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Name: Katharina
Nickname: Kati (though I answer to pretty much everything starting with K…)
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 182.5 cm
Orientation: most likely ace, yay trying to prove a negative to myself (but I think there’s a good bit of supporting evidence by now)
Ethnicity: white-as-bread German (though being German I now probably need to specify what type of bread :P)
Favorite fruit: apples (particularly sour ones)
Favorite season: summer and… just early autumn, when it’s still warm but not murderously hot, nothing I’m allergic to is in the air…
Favorite book series: …you mean I need to pick one? Discworld and Harry Potter are in the closer selection, I just remembered I really really need to catch up on Rivers of London…
Favorite flower: surprisingly tough to answer, having to compile a herbarium has given me a love-hate relationship with lots of them. I’ve always been fond of dandelions, though - there’s a show by that name (translated) teaching kids about science and history and whatnot which I used to love
Favorite scent: old books (yes, I know, cliché), fresh green tea, and weirdly enough… you know that smell a room gets when there’s a lot of computers in it? That too
Favorite color: blue
Favorite animals: …you mean I have to pick? Though if I had to start the list somewhere it’d be cats
Coffee, tea or cocoa: Teeeeeaaaaa, though cocoa is a closeish second when I need a comfort drink 
Average sleep hours: dammit, it’s been getting closer to six hours again (11 pm to 5 am for added evidence I seem to like to suffer)
Cat or dog person

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Favorite fictional characters: …too many to pick from. In no particular order, so many Discworld characters, Inspector Javert from Les Misérables, Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter, I should probably stop at some point before it gets ridiculous…
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Dream trip: maybe another family road trip like the one we had around Lake Constance
Blog created: forever ago when I was an assy teen
Number of followers: what the heck 391

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Just because Molly was available at the drop of the hat to “babysit” her goddaughter or to take care of her goddaughter while John grieves, does not diminish her character or who she is.

Mary is dead (😭😭😭😭). Molly and Mrs. H are now THE maternal influences in that little girls life. It does not mean Molly has no life, it means Rosie is now a very important part of Molly’s life. She may not be her biological mother, and oh God do I wish Mary was still alive to fulfill that role, but Rosie (and John) need her more now than ever. Work and social life would come second to that. It’s called family, ya’ll. And Molly is a part of John’s family now.

And can we also appreciate the fact that John and Molly’s friendship went from Molly not remembering John’s name in series 1 when she introduced Jim to them, to John asking “Molly who” when Sherlock admitted to having help faking his death, to NOW being the person he trusts the most with his little girl after the death of his wife.

Talk about growth.

All Out!! Ship Names

I spent quite a while browsing around to see if there was a list, but couldn’t find anything. This list was made after consulting with another All Out!! fan. These are not set in stone, these are just my personal favorites of the ones I have seen. All Out!! fandom is still very small and what little I’ve seen seems to be very inconsistent, this is just in hopes to offer some consistency.

This is not a full character list. This series has so many freaking characters it’s insane. This is just a list based off main characters and interactions from the anime/manga.

I will update list as needed. Please PM me with ship names and I’ll add them.

Input received from: @lizzozzil​, @ebumimasaru​, @sydick

Last updated: 01/03/17

*new additions

Gion Kenji x Iwashimizu Sumiaki - GioMizu (have also seen GionIwa)

Gion Kenji x Ebumi Masaru - EbuGio

Gion Kenji x Sekizan Takuya - SekIon

Gion Kenji x Kirishima Sekito - GioSeki

Gion Kenji x Kamo Raita - KamoGio

*Gion Kenji x Iwashimizu Sumiaki x Miyuki Atsushi - IwaGioMiyu

Iwashimizu Sumiaki x Miyuki Atsushi - IwaMiyu (also suggested MiyuMizu)

Sekizan Takuya x Taira Tadakazu - SekiTai

Sekizan Takuya x Hachiōji Mutsumi - SekiHachi

Sekizan Takuya x Hachiōji Mutsumi x  Matsuo Toshinosuke - SeHaMa

Sekizan Takuya x Iwashimizu Sumiaki - SekiMizu

Sekizan Takuya x Wada Toshiro - SekiWada

Ebumi Masaru x Matsuo Toshinosuke - MatsuEbu

Ebumi Masaru x Iwashimizu Sumiaki - EbuMizu

Ebumi Masaru x Ōharano Etsugo - EbuEtsu

Ebumi Masaru x Hanadate Mitsuo - EbuHana

Ōharano Etsugo x Iwashimizu Sumiaki - OhaMizu

Ōharano Etsugo x Gion Kenji - GionEtsu

Ōharano Etsugo x Horikawa Kenya - KenEtsu

Horikawa Kenya x Hanadate Mitsuo - KeHana

Horikawa Kenya x Sekizan Takuya - SekiHori

Hirota Eiichi x  Ōharano Etsugo -  HiroHara

Suwa Yusaku x Noka Taihei - SuwaNoka

Suwa Yusaku x Soga Yuichi - SuwaSoga

Kashima Koichiro x Kamo Raita - KashiKamo

*Kirishima Kokuto x Kirishima Sekito - KiriKiri

Opinion: Carmelita Spats

Okay so I’ve seen a couple of posts commenting on this previously, but I feel like it’s a massive thing and really shouldn’t be overlooked.

We all know that Carmelita is a ‘Bad Kid’. She’s rude, vain, spoiled, more than a little annoying, and she’s a bully. She’s a recognizable figure from many people’s childhoods, with cakesniffer as the substitute for whatever cruel name this kind of child called the reader or someone the reader knew at school.

But she’s still a child. At most, she’s Violet’s age, and because of the maturity that the ‘good’ children show in the series it’s easy for us to forget how young they really are. However bad Carmelita’s behaviour is, it’s likely there are lots of children who are rude and annoying and even bully others at her age. That behaviour needs addressing, but doesn’t entirely preclude her from growing up into a reasonable human being.

And the older I get, the more I wonder: where are her parents? What happened to her to make her behave the way she does, seek attention the way she does?

She teams up with Olaf and Esme, who are dreadful people by anyone’s standards and definitely old enough to know better, because they voluntarily tell her how special she is. She’s completely drawn in by the two villains, perhaps not because she herself is inherently villainous, but because they like her, despite all of the awful things she does. Maybe she just wants someone to love her. Looking at the scene above through that kind of lens, isn’t it a bit heartbreaking?

Their encouragement (well, Esme’s at least) makes her even worse, makes her threaten to shoot Violet Baudelaire with a harpoon gun, but is it any wonder, if they’re the only available role models she has?

I’d like to think that if anyone escaped the Hotel Denouement fire, it was Carmelita. Because no matter what she did, she was still a little girl, and she didn’t deserve to be punished so harshly. Out of anyone, she deserved another chance.

If anyone else has any thoughts on Carmelita I’d love to hear them, I’m full of feels for her right now!

Who are the new Furuba Characters?

For all you old-school (or maybe recent) Furuba (Fruits Basket) readers who don’t know, there has been a sequel/spin-off of the series called “Fruits Basket Another”, that can be viewed on Mangahere, Mangastream, and probably a couple other manga-reading sites.

Now, we have been introduced to a new group of characters who are going to the school that our Furuba gang (Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, Arisa, and Saki) graduated from.

Now the first thing we need to note is that THIS IS A HUGE TIMESKIP. 

How do I know?

There were two huge indicators.

The first being that the teacher who is shown in the first few pages scolding is the the first student council president in the original series that was in love with Yuki. His name is Makoto Takei.

They literally reveal his name. Plus, he’s still in love with Yuki. (lol) 

The second is that Sawa’s teacher is most likely Saki Hanajima’s brother (lololol)

OMG, of all people, he was the last person I expected to become a teacher.

Okay okay.

Now, moving on, we have settled that this is a time skip.

So who are our new characters?

Mitoma Sawa (Sawa), is our new main character. She’s awkward like Tohru was, but in a more unintentional and gloomy way, but just as spazzy. She isn’t as optimistic as our precious Onigiri, but just as adorable.

Now, just a disclaimer, she is not Tohru and Kyo’s daughter, since they have only been proven to have a son (who looks like Kyo). So that means that she’s a whole new character altogether. She seems to come from a broken family, since her mom is almost never home and her dad’s status is unknown. So there’s a very minuscule chance that she’s a Sohma.

That means that we’ll be looking at Mutsuki next. 

Mutsuki is the charismatic student council member that saves Sawa from the admonishment of the ever-zealous Takei. Okay, here’s where things get kinda cool. It’s not outright said that he’s Yuki’s and Machi’s son, but you know from the subtle hints in the first chapter.

^^^^^^ WHO ELSE HAS THIS OVER-PASSIONATE DORK ACTED LIKE THIS WITH?!?!?!?! Thus it makes sense that he would also act the same way with his idol’s son.

Mutsuki is very pretty and charismatic like his father, but unlike his bashful father, he seems to be more cunning and uses this to his advantage. Thus, he’s more straightforward and headstrong. 

Next up is probably one of the more “resembling” characters: Hajime.

Okay. Let’s not lie. This is Kyo 2.0. Hajime acts exactly like Kyo did pre-Tohru. The only indicator, though, is that I think he might have Tohru’s bangs. Well…kinda…

We don’t really know much about him yet, except that he’s chillin’ out in the student council room, and he seems to share Kyo’s temperament (lol), but watch him actually be a fluffy cinnamon roll that’s super shy and awkward, and secretly spazzy and optimistic about certain things like his mommy

In the last cameo he made, he resembled his mother a bit more than he does now.

But that’s cool. Though, there’s less evidence that this is their son, than there is for Mutsuki being Yuki and Machi’s son, besides the fact that Mutsuki and Hajime know each other pretty well.


If this is really Kyo and Tohru’s only son (i.e. the one in the picture above and the one that made a cameo in the ending of Furuba with his wife and daughter) then there’s a LARGE possibility that he will not get together with Sawa.

How do I know?

His wife doesn’t share Sawa’s hair color, and their daughter inherited her hair color from her mother (or Tohru, can’t tell). 

Therefore, unless Sawa dyes her hair blond/brown/ect., the chances that she ends up with Hajime are low. However, this is under the assumption that Tohru and Kyo only had one son, and didn’t have anymore children. 

;==; So that’s a potential ship shot down to the depths of the ocean. /sobs/ 

Overall though, this seems like a pretty promising spin-off. I’m not expected it to be as ground-breaking as its predecessor, especially since it’s only 7 pages long per chapter, but it’ll be amazing to seem some loose ends tied up 8 years after the tragic ending of the series. 

Well…I will see ya’ll again next chapter update (whenever that will be), and hopefully we’ll find some answers!


This is my current project currently 98% complete, made using 6 balls all mashed together and some 1/100 hg for a “frame”. Fun to build and the 1st in a little series I want to do.

Still not too sure with the head but I’m happy with how it looks. Took inspiration from megazords and other combiners. Still needs a name though :/

{1} Shit-Chat (Hamilton x Reader)



ItsCold: Aaron Burr. Older twin brother to Theodosia Burr. Single. Male, Queer (has never specified), he/him.

Hamilsin: Alexander Hamilton. In a relationship with John Laurens, used to be poly with Elizabeth Schuyler. Male, Bisexual, he/him.

TurtleneckSwtr: John Laurens. In a relationship with Alexander Hamilton, used to be poly with Elizabeth Schuyler. Male, Bisexual, he/him.

BettyBets: Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler. Middle child Schuyler. In a relationship with Maria Reynolds, used to be ploy with Alexander and John. Female, Demisexual/Pansexual, she/her.

AngelTheAngle: Angelica Schuyler. Eldest Schuyler. Single. Female, Bicurious, she/her.

Pegster: Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler. Youngest Schuyler. Single. Demigirl, Panromantic, she/her or they/them.

Rad_Baugette: Marquis de Lafayette. In a relationship with Hercules Mulligan. Androgynous, Pansexual, they/them.

Hunkcules: Hercules Mulligan. In a relationship with Lafayette. Male, Pansexual. he/him.

GWashingturnt: George Washington. Married to Martha Washington. Male, Queer (has never specified), he/him.

mommamartha: Martha Washington. Married to George Washington. Female, Bisexual, she/her.

RedViVibes: Thomas Jefferson. In a relationship with James Madison. Male, Pansexual, he/him.

Jemmy_MadHatter/JemmyAndJams/JamesTheJem: James Madison. In a relationship with Thomas. Male, Bisexual, he/him.

KingOfAll: George Frederick. (aka King George iii). Single. Male, bisexual (mostly gay tho), he/him.

BonBonjour: Louis-Auguste Capet (aka Louis XVI of France aka the French king during the American Revolution). Single. Male, asexual, he/him.

Theodopesia: Theodosia Bartow Burr. Younger twin sister to Aaron Burr. Single. Demigirl, bisexual, she/her.

Mariatheliar: Maria Reynolds. In a relationship with Eliza, noteable high school sweetheart of Alexander. Female, bisexual, she/her.

DotDotDolley: Dolley Payne. Single. Female, gray-panromantic, she/her or they/them.

And finally

momma(Name): (Name) (Last Name). Single (for now). Gender non-conformative (for the sake of this fic), pansexual (for the sake of this fic), they/them (for the sake of this fic)


Hamilsin opened a new group chat!

Hamilsin added ItsCold, BettyBets, AngeltheAngle, Pegster, Rad_Baugette, Hunkcules, RedViVibes, Jemmy_MadHatter, Mariahtheliar, TurtleneckSwtr, GWashingturnt, mommamartha, KingOfAll, BonBonjour, Theodopesia, DotDotDolly, and momma(Name) to the group chat!

Hamilsin renamed the group chat!


ItsCold: What is this

ItsCold: Why so many people


AngeltheAngle: shut up peggy ur only 20 you cant get lit

Hamilsin: that?? saltiness?? is?? not?? Needed??

Pegster: is this still about your wheat thins

Pegster: im sorry about your wheat thins


momma(Name): #ripAngelicaswheatthins

Hamilsin: why do you have matching usernames with my mom??

Mariahtheliar: ow???

RedViVibes: ow????


RedViVibes: OW????

Jemmy_MadHatter: Who changed my username and why?

Jemmy_MadHatter: Also, Alex stop being so fucking salty.

Jemmy_MadHatter: I have receipts.

Pegster: wow okay jeMMY

TurtleneckSwtr: don’t mess with james he will drag you

momma(Name): please don’t hurt me

Jemmy_MadHatter: i will never <333

momma(Name): <33333

RedViVibes: </3

Jemmy_MadHatter: <3333333333333333

Hamilsin: ewww mom they are doing the love thing

RedViVibes: Alex I will legit run into your dorm room and fight you

BettyBets: what

BettyBets: please dont

BettyBets: like dont

RedViVibes: why are you in there??


BettyBets: um,,

Rad_Baugette: No reason ;)

momma(Name): please don’t do that it makes me uncomfortable

Pegster: (Name) you say that about everyone

momma(Name): yeah because im  / / e d g y \ \

Hamilsin: stop.

AngeltheAngle: ITS NOT A PHASE MOM

AngeltheAngle: THIS IS THE REAL ME

GWashingturnt: Um get off your phone please.

GWashingturnt: Miss Angelica we’re supposed to be reading please stop I can hear something youthful and hip playing back there.


AngeltheAngle: OH YES ANGELICA




KingOfAll: I see the word queen im here

Hamilsin: hi rich white kid

KingOfAll: hi young minority upstart :D


Hamilsin: ouCH

BettyBets: tbh isnt that all of us except for george??

GWashingturnt: ???

BettyBets: no you’re George

BettyBets: the white rich British kid is george

momma(Name): ya’ll its almost 4 am where I am please shut up

Pegster: YE E T

“Welcome back”


Finally got around to finishing this after starting it months ago! Not so good with shading or colouring so this is how it will stay. Assassination Classroom is the only manga series I’ve followed to the end since its ongoing days and it’s just so good and bittersweet and heartwarming. Thank you Matsui-sensei for this experience and for reminding me to value my school days while I still have them.

(Also, Korosensei is the best teacher <3 seriously, the real world needs Korosenseis.)

P.S. the block in front is the engraved stone bearing the name of the Kunugigaoka old school building. It’s symbolic since I didn’t want to draw the whole school building ^^;;

Hear me out, guys.

After years of being rejected by Enjolras, Grantaire decides to go to art school to direct his focus somewhere worthwhile. Thanks to a series of bad decisions and a drinking problem that did not go unnoticed by the school, he eventually got thrown out. Cue R’s midlife crisis, during which he legally changed his name and tried his hand at a hippie-ish lifestyle with emphasis on meditation. He was still angry with the art gods, but his naturally artistic mind needed an outlet. So, he discovered theatre. He turned his life around by giving up alcohol for good, replacing the drink with a harmless substitute- coconut milk, and found himself returning to school, this time for theatre. He enjoyed this new life so much that he decided to become a theatre teacher for other young, misunderstood kids like he once was, and his students love him for being both the quirkiest and the saltiest teacher they have ever met:

Originally posted by freak-thefreak-out

Now I’m not saying that Sikowitz is Grantaire, but… Sikowitz is Grantaire. 

the Fated Hero

So, I have been playing BotW pretty much nonstop and decided there needs to be fic.  I’d like to do a series of drabbles, but we’ll see how things go.  Anyway, here’s a little warm-up drabble.  I don’t think it’s got any spoilers.

The Fated Hero


The name was familiar, the voice, too, though it was a kind of familiar that tugged at the mind with nothing to show. If he’d known her, then he’d forgotten.

Still, Link couldn’t deny that he needed to help her. He felt drawn to the quest, even though there was a part of him that rebelled against it. After all, he wasn’t the only person in Hyrule, surely there were others that could take up the fight—could’ve taken it up in the hundred years he’d been gone.

Well. If he was going to save Hyrule, then so be it.

That, too, felt familiar.

And yet it was all new, every ridge and river and blade of grass, every face met upon the road. It was fun and frightening all at once.

He quickly learned that, really, there was no one else for the job. After all, so many people asked him for help for even the most trivial things—how could they conquer a foe like Ganon if they could barely defend themselves against bokoblins, or even run their own errands?

Sometimes it was hard to be patient.

Sometimes, he got exasperated as yet another person complimented his features. What good were looks, after all?

Except perhaps to sneak into Gerudo Town. That, at least was useful.

They were noisy and boisterous and demanding, the people of Hyrule, and Link couldn’t always hide his annoyance, and sometimes he just felt like breaking things (pots were somehow the most satisfying things to break). But.

But, Link did want to save them. Not for some destiny or because he was the Champion or any other reason, but because he wanted to.

And it was fun, exploring Hyrule, discovering hidden shrines and sussing out their puzzles.

It was fun, meeting the leaders of each race, and working in tandem with them to bring the Divine Beasts to heel.

As his memories returned, Link’s resolve to defeat Ganon strengthened.  Already he’d lost friends to the thing.  How Zelda still persisted, he didn’t know, but he knew that he wanted to her to finally be free of the heavy burden she’d been carrying since even before the arrival of Ganon.  He wanted her to have peace and happiness.

And not just her, but all of the friends he’d made along the way.

5 Childhood Fictional Crushes Challenge! ^_^

I was tagged by my lovely mutual @lovely-anime-brunette. Thanks for tagging me, Emily!! :)

Rules: Basically what you have to do is name any 5 of your childhood crushes that you had a kid and then you have to tag 15 people! Sounds fun, right? =) Let’s begin! ^_^

5. Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)

Originally posted by shelgon

It’s like a universal rule to have a crush on Ash lol! 

4. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Originally posted by a-wild-panda

Pretty sure I don’t need an explanation for Sesshomaru xP

3. Gaara (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)

Originally posted by bokumetsu

When Gaara was introduced in the Naruto series, I immediately fell for him! I still think he’s the COOLEST!! XD

2. Tao Ren (Shaman King)

Originally posted by aoberi-chan

I love how despite how hard he tries to be serious, logical, and emotionally aloof; you can tell deep down he truly cares about his friends. I also find it funny that any time he does something nice, funny, or embarrassing he completely denies it and starts freaking out (he’s adorable when he’s embarrassed)! XP

1. Yoh Asakura (Shaman King)

Originally posted by mariksama

I LOVE his kind, caring nature and carefree, laid-back attitude about everything. His deep love for his friends and willingness to die for them or give up his dreams for their sake was what made me fall for this guy!! ^-^

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Name: Rosie
Nicknames: Floof friend ( @queenieboo22​! )
Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5.7″
Orientation: [ x ]
Ethnicity: White, British
Favorite fruit: P E A R S

Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite book series: The Night Circus! Not a series, but still a very good book!
Favorite flower: Spider lily

Favorite scent: gonna go find my perfume UPDATE: Paco Rabanne Black XS
Favorite color: Purple, orange, teal
Favorite animal: Cats!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea! Although, I probably need to cut down on it since it ain’t doing good for my teeth
Average sleep hours: 7-8 hours
Cat or dog person?: Cats! I’m scared of dogs ;A;
Favourite fictional characters: Phillis Lennox, Squashini, King Boo, Princess Daisy, Princess Allura, Maribel Hearn, Yukari Yakumo, Mrs Pumpkin

Number of blankets you sleep with: Two!
Dream trip: Anywhere that has anything to do with trains. Preferably, rail-travel is necessary to get there
Blog created: Re-made within this year I think!
Number of followers: 51!

Tagging (if you want to do it!)


coloredkittykat  asked:

Question 1 is the one I wanna know the answer to~

1. Your first OC ever? 

that would either be my pikachu Kia(who actually wasnt named till late 2012 or somet hing ri  p) or Fleur(kittycat based off one of my stuffed animals cause i was suuuuuuuper into sonic back then)

im thinking of remaking fluer and her family and putting them into one of my series(not sure which one yet), and as for kia i still use her for personal things but ill probably make a oc out of her along w her sister mami and put them into painted sprites! (tho i already have a oc that i can use for mamis counterpart, so technically i just need to make one for mami)

i havent touched Fleur in years but whenever i get to redesigning her im gonna cherish the hell outta her

The future is coming for us all, dudes...

Y'know, I know the end of Gravity Falls is supposed to show Dipper and Mabel going home and whatnot (PROVIDED THAT EVERYONE FREAKING SURVIVES THIS APOCALYPSE OF COURSE). But obviously, when it comes to series finales, you really need that big bang of a final scene; something to add closure and finality and to wrap everything up in a pretty little memorable bow.

I’m wondering if the series will end with a flash-forward to the twins grown up or something, revisiting their summer home. Heck, maybe they’ve kind of taken their Grunkles’ places! Mabel is now running the shack as “Mrs. Mystery,” and Dipper is a published author and paranormal investigator in the town, renowned for an autobiographical journal he wrote about his 12-year old experiences and beyond.

Soos is still around and Mabel has named him “Associate co-captain” of the Shack, allowing him to pitch all the ideas for all new attractions and bewilderments. He keeps this up until he moves to Portland, becoming a professional DJ and finally marrying his beautiful love, Melody.

Wendy comes to visit often–she’s moved on to bigger and better things; she now runs an international lumberjacking camp with all three of her brothers, and it’s a big freaking deal. But she still adores spending time with Dip and Mabel when she needs a break. Which is often.

Pacifica is the full-grown adult owner of the Northwest Manor, but she’s welcoming to the “riff-raff” and even helps financially support the development of the shack into a fully functioning tourist attraction, complete with a state-of-the-art lab for Dipper’s research.

Candy and Grenda keep in touch with Mabel for years to come, even after Grenda ends up marrying Marius and moving to Austria for a short time–she’s now a baroness, look at her!!!

Tyler is still mayor, for like a bajillion years to follow, and he even outlives ol’ mayor Befumptlefumpter, in the long run. Get it!!!

Gideon disappears after a freak deer teeth accident. Nobody knows the details. Nobody wants to.

And finally the Stan Twins: Dipper and Mabel made sure they had the most honorable funeral possible, ones fit for kings (and wax figure free!). In the end, their grave sites are always immaculately kept, and both memorials are flawless (even if Stan’s headstone is just a wee bit bigger than Ford’s). Mabel brings flowers every week and Dipper occasionally goes to read to both of them about his newest discovery. Both twins hope Stan and Ford would be proud.
They would have been SO proud.

One day, Dipper and Mabel get a call from Soos, all the way out in Portland. Turns out his kids–twins, look at that–have heard ALL about The Mystery Shack and are begging to have Soos let them stay for the summer. Soos admits that he’s kind of painted Dipper and Mabel like family–The Pines twins love this idea: Grunkle Dipper and Graunty Mabel has a nice ring to it.

In the end they’re closing up shop, getting ready for the kids to come in the next day. The lights are dim, the shack dormant. While cleaning, though, Dipper spots a small slip of something lodged in the floorboards. He bends over, picks it up, and dusts it off. What stares back at him is a playing card, Bill Cipher’s infamous eye staring him down, bringing back the events of so many years ago.
He takes a deep breath. Tears it right down the middle, and discards it in the outdoor trash can. This is it; the closure he’s denied himself for so, so long. He heads back inside, a smile on his face, finally calm.

Pan up from the torn card to the Gravity Falls night sky. A breathtaking pine tree eclipses the horizon. A shooting star streaks by.

Sketch 11, Gadget Hackwrench - Rescue Ranger.

While working on this one I’d realised that I’d never drawn her before. Like, not even way back in the day. Weird, because I’d think it’s a character I would have drawn at some point. In any case, I can now say I’ve done a sketch of her.

Fun Fact: The French name for the series is Les Rangers du Risque, and Chip & Dale are named Tic & Tac. I still need to learn how to sing the theme song in french.

Yes, I can sing nearly the whole thing in english from memory. Nearly.