still need someone to help me though

  • Rin: Makoto! You have to help me get Haru to the hospital! He says he doesn't need to go but there's blood everywhere.
  • Makoto: Oh my god! What happened?
  • Rin: We fell over and I bit his tongue and you know how sharp my teeth are-
  • Makoto: You bit his tongue? How did you manage that?
  • Rin: We...ah...well...that's not important right now! We have to get to the hospital! Right, Haru?
  • Haru: *With much difficulty and garbledness and blood spitting* We were kissing and it was magical.

Thank you so much to @aniinjected for that post! It made my entire night and actually made me cry omg

I’m so happy that I was able to help, along with so many other amazing artists. Just remember though, that no matter what happens, there’s always someone there for you and willing to help.

Love yourself as much as you love others, and as much as 707 loves you. <3 Stay strong!

Okay, seriously, this panel killed me. Damn you, MochiJun, WHY?!

I was shocked, at first, wondering why MochiJun has to torture us like this. Why did she decide to use these names? Why did Vanitas use them? … But then, an idea hit me and I just need to share it! Though I know, we should not compare VnC and PH because both are independent original stories, I can’t help it…

Usually, when someone is in a situation like Vanitas in which he frantically searches for a name to disguise himself, one chooses the name of someone you know. This is why I dare to think, maybe Vanitas knows Vincent and Gilbert… We know, since they are Baskervilles and have a huge lifespan, it’s highly possible that in the 20th century they still were alive and might have been to Paris, France. Right? Right? Please just let me dream this for a moment~


Get to know YORKE.

There’s not a lot about him so I thought I’d compile a list about him for those who want to know! Let’s show him some love! He’s still a pretty big mystery though, tol child needs to talk about himself more. Made with help from @mynameisyorke

  • No one knows his real name, brings new meaning to “My name is YORKE.” compared to just “YORKE.” (though someone called his real name out once and he thought they were calling for him XD)
  • Born April 25, 1979 (37 as of 2016)
  • His twitter says he hasn’t decided a hometown and his birthplace hasn’t been mentioned
  • 49 is used as a pun involving him as his name よ(“yo” or “4”) and く(“ku” or “9”) is literally “49”
  • His old signature was a hand with a 49 in it
  • Self-taught himself painting and 3D art
  • Had a one-man exhibition in 2004 (age:25) that sold out
  • In 2005, he spent the year painting with local musicians in the USA
  • In 2006, he had a painting DVD called “Puzzle City” showcasing his live paintings as he compared Tokyo to a puzzle
  • Was in miyavi’s KAVKI BOYS in 2007 and toured with them, painting along the way
  • Collaborated with DJ Hanger for BAKUHATSU!!MAN (really interesting videos!)
  • Bartended at 19 and is around when his name YORKE. originated
  • Got fired from his part-time job from stopping to watch the basketball game instead of selling snacks
  • Likes Minecraft
  • Got his teeth fixed between when Capture came out and Veni Vidi (He’s got a cute smile either way)
  • Star Wars nerd
  • Favorite food is strawberries
  • Loves children and teaching them painting
  • Painted an artbus to be donated for handicapped indonesian kids
  • Marvel nerd too
  • Plays piano and guitar
  • Has a brother and niece? Not sure if he’s a biological brother or not.
  • Has done other outside collaboration work like YORKE.xVANQUISH and Ca et laxYORKE. “LooserDogg”
  • Never believed in Santa as a kid but really loves Christmas
  • Tattoos: Star on right thumb (iconic), a blue and a red rose and anchor with a banner that says “1979” on his upper right arm, skull and crossbones on inside of left wrist, a cross on his left forearm, a banner that says “OBSERVER” on his left forearm and and a flying bird underneath that banner, another star on the same side as the bird, and a little jewel next to the bird as well.
  • Plays basketball
  • Wanted to be a tree as a kid (He’s tall enough at least)
  • Hosts a 20~ min. radio show “Garden Gate” at 1:30am Wednesday morning
  • Is a night owl, especially now that he has Garden Gate and it airs so late, he passes the time after doing things like playing Minecraft
  • Favorite game as a kid was climbing the jungle gym. Leading into the next-
  • Most memorable memory, “falling off”
  • First thing he does when waking up is remember his dreams
  • His favorite artists are Pablo Picasso, Horst Janssen, Chinami NAKAJIMA
  • Favorite song as of 2007 was Redemption song by Bob Marley
  • His ideal woman: “Warm heart, cool head”
  • He respects and is most influenced by his father
  • Loves Disney and has a bunch of tsumtsums
  • Likes mannequins

EXTRA (because birdie insisted ->-):

blblblblblblbl ( cutie~ )

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Having graduated a few years ago I can't help but be a bit pissed by Sans' reaction, because if someone got me a book I needed (ESPECIALLY one that's hard to get), even if I had access to it through another student, that would still be a big deal! Plus it's not as though Papyrus would have been unappreciative of it as a gift, and I'm sure he'd be happy to loan it to his other classmates or donate it to the college library so it could help others. Despair makes you awfully short-sighted, Sans. :p

It could have ended in many positive ways, but Sans just doesn’t care. And i’ve been in his shoes many times, believe me. I know how it feels.

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Nice biphobic comment...Also this is not Oswald being a ghost, there's nothing to be proud of here, this is about Ed creating this image and struggling with what he did

*GASP* I can’t believe you would accuse me, a bisexual snake, of being biphobic *GASPS AGAIN* 

And oh my goodness!? He’s not a ghost?? I had no idea that the Penguin was still alive even though he needs to be in order for the Batman lore to be fully accurate– Wow I’m just honestly astonished that someone can’t haunt someone now a days without being a ghost. Who would have thunk it?

Yep it’s Ed creating that imagine alright. It’s all Ed. He misses Oswald, he loves Oswald, and that hallucination is going to help him understand that. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a respectful comment!

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I just got in a fight with someone over Rika, w hoops. They said that she "didn't do anything wrong." when I said she did some fucked shit they said "V helped her though! She didn't do it alone, V took her off meds and encouraged her and lied for her." I still don't think what she did is okay but this person just really wants everyone to believe Rika did nothing wrong at ALL and no one should hate her.

Lord help me my health is not at the point I need it to be to hate RIKA 😩

For the First Time in Forever

((First off yes, my titles always reference songs. I’ve been having writers block, so I needed to write something to help. Of course it’s valentines day still. I know it’s not for everybody but it still is for two more hours here lmao. I hope you guys enjoy this silly thing. I really enjoyed writing Kaminari’s part lmao. 
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
Honestly though, half of this probably doesn’t make any sense to some people. I really enjoyed how it came out though. If there’s any mistakes I’d appreciate if someone tell me. I hope ya’ll enjoy this and write a note that “I have finished a valentines day fic before the day was over.” I will be adding an ao3 link as soon as I can post it there, so here it is for now!))

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Life with Celeste

Hey guys this is a drabble I wrote about what would happen if Celeste was still alive. I know sad, but it needed to be done. 

“So what are you going to wear tonight?” Celeste smirked as she kicked off her platinum heels and launched herself stomach first onto my bed. Even with her hair in a messy bun and smeared lipstick applied to her lips she still looked like a supermodel.

I’ve always wondered how someone so emotionally unstable could be so glamorous.

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Ok I’m not going to lie. I’m completely out of the loop anymore. Work is all consuming, people are being uber crazy weird about Taron lately and I can’t seem to shake a recent Tom Hardy affliction (I mean good Lord are you watching Taboo?) I am still here though. If anyone needs someone to talk to, vent to, or anything else please feel free to message me. I don’t always have the best advice, or any at all, but I am a human who cares about other humans and will do my best to help when I can.  Whether you need a silent ear or a virtual hug. Pictures of my pets? They’re super cute??? Anyway, I may not post, but I always check in at least once a day. 

And I still love this stupid thing…

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Diary entry

He reminds me so much of my lil bro.. it’s insane. I mean.. I know he isn’t? Hell.. really.. he’s nothing like him. There’s this… hardness to him that Paps never had, a survival instinct that I wish Paps had had.

Can’t help but respect someone like him though. He’s still got that… heh.. that -coolness- that Paps had.. that makes me want to be a better person just by seeing him in action. 

I wanna see him smile. I wanna hear him laugh. I need to find a way to actually make friends.

Could be hard though.. all things considered.

I need to stop thinking now pft.

Entry end.

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is it possible to get another villager twice? like if they moved out a year ago and you want them back?

Hello Nonny! Yes it is possible but not easy unless you have their amiibo card or can hack. To get a villager who has moved back you have to cycle through 16 villagers. So you will have to move in and then out again 16 villagers before your old villager will agree to move back, also keeping in mind that, the last villager to move in won’t move out until someone else does. So you’ll need a minimum of two villagers to cycle with.
Having their amiibo card overrides the 16 villager cycle though and you can move them back easy peasy!
I hope I explained clearly and that this helped you but if you still don’t understand or I haven’t explained properly feel free to message me again! I hope you have a wonderful day/evening! :)

【ensemble stars merch MASTERPOST】

hello everyone!! 
i am in desperate need of, selling this ensemble stars things i have!! it would be amazing if someone could take them from me??? please?? help a desperate fellow out !!! 

this (under the cut) is the current list of merch i have available. you can contact me on both twitter and here on tumblr (tho im much more active on twitter, eh). i accept payment via paypal, and i can ship to wherever (though you will have to pay for the shipping; cost depends on the weight of the package) 

im mostly selling manjus, figure keychain and kuji keychains!! if you want pictures, i can send them to you!!! (just ask!!!! !  ) 

even if you are not interested, a reblog is definitely appreciated!! and let me know if you know anyone who might be interested!!! thank u so much!!

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You think you’re getting better, you’re finally getting better, and then you see a single word or a single picture or hear a single song lyric or think a single thought and everything just falls apart and you knew that it was coming because it’s an endless cycle between being okay and not okay but it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing you can really do to stop it and each time is worse than the last and you can physically feel yourself detaching yourself from everything even though it’s not a big drawback all at once, but it’s there, it’s happening, and it’s nothing big or worrisome enough for anyone to really notice or care about but you’ve still got a part of you that longs for someone to call you out on it but another says, “No, please don’t notice, please pretend it’s not happening” but also “Please just hug me and never let me go because I don’t know what to do, I never do, and I need help really really bad, but I’m selfish and I ask for it all the time in ways you might not understand so I feel guilty but please just somehow KNOW and stay, stay with me, please” and literally, what the fuck is my thought process.

#1 reason I would like to be hired by Mark, heck even just being an intern.

I know he has an amazing team, and even though I’m pushing hard for him to see I want to get hired I still feel like he hasn’t seen it. It’s hard for someone as small as me with this big dream to make it happen.

But this is why, I want to help. I want to help with little things like this and just extra things that need to be edited or done.

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My boyfriend broke up with me even though we still love eachother. He said it's because he's been having problems with depression but won't let me help him. I feel so useless and empty and even though he knows he can reach out to me he doesn't. I don't know what to do anymore.

There’s nothing you can do at this point. If someone isn’t happy with themselves, they won’t be happy with someone else. He needs to get his life together first and truly be happy before anything else. Who knows maybe his depression will pass and he’ll want you back.

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Do you still suffer from anxiety/panic attacks? If so, what do you do to control them? And have you ever been to a therapist or talked to someone about them?

I don’t as often anymore, I used to awhile ago. There are times when I feel anxious for sure, but never enough to say it would be a panic attack. Essential oils always helped me a lot. I did have a therapist but that was back in 2011-2012. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help though, know that. We all need help from others. There are also good breathing exercises that helped me as well. <3

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Ttake deep breaths and stay away from every thing that you can use to hurt yourself. Think about something else,watch a movie or gou out for a walk. Listen to music or talk to someone about anything..Take your time.. it will be okay. A tea would be great now, it would help you to calm. Stay strong,you can do this..! And if you need anyone to talk to tell me here and i will send you a message..!!

I managed to not do it, thank you for your support <3 I’m still feeling really shit. I’m trying my best though.

Thank you again love xx

Five Stages: Depression

 Summary:  Based around the five stages of grief and how one man is going to cope with his loss.  

Read Five Stages: Denial here (Pt 1)

Read Five Stages: My Dearest Yuri here (Previous Pt)

Victor Nikiforov has saved me a total of three times, from the time he became my coach and even after he died he was still saving me. He saved me when I didn’t know what the future had in store for me and when I really needed someone. He was there. Then the day of the accident. He saved me. Then the night I was going to kill myself, I read his letter; he saved me again. I guess that’s why I’m here now. Even though Victor isn’t with me anymore, I owe him my life. I owe him everything.

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