apologising to me, you still can’t admit when you’re wrong.”

She closed the folder, breathing deeply to calm herself down and slotting the folder back into its place, seeing her colleague now red faced. He’d been caught and he didn’t know what to say.


Remembering his schoolboy French from earlier, Y/N decided to try some of her own.
“Vouz avez plein de merde,“ she told him, shaking her head.
“Vas te faire encule,” he shot back, immediately looking ashamed at what he said.

Y/N arched her eyebrows and laughed, “You fucking wish, Spencer Reid. You fucking wish.”

His eyes grew wide at her comment, and he licked his lip. She laughed again and went to walk away but felt him grab her arm and pull her back, his eyes suddenly intense.

“I do, actually. That’s part of the problem.”
Y/N’s jaw dropped, quickly replaying the conversation in her head and making sure she’d heard what she had. Spencer’s breathing was slightly ragged and she felt very warm all of a sudden.

The English of what he’d said to her would be ‘Fuck You’.

Before she even knew what she what she was doing, Y/N had pressed herself against her colleague, gripping his perpetually crooked tie and tugging his face down to hers, kissing him.

Her senses seemed to explode with wanting as their lips moved against each other, their arms quickly moving to each others torsos and running over the other persons body.

Fuck. This was such a cliché, the ‘I hate you but I actually just really wanna fuck you senseless’ but it definitely explained a few things. And she was going with it.

Spencer’s mouth pressed harder against hers, sucking her bottom lip in between hers as his hands slipped underneath her jacket, quickly tugging her shirt loose from her skirt and pushing his hands underneath the soft material of her work shirt. Y/N’s lips parted in a moan as his warm fingers danced over the skin of her lower back. Taking advantage of her opened mouth, Spencer used that as an opportunity to deepen the kiss, gently searching for her tongue with his.

‘Who the fuck knew the boy wonder could kiss like this’ Y/N thought to herself as she caressed the back of his neck with one hand, the other sliding down his back and over his ass, feeling the firm muscle of it. He let out his own groan as she cupped his butt and simultaneously hit a sensitive area on his neck.

Ugh.. That sound.

His voice may irritate her when he constantly tried to correct her, but my god he had a sexy groan. Low and guttural, raw passion.

She felt herself being walked backwards, feeling the ridge of the desk she’d been sat on earlier hitting against her thighs. Spencer pressed his body against Y/N’s, her almost gasping as she felt how hard he was, nudging against her.

Oh fuck.

Feeling THAT sparked a burning passion deep inside of her, more ferocious than it already was. Her hands went to his shirt, tugging at it, her nift fingers undoing his buttons quickly. Spencer mirrored her actions, although he wasn’t as graceful and nearly pulled a button off as he hurried to undo her shirt. The buttons undone, he pulled the two sides of the fabric apart, splaying his hands on her tummy and breaking the kiss to gaze down at her chest.

Y/N was breathing heavily, her breasts jiggling slightly in her bra with each deep breath she took.

“Fuuuuck… ” he groaned out, licking his lips hungrily. Spencer’s hands ran down over her butt, pulling up the fabric of her skirt and exposing her black panties and hose. She kicked off her heels as his fingers searched for the edge of the panty hose, tugging them and the underwear down her legs and off onto the floor, before he bent his knees and lifted her onto the desk.

She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist, using them to pull him to her. They both reached for his buckle at the same time, their hands knocking against each other as they worked it loose. The buckle undone, Y/N leant back slightly, watching as Spencer quickly unzipped his pants. She bit her lip, feeling heat pooling between her thighs.

His pants undone, Spencer pressed himself to her again, grinding lightly against her centre. She needed him inside and she needed him now. Long drawn out foreplay was not going to cut it here. She used her hands to push his trousers and briefs down and off his, watching his erection spring free.

“Do we need anything… ” came his whisper, the first words they’d said to each other.

“No,” Y/N shook her head, her words a rasp in her throat. That was all the encouragement he needed and his positioned himself quickly, pushing inside her slit.

They both gasped as they adjusted to each other, and then Spencer began to move against her, the desk knocking against the wall behind them with each thrust. Y/N locked her legs around his waist tightly, squeezing him as he gripped the table with one hand, the other wrapped around her waist, holding her close to him.

“Jesus fuck… ” she gasped as his long fingers dug into her hip, his head lowering to her neck to lick and nip at the skin there as he thrust into her hard and fast.

She could feel pleasure building as the records room as was filled with the sounds of their grunting, the banging of the desk against the wall like a pendulum. Her hand slipped between them, rubbing herself where he wasn’t, the two sensations together making her almost dizzy.

It didn’t take long for them both to finish, surprisingly within seconds of each other. Y/N’s shudders obviously spurring him on,
Spencer thrust hard and deep before letting out his own loud groan and releasing himself.

His movements came to a slow as Y/N unhooked her legs from his waist, shakily lowering them and wincing as she felt his come start to trickle out of her and onto the desk.

He pulled away completely and hurriedly stuffed himself back into his underwear, pulling his pants back up and collecting Y/N’s hose and panties from the floor. He handed them to her, not quite meeting her eyes.
She separated the two garments, pulling the panties on and then balling up the hose to wipe the residue from between her legs and off the desk as she hopped down and redressed herself quickly. Slipping into her heels and smoothing her hair, she cleared her throat.

“So…. Erm. That was interesting.”

“Yep. Very…. ” Spencer sounded lightly strained, as if he didn’t know what to say or do. This was new territory for the both of them, randomly hooking up with a colleague.

“Guess we don’t hate each other as much as we thought?”

“I never hated you, Y/N… But erm.. Yeah. I never expected that to happen when we came down here tonight.”

“Me neither…But erm.. That was fun. Thanks…?” Y/N cringed at how awkward she sounded.

“Yes…erm thanks.”

The pair hurriedly put the room back to how they’d found it before heading back up and outside, flagging down two separate cabs to take them their own separate ways.
Y/N texted Garcia quickly to say that she’d suddenly got a headache from her clash with Spencer and had gone home. She imagined he was sending a similar message to Morgan.

… Monday at work….

“Agent Y/L/N, Dr Reid. Can I see you both for a moment?” Hotch leaned out of his office, calling out into the bull pen.

Y/N’s head shot up from the file she’d had her head buried in since Spencer had arrived. They made eye contact, both blushing before they made their ways into Agent Hotchner’s office.

“Close the door and sit down,” he told them.
Spencer closed the door quickly, alarm on his face as he joined Y/N in the two seats opposite their boss.

Aaron took out a silver disc and placed it on the table. “Do you know what this is?”

Y/N could guess, and as she glanced at Reid, the look on his face told her he’d guessed too.

“So I guess you two managed to work all of your differences out then? In the records room, of all places.”

“How much of it did you see Sir?” Y/N asked quietly.

“Enough to verify that it was you two. I didn’t need to see any more. This is the only copy and I’m going to hand this to you on the understanding that if either of you are caught doing that on these premises again, with each other or anyone else, there will be severe consequences. Do you both understand?” his voice was assertive and his face was stern.

Y/N took the disc and nodded, “Yes Sir.”

Spencer parroted her words.

“Do NOT let this affect your work either, okay.”

They both nodded.

“You’re free to go.”

That was it? That seemed a little….. Lax.
Y/N stood and was almost about to leave when a thought occurred.

“Who gave you this, Sir?”

Hotch’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Michael, the security guard. And it’s not the first or the last one he’ll ever hand over either. That poor man has seen a lot. Trust me. Now go. You both have work to be getting on with. And if you need anything fetching from that room, for God’s sake, send an intern to fetch it.”

Spencer left first, waiting outside for Y/N.

“Erm… What are you going to do with that disc?” he asked her.

“Take it home.. Destroy it.”

“You’re not going to watch it?”

“I wasn’t…. Wait… Do you think we should?”

Spencer shrugged and she had an idea.

“My place. 8pm. Practice your French and don’t be late, okay.” She told him and he nodded, getting ready to walk off.

“Hey Spence…” She called after him, watching him turn to her.

“Do you think Garcia and Morgan have one of these?” She cracked a joke, lightening the atmosphere between them.

“Almost definitely. And I bet Rossi’s had a fair few as well,” he retorted, smiling.

“I bet Rossi is the sole reason there’s cameras in there. I can’t believe we forgot about them.”

The Barista and the Novelist



Characters: Barista!Bucky x reader

Summary: You’re a fresh university graduate, set on finding the world’s best cup of tea to enjoy in your most favourite season of all: Autumn. On a day off from your internship, you venture down to the next coffee shop on your list with laptop in hand, hoping to be able to work on the ending of the novel you’re writing. That’s what you meet the charming Bucky Barnes, a barista with an eye for you from the moment he sees you walk through the door who just so happens to want to hear about your book.

Warnings: This is the fluffiest of all fluffy fluffs. Bad editing, I’ll go back later I promise.

Words: 3885

A/N: Autumn is the prettiest season and Bucky is the prettiest metal armed super soldier. Coincidence? I think not.

Tea was probably your most favourite substance on the planet. English breakfast, earl grey, orange pekoe, chai, you name it. You’d discovered that fall was by far the best time to engage in tea drinking, and you’d scour the coffee shops of your town in search of the best cup the moment you started to see the leaves change from luscious greens to crisp reds.

When you stepped out of your home a cool wind hit your face, blowing your thick scarf back behind your shoulder as the blissful scent of fall leaves and cinnamon from your neighbor next door, who’d ever so kindly left their kitchen window wide open to let the inviting smell of their baking echo into the streets.

A smile decorated your lips as you began the walk to the next coffee house on your list, ‘Howling Commandos Coffee’,  your leather boots picking up stray fallen leaves as you ever so happily marched down the sidewalk, a skip in your step all the while.

You reached into your purse, pulling out the pair of headphones that had be subject to a horrendous tangle while remaining stagnant in your bag for god knows how long. You were so prepared for fall, that you even had a fall playlist in your music.

Keep reading

motel ‘97 - 05

➵ pairing: jungkook x reader  
➵ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, smut.
➵ warning: violence, crude language, read at own risk.
➵ word count: 4K+

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06,

        Tangled in his sheets, the thick aroma of him being the only thing I could smell. The bland room with boring walls. The golden rays of light that shone through the window at the top of the wall..  I felt safe.  But I wasn’t supposed to. These men were nothing but trouble. This is his fault. He brought me into this unwillingly. Every second I lived, I was a threat to someone, or someone was a threat to me. I wasn’t made for this lifestyle. I could not handle something like this. I need to remember that. I’m getting out of here.. But at what cost..? What am I even supposed to do after something like this? The scars.. The trauma. Minji will eventually pry out the truth from me and I couldn’t let that happen.

I let out a small moan and shifted the sheets. I sat up, rubbing at my eyes, feeling disoriented and out of place. Waking up here was not something I wanted to be familiar with. I laid completely still, staring at the bland ceiling for a few moments before I stretched my arms out, letting a yawn escape before returning to my resting spot to find the bed empty. It was very peaceful and silent in the room. A safe haven among all the chaos and hell here. The warm rays of sun shining into the dull room no longer existed. It was replaced with dull dark grey clouds and rain. The clear droplets racing down the glass window pane. I slowly moved my legs over the edge of the bed, letting them hang freely. Even so, I ended up moving too quickly, waves of pain washing over me. I ripped the sheets off my legs and noticed the bruises among the bandages were starting to fade. The ones on my arms.. Not so much.

      I ran my hands through my hair and glanced around the room. There really wasn’t much here. What did Jungkook ever do in his spare time? Did he ever have spare time? I wondered. My eyes eventually landed on a water bottle, a capsule of pills, and a note on the nightstand. I slowly reached my hand out and picked up the note. I unfolded the small crinkled mess of paper and found a short note written among it. I scanned over the handwriting. It was quite messy but still readable. My eyes scanned over the words. “In the capsule on the nightstand is some painkillers. I thought you might need them. The stitches are still gonna sting a bit. I left some food and water till I get back. There’s granola bars in the drawer. Stay in this room until I get back.” I finished the words and set the paper back down on the nightstand. 

What a gentleman.. I sighed and reached for the water bottle. Easily twisting the cap off, popping a few painkillers into my mouth and swallowing them with ease. I twisted the cap back on and tossed the bottle somewhere on the bed. I groggily yanked open the drawer, shifting all the contents forward. I sorted through the endless random junk and porn magazines till I found the granola bars. I huffed and reached for the granola bars when my hand grazed an object. Not only did I find the so promised granola bars.. But I found my phone. My eyes widened and I leaped forward and gripped it tightly. I smashed the home button several times, hoping it would turn on. But of course, it was dead. My breath hitched. I could get help! I could call the police or Minji!

          I could get out! I quickly stood, stumbling, struggling to catch my balance. I gritted in pain. He wasn’t kidding. It felt like a thousand hot needles had pricked the skin of my thighs all at once. The pain really sucked ass. I pushed those thoughts aside and continued searching for a charger. I pushed all the blankets aside to the end of his bed and leveled with the floor, checking for a charger beneath his bed. Nothing there. I pushed myself up off the floor and scrambled over to his desk.  My hands skimming over endless piles of paper and books. Sorting and sifting through the mess, creating my own piles. The loud crack of thunder and lightning outside startled me, causing one file to fall from the desk, landing on the floor, the contents spilling out. 

“Shit.” I cursed. I knelt down and scanned over the information. It was pictures of bodies. Bodies upon bodies. You winced at the graphic images. Stapled to each image or images was information. You breathing came to a halt and froze. You no longer felt the slight safety you once did. You were reminded of who he was. And boy oh boy was this reminder a slap in the face. Out of the many pictures you found one picture that clearly didn’t fit in. It was a girl. She was young. Looked maybe a few years older than you. Your fingers shook as you gripped the vile image. She lay still on the pavement, sticky red blood pooled around her head. Eyes still open, although nothing remained behind them. It looked like it happened here at the warehouse. From what brief things you’ve seen you could somewhat picture it together. You inspected closer, almost immediately regretting the decision. Whilst scanning over her face, you noticed the initials ‘J.K’ carved into her cheek. Blood seeping out of the letters embedded in her flesh. You paled. 

Throwing the image down quickly, you scooped the remaining images and threw them into the file and tossed it back onto the desk. You needed to get out of here. Now. You launched yourself off the floor, forgetting all about the pain. Fear and adrenaline completely blocking out the sensation. You stumbled over to his dresser, violently ripping every drawer open. Each time being the same items of clothing. The same disappointment. You froze as soon as you heard the sound of keys at the door. Your head whipped in the direction. You stilled. You slowly shut the drawer, and silently tip-toed back over to the bed. He was sure to know something was up if you had made a ruckus the second he made himself present. You shoved the phone beneath the sheets, and sat with your hands in your lap. The second you landed, the door pushed open.

“Hey Y/N.. How are you feeling?” He asked blindly walking into the room, tossing his backpack down, unzipping his jacket. “Um. F-Fine..” You stuttered. Once his jacket was off, he glanced in your direction. He stopped and his brows furrowed. “Woah.. You look really pale. Are you sure you’re alright?” He said approaching. He softly placed the back of his hand against your forehead and you flinched. You quickly shifted back and moved to the side. You nodded. “I just need to go to the bathroom. That’s all..” You tried smiling, but it was so obviously faked. You pushed yourself off the bed and limped over to the door.

 Once you shut the bathroom door behind you, you slid over to the sink, gripping the tile tightly. The real panic setting in and taking toll. You swayed side to side as you brought your head up to face yourself in the mirror. God I look like shit. You had dark circles under your eyes and small scars and bruises all along your eyes and your lip was still healing. You flipped the knob and turned the water on, cupping some and splashing the warm water over your face. You let the water slowly run off your face, dripping from your eyelashes before you reached for the towel that hung on the door.

 You patted your face and placed it back before taking a deep breath as your hand rested on the door knob. Your fingers were shaking as you wrapped them around the cold metal. You slowly twisted the knob and pulled the door back and found Jungkook’s back facing you. You eyed his frame up and down and noticed he had the file in his hands. Oh god. He knows. Your breathing picked up it’s pace quickly.  “Y/N..” He started, but before he could finish you bolted for the door. You quickly jerked the knob and threw the door open, taking off down the hallway. “Y/N! Y/N Stop!” You heard him yell after you.

You ran down the left side of the hallway, not caring if you would get caught by anyone else. Your main priority was to get as far away from Jungkook as you could. You blocked everything out, the only sound you could hear being your heavy breathing and footsteps. Tears began to fall as panic increased. You felt horrible. The constant burn and pain in your thighs as your foot hit the ground each time. But you couldn’t stop. Stopping meant death. You turned an endless series of corners until you found a door at the end of the hallway. A red illuminated exit sign hung above it. You whipped your head around to see Jungkook just turning the corner. You quickly turned back around and bolted as fast as your legs could carry you to the door. You smashed into the door. At first it wouldn’t budge, but as soon as you slammed against it a second time, it flew open, leaving you to land on the hard gravel. The smell of trees and rain hitting your nose strongly. You had almost forgotten this sensation.

 The rain wasted no time as you quickly became soaked. Your hair whipping around, sticking to your face as you scrambled to push yourself up. You had stood halfway, regaining balance which was short lived as another heavy weight crashed on your back. You went flying forward, crashing back into the gravel. “Get off! Get off!” You screamed over and over, squirming, trying to get free. “Y/N calm down! Listen to me!” He yelled. You ignored his pleads and threw your elbow back, striking him in the nose. He let out a grunt and retreated. Hands flying up to his nose. Red liquid slowly seeping out onto his hands and lips.

 You quickly pushed yourself up and stood with your back facing him. This whole area was fenced off. There was no way you could get out. Of course.. it wouldn’t be that easy. You were defeated. You swayed side to side, legs feeling weak. Your shirt soaked in a mixture of blood and water. The bandages on your arms hardly clinging on. The injuries on your arms began to bleed again. You stood still, water dripping off your face, Droplets of blood running down your arms. Your hair stuck to your face, interfering with your view.. Your fingers began to tremble. It was beyond freezing outside and all you were dressed in was a T-Shirt and running shorts.

You rotated to face him. “Are you going to kill me now..?” You whispered. Maybe this was it. Was there a point in continuing after all this? Surely nothing could be normal again. You couldn’t be with Minji. You couldn’t live out your dreams and aspirations like you hoped. He took that away. “Y/N Let me explain please..” He stumbled forward, one hand still clutching his nose. You began to cry. Tears merging with the drops of rain. Your clothes were beyond soaked now. “You’re bleeding.. Y/N come on please.” He wiped at the water droplets that landed beneath his eyelashes. He stood about a foot away now. He stuck his hand out, offering it to you. Your eyes traveled up his arms, then his torso, then landing on his face. His brows furrowed, gazing strong into your eyes as wet hair stuck to his forehead. You slowly lifted your hand and placed it in his. 

The warm water stung against your cold frame. Your beaten reflection could be seen in the water that now became a light pink. It felt numbing as the warm water rushed over the cuts in your arms. The flesh being exposed to the air in such a fragile stage. Just on the other side of the curtain he sat. It was silent except for the sound of the water running. You didn’t want to believe your harsh reality. He really has the audacity to think shit would be ‘okay’ after this. You reached your hand out and twisted the faucet, turning it off. The screech it left behind filling your ears. You sat with your knees pulled up into your chest, head glaring into the water below. You couldn’t even recognize yourself. You slowly reached a finger out, poking the reflection, sending ripples across the water. Distorting your image. You heard shuffling on the opposite side of the curtain and stiffened. 

“I’m going to go get new bandages. Stay here.” He spoke. You heard footsteps leaving and the door shut. A small click following, indicating he locked the door. You let a small sigh out, which progressed into more tears. You clutched tightly to your knees as tears cascaded down your cheeks, falling into the water below. You stayed completely still. You didn’t know how to process things like this. This entire concept was foreign land. You felt so wrong and out of place. Silence becoming your new best friend. Everything felt numb. Not only physically but mentally. You jumped slightly at the sound of the door swinging open again and you quickly wiped the tears from your eyes. “Get out and get dried. I have a change of clothes.” He said firmly. You waited for the sound of the door opening and closing again, signaling he left, but it never came. Was he serious? Why isn’t he leaving?

 “Are you.. are you gonna leave so I can change?” Your voice peaked from yelling and crying so much. “Y/N you could hardly walk in here. Especially with the wounds on your arms now without bandages. I need to help you.” He sighed. You could now tell he was standing right next to the opposite side of the curtain. “I already changed your clothes the first time I brought you in here with Jin.” He followed up. “I don’t care.” You retorted. There was no way in hell he was getting near you. “Y/N I’m not arguing with you. Get out-” “I said no!” You yelled, voice raw, startling him. “I will do it myself. Get out.” You snapped. “Fine. Have it your fucking way.” He cursed, slamming the bathroom door behind him. You flinched and let the water begin to drain. 

You gritted your teeth and placed your hands on either side of the tub. You slowly applied pressure and pushed yourself up. You let out a grunt as pain quickly escalated in your legs. You wobbled a bit before clutching onto the curtain with one hand, stepping your right foot out onto the cold tile. You reached for the towel on the counter and dried yourself off. Grabbing the clothes Jungkook provided, just another white t-shirt and some sweatpants. You let out a hiss as the fabric came in contact with your wounds. The fibers scratching up against the sensitive flesh. You let a loud whine slip out of your mouth as you finished pulling the shirt down over your torso. A knock on the door made you turn. “I’m fine.” You growled. You quickly dried your hair and pulled the door open. Jungkook sat on his desk chair, facing the bathroom door, waiting for you.

“Sit, please.” He turned in the chair to face the bed. You complied and sat on the far end away from him. He rolled his eyes and moved over in front of you. He pushed the sleeves of your shirt up and reached for new bandages and ointment. You carefully eyed his motions. He placed a small amount of the ointment on the tip of his finger and delicately placed it around the wounds. You hissed as his finger came in contact. He mumbled a quick sorry before grabbing the new bandages, securing it around the wounds.

 “Let me explain Y/N.. those pictures.. it’s not-” You cut him off. “Explain what Jungkook? The fact that you lied to me? That you’re some cold insane killer?” He frowned. He grabbed the mess left behind from the bandages and tossed them in the garbage. “You’re no better than any of them out there. You’re no better than Namjoon.. No better than Taehyung..” You paused before mentioning his name. Jungkook balled his fists. He was not happy. How could you compare him to them? He was nothing like them.. especially Taehyung. He was trying to protect you. Trying to help you. Couldn’t you see that? I’m not like Taehyung.. I’m not.. she’s lying.. she’s wrong. He repeated in his head. “You did this to me. This is your fault. I’m supposed to be at home with Minji. Not here with you.” You continued to yell at him. Each second his anger increasing. He had a short temper and you were pushing it. Bad. 

“Stop.” He left his head low. “Or what Jungkook? You gonna wave a gun around in my face and threaten me some more?!” You mocked. “Stop!” He yelled, standing, sending the chair back into the desk. “I’m trying to help you and this is the shit I get in return? I’m trying to help Y/N! Can’t you fucking see that?” He yelled, progressively getting louder. “You.. You really think you’re any safer out there than in here with me?” “Do you even know what you’re dealing with if you leave this room?” He laughed. “Because I don’t think your pretty little head will be able to wrap itself around the concept of what’s out there.” He was full on yelling. “Go ahead! Take a damn chance Y/N! You’ll make it a good 4 minutes if you’re lucky.” He’s just trying to scare you.. don’t listen to him. You told yourself. Although deep down you really didn’t know what his intentions were anymore. You stayed silent after his outburst for a minute or so. 

“I’m just a burden. So either you’re gonna kill me or let me go. Figure it out and get it done.” You said, directing your attention to him. He let out a deep breath, coming down from his sudden outburst.  “I’m not going to kill you Y/N. I couldn’t hurt you. Not even if I wanted to..” He mumbled the last part. “Those pictures.. whatever else you saw… There’s reasons. Trust me, if I didn’t have to do it, I wouldn’t have. They pushed my hand. I had to.” He said sitting back down in his desk chair. “The initials.. Why?” You questioned him. “Namjoon has us do it. All of us. Each kill we get we carve our initials. A warning to the opposing group. Like some sort of fucked up game.” He said fumbling with the hem of his shirt. “I already told you Y/N.. they pushed my hand. It was me or them.. maybe I should’ve let it be me..” He mumbled. 

A knock on the door startled the two of you. Jungkook pushed himself up and made his way to the door. He pulled it open and a guy stood. He had black hair and wore all black attire. He was shorter than Jungkook. “Uhh.. her stuff is here. We had Jin set it up back in her room.. just so you know.” He glanced between you and Jungkook. “Thanks Sungjae.” “Mhm.” He hummed as Jungkook shut the door behind him. “Hear that? You can go back now.” He said walking over to his dresser, pulling out a change of clothes to sleep in. You didn’t know how to react. Go back to what? Sitting in that vacant room for god knows how long? What was I supposed to do? You felt truly lost and out of place. “Jungkook… What am I supposed to do..?” You furrowed your brows as you stared at the floor. “What do you mean?” He asked, pulling his shirt off over his head. “I’m not like you. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. How to get by here… Is that even a thing? I mean what kind of people are out there if I’m only gonna last 4 minutes on my own.” You said, quoting him from earlier.

 He sighed and moved to sit next to you. “Y/N I told you. There’s bad people here. Really bad people here.” He drew in a sharp breath. “If it ever comes to a time where I can’t be there with you in the halls.. Do not go into Hall D. It’s the West wing. Namjoon calls them ‘The Dogs’. They’re a bunch of rapists and murders.. Just trying to get by.. Namjoon pays them in return for dirty work and getting what he wants out of others without risking the important members. They’re complete animals.” He finished. You didn’t necessarily know how to react to that. You couldn’t do this. You couldn’t handle people like that on your own. But you couldn’t trust anyone. Surely some trust resided in Jungkook but you didn’t know if that was a reliable option. “That’s why I want you to keep this.” He stood up and pulled a small pocket knife from out of his top drawer. “I won’t always be there.. I can’t be. Until I can fix things you need to promise me you will keep this on you at all times.” He said reaching for your hand.

 You allowed him to pick up your hand and place the small blade within it. He pushed your fingers down, allowing you to grip the weapon. You stared at your palm as his hand left yours. “You’re scaring me.” You eyed up to his face. “That wasn’t my intention, I apologize. But I’m serious Y/N. They get worse than Taehyung.” He concluded, standing from the bed. “Get your insulin off the nightstand. I’ll walk you back to your room.” Jungkook announced. He walked over and pulled the door open, holding it open with his foot. You slowly approached his nightstand and grabbed the small pouch. You glared behind you to see he wasn’t paying attention so you quickly reached your hand out and gripped your phone. You shoved it into the pocket of your shorts and left with him.

The moment you stepped out into the hallway, nothing seemed the same. The once bland walls seems so menacing. The many hallways becoming a dangerous maze. You wished you had never found out what was held in these walls. You’d rather have it take you by surprise in the moment, rather than dread and worry.  “Let’s go.” Jungkook said, gripping your hand tightly. You looked at him for a second, questioning the maneuver, before deciding it was for the best and to just agree with it. You walked down the hallway in silence, reaching about halfway until it was acknowledged. It was quiet. Really quiet.. like unusually quiet. Jungkook visibly tensed which put you on end.

 If Jungkook seemed threatened, you were in deep shit. You began to tighten your grip on his hand subconsciously, and he turned to look down at you. “What’s wrong?” He questioned. He could see right through you. Even a simple motion like that implicated many signs to him. “You seemed tense.. I just got worried.. I don’t know. Just forget about it.” You rambled, beginning to walk forward, assuming that it was indeed nothing but Jungkook didn’t budge. You turned around and furrowed your brows. 

          But landing in your line of sight was not only Jungkook, but at the far end of the hallway… A man with blonde hair stood. You could recognize him slightly.. Yoongi.. wasn’t that his name? He was staring dead at you. You tugged at Jungkook’s hand, becoming worried. “Jungkook… he’s there..” You whispered. Jungkook caught on quickly to the situation, even before you said anything. “Y/N.. I want you to go back into my room. Lock the door behind you and do not come out.” He whispered, pulling you backwards into him. “Jungkook..? What? Why?” You mumbled but Jungkook kept shoving you in the direction of his door. Yoongi caught on quickly and began to move towards the both of you. “Aish! Come on Jungkook! Don’t send her away! I just spent forever wandering about this warehouse to find you both!” He smiled wickedly. What would he want with you? Why you? He drew in a breath before speaking again. 

“I was really hoping Joonie would be here… We could’ve finished our deal..” He sighed, getting dangerously close to the both of you. Jungkook pushed you behind him and neared his back to the wall, shielding you. He knew his intentions. He didn’t care about Jungkook. He cared about getting to you. Using you as a pawn. “It’s not gonna work Yoongi. Namjoon handed her over to Taehyung. She has no worth for what you’re trying to do.” Jungkook glared coldly at him. He just chuckled before standing about 2 feet in front of you both.

 You peered your head around Jungkook’s shoulder to see him better. “Ahh really? How harsh of him.. Taehyung really doesn’t know how to play nicely.. does he darling?” He cocked his head to the side. You eyed up and down his frame and noticed he had a gun tucked in his waistband that he was slowly reaching for. You moved back to your position behind him and clutched onto Jungkook’s shirt. “Well.. while she isn’t of importance to Namjoon, surely she’s of importance to you right?” He said finally pulling the gun from his waistband. “And you’re of importance to Namjoon. You can get the information to him and finish our deal..” He inched closer and closer.

 “Come on, you owe me one anyways don’t you!” He said referring to his shoulder where Jungkook shot days before. “It all works out. It’s quite simple. She’s important to you, and you’re important to him. That’s how we get the upper hand.” He smiled like he had it all figured out. “How unfortunate would it be for Joonie to find out one of his most important men and this lovely beauty are dead? Truly heartbreaking isn’t it?” He said cocking the gun. You began to tremble. Did Jungkook care about you? After all he said earlier..? Was he really trying to help you? To protect you? Guess now’s the time to figure out if you’re ending up dead or free. “I get it. You want what he took. But she doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’ll comply if you let her go.” Jungkook spoke up. “Ahh.. see about that.. she’s the key to getting you to agree and comply with us..” He said moving closer. Now standing just in front of Jungkook. 

Yoongi glared down the end of the hallway like he was waiting for someone or something to interrupt before turning back to Jungkook. “Sorry.. this is gonna hurt.” Before Jungkook could even register the words, Yoongi slammed the back of the pistol against his temple. He stumbled back, crashing into the wall before sliding down, unconscious.

          Panic began to rise. Tears began to escape your eyes as you stumbled back. Trying to create as much distance as possibly between you and him. Feeling incredibly threatened and small beneath his presence. Unfortunately, that was short lived as you crashed into another figure. Before you had time to react, they quickly used this advantage you had given them and strapped their arms around your upper body.

 You squirmed against their grip, kicking, flailing, hell even trying to bite anything within reach. They grunted and brought their free hand up to your face. Seeing a white cloth appear in the corner of your eyes only sparked more fear. You were beyond sobbing. “Please.. P-please don’t.” You sobbed. They only huffed and shoved the cloth against your face. The toxic smell and the color of white being the last things you comprehended. You let out muffled screams before darkness registered completely.

(A/N: I’ve had this done for a few days now I just didn’t get around to posting it lol. I’ve been busy with my art stuff (@minsakiiart on ig lmao shameless promotion) and working on an animation. I’m also going out of town and seeing Monsta X next week ahh! I’m so excited to meet them. Anyways, thanks for reading and sticking with me.)

Right Under Their Noses

A/N: An anon request where the reader is really innocent, or she seems to be. She’s an intern for the BAU and does all these things that drive Reid crazy. One day he loses it, one thing leads to another, and some stuff happens at work ;) @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


It had been three months since Y/N had started at the Bureau as an intern and it was safe to say he was losing his goddamn mind. If she wears that pencil skirt again I’m going to explode. When he looked up, sure enough, there she was, walking out from the elevator in that black pencil skirt that hugged her curves to perfection, accompanied by a purple silk blouse that flowed loosely around her and a delicate silver necklace that ended just above her breasts. She has to know where that draws the eye? Right? 

As she headed toward his desk, he put his head in his hands, hoping to wipe the image of Y/N pinned up against the wall and his lips against her neck out of his mind. But no such luck. “Hey, Spencer,” she greeted. She bit her lip just slightly before she smiled; he’d noticed that she did it with him and with Emily, but no one else. “How are you this morning?”

Besides imagining your legs around my waist and your lips on mine, I’m swell Y/N. But that obviously couldn’t come out of his mouth, so instead he composed himself and decided on something less forward. “I’m okay. A little wired this morning. Probably too much caffeine. But otherwise okay.”

“That’s good,” she said softly, stifling a yawn as she turned toward the coffee maker. “I’m the opposite. I haven’t had any caffeine this morning. After I get a cup for myself is there anything I can help with?”

Y/N was low on the totem pole, even when it came to interns. She was a top-notch cyber hacker, just like Garcia, but she still needed fine-tuning to do what Garcia did, so she was here to work with her, and when Garcia had nothing for her to do, or there was no case, she was supposed to help any other member of the BAU with whatever they needed. A lot of times that meant grabbing coffee, fetching papers, and digging up files from the cabinets downstairs. “Well, if you wouldn’t mind grabbing me another cup of coffee while you’re over there I would appreciate it, and I do need some files from downstairs.”

“No problem.” Spinning on her heels, she headed back to the coffee machine before turning around once more. “You take coffee with your sugar, right?”

“Yea. Bad habit.” When she giggled, everything about her shined even brighter than before. Her soft curls bounced with each laugh. The laugh lines around her eyes crinkled - some might be put off by lines, but to him, they just proved how care free and light-hearted she was, which only made him like her more. Heart-shaped lips opened up into a giant grin. Basically, she smiled with her whole body.

As she finally went to grab coffee, he watched as she hurriedly grabbed cups, placing them where they needed to be before pressing the needed buttons on the machine. In her haste, a piece of her hair fell in front of her face. He watched as she blew a puff of air upward to move the piece of hair, and he couldn’t help but laugh as she repeated the motion over and over again; nothing was working. You must stop doing that. It was embarrassing how badly he had it for her. It was the simple things he did that drove him crazy. When she was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get everything for everyone (and succeeding), she’d place her phone in her bra, so he’d be tortured every time she touched herself. If she put her hair back, he nearly lost it - something about the act of her putting her hair up turned him on. Probably because you’re imagining what she might be doing immediately following putting her hair up.

It was basically pathetic. And it was getting to the point where other people were noticing. Morgan had, on more than one occasion, come up behind him and slapped him on the shoulders, saying he should just go for it because he obviously had it bad. He was so lost in his daydream, imaging her lips around his cock, when she came back with his coffee. Not appropriate, Spencer. “Now what files do you need?” she asked, placing his sugared coffee down on the desk.

Doing his best to keep the images out of his head (and failing miserably), he handed her a list of file numbers that he was looking for. “Okay, I’m still getting used to the system down there, which I think is going to go the way of the dodo soon because Penelope wants to make everything digital, but it’ll take me a bit to find them. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Again, a piece of hair fell in front of her face and she grunted, clearly having what women called a ‘bad hair day.’ “The hair does not want to cooperate with me today.” The laugh that rumbled through her sent delicious shivers up his spine. He was not going to be able to go much longer without at least telling her how he felt about her. Not the I-wanna-fuck-you-up-against-a-wall thing, but the I-think-we-could-be-really-good-together thing.

Quickly, she turned around and put her hair up, sauntering away, leaving Spencer to stare at her ass as she rounded the corner to the staircase. I can’t do it. He stood up from the desk. I have to say something. At least, if she knows and doesn’t feel the same way, I can find a way to move past it. I have to know. She had a few minutes on him, but he’d probably be catching her just as she got to the file room.

Apparently, he’d been in some kind of state (which sucked because he thought he was masking it), because the second he stepped into the file room, Y/N spun around and dropped a file. “Oh, Spencer,” she breathed, “It’s just you. You scared me.”

“Sorry,” he said honestly. “I didn’t mean to.”

“Did you forget a case number you need?” Another thing she did was pushing her tongue up against her teeth when she smiled. There was something about it that was so sweet, he couldn’t help but crush harder anytime he saw her do it. 

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “No, the cases are fine. It’s me.”

“You? What’s you?”

“I like you,” he said. Well, didn’t expect it to come out that quickly. Goddammit. “A lot.”

“Really?” She inhaled sharply, subconsciously placing her hand on her chest. Don’t do that. “Why me? I’m a nobody.” Did she really think that?

“Not to me,” he replied. “Ever since you started, I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re sweet, kind, funny, intelligent, not to mention beautiful.”

“I had no idea you felt that way about me,” she said. “Umm, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about you too - a lot.” The blush that accompanied that last bit made him think that maybe ‘thinking about him’ meant exactly what he thought it meant.

Well that’s a relief. Locking the door behind him, he closed the space between them and brought her flush against him. At first, the kiss was tentative, feeling things out and trying to see if what they’d built up in their heads was just that or if it was real. He ran his lips up the side of her neck and back toward her lips and felt a jolt roll through him. This was without a doubt real. “Does that camera work?” she asked, looking toward the one camera above their heads. 

“It doesn’t,” he breathed. With the risk of getting caught cut down to almost nothing, she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a black, lacy bra, while he hitched up her skirt. Her panties matched. “You’re gorgeous.”

She palmed the bulge in his pants and licked her lips. The gesture was sexual before, but now, he was near explosion. Backing herself into the wall, she lifted her legs up around his waist and pulled the lace to the side. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I don’t want you to think that this is all I want. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t want this too.”

“Everyone has two sides to them, Spencer,” she breathed into his ear. “You said I was sweet. Well, I am, but I can be not so sweet too. I want this. You. Now.” Thank whatever deity existed. He reached down and pushed his boxers off as much as was necessary. When he slid inside her, both let out an audible groan, which they had to stifle for fear of being heard. 

He pushed up, luxuriating in the feel of her legs gripping tighter around his waist. “Go ahead,” she said, biting down gently on his earlobe. “Fuck me while our co-workers are upstairs.” He was pretty sure he was about to explode into a billion little pieces. Her hands had wandered to behind his head, but he really wanted to fulfill that image in his head of taking her up against the wall, so he reached back, grabbed both of her hands and placed them above her head so he was in control. “Oh my god.”

As he pushed up into her wet heat over and over again, the silk blouse fell to the sides revealing taut peaks underneath delicate lace. He buried his face into her chest as she arched back off the wall, moaning his name in his ear. “You’re so wet,” he breathed, licking a trail up her chest and meeting her lips again. 

“For you. I’ve thought very bad things about you since I started.”

“Like what?”

She bore down with her pelvic muscles, constricting his cock in such a way that he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. “Well, the first thing I thought about was having my lips around your cock.”

He grunted at the thought and pushed into her one last time, before pulling out and spilling into his hand. They were already cutting it close with time and location. The last thing they needed was a mess. She pushed off of him and buttoned her blouse again, fixing her skirt so that no one would be any the wiser, while he cleaned himself up with a tissue. “Now I’m gonna go to the bathroom to clean myself up, but maybe later…”

“Yes,” he said, giving her a kiss and stuffing the tissue into his pocket. “First things first, your lips around me.”

“And then your lips on me.”

Driven Motive: Part 1

Author: @lovefilledtragedy

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Female Reader/OFC

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: Cussing (there will always be cussing, oops), a fight, mentions of anxiety, depression, anger, alcohol use, medications, and death

Summary: Y/N has had a lot happen in her life, and after gaining the attention of Irene Kennedy, she is soon about to meet someone who is more similar to her than anyone else.

Author’s Notes: Hello there everyone, I have decided to get back into writing after a few years, so this is the first part of the story I have been thinking of completing for months now ever since I saw the American Assassin trailer, and now that I’ve since the movie, this is what I decided to do. I want to thank @were-cheetah-stiles, @mf-despair-queen, @sorrynotsorrylovesome, @ninja-stiles, and @maddie110201 for helping me edit all of this and to see how everything sounded together; hope you all enjoy! By the way, this is more of an introduction into Y/N and what she is all about, but don’t worry, Mitch will be in the next part if this all goes well. So in the meantime, here is this to satisfy all of our needs:

Part 1 –> Part 2

(credit to whoever made this gif, I couldn’t find the source)

Life’s a bitch. It comes with the good, the bad, and all the little cracks that fall in between, and there is shit that can blur and fade away all of those moments, making it difficult to determine where these moments lie in our perceptions and emotions. For Y/N, she was hidden in the darkness of her own depressing thoughts and the anger that she had built up consumed her entirely; it had become cruel and unforgiving to her.

Y/N was happy and full of light for most of her young 24 year old life, but the last time she truly was happy, she couldn’t truly remember; she had slowly become bitter, cold, and lost in her newly placed outlook on life. Panic attacks, raging outbursts, and heavy tears clouded her judgement on her once bright life, and it was all because of the day she lost her best friend, her boyfriend, Andrew.

Andrew had gone off on a trip with his friends to celebrate his best friend, Jonathan’s, birthday in Spain, and due to her work schedule, she couldn’t go along with him. Only a few days into his trip, his life was cut short after a terrorist group attacked the beach resort they were located. Y/N wasn’t even able to say goodbye to him, she wished that she had. The thought of that day and his death raged in her mind day in and day out.

Ways to end the pain only filled her with more hatred. The alcohol she poured into her glass every night only made her ill, which put her in the hospital on a few separate occasions, and the medications she was prescribed for her overwhelming anxiety did nothing but make her more mentally and physically exhausted than she already was. She, for the first time in her life, felt afraid, helpless. She didn’t know what else to do at that moment or how else to feel, so she let her emotions get the best of her. Her loving family and friends tried what they could to help her since the attack, but Y/N knew that it wasn’t enough and hated herself for not letting them in more; it has been a year and a half and she still felt numb. She needed something that could eventually end up having the worst possible outcome for her, and that was to seek revenge and vengeance for him and for those who also had their lives taken during the attack.

Y/N began to push herself further. She found herself in countless boxing sessions to strengthen her arms, shooting ranges to enhance her shooting abilities, and intense MMA fighting at her local gym to up her combat skills, earning herself the attention of Irene Kennedy, the director of Counterintelligence for the CIA. Kennedy, who had watched Y/N for months now, knew that Y/N was going to be a tough one to crack, but she had gone through the same thing previously with the last recruit that was brought in only a few short weeks before.

She glanced back at the monitor that showed Y/N getting into an extremely heated altercation with a man at the MMA gym she had trained herself at. Y/N swung her right leg up to kick the man in the face before she knocked him to the ground, pinned him there with her strong legs on both sides of his torso, and began to profusely punched him in the face. Her knuckles became bruised as his jaw, cheeks, and eyes began to swell.

“Another fighter.” Kennedy sighed as she slightly nodded to herself, “This should be interesting.”

She reached over on the desk for her earpieces as she still stared at the monitor in front of her, watched as Y/N had been dragged off of the man she fought, and dialed a familiar number on her phone as she pressed the Bluetooth connection on her earpiece.

“This better be good, Kennedy.” the deep voice on the phone speaker protested.

“Oh, it is. I’ve got another one for you, Hurley.”

Stan Hurley snickered into the phone “Already? You’ve got to be fucking with me Irene, you barely sent this one in and he is already a disrespectful little shit; if you have another one as fucking noncompliant as him, I swear to-”

“Deal with it. We’ve got other shit to worry about. I will call you again once I am ready to send them your way.” Kennedy interrupted, earning an annoyed groan from Hurley who hung up the phone soon after. Kennedy removed her earpiece and called in some of her men to go to Y/N and bring her to her, she needed to see if this girl was as capable as she appeared.

Only a few days later, Y/N was brought in from her home and placed in a cold steel interrogation room awaiting Kennedy’s arrival. Y/N rubbed her still swollen and bruised knuckles as the door on the left hand side of the room finally clicked open after what felt like ages. She stared up at her and clenched her jaw as Kennedy approached her and placed down a file with Y/N’s information out in front of her.

“Y/N Y/L/N, it is nice to finally meet you. I am Irene Kennedy, director of Counterintelligence for the CIA.” Kennedy smiled as she took a seat in front of Y/N. She studied Y/N’s facial features and noticed the hint of confusion appear in Y/N’s Y/E/C eyes as she stared down at the table in front of her. The file that was placed there had a photo of Andrew and her, the last one she took with him alive. Their bright smiles were enhanced by the flash from the camera, her right arm around his shoulders as his left arm was around her waist to pull her in closer to his body, his right held a bottle of Budweiser. She could faintly still remember and hear his laugh as they took the photo. They had been out at a bar and grill with a group of friends before the trip, and it was taken only a week before his death.

“What the fuck is all of this?” Y/N spat as she coldly glared at Kennedy, who leaned forward in her chair in the attempt to challenge Y/N.

“I think you know damn well what this is, Y/N. You know exactly why we have been watching you. We already know a lot about you, including why you are in this position today, and we think you could find this opportunity here with the CIA beneficial to your liking.” Kennedy said calmly. “You want to avenge him, don’t you Y/N?”

Y/N felt herself tense, she took her eyes off of the photo in front of her and stared back at Kennedy, her already bloodshot eyes burned with tears. She licked her lips as she opened her mouth to retort, “Is it that obvious? You think I’ve been doing all of this for nothing? I want them to suffer, I want them all to suffer for what they did to those people there…for what they did to Andrew.” She choked on her words when she said his name, she shook it off as she pushed the photo of him and her at Kennedy. She let her fingers linger over the photo for a few seconds before she brought them through her long Y/H/C hair.

“You’re not the only one that does in this program, Y/N. Unfortunately, the terrorist group that operated the attack responsible for your boyfriend’s death have already been wiped out, but I do know exactly what to do with you.”

Everything that she attempted to train herself for felt pointless in that moment, the group was already taken out, but how did they manage to go after them so suddenly without warning? Y/N had tracked their location and whereabouts for months and had barely found it as it was, who else had found it before her? The color of Y/N’s face drained, anger boiled inside of her as she clutched her teeth and closed her eyes before she opened them again, “Then why the fuck am I here? You’ve apparently already completed my mission before I even had the chance.”

“Because I know you can still be of use for us,” Kennedy stated, reaching for the file placed in front of the two of them and began to flip through her information. “You are very intelligent and have had a good head on your shoulders, Y/N. Have had a good home life, lived with your parents and your twin sister and grew up in Arizona your entire life. Had become a talented volleyball player and dancer, two hobbies you had given up to attend college. Attended community college and then Arizona State University with a GPA of 4.0 consistently, studied Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Says here that you are trilingual, you speak English, Spanish, and Italian fluently; that can be useful for us.”

Y/N leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms tightly over her chest, watching Kennedy flip through more of her file, she breathed heavily every now and again in annoyance, “Are you done? I don’t understand why you have to continue to waste my time. What is the fucking point?”

“The point is that you can be an important asset to us, Y/N. Continuing your relentless behavior over this incident isn’t going to help you heal by any means, it is only going to drive you more over the edge, it will either kill you or send you to prison, maybe even both.” Kennedy spoke harshly. She watched as Y/N stood and began to pace back and forth in the room, “so, I ask you this, Y/N, what is your driven motive? What is it that you want most out of this? All of this training isn’t for nothing, you know and so do I.”

Y/N bit the inner part of lower lip, staring at the floor. She knew fully well that this could be life or death for herself, but if she was able to protect innocent people from getting killed like Andrew, she would take that chance. She sighed and nodded to Kennedy, “I want to avenge Andrew, and I am willing to do whatever it takes.”

“I am pleased to hear that,” Kennedy smiled at Y/N. She stood from her seat and signaled for Y/N to follow her as they exited the interrogation room and walked through the halls towards the elevator. “You will be placed in training with one of our very best, his name is Stan, Stan Hurley. He will be able to teach you all that you will need.” Kennedy spoke, walking ahead of Y/N as she clicked the button for the elevator, “You will also be partnered up with another recruit there often for your training.”

“And who is this other ‘recruit’ you speak of? Another damaged good like myself?” Y/N questioned sarcastically, annoyed by that fact.

Kennedy pursed her lips together as she turned to face Y/N, the elevator door opening behind her, “His name is Mitch, Mitch Rapp. And I think you two will be more similar than I previously thought…”

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Deck The Halls

not my gif


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: *looks despairingly at the word count* Why do these tend to get out of hand?! Anyway, happy Christmas 8th (aka I feel festive because of December, so here you go)

Word count: 2,025

Imagine: Imagine Percival Graves not kissing you under a mistletoe but not for the reason you think.

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Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: none, really. Some fluff, some dark Steve

Words: 2.4k

All credit goes to Marvel

Originally posted by luvinchris

Steve flipped the picture in his hands over and over, looking at the picture itself, then the date on the back of it. September 29th, 2016. The date seemed so long ago. He stared at the picture a little longer. He committed every small detail of it to memory; the way her hair flowed with the wind, her radiant smile, her eyes. Oh god, her eyes, he thought. He bit his lip, carefully folding the picture back into his wallet. How was he supposed to live on like this? Without her?

“Dad, I don’t know if this is a good idea. At least not yet.” You pleaded with your father. Nick Fury sat at the table across from you, elbows up on the table.

“You are the only option right now, Y/N. Everyone on the team is down and we need you.” Nick said affirmatively. You knew that tone of voice. That tone of voice meant you weren’t getting out of this. “All you have to do is make sure that James Buchanan Barnes is stable and true to the Avengers Initiative. We don’t need any more HYDRA in this world and he has some pretty strong ties to them.” You looked at your dad, Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“It’ll take two weeks tops. Maybe one depending on what you see. I promise you won’t be in there for longer than you have to.” He put his hand over yours reassuringly and you took a deep breath. Fury slid over the steel briefcase and you opened it, surveying the photostatic veil in front of you. “Wearing this at all times is necessary. The Avengers already know you as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. If they suspect that one of us is spying on one of them, the mission is compromised and there’s no telling what will happen. As we all know, Steve Rogers is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to Bucky Barnes. We can’t risk him hurting you if he finds out what you’re up to.”

“Right, so who am I, again?” You asked. Your nerves were on fire with anxiety, whether it was good anxiety or bad anxiety, you weren’t sure. You squeezed your dad’s hand a little tighter.

“You’re Marie Laveau, Stark’s new assistant. He knows why you’re there, but he doesn’t know who you really are. He doesn’t trust Barnes either. He’ll show you everything and give you the inside briefing. You’re from San Antonio, moved here when you were nine years old to live with your aunt after your parents were killed in a deadly gambling ring. You won’t be there long, so you don’t need much more information, and if they ask, I trust you won’t blow your cover. Now come on, I’ll bring you to the tower. You can put your face on in the car.” Nick stood up, gesturing for you to follow. You and your dad stood up, too. You gave him a hug and grabbed the briefcase before following Fury.

“Tell May I bought more celery for her breakfast shakes!” You called. Your dad smiled and nodded as you sat down in the passenger seat of Nick’s car.

“You know, you didn’t have to cut and dye your hair.” He said, pulling out of the restaurant parking lot.

“Oh, I didn’t,” you pulled off your jet black wig, exposing your natural hair underneath it. “You’re not the only one who thought disguise.” You saw him crack a (rare) smile.

“So I guess spending the entirety of your life training you to be a spy didn’t go to waste, huh?”

“Well, I had some pretty good teachers.”

“You’re doing this at the right time,” Tony began. “Barnes is just starting to warm up to everyone, but he’s still slightly reserved. I feel like he’s keeping something from us, something from Steve. Oh, here’s Diana’s room. You’ll be staying here.” He gestured to the room you would be staying and you felt instantly relaxed by looking around.

“Thanks, Tony.” you said sincerely. You gave him a grateful smile and he nodded, putting your luggage on the queen-sized bed.

“No, thank you. I need to keep my team together. But I need to trust Barnes before I do that,” You nodded understandingly. “Dinner’s at five, so you have time to wash up or get situated or whatever you needed to do.” With that, he gave you a tight smile before leaving, shutting your door behind him. You pressed your hands against your mattress, welcoming the familiar softness of it, and you hung your head. It’s gonna be a long two weeks, you thought.

When you came down for dinner that night, you sat at the long bar table with a piece of pizza in front of you and a knife and fork in hand. “You’re the only person I know, besides Diana, that eats pizza like that.” Nat remarked. Steve’s head popped up to look at you and then your hands, still holding the silverware. He looked at you skeptically in a way that made your skin crawl.

“I don’t like getting pizza grease on my fingers.” You shrugged and crinkled your nose. Nat nodded and went back to eating her slice, but Steve’s eyes lingered on you for just a bit longer and you averted your gaze back to your pizza, busying yourself with cutting into it and taking a bite.

Bucky came over and plopped down next to Steve, grabbing himself a slice of buffalo chicken pizza and nearly shoving the entire thing in his mouth. Steve whispered something in Bucky’s ears and you saw Bucky glance at you in the corner of your eyes. You picked at your lip and felt your cheeks heat up, and you were thankful that the photo-static veil wouldn’t show it. Steve stood up, throwing his now-empty plate away before excusing himself. You watched as he stalked out of the room. Bucky came over and sat down by you.

“Don’t take it personal, you just remind him a lot about Diana. Everybody here’s still upset that she’s gone and they don’t like to talk about it, but I know a lot about her from her file and what Steve’s told me. Walk with me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.” Bucky looked into your eyes and you could tell he was serious. You finished your piece and threw your plate away, instantly going to follow the brunet who was already halfway out the door.

“Diana was great. She was sweet, but wouldn’t hesitate to bring one of us to the floor if she didn’t like what someone was doing. She was incredibly intelligent, easily beating out Clint and Natasha in almost any subject. She was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but they called her an ‘Honorary Avenger’ because she went on a lot of missions with them. That’s how her and Steve got close and how they started dating. They were never public about their relationship though, they thought people would use them against each other, making them vulnerable. They loved each other too much that they’d pick each other’s lives to save over their own.”

“Sounds dangerous, to say the least. What happened to her?” You kicked at a rock as you and Bucky walked back to the tower, now with two cups of hot chocolate.

“She was presumed dead after an Extremis blew up in a bar. She was trying to save this kid, Harley, I think. He was real special to Tony, but Tony was down for the count when Harley ran into the bar, trying to save some file. Tony begged and yelled after Harley not to go in, but it was too late. The building burst into flames and Diana ran in, diving under beams and structures that had fallen over. She pushed Harley out, but one of the rafters fell on top of her, and they couldn’t get to her in time. They never found her, all the bodies were too charred to be recognizable. Not even dental records could help.”

“Steve hasn’t been the same since?”

“No, but can you blame him? Captain America losing the love of his life? He was almost mad when Pepper was the one to kill Aldrich Killian, the guy who created it. Steve wanted to do it himself.” You guys stopped walking when you reached the steps to the common room. “I guess I credit her with being why I joined the Avengers. The punk’s lost so much in life that he needs someone who understands. I just want him to be happy, that’s what we all want. So it makes more sense for me to be on his side instead of an enemy, doing the right thing for once instead of being some brainwashed psychopath killer.”

You threw your empty hot chocolate cup into the trashcan and shoved your hands in your pockets. “I appreciate you telling me all of this now so I don’t make an ignorant remark later. I don’t want to upset him.” You said. Bucky nodded, pressing his lips together. He opened the door for you and you stepped inside. Your eyes instantly landed on Steve, sitting on the couch and reading the newspaper.

He glanced up at you before focusing back on his paper. You frowned a little at how distant he was with you, but you couldn’t blame him. He probably felt bothered that you were staying in Diana’s old room. You shrugged it off and went to your new room anyways. You had to text your dad and Fury, and then take a hot shower to make up for the cold night air.

Me: Had some one-on-one time with Barnes. His intentions look good, but I’ll stay the full week to be sure.

Dad: Remember your cover, stay safe.

Fury: Dig up any dirt you can. I want a thorough report of him.

You turned your phone’s screen off and placed it on the counter of the bathroom, making sure to lock the door before pulling your wig off as well and stepping into the hot, inviting water of your shower.

“Hey, Steve, Tony wants to know when you’re ready to try out the new suit.” You popped your head through his door. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, staring intently at a picture. He coughed and folded it back into his pocket before nodding and standing up to follow you to the lab. When he reached the door where you were standing, he did a once-over of you. Not in a ‘checking you out’ sort of way, but another skeptical glance. You froze momentarily, fearing that Steve was way too smart and could probably see right past your cover.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Okay, Laveau, I want you to take a shot at Steve. Anywhere you want. Preferably not in the nether regions. Or the chest. The legs and stomach are fair game though.” Tony said. He tossed you a gun and you caught the trigger on your ring finger. They braced for the bullet that they assumed would be shot, but it never came. Instead, the gun balanced delicately off your finger.

“What?” You asked. Tony and Steve stood up from their crouched positions and stared at you in shock.

“Uh, nothing. Diana just used to do that a lot, kinda her thing, I guess.” Tony said. You frowned.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Must’ve just been a lucky catch.” You shrugged the comment off. “Steve, are you ready?” He nodded, and braced his body. Tony had been working on the new 100% vibranium suit for weeks now, he told you, and he was excited to test it out. Steve, however, was a bit nervous to be shot at for experimental purposes.

You fired off one shot, one at his thigh. Then you fired another at his stomach. One at his shoulder, and one at his arm. Tony watched as the bullets bounced off Steve’s uniform. Steve’s face was contorted in pain, but nothing went past his armor. When he opened his eyes and stared down at himself, he grinned at his bullet-less body and looked at Tony, who was beaming. You used this moment to excuse yourself. “Well, if that’s all you need, sir, Bucky asked me to dinner and I should get going.” Tony waved you off, too excited by his success to pay much attention. You slipped out of the room.

You walked back into your bedroom after dinner with Bucky, whom you had a surprisingly good time with. You had decided that further investigation to him wasn’t needed. In fact, he spent nearly the entire time raving over the Avengers and his missions with them. He told you about growing up with Steve and how happy he was when he was pulled out of cryostasis and found out Steve Rogers was still alive. He was even happier when he found out that Steve was still around his age, non-biologically. You dropped your keys onto the table by your door and looked into the little mirror above it, taking out your earrings. You jumped out of your shoes when you heard Steve’s voice. “Diana Locke was a great spy, amazing even. She was an expert marksman. But she also had her ticks. She picked at her lip when she was nervous. She ate her pizza with a knife and fork,” you froze, still turned away from him. “In fact, she’s even your exact height.”

“Steve, I’m sorry. Bucky told me about Diana, but she’s dead, and I-“, he cut you off.

“Oh, yeah. Diana’s dead. Diana was a cover though. Everybody believes that she died in that Extremis fire, but only I know that she used that fire and belief that she was dead to run off and find a new alias, a new cover, because she had blown hers while saving Harley.” He stalked up behind you, but you still didn’t move aside from letting him shove a picture into your hand. You brought it up in front of you and studied it. It was a photo of him and Diana. They smiled brightly at the camera with Diana lifted high onto his shoulders. She held up an American flag as her hair blew in the wind behind her. “I was the only one lucky enough to know her real name. Her true self. I know her better than herself sometimes. I’m the only one who can keep up with her.” You turned to face him and he hovered his hand over your photo-static veil, pulling it off of your face. You helped him by reaching behind you and sliding off the wig, letting your natural hair fall back onto your shoulders, framing your face. He stared at you, a smile taking over his features.

“So, what was her name, Steve?” You breathed out.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

People sometimes talk about Murphy like she’s too old to participate.

But you know what?

Give me Murphy in her 60′s kicking ass

Give me Murphy in her 70′s kicking ass

Give me Murphy in her 80′s with a high powered rifle from Kincaid, backing Harry up from a vantage point bitching about “Kids these days…” while dealing with supernatural punks.

Murphy with gorgeous silver hair rocking a leather jacket and a motor bike, being “Great Aunt Murphy” to her family.

Murphy wearing wrinkles with her scars, peering at someone from behind glasses with a look that could kill a man a third of her age.

Murphy’s complaining “I’m too old for this shit” but never stopping. Being told she needs to slow down, so she thinks about retiring for like 2 weeks, before deciding sitting still is going to kill her faster than moving.

Murphy will NEVER be to old to participate.

She’ll be dismantling and cleaning guns in her coffin at 114 before she’s to old to participate.

Time For Us (Zach Mitchell x Reader) Part I

(Zach Mitchell x Reader Soulmate AU)

You were running out of time.

The time on your wrist was ticking down the seconds, but there were still a couple hours (three, to be exact!) until you would meet your soulmate. Out of the million that visited Jurassic World every day, one of those people were going to end up as your soul mate.

Having your work and personal collide was going to be interesting. Currently, you were work as an internship as an assistant to Claire Dearing and without a doubt you would agree it was hard work, but worth it.

Spending most of your time aiding her and working with her other assistant Zara, you also had alone time to in which you enjoyed watching the dinosaurs and families enjoying their time. But atlas, you spent most of your time working, like you did now. 

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The Lady in Red (2/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (2/?)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1789
Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)

(Part 1)

The woman slept for the rest of the day and through the night. Steve wanted to stay close in case she woke up suddenly but Bruce said it would be a while. She was completely exhausted from whatever ordeal she had gone through. Still, Steve was hesitant to leave and ended up bringing a laptop and his files into her room and started working on his mission reports while she slept. He caught a couple hours of sleep in the chair but mostly just watched over her, thankful for super solider cells that don’t need the regeneration sleep provides on a regular basis.

The next morning, he was sipping a cup of coffee that Nat had brought him, when her eyes fluttered open. She turned and stared at him, not showing as much fear as before, but still had a wariness in her eyes.

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The New Life

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Reader is Banner’s assistant that usually works in the lab with him. Steve visits the compound one day and meets the reader.

Word Count: 1868

Y/N L/N was the woman Dr. Banner couldn’t be happier to have. She deals with not just him but also the Hulk. In the past, there have been times where the Hulk came out and Y/N would handle it with ease. Over the years the Hulk had became attached and protective of her and so had Bruce. He believes without her, he would fall apart especially with the fact that he has to deal with Stark’s shenanigans every day. However, that all changed after Ultron.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Twenty Three

“Who’s ready to have a baby?”

Apparently you were.

The midwife checked your file quickly.

“Okay Y/N…. Doctor Merrins is still with another patient but we have other doctors on call here in case of any issues so don’t you worry. I’m Annie and I’ll be here for the next six hours so let’s see if I can help deliver this baby for you. I need you to hop up onto the bed now so we can see how we’re doing.”

You climbed up with Spencer’s help, settling down onto the pillows and wincing through another contraction.

“How often are they coming honey?”

You went to open your mouth to tell her that you hadn’t really been counting but Reid jumped in.

“They started at every three minutes but now it’s more like every 70 - 90 seconds.”

You looked at him dumbfounded.

“What!… I started counting when we were in the car. We need to know these things and I figured you’d forget.”

“It’s not that I forgot… I was just in too much…… Oh fucking jesus christ…. pain to keep track.”

“Exactly. So I did it for you…. Team work right?”

Okay… Fair enough. Annie chuckled at you both, before double taking at Spencer. She obviously hadn’t been paying too much attention to the state he was in.

“Hun, what the hell happened to you?”

“Oh…. Um… I was in a car accident a few hours ago. NOT with Y/N. But we were actually on the way home from the hospital when her waters broke.”

“Okay…. You can’t be in here like this. Your clothes are bloody and filthy. Do you have anything else you can change into?”

She had a point although Reid looked mildly offended. He could still have tiny glass particles about his person and there was no way he was holding the baby like that.

You grimaced again, holding on to the side of the bed.

“Our friends have gone to get me a change of clothes as well as her hospital bags.”

“Okay well until then there’s scrubs in the top drawer of that cabinet. Go change in the bathroom and I’ll examine Y/N.”

He made eye contact, checking you were okay for him to leave and you nodded.

Once he’d left the room Annie began her examination, attaching monitors to you before washing her hands and squirting what you could only presume was lubricant onto her hand.

“Sweetie, this will feel uncomfortable. But I need you to relax.”

Uncomfortable was not the word. Having someone you didn’t know putting their fingers inside you whilst your body was contracting was not pleasant at all.

“Okay….. I’m just going to go and grab a doctor?”

“Wait… Why do you need a doctor? What’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong Y/N. It’s just…. you’re already at ten centimetres. Sweetie, you’re ready to start pushing.”



Spencer came rushing back through almost colliding with the midwife on her way out. Seeing the panicked expression on your face he quickly rushed to your side.

“What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

You burst into tears. “I’m at ten centimetres….. I’m having a baby.”

“Why are you crying then…. It’ll be over soon.” He smoothed your hair back, his voice gentle.

“Because…. because… We’re having a baby… And it’s going to hurt. And she’s going to cry and I won’t know what to do.. And…. PISSING FUCK WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH…. oh shit… If I’m ten already… I can’t have the druuuuugs!” The last part came out as a wail.

“Spencer, I want the druuugs… I want the epidural.. You’re a doctor. Tell them it’s okay…… ”

He started to chuckle at you again, still stroking your hair.

“Shhhh Shhhh, you’ll be fine. You’ve got to this stage without any medication. You’ve done so well already…and you will know what to do. And if you don’t… We’ll fucking Google it okay. Look at this way, some women are in labour for hours trying to get to ten centimetres. You’ve done most of it without even realising.”

“Yeah because I was distracted by the thought of you dying.”

He laughed again and the midwife returned with a female doctor and another nurse, wheeling a crib with her.

“Hi Y/N… I’m Dr Nicolas. Dr Merrins is still held up and Annie here tells me she doesn’t think you’re going to be able to wait. How are you feeling?”

She perched on the side of the bed as if she had all the time in the word as the nurses hurried around behind her.

“Scared… Exhausted already. Is 37 weeks too early? Also… Can I please have the drugs? I signed up for drugs.”

She patted your hand gently. “If you’re ten already then unfortunately not. We can give you gas and air but it’s likely that by the time any epidural kicks in, this baby will be born. So let’s just see how you go au natural okay? And 37 weeks used to be considered term for a lot of mothers. Baby should be fully grown already and has obviously decided that it doesn’t need those few extra weeks to cook. Do we know what we’re having here?”

“A little girl,” Spencer spoke quietly, his eyes fixed on your bump.

“And it’s the first baby for the both of you?”

You both nodded at her and you shifted uncomfortably as another contraction ripped through you. Dr Nicolas watched the monitor closely before asking, “Are you feeling any pressure Y/N?”

“Yes…. Lots.”

“Okay… That means we’re ready to go.” She hopped off the bed moving to the bottom.

“Next time a contraction comes… I want you to push.”

…twenty five minutes later…

“Come on Y/N… One more push and you’re there. One more.” The doctor looked up at from her spot between your legs.

Panting with exertion you gripped Spencer’s hand tightly, trying to breathe through the intense burning pain that you felt below. You had never felt pain like this before and you were definitely never EVER doing this again. Fuck no.

Reid whispered quietly to you, “You’ve got this Y/N, you’re doing so well. I’m so so so proud of you. One more.”

Annie stood by, ready to place a towel on your tummy for when she was born. You’d been very explicit in the last fifteen minutes that you did not want any baby gunk on you, the doctor and the midwives laughing at you.

Dr Nicolas glanced at the monitor again.  "Okay Y/N… Last one.. The hard part is over. One more big push. Come on.“

You took a deep breath and pushed with all the energy and effort that you could, the pressure intense and horrific…. And then suddenly.. Nothing. Relief. Emptiness.

You heard a gasp from Spencer and opened your eyes to see a pink, slimy looking thing in the doctor’s hands.


A baby. Your baby.

Dr Nicolas stood, placing her on the towel that was quickly put on your chest.  You looked down in awe not quite knowing what to do.

“Does Dad want to cut the cord?”

Dad definitely did want to cut the cord, although you didn’t see him do it. You were too taken in by this little tiny creature that almost seemed to be clinging to you.

Annie reached for her, telling you they were just going to clean her up and weigh and measure her.

Almost as soon as she was removed from your chest, she started to cry. A high pitched squealing that sounded both glorious and horrifying all in one go. Reid sat back down next to you, his arm wrapping around your shoulders both of you too shocked to speak. The doctor continued to work between your legs, cleaning you up and changing the pads. You could barely feel the rest of the contractions now as the birthing process finalised.

“I’m so proud of you Y/N. So very proud.” Spencer pushed your matted hair back off your face, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“6lbs 7. Do we have a name picked out for this little cutie?” Annie asked.

“Saoirse….Saoirse Diana,” Spencer told her. Diana for both his Mother and your Grandmother, the one thing you’d shared.

“Aww how lovely. And the surname?” Her pen was poised ready to write out the tag that would go around her tiny ankle.

“Y/L/N - Reid,” Spencer spoke again looking at you for confirmation.

“Actually…. Just Reid.”

Annie smiled and nodded, writing out the tag.

“Really?” Spencer whispered to you.


“Okay Mom, we’re all done down here now. So if you want to shift up slightly and let Dad on the bed with you, then we can bring little Saoirse back over and you can both have a hold.” Dr Nicolas stood, bundling the soiled towels and sheets away with her as you made room for Spencer.

When you were both comfortable Annie came back over, the tiny bundle now wrapped up with a little pink hat on. You held your arms out awkwardly, Reid’s arm still around your shoulder tightly.

A wave of emotion hit you as she placed the tiny, almost doll like creature into your arms, Spencer gasping again as he got a closer look.

She was so warm and light…. And now that she was in your arms you didn’t want to let her go.

Spencer’s long fingers reached out, softly touching her face, stroking her chin before fingering the soft brown strands of hair that peeked out from under the little cap.
Her full lips pursed, her pink tongue poking out and you giggled, thinking how much like Reid she already was. You turned to him seeing he was doing the same thing.

“Spencer look…..”

“I am…. She’s so perfect Y/N…..I… I can’t believe I made that… We made that. Together.” His voice was croaky and you could hear the emotion in it and see his eyes welling up. A tear escaped from your own, travelling down your cheek.

Spencer turned to you, moving his hand and catching the tear before it fell.

“Thank you….. Thank you so much. I never…..I never thought I could feel this happy, this elated. Y/N, thank you.”

“You’re welcome ….. Spencer?”

“Hmm mm?”

“I kinda think I’m in love with you.” No time like the now right?

His hazel eyes now locked with yours.

“Kinda think?” he asked.

“Alright…. I am in love with you. I’m not sure when or how, but I am. In love with the father of my baby. Who knew right?”

He laughed. “I love you too Y/N. Weird how things work out isn’t it?”

“Very,” you agreed, before tilting your lips to his for a soft, sweet kiss.

Hearing a snuffle you both turned back to the baby snuggled in your arms, just sitting there watching her in contentment for a few minutes, enjoying the moment.


A face poked around the door, Penelope.

“Guys…. Can we come in? The doctor said it was okay.”

You looked at Reid and he nodded and you whispered for him to take Saoirse now, knowing that in a few minutes she’d probably be whipped away from both of you and it was only right that he had a proper hold first.

Penelope let out a quiet squeal, and opened the door, her and the rest of the team crowding around you both. Kate and Rossi placed your bags in the corner and joined them. Even Morgan was there, somehow convincing the doctors to let him come up.

“Spence, Y/N….. She’s beautiful,” JJ gushed, everyone else echoing her sentiments.

Aaron came and stood by your side. “How does it feel?”

“Still no less terrifying than it did all those months ago… But, it feels right, at least now it does.”

Spencer slid of the bed, baby in his arms and the biggest smile on his face, everyone clambering around him to look.

You held your arms up to Aaron for a hug which he returned quickly.

“Thank you, for everything Hotch. You’ve been there for me throughout and I couldn’t have done any of this without you. You’ve been like my surrogate dad and I really hope you’ll continue doing that for us,” you whispered to him quietly, hearing him murmuring his congratulations in response before pulling away. Was that….. was that a tear in his eyes? Nooooo. It couldn’t be.

And yet it was. He smiled at you again before making his way over to Spencer to have a look at the baby he’d seen on screen and felt kick all those weeks ago.

“Guys what’s her name?” Kate asked.

“Yeah…. Did you ever solve the argument of her last name?” Morgan spoke.

“We did….. So welcome to the world… Saoirse Diana Reid.” You grinned seeing the expressions of happiness on the girls faces and the proud grins on the mens. 

It was only later when the team had gone home and Spencer was sitting on the chair in the corner of the room feeding Saoirse with a bottle, that you realised how truly happy you felt.

Maybe you weren’t going to be so bad at this after all.

And with Spencer by your side, you kinda felt like you could do anything.

First Impressions:Ch8-The Gypsy Prince’s Breakfast

*First Impressions is a long running Peaky Blinders Fanfic about Michael Gray. It is updated every few days! Please like, reblog and follow if you haven’t already! Any and all feed back is welcome and appreciated! *

*Evylynne’s POV*

It was warm. Too warm. I squirmed a little and felt an arm tighten around me. The night flooded back to me, flushing my cheeks.
“Errythin alrigh love?” Michael mumbled quietly.
“Just startled myself awake, I’m ok. Go back to sleep.”
“Yessum.” He mumbled and covered his eyes with his other arm. Did we really have sex? What was I thinking? I’d heard the whispers of the other nurses the past few days and he was a Peaky Blinder, they had a notorious reputation as cold hearted gangsters. You’d only known them a short time and the one in your bed had put a gun to your head. He’d also always been a pompous prick to you, throwing attitude left and right. You’d been curious about him, sure. But curiosity killed the cat. You should end this before it gets started. But it’s already started, and you didn’t want it to end. You wanted to know Michael Gray. What were you going to do? Half of you was filled with fear of Michael and his family, but the other half was filled with adoration and envy. They were so whole heartedly themselves and did what it took to protect what was theirs and their family. Could you dive into this terrifying world? Did Michael even want you too? So many questions and doubts, you eventually fell back into a fitful nightmare filled sleep.

*Michael’s POV*
She was squirming and whimpering when I woke. Her hand clutched around the blanket that was draped over us. Her brow clenched together from the nightmare. Half asleep I began stroking her hair, not realizing how easy it was to want to comfort her until I was already doing it. This is dangerous. Her face relaxed a little, and I leaned in to kiss her brow. What were we doing? Did she even want this? Did I even want this? I knew the answer to the last of the three questions, and the answer terrified me. I wanted her, but what would it cost her? She began to fret in her sleep again, driving all those negative thoughts out of my head. Her eyes popped open as she sat up gasping.
“Michael?” She whimpered when she felt my arms wrap around her.
“I’m here love. I’m right here.”
“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Did I wake you? I’m so sorry.”
“Stop apologizing, you have nothing you need to apologize for. I was already awake darlin.”
“What time is it?” She asked as her eyes flew to the window and widened.
“A little after 6:30, why?”
“Shit, shit, shit! I have to go check on Tommy, I was supposed to be on duty at 6!” She flew out of bed and stood there for a minute, confusion flooding her face before the embarrassment sank in. She was gorgeous, her long hair hanging down to hide her tits, the blush flooding up her face and neck had the marks I made to claim her much darker than they were. I felt a twitch at the tip of my cock. Her shock didn’t last long. She shook her head slightly, breathed deeply, and began dressing herself. I continued to lay there watching her dress. When she was finished trying to hide the marks on her skin she walked over to the bed and leaned had way down before pausing for a moment. Her lips then crashed into mine. Desperate, fearful that this was goodbye.

*Evylynne’s POV*
I walked quietly out my door, turning back to give him a small smile before closing the door. As I made my way to the staff lounge to find the other nurse who would be on duty with me until 9 when the rest of them got there, I stopped in Thomas’s room. He was sitting up speaking quietly with Polly, Arthur and John. Much to my surprise. Their eyes flew to me, Polly’s filled with Hatred, John’s with his usual enthusiasm and Arthurs with the same due bloodshot look they always had. Tommy’s eyes studied me, taking in every detail from head to toe.
“Nice of you to join us.” Polly spit out. Causing Thomas to glance at her in confusion before he hid his feelings once again.
“And who exactly are you?” He spoke quietly.
“My name is Evylynne, I’m the nurse thats in charge of your care.” I stated clearly and confidently.
“Might be nice to have a nurse show up for her shift on time.” Polly glared.
“I didn’t leave last night, Mrs. Shelby. I also continued to check on Mr. Shelby until a little after midnight.” I said to her politely as I could before turning to Thomas again. “I apologize for my tardiness, and any issues it may have caused.”
“It isn’t a problem.” Thomas said clearly before turning to the others and stating that he needed to have a family meeting.
“Shouldn’t Michael be here if we’re going to be discussing anything?” John smirked glancing at me as Tommy nodded at him. Did he know? How could he have known unless he seen him come to my room? Don’t fret, calm down, breathe Ev breathe.
“Do you know where Michael is, Evy baby?” John asked, with an almost knowing smile on his face.
“Why would she know where I am?” Michael asked quietly from behind me as he opened the door, when i turned to take him in his clothes were changed and he didn’t make eye contact with me, but when Thomas began speaking and everyone turned back to him michael’s finger ghosted up my back before he made his way towards the bed, causing me to blush fervently.
“Where is Dr. Miller?” Thomas asked my back.
“He’s been unwell for quite some time, he is unable to practice and likely won’t return after this last bout of sickness. I was apprenticing under him to take his place being as we have been unable to find a doctor willing to take his place.”
“I see, I’ll need to have a conversation with you at some point.” He looked away back at his family, not waiting for a response. I glanced at Michael, he wasn’t looking at me. I walked into the hall way and was greeted by Charlotte.
“There you are!” She smiled, taking me in. Her eyes catching the love bruises on my neck. “Where did you get those?” Before I could speak a voice from behind me spoke again, startling me once again.
“He didn’t excuse ya, darlin.” It was John, with a smirk and a glance down at my neck since having heard Charlotte’s question.
“Oh, does he need me?” I stated simply not allowing the attention to get to me.
“The things he needs to discuss involve you now.” I nodded and walked past him, his arm slipping around my shoulder in the doorway and pulling me uncomfortably close and whispering in my ear. “I wonder if you’re the reason Michael wasn’t sitting watch outside Tommys room this morning.” My eyes flicked to Michael as I took his arm from around me. He turned to look angrily out the window.

*Michaels POV*
As I watched on, John laced his arm over her petite shoulders and whispered in her ear. His lips dangerously close to touching her. I felt a fire light in me, I was uncomfortable, suffocating. He made eye contact two seconds before she did. He was doing this on purpose. He knew, the bastard. I turned to look out the window. Trying to calm myself. Not realizing Polly and Tommy didn’t miss a beat.
“Everyone out, everyone except her.” Tommy said pointing to Evylynne. What did he want to talk to her about that couldn’t be said in front of everyone? As everyone filed out with me leaving last. I didn’t make eye contact as I made my way out the door and down the hall.

*Evylynnes POV*
Not a second after Michael closed the door behind him did Tommy start speaking. “I need you to do something for me.”
“And what exactly would that be?” I spoke quietly.
“I need you to get me out of this hospital tonight. I’m not safe here. None of them are safe here.”
“You still need care.”
“I wasn’t finished speaking” he said coldly.

“My apologies.”
“You’re coming with us. I’ll pay you double what you get here. We need someone who can provide care at any time. I’m sorry but you’re involved with us now which puts you in danger as well. We leave tonight at midnight. Have your things ready.”
“I can’t go with you! This is my job! I can’t just bust you out of here!”
“You can and will. I’d like breakfast now, and tea.”
“I don’t think you understand! I can’t—“
“You’re excused now.” He said leaving no room for further conversation.
I stormed out of the room, my eyes on fire. Charlotte was speaking with Arthur and John at the nursing desk. “Charlotte, the gypsy prince wants his breakfast.” I spat out, as I stormed down the hallway. John and Arthur hooting and howling behind me and tears in my eyes.

CASUAL | part one

“After spending the night with the university’s basketball superstar and biggest supporter of one-night stands, Kim Taehyung, you find yourself falling for him. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same.”

Words: 3, 165

- angst, smut (next part)

Originally posted by kths

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