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top 5 mini Lodge-Cooper headcanons? You've got me hooked on the idea of them as moms!

1. veronica fights to keep her lids from drooping when it’s all over; she’s sweaty, and exhausted, and the rhythmic beeping of the hospital does little to help ward off sleep. and betty, her sweet, glossy eyed, sniffling betty. she just keeps looking between their baby girl and her exhausted wife, keeps telling veronica how good she did, how much she loves her, and veronica feels safe when sleep finally takes her, betty will take care of the two of them

2. the first couple weeks redefine exhaustion. their daughter, while tiny and endearing, can put up one hell of a fuss when she wants to. she takes after veronica in that way. it doesn’t help veronica’s sleep (or lack there of) that her fussing is only quelled when she’s cradled against veronica’s chest. that one, ronnie’s convinced, she picked up from betty

3. veronica falls asleep with their daughter pressed carefully to her chest and betty looks on with affection blooming inside hers. matching dark hair, identical brown eyes that betty finds are suddenly blinking up at her in miniature. and just like that, tiny arms are reaching out toward betty, pushing away from veronica’s chest with sleep kissed red into her cheek. and - and she’s never done this before. since they’ve taken her home she’s preferred veronica and betty’s been okay with that. but it doesn’t stop the tears that well in her eyes as she scoops her babbling little girl into her arms

4. she’s talking now, walking now, and lord does she use it all to her advantage. she’d dipped out of the bathtub while veronica was turned around getting her towel and she runs around the house dripping water as she goes. “betty! help me catch her she’s going to slip,” veronica tries sounding stern but she lets out a laugh when their daughter ducks under a table. it’s a joint effort, one where veronica nearly slips in a puddle of what she hopes is water, tossing the towel to betty, missing, and having it land gracefully over their shrieking toddler. betty grabs her then, wraps the towel around her more soundly and peppering kisses all over her face. veronica easily slips into the mix, arms coming around both her wife and daughter. she presses a triumphant kiss to betty’s lips and then another to soothe defeat into the still wet hair of their squirming toddler

5. saturday mornings have always been betty’s favorite and now that the two of them are three, betty’s only more sure of this. she rises first and let’s veronica sleep in, not bothering to change their daughter out of her pajamas as she scoops her into her arms and carries her back to their room. “mama’s sleeping,” betty whispers to her, “can you be quite for me?” she nods in response, pressing her tiny finger to betty’s lips to shush her. she sits in betty’s lap and the two of them watch saturday morning cartoons, betty carding through her short dark hair with one hand, the other tracing over veronica’s back to ease her into consciousness. it’s the sleepy smile veronica finally flashes when she rolls over and yawns, the way the youngest lodge-cooper starts bouncing excitedly in betty’s lap, telling her that, “mama’s awake!” that solidifies her love for saturday’s all over again

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Your art is lovely, I love your style!!! ❤️ Do you have any advice for someone struggling with anatomy/drawing people??

Aw thank you so much for the compliments. <3 I’m super sorry, this has been sitting in my drafts for way too long but the answer turned out so long. As for my (crappy) artsy tips, I answered a similar question some time ago but you’re specifically asking about human anatomy so uhm, as someone who is forever struggling with anatomy, I can try to share some little tricks I’ve discovered through the years. So here’s a few things I’ve learned in school and by myself:

- I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: improvement comes with practice. I know that this sounds obvious and unhelpful and you’ve probably heard it 292014 times but truly, it is true. Just draw, draw, draw a lot. It’s not easy to understand this completely before a teacher actually boosts you, at least it wasn’t for me. I remember that before I started art school I was so unsatisfied with what I did, and I feared I had not enough talent to really learn, because I struggled with drawing hands or shoulders (and those are always veeery tricky). I was scared of trying, so I just didn’t. But then I found out: talent is not really a thing, or at least the possible lack of it is not a limit, because when it comes to art there’s nothing you can’t achieve through practice and study. A lot of them. Studying anatomy might seem scary, but even though at first your drawings may seem so ugly in your eyes you will see improvement in just a few days. Guaranteed. So my advice is, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. This applies to anatomy and anything else in drawing. Always try to push your limits further + practice and practice every day.

- Gesture drawing, particularily, is very important. There’s a lot of photo books (you can find pdfs on the internet) specifically for artists, with models posing and stuff. Each pose should take from 20 to 5 minutes or less; it is best if you make an effort to draw as few lines as you can, and never erase mistakes (using charcoal pencils or crayons might help you with that).  You shouldn’t worry about resemblance, what’s most important is the pose and the overall “feeling”.

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Uhm... Okay I don't mean to start anything but have you really not seen the whitewashing and the erasure of POC in the vld fandom? I just really like your posts but it kinda seems like you don't care or recognize these problems happening and that makes me super sad because I really liked your blog.... I guess I'm just asking for your opinion.

To be frank… I guess I’m just following the right people or seeing the right fanart, because I personally haven’t seen anything that could be construed as whitewashing and erasure. I did see one fanart, and I talked to the artist, and they agreed that they needed to saturate Lance’s skin tone a bit more, which they did. I’d personally like some demonstrations of all this whitewashing art, even though I find receipt culture exceptionally distasteful.

As for erasure, I agree that not enough love is given to Hunk, Lance and Allura. Lance I’m certain is only appreciated because he’s half of the most popular pairing, and that breaks my heart. I want to give them more love, but I don’t think that that means tearing down other characters, either. Love them all equally.

And I’ll be honest, I’m 25 and I’m fucking tired of children fighting with each other all day. I’m not here to fight with people, I’m not here to babysit or play “who is morally superior because I happen to have a better command of a colour palette”. It’s been less than two months and already people have ruined a writer’s enjoyment of their craft and torn each other apart and made accusations over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN A CHILDREN’S CARTOON. Surely everyone can see the absurdity of this? None of this is real. None of this affects your lives. If it does, then please please please go outside and get another hobby, because it’s really not healthy. And look, I’ll admit I put too much emotional strain on myself over fandom when I was younger, but you WILL grow out of it. You will look back and be horrified at how stupid you acted over cartoons. You’ll realise that you really just wanted to have fun and write stories and draw pictures and make shitposts and that this is not the place for Racism 101. People definitely know fan-creators are easy targets compared to the big names who actually create shows and they take out their anger on them. It’s obvious. But it’s also extremely unhealthy, and promotes a toxic, vicious culture that fuels itself on negativity. For fuck’s sake, who the hell thinks it’s ok to keep tormenting people until they feel the need to attempt suicide over A CARTOON CHARACTER? How is that normal? Please go outside and live in the real world.

What the fandom does does not influence the creators, and changes nothing of the character is in-canon. It does not take away their representation. They will still be themselves the next time you log in to Netflix. They’re safe. If someone whitewashes, tell them, but don’t fucking attack them, don’t make call-out posts like a child. Respect goes both ways, you can’t just demand it. You don’t have to see what you don’t want to see, since your entire Tumblr experience is dictated by who you follow. Don’t like what someone is posting? Unfollow them. Stay out of the tags. Blacklist their username. Block them. Simple. No one is here to hold your goddamn hand and play nursemaid because one iota of something in-fandom doesn’t cater to you. If these problems are happening, be civil about it. Act like fucking adults, for once. Real adults talk about their problems civilly and rationally.

In the end, I don’t have to justify myself to anyone. My blog is my blog, and if you dislike it, unfollow. I’ve seen enough shit in my time to know that a fucking cartoon fandom isn’t the be-all and end-all of life and that it definitely shouldn’t make people so angry. It’s childish and pathetic and everyone needs to get the fucks over themselves. And I mean EVERYONE.

Think of this as a life lesson. In the real world, you can’t go around attacking people for minor transgressions that might be dictated out of sincere ignorance. That’s not how the world works. That gets you enemies, it gets you fired from your job, it destroys your relationships, deprives you of a support network. Real life is compromise, as much as everyone hates it.

Voltron is not real. It has no impact on real life, or the real world. It does not affect society in the slightest, and nor does the behaviour of its fans. Please understand this and if you need to take a step back, do so.

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Why do feel the need to promote feminism through a company directed towards children when there are other pressing issues having to do with women here and in other underdeveloped countries? Real women out there are still unable to vote and have no rights concerning their bodies but you are more preoccupied with representation in cartoon movies.

Suffering women aren’t your pawn pieces for debate? I’d be honestly surprised if you ever mentioned them beyond this sort of nonsense “your cause is worthless because this group is suffering more.”

Not surprising that instead of naming a specific group, they’re just vaguely “people somewhere” like… where does suffering come from? It doesn’t just happen. Everything is a piece of a larger puzzle. I admittedly take on a small puzzle piece here. I write about what I know. I write about this in my free time, so why does it even matter if it’s more trivial? It’s my own free time to spend.

Feel free to show me all the things you’ve been doing for “women here and in other underdeveloped countries,” though. I would be happy to help you promote some of your outreach, if you are concerned about scope. It’s easier to reblog from someone who is knowledgeable so that everyone can receive a first-hand perspective, rather than my cobbling together of facts. So long as your posts don’t reduce women to merely soundbites for anti-feminism, feel free to tag them with “feministdisney.” I look forward to hearing from you