still my wallet is in pain

Happy Accident - Auston Matthews

 "you love me but you don’t know it yet / everything is just an accident; a happy accident"

inspiration: happy accident by saint motel

requested: yes | no

word count: 2769

warnings: you know me, i can’t write something without curse words in it

a/n: dad!auston is so cute, be prepared. also, i changed it up from the request but i hope it works anyway anon! if you truly want the exact request, i can probably write a second part with that in there!

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you’d never imagined yourself as a parent. sure, you cooed over babies and played the role of loving aunt, but you had never truly pictured yourself with a baby that was half you, half someone else.

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My Heart

My girlfriend and I have this tradition every year.

I set her down on the couch, I hold her hands in mine, and I ask her what she wants for Valentine’s Day.

She laughs, kisses my cheek, and whispers in my ear,

“All I want is your heart.”

We’ve been dating for five years this summer. We met at a college party. I was a mathematics major and a loner but one of my friends insisted on dragging me to this house party. There was over ninety people in this tiny ass house and I really just wanted to go back home.

But then I met Sonya.

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Action - Tom Holland (English)

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Word Count:  1.450 words

Synopsis: When you went to visit your best friend in the set fo Captain America:Civil War, you didn’t expect he would listen you confessing yours feelings to two of his co-workers.

I saw our best friend running to us as soon as I step into the Civil War’s set with Harrison. Tom Holland was always our friend ever since we were kids and when he reached fame, he made sure we accompanied him in whenever we can. According to him that was the way he wouldn’t let the fame blind him since we were the connection to his old and simple life.

“Hey, guys!” Tom ran to meet us in the entrance of the set.

“Darling, you’re drooling.” Harrison whispered in me ear before go ahead and hug Tom before me.

I made a face to him since he did not let me kick him in a very painful spot and I was soon brought to a tight embrace.

“What took you so long?” Thomas asked and I almost laugh of Harrisson’ desperate face.

“Traffic!” He almost throw the words out of his mouth.

“Liar. He lost his wallet in my hotel and we had to go back and get it when we were almost here.” I said immediately and I admit that it was for revenge for him saying that I was drooling.

Tom shook his head to us but I could still see a smile playing in the corner of his lips.

“It’s okay, guys, come on inside. I have scene to shoot in ten minutes and wanted you to see it.”

My eyes widened almost instantly and I had to hold me back not to jump out of joy. “Which scene? Steve almost crushing you with a container or Tony recruiting you?”

Tom raised an eyebrow to me.

“Nothing about me finding out the spider signal in the web shooters Tony gave me or me beating up Winter Soldier?”

I shrugged while listening Harrison’ laugh.

“You cannot judge a girl for trying.”

Tom laugh of my answer hugging my waist while walking. I felt my cheeks blushing and my heartbeat speeding up to unimaginable levels. I looked over my shoulder and Harrison shot me a wink before follow us. I was sure he knew about my crush on Tom and I didn’t care, he was one of my best friends after all and we didn’t hide secrets. However, I would really thank him if he was discreet about it once I don’t intend to tell Tom about my feelings.

“Hey, boy, there you are!” I heard a voice shouting in our direction and I almost choked with my own saliva. “Look, looks like his little girlfriend finally showed up.”

I blushed even more, but I did not know if it was because the proximity with the boy I liked for almost all my life or it was because I was about to meet one of the actor I admired. When I turned my head to see him I almost fainted when I realised Robert Downey Jr. was with Paul Rudd.

“Hi, you must be Y/N.” Robert hold my hand but he didn’t shake it like I thought he would, he turned it and kissed back of my hand instead.

“Tom talked a lot about you.” Paul commented while doing the same. God, I think I am not feeling well. If this is heaven I don’t want to get back down.

I looked to Tom just to see him grinning down at me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I was sure my smile wouldn’t me bigger.

“Hi again, Harrison.” They said.

“And then? What did we lose?” he asked.

“Not much.” Paul answered while we walked back. “We’re about to film the beginning of the battle in the airport.”

“Y/N, you can keep my chair.” Tom announced not much after we get at the place.

“What about me?” Harrison mumbled.

“Let he be a gentleman with his girl.” Said Robert while doing a bad impression of a teenage girl.

“Don’t you see how cute they are together?” Paul provoked when he say my pink cheeks even with me trying to hide them with my hair.

“I don’t deserve it.” Tom grunted softly.

After we watched of first hand to Tom’s big entrance as Spiderman during the battle, the director give the cast a twenty-minute-break to the crew reorganize the set for the next scene. I stayed in Tom’s chair all the time with Harrison beside me. I intended to spend all the twenty minutes right there not bothering anyone even if inside I was dying to meet everyone.

When I saw Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen approaching I was sure I would hyperventilate.

“Hey! Y/N, right?” asked Sacrlett.

“Y-yes.” I almost face palmed my own face for stutter.

“You’re really adorable.” Elizabeth commented, smiling softly to me.

I looked to where Harrison was supposed to be right beside me, but I found him foots away already.


I got up trying not to freak out completely. “It’s a huge pleasure to meet you.”

“Tom said you would like to meet us.” Said Scarlett.

“I absolutely adore Black Widow and Scarlet Witch and I don’t I would be able to choose better actress to the roles.” I ended up talking before even realise the words coming out of my mouth. “Sorry.” I blushed out of embarrassment.

Elizabeth laugh which relaxed my nerves a little bit.

“It’s okay, it’s good to know the sincere opinion of fans.”

I smiled as well, still a little taken aback.

“Come on, we will show you around.”

I walked with them and them treated me like I was already one of them.

“And who is you favourite hero? I mean, a male one.” Scarlett asked.

“Iron Man, without any doubt. He’s sarcastic and a genius, he didn’t need nothing abnormal happening to him to have powers, it was all work of his mind.”

They seemed impressed with my answer.

“And why not Spiderman?” Elizabeth asked genuinely curious.

“I never really liked Spiderman, not with Tommy talking about him all the time in my ear and arguing with Harrison which one was better, Spiderman or Batman.” They laughed about this. “I ended up looking more about Spiderman after Tom was scaled to the role so that way I would accompany him. Now I like the character a little bit, but not as much as I like the others.”

“Tommy, huh?!” Elizabeth joked.

“You looked about a hero you hated just because your friend was scaled?!” Scarlett has a playful voice tone and I became flustered when I saw her looking at me with a mischievous smirk. “Oh My God, you like him!”

“Wh-what?! No! Not really!” I tried to disguise my lie, but I knew they didn’t buy it.

“Don’t worry. Chris, Sebastian, Robert and Paul are talking to him right now.” Said Elizabeth. “And we are women, we recognize this look in love when we see one.”

I blushed even more and felt like suffocating. In the end, I felt as if I could tell them. Harrison already knew and it’s not like I can disguise anything when I am near Tom.

“Alright, I admit.” I grumbled. “I’m in love with Tom.”

You what?!

My eyes widened when I recognized the Britain accent. I almost didn’t took notice in Elizabeth and Scarlett’s expression, I just turned around to see a surprised Tom. I was determined to do anything not to ruin our friendship.

“Tom, look, I didn’t want you to know, I didn’t want to…”

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence. His soft lips collided with my own and I knew my heart made a stop for just one second before beating in an impressive speed. I kissed him back holding the Spiderman’s suit in the waist to pull him closer to me while he had one hand in the back of my neck and the other in my low back. The kiss was incredible, much more than I had ever imagined. It was caring and intense, as if he was trying to enjoy each second. When we finally pulled away, Tom had to hold me by the waist so I would not fall since my knees wouldn’t hold me up.

“What… What was that for?” I asked after stutter a few times.

“Something I wanted to do since we were fourteen.” He muttered against my lips. “I needed the guys opening my eyes about losing my opportunity and came here to tell you that.”

“And you walked into me confessing being in love with you”. I worked the puzzle, now smiling against his swollen lips.

“These words sounds better each time you repeat them.” That was everything he said before kissing me again.

This time I didn’t lose not even one second to return the kiss in the same intensity.

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Walking to school is a sacrifice Jeremy still makes, even without the SQUIP, to try and seem a little cooler than he is. He knows it doesn’t matter anymore, that everyone at school likes him now. But, small things, he thinks to himself. He still refuses to be a junior riding the bus to school, even if it is February and incredibly cold.

He hates that Michael can’t drive him, not with Michael’s parents not wishing for Michael to drive with a passenger in their car quite yet. Jeremy doesn’t understand what the big deal is, but Michael has fought tooth and nail on this, so much that his parents have threatened to take his driving privileges away. So, Jeremy reluctantly assured Michael that it was fine; the walk to school is only ten minutes after all, so he can manage, even though the icy wind pierces through his too light jacket.

Sometimes, he cuts down an alley once he reaches the square; on a good day, this will cut the time to get to school by at least a minute and a half. And, today is one of those days where he finds himself turning a sharp right down the alley because he’s frozen solid and just wants the school’s heating system. He keeps his head bowed against the wind that sneaks down the small alley as he walks swiftly, and Michael’s headphones are loud enough to mask any outside sounds. 

He’s half way down the alley when he’s shoved hard, hard enough that he loses his footing and falls forward onto his hands and knees. Years of bullying have introduced him to this sort of behavior, so annoyance takes center hold in his chest as he slides his headphones off with a huff.

“Seriously,” he starts as he whips his head around, but whatever angered response to follow shoots back down into his gut when his eyes fall onto the distinctive glimmer of a knife. Panic swells within his chest and pushes against his lungs until his chest is rising and falling in stuttering gasps.


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For The First Time (Brian Smut)

Request:  Hellooo would you do a smut with Young K from day6 where it’s your first time? Xx

Summary: You did the thing with Brian for the first time.

Genre: Smut, kinda cute tho

Word Count: 1.1K

Note: -Sings song title in brain- Tell me what you think cause i still suck at smuts yo, enjoy ~

Originally posted by thewonapil

You were sat on the couch in your living room, the sounds from the television as the background noise to your thoughts. You had been wanting to tell Brian that you were ready to take the relationship to the next level, but you had no idea how to.

Do you just come right out and say it? Hey, sex me up? That would be funny to be honest. You weren’t too sure how you would tell Brian without making it weird or silly. As you sat on the couch pondering and coming up with ideas, you heard the doorbell ring.

You were silently cheering yourself on as you opened the door to your beautiful boyfriend Brian standing there with a bouquet of flowers. Of course he would.

“Hey.” He said, grinning as he handed you the flowers.

You let him in and he immediately plops on the couch, spreading his arms as he looks at you expectantly. You laugh at his actions before heading over to lie on his chest as his arms encircle you.

“So what’s up?” Brian asks, looking at you.

You cough awkwardly. Okay now’s the time.

“Uh… I wa-No wait. Uh… I’m ready…?” You say in a questioning tone.

“Wait what.”

Brian sits up and pulls you with him.

“Are you sure?” Brian asked, looking at you with concern filled eyes.

You nodded in response, biting onto your lip as it finally settled in your brain that you had just asked your boyfriend to take your virginity.

“No but like are you sure?” Brian asks again, making you giggle.

“Yes Brian, I am. Can we do it now or like do you want to wait some more?” You tease, a small smile on your face.

You were actually quite nervous, I mean who wouldn’t be for their first time? Brian picks you up bridal style and carries you off to your room, gently placing you on the bed.

He then starts off by kissing you, a small simple gesture that quickly turned into a full on make out session, complete with tongue and moaning. Brian slowly starts to trail his lips to your neck, nipping and kissing. The moment he finds your weak spot, he sucks harshly, effectively making you moan.

For a short second, Brian stops his actions, pulling away as he pulls off his shirt. Shyly, you do the same, leaving you in your bra. You instantly get self-conscious when Brian stares at you, his eyes raking down your body.

“You’re so beautiful.” Brian mumbles, reconnecting your lips.

His hands move from your neck down your back, his cold hands making you shiver. Soon he has you pinned under him as he kisses down your body, stopping to unclasp your bra. His hands are roaming all over your body, but never touching your exposed chest.

When he does, oh god, when he does, he does it in a way that got you tingling. He brings his hands up to play with your breasts, fingers tweaking your nipples as he covers your chest with open mouthed kisses. You were gasping and moaning as he played with your chest, and felt yourself get wet as he makes eye contact with you, kissing down to the waist band of your shorts.

Oh god. Brian pauses and quirks his eyebrow, silently asking you once again if you were sure. You give him a nod and he pulls off your shorts, coming face to face with your soaking underwear.

Brian starts slow, rubbing circles against your clothed clit as he kisses your thighs, making his way up. You moan as the feeling of Brian’s fingers on your clit is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Brian then pulls off your underwear, leaving you completely naked. His fingers now make full contact with your pussy as he runs his fingers through your folds.

“Fuck Brian.” You moan, grabbing onto the sheets.  

Brian slowly starts to push his index finger in you as you feel slightly uncomfortable at the new feeling. He watches your facial expression, making sure you’re fine before moving on with anything. He slowly pumps his finger, his thumb rubbing at your clit.

You moaned at the new sensation. Fucking hell, his fingers are magic. Brian sets off with a rhythmic pumping of his finger and curls it, which makes you moan his name loudly.

You felt something building in the pit of your stomach as Brian adds a second finger, stretching you out. The rhythmic pumping and curling of his fingers and his thumb rubbing your clit pushed you overboard, making you scream out Brian’s name as you came all over his fingers.

You were all fucked out and he hadn’t even fucked you yet, holy shit. You didn’t realize you had a death grip on Brian’s hand until he had to loosen your fingers.

In the blink of an eye Brian removes his pants and boxers, and you’re staring wide eyed at him because holy shit. He’s hung.

“You’re sure?” Brian asks again as he fishes out a condom from his wallet.

“Oh my god Brian, just do it.” You answered, watching him roll on the condom onto his length.

He comes back onto the bed, and you’re dying because holy hell you’re still sensitive from your orgasm and now, how are you going to fit him in you?

Brian pumps his already hard length as you watch, feeling yourself get wet.

“Ready? It’s gonna hurt.” He tells you, staring into your eyes.

You nodded and feel him line up to your entrance before he slowly pushed in.

Oh there’s that pain he was talking about.

You were being stretched out in a way you didn’t know you could be and it felt uncomfortable and painful. It sucked to be honest.

Brian goes slow, pushing in inch by inch, as you felt tears spring to your eyes. Holy shit it fucking hurt. The moment he bottoms out, he stills completely. He holds onto you and kisses all over your face, whispering sweet nothings to you. When you felt like you were okay and the pain had subsided, you tell him to move.

Brian slowly thrusts into you, engaging you in a kiss. Soon the pain turned into pleasure and you were calling out for Brian at every thrust as you arched your back off the bed. He had reached between you to rub at your clit again, and the pleasure was building as you felt yourself clench around him.

“Brian I’m-Fuck.” You called out as the feeling in your stomach became too much to handle.

You came again and you felt your legs shaking slightly as the pleasure rocked through you. Brian had continued thrusting to let you ride out your orgasm, but soon enough his thrusts became sloppily and your clenching had caused him to climax.

The both of you lay there for a bit, catching your breaths. Brian pulls out of you and discards of the condom before he returns to bed. The first thing he says to you is, “I love you.”

That was all you remembered before you dozed off.

EXO finding out they’re going to have a child

Please read the authors note at the bottom regarding exo, bts and got7 requests, it is important, thanks! 

You had no idea how he’d react. You hadn’t even seen him in months, he’d been away on tour and you’d missed him every single day, especially after the last night you spent with him.

You both knew he was going away for a while so you had your own pre-tour tradition. A few days before every tour, he’d spend a few nights at your place to try and cram in as much quality time together as possible and the last tour was no different. The thing that was different was how it wound up.
You two had been quite happily watching movies and making up your own inside jokes all evening when somehow, and you still can’t remember, his lips were on yours. For as long as you could recall, you had been interested in him so of course, you didn’t push him away. You deepened the kiss. One thing led to another and you woke up naked in your bed with an empty space next to you, the ghost of his touch still lingering on your skin.

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“The ‘Work It Out’ Method” - Oneshot

“The ‘Work it Out’ Method” - Oneshot

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,229

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Injury, Cursing, Bad Thoughts

Summary: After a stressful week, you decide to work it out in the gym. Not everything goes according to plan, and Steve is there to help.

Originally posted by blairsfelicity

Author’s Note: Super short random oneshot. I was writing a piece titled “No More Monochrome” and there was a part I was working on that didn’t fit with that story. So I decided to just make it into another fic. Haha! This is all just random things that I wanted to write and popped into my head while on my hiatus.

Forever thankful for @the-witching-hours12-3 for reading all of my pieces that I throw at her and being a never ending support system! She was also the one that came up with this title. I was struggling beyond belief for a title and then she whips one out! Much love, sweetpea <3

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces, check out my tag list above and let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

You started your morning by getting up early and going to the gym. It seemed like a lot of things were getting to you this past week and you needed an outlet.

It seemed like you couldn’t do a lot right lately. You were off your game while training with Steve or Natasha, it was hard to focus, and you were fighting your own negative thoughts almost constantly. No matter how hard you tried, you felt exhausted, and you felt like a failure.

Even though you were dating Steve, you hated ranting to him because it made you feel like a burden. So you took out your frustrations on the punching bag while no one was there to bother you. With your music blasting through your headphones and your focus on throwing punches and kicks, you felt the anger come out of you and disappear .

The “work it out” method worked until you got too far into your own head and ended up throwing a punch that landed weird. You felt a sharp pain in your wrist. “I guess this is a good time to call it quits for today. I can’t even train by myself without fucking up. Add that to the list of things I can’t do right this week.”

Cradling your wrist and trying to hush the negative voice in your head, you sat down and checked your phone. Natasha had texted you 15 minutes ago:

Nat: “Hey! Saw you head to training this morning. When you’re done and showered, we are getting breakfast. You, me, Stevie, and Bucky. Be ready by about 9. See you then!”

You looked at your watch and saw it was 7:30. By the time you get back to your room, shower, ice your wrist for a few minutes, and wrap it up, it should be right around 9 o’clock.

Showering and getting ready for the day took a bit longer than you expected, thanks to the never ending throbbing in your right wrist. But you managed to get everything done in time. You found the extra bandages you kept in the bottom of your bathroom drawer and did your best to wrap your wrist.

As soon as you secured it, there was a knock at your door.

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The favorite - part 01

The favorite - part ½ | Jack Maynard | imagine

Word count: 2123

A/N: The name Kirstie is being used.

More imagines hereRequests are open! 

“I’m just going to take my wallet, Y/N.” Conor said to you. “It won’t take 5 minutes, I swear.”

“For your own good, Conor, I really hope you won’t take too long to come back” You warned, snorting as he opened his front door.

“Jack isn’t even at home, Y/N/N, you’ll be fine” Conor promised.

“Oh, yeah, he would be the first to leave the place, right?” You remembered, calming down instantly.

Conor nodded his head and you two entered the house together, finding the exact opposite from what Conor have said: Jack Maynard was on the sofa watching TV.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked seeing Jack’s head turn to you.

“This is my home, Y/N. I guess I live here?”

“No, is not.” You hit back. “You moved out.”

“Okay, guys, you work the things out, I just need to get my wallet.” Conor asked, he gave up of the whole Y/N vs. Jack a long time ago.

“Yeah, but my name is on the rent’s contract, so technically I still live here.“ Jack answered, ignoring his brother.

“That’s a waste of money, isn’t it?” You commented, crossing your arms and supporting your weight in one leg near by the door. Where were Conor? Gods, where the fricking wallet has gone? “But I guess it suits you… You’re a waste of human being, so…”

Jack was pissed off already. At first moment, he thought yoj would be a really nice girl, all his friends only said funny and interesting things about you, yet when he met you, you were a pain in the ass and continued to be since that.

“Shut up and get out of my house, Y/N.” Jack commanded.

“Sadly to you, this house also belongs to your brother, as you might forgotten, and he…”

“Is going to take his best friend out on her best night ever.” Conor completed your sentence before you and Jack started fighting for real and ended killing each other.

Conor took your arm and drag you to the front door as you almost froth of rage.

“You look beautiful in this tight red dress by the way, Y/N!” Jack yelled as you and Conor were leaving.

“I can’t say the same to you, Jack!” You yelled back.

You and Con started walking down the street to get some food somewhere before hitting the nightclub, both of you freezing in the night, especially you because, after all, you were using just a dress and a jacket.

“For God’s sake, Y/N, when you and my brother will start to get along?” Con asked and you almost feel bad for him.

“Well, the day he stop being an asshole will be a great day.”

Conor sighed, his life would be so much easier if you two just stopped being little kids who stole each others toys on the playground.

“I thought you guys could, somehow, stop acting like this through the time… I was wrong”

“Yes, you were.” You told, starting to get angry with Con, because by the way he sounded, it seemed you were the villain. Of course, Jack was his perfect little brother.

“I don’t get it.”


“Why you and Jack hate each other.”

You automatically responded: “I don’t hate Jack.”

Conor looked at you and frowned.

“Oh, no! That little scene back home was a demonstration of love!”

You rolled your eyes, sometimes Conor’s sarcasm was just annoying.

“Fine.” You grumble. “I hate your little brother.”

“My little brother?” Conor laughed “His older than you.”

“Your little brother still.”

“I never called him little brother.” You raised an eyebrow for him. “Not for real!”

“Whatever, Conor.”

“Honestly, why do you hate Jack?”

It was your turn to laugh: “I’m surprised you don’t know this answer.”

Conor was genuinely confused.

“I should know?”

“You should guessed by now.” You shrugged. “But no one did it yet so you must be alright… Maybe I’m just not good at pointing my reasons for doing the stuff I do.”

“Yeah, you’re not.”

“Shut up, Maynard.” You said. “Let’s grab some food, I’m starving.”

Later that night:

You said to the taxi pull over, it seemed that this building was the one, so you paid the driver and jumped out of the car, receiving the English storm with a grouch.

Oh, Conor was a dead man! Dead man! If he wasn’t dead already, you would kill him! What the hell! This wasn’t what you signed for when you two became friends! And you definitely should revised the terms of this if he thought rescuing him was on your tasks.

The place was brand new. You didn’t know how the heck Conor ended up on an office building, and didn’t know how it was a fancy one, but at least you could congratulate him for that.

You smiled to the blonde receptionist and explained you forgot your laptop on the 32nd floor because that was only one floor away from Conor and it wouldn’t be so suspicious. You thought you must be really chilled and had a really nice face because the woman said you could go without hesitating and let you pass the ratchets. Maybe they should hire someone better, you clearly didn’t work there.

Your high heels echoed on the marble floor and it was really fine, because you never felt more powerful than that, thinking that you could get used to the sound of your shoes on a classy floor. That would be nice in a daily basis, wouldn’t it?

You pressed the elevator’s button and sent a text message to Conor, saying you were almost there to rescue him from his little rendezvous. You must be a really really cool friend to do such a thing.

You heard someone speak to the receptionist, it had a flirtatious tone… A specific flirtatious tone that made you close your eyes and groan. Why? Why, gods? Aren’t you a nice person? The receptionist didn’t even doubt you! You weren’t on dawn trying to save your friend across the city? Why then? Why?

You stared at your phone, seeing the keyboard and thinking the zillion words you could angrily type in and scream at Conor for being such an idiot. Maybe you could even leave him there! But it wouldn’t be a punishment, would it? Because obviously he had another one coming to get him and it meant you took the cab for nothing. You hated Conor even more than you hated his brother in that moment.

“Oh, fuck off.” You heard Jack’s voice grumble.

You raised your eyes from your phone and stared at the person who just got there.

“I’m not happy either, but I guess you can complain about that with your brother later, when I rescue him from this girl and cut him in hundreds of pieces after.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m the one who’s rescuing Conor.”

You rolled your eyes.

“First: Can you stop being such a child? How old are you, 7?” You asked and then continued: “Second: I got here first, so definitely I’m the one who’s on a mission.”

“Your mission is over.” He declared “You were with him and look what happened? I had to leave my date because you couldn’t take care of my moron brother.”

The elevator arrived and you entered in it, being followed by Jack.

“Don’t call Conor a moron, your dumbass. And get your own elevator, please. This one is taken.”

“Oh, who’s acting like a fricking kid now, wise old lady?” Jack asked, pressing the 33rd floor button. “At least, now I can understand why are you so boring.”

“Don’t press the 33rd button, stupid.” You said. “They will realize we are with your brother and the girl.”

“Who will realize that?”

“The owners of the building! We are invading, you know?”

“And, yeah, our bigger problem will be being associated with my brother and the girl who actually have access to this building if we get caught.” Jack rolled his eyes. “For God’s sake, my brother said you were smart, Y/N.”

“Your brother says good things about you all the time to me too, but I think he’s blind.”

“You don’t tell me…”

All the sudden, the lights went off and the elevator made a huge noise before stopped.

“Fuck.” you cursed.

“It can’t be.” Jack complained.

“What the hell?” you started walking across the space, as if it would make some difference.

Jack, after panicking a little, said:

“Relax, baby, there’s a power generator in this kind of building”.

“Call me ‘baby’ again and I will be opening these doors with your teeth, Jack.” You warned. “And it’s the middle of the night in a weekend, we weren’t supposed to be in here, there’s no power generator for us, brainy.”

“Oh.” he realised you were right.

“Yeah, I know, genious.”

“But someone will take us out of here, Kirsten is just downstairs.”

“Who the hell is Kirsten?”

“The recepcionist, of course.”

“Oh, yeah, I supose I should know that.” You rolled your eyes.

“You spoke to her.”

“Yeah, I did, but I’m pretty sure you only know her name because she’s beautiful.”

“Are you jealous, Y/N?”

“Jealous? Oh, gods, someone should analize your mind, Jack, you are pretty damn sure of yourself in an abnormal way.”

“If you say so, honey.”

“I’m serious, Jack.” You angrily told.

“You only said about calling you ‘baby’, honey.”

You gave up, rolling your eyes with the feeling you would do a lot of it that night.

“Try to call Conor.” Jack said.

“Do you even have a brain?” You asked. “It’s an elevator, we don’t have signal.”

Jack lost his words:

“Some elevators do.”

“Right then, try to call your brother, your bloody idiot.”

And Jack actually tried, with no success.


“I said to you, dearie.” You stated with a smile bigger than the recommended.

“Shut up, Y/N. If I need to be with you for more than 10 minutes, it would be better if if you just don’t say anything.”

“Shut you up, Jack. You are the one to blame!”

“How the hell I am the problem in here?”

You opened your mouth to speak but a female voice came from the botton of the pit.



You rolled your eyes, the gods must be kidding with you because worst than being stuck with Jack Maynard was being saved by Jack Maynard’s new girlfriend.

“Are you okay?”


“The pretty girl are there with you?”

You smiled, “pretty girl”? Okay, you might be okay with the Jack’s new thing.

“Yeah, Y/N is in here too.”

“I will send some help to you, guys!”

“Thank you!”  You both said as one, making faces of disgust for each other.

“Just wait a little and I’ll come back!” Kirstie said, leaving nothing but the silence behind her.

“So I’m the pretty girl, huh?” you teased Jack, calming down now that you two were going to leave that metal box.

“Again: shut up, Y/N.” He sat down on the elevator’s floor.

“Fine, I just find interesting you think I’m attractive.”

“Everybody thinks you are attractive.” Jack rolled his eyes, not really noticing what he told you.

“Everybody?” you were starting to find funny being stuck in there. “It’s really sad that it isn’t mutual.” Althought these were that got out of your mouth, you were bluffing. Since day 1 you thought Jack was handsome, but there wasn’t no way you would tell him that.

“Don’t make this a big deal, Y/N.” Jack argued, one thing was to compliment you to tease you, another thing was let a compliment slip out of his mouth. “And everybody knows you can’t resist me.”

“In your dreams, Maynard.”

“Guys!” Kirstie called and Jack jumped of the floor.

“Hi!” Jack shoulted back.

“I’m so sorry! I can’t get you out of there! Aparently, your names aren’t on the system, so the police is being called!”

“WHAT?” You and Jack screamed. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“I mean, I said it must be a mistake, but they can’t come here unless I make a complaint and I think you guys don’t want any trouble so…”

You stared Jack, the panic on your face was inevitable.

What are we going to do?  You asked without sounds.

I don’t know! Jack answered.


Say something! You ordered.

“That’s fine, babe.” Jack told Kirstie at the end. “It won’t be more than a few minutes, me and Y/N can wait. Thanks, Kirstie!”

You sighned, letting yourself fall on the floor as your back slide down the wall, it would be a really long night.

Second part here

Leading Suspects - Chapter 20

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19.

It’s almost Friday! Yay! Images above not mine. I do plan on getting all of this up on AO3 etc at some point, but for now, a hasty posting before I gotta go get the kiddos at school. I promise smut tomorrow, @peetabreadgirl​ but for now…

“Hey,” Peeta murmurs, nuzzling my neck until I wake up. I struggle to sit up, but manage it. I’m sore between my legs – his doing – and every muscle aches. Also his fault. I’m deliciously drained from two nights in bed with Peeta, who seems to be the mystical unicorn of a man who’s stamina can actually match his appetite. But he kisses me on my scowl and lifts a fragrant mug under my nose.

“You’re forgiven,” I groan and accept the mug. He chuckles and kisses the crown of my head as I inhale the robust aroma.

“I didn’t forget your law about waking you up. It took me three tries and an assist from the internet to figure out how to work your French press, so don’t expect too much from that just yet,” he says, nodding towards the mug in my hands. “But I’ll learn.”

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1000 FORMS OF FEAR sentence meme. change pronouns if and when necessary! warnings: allusions to murder. animal death. drugs. drinking. nsfw.

“ache for love.”
“ache for us.”
“another one bites the dust.”
“big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.”
“burn me.”
“don’t leave me, stay here and frighten me.”
“don’t lock me up.”
“don’t you want to free us?”
“emancipate me.”
“for a good time, call.”
“feel the acid rain.”
“free the animal.”
“give me all you got, give me your wallet and your watch.”
“hurt me.”
“i’ll hold steady.”
“i’ll hold you in my arms.”
“i’ll take you on.”
“i’m a criminal in these parts.”
“i’m at home, on my own.”
“i’m burning alive.”
“i’m doing everything i can.”
“i’m gonna fly like a bird through the night.”
“i’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.”
“i’m holding on for dear life.”
“i’m in pain.”
“i’m just holding on for tonight.”
“i’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard.”
“i’m stealing time.”
“i’m still fighting for peace.”
“i’ve always had the upper hand.”
“i’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart.”
“i’ve got to run from this.”
“i can barely breathe.”
“i don’t care if i don’t look pretty.”
“i feel the love.”
“i got all i need.”
“i know that i can survive.”
“i know that we could make some love.”
“i love you so.”
“i may cry.”
“i may snap.”
“i might have thought that we were one.”
“i move fast.”
“i walked through fire to save my life.”
“i want my life so bad.”
“i want to burn with you tonight.”
“i want to play a fair game.”
“i want to throw you from the roof.”
“i wanted it and i wanted it bad.”
“i wanted to fight this war without weapons.”
“i will squeeze you tight until you take your last breath.”
“i will stay up through the night.”
“i won’t close my eyes.”
“i won’t let the terror in.”
“i won’t make it through tonight.”
“if i move on, i admit you’re gone and i’m not ready.”
“if your goal was to love, you scored an epic miss.”
“it all begins with just one kiss.”
“it might be too sharp.”
“it’s dangerous to fall in love.”
“it’s hard to lose a chosen one.”
“it’s lonely at the top.”
“just blow me up or run me down or cut my throat.”
“keep my glass full until morning light.”
“kill me like an animal.”
“kill me with your loving.”
“let’s be clear, trust no one.”
“look at me– i’m such a basket case.”
“look at what you’ve done to me.”
“murder me.”
“no time for games.”
“no time for hate.”
“no time for love.”
“party girls don’t get hurt.”
“place your past into a book, burn the pages.”
“pour acid rain on me.”
“put me in cuffs.”
“smile through the pain.”
“strike the match.”
“take me down.”
“the pleasure’s pain and fire.”
“the secret life of us keeps me in handcuffs.”
“there were so many red flags.”
“there’s two of us.”
“they weigh me down.”
“this love immortal is an assassin’s delight.”
“this prison is rough but i can’t enough.”
“this secret burns but i’m imprisoned.”
“we were meant for one another.”
“we’re a perfect match, somehow.”
“we’re bristling with desire.”
“we’re letting go tonight!”
“while i fall apart, you’ll hide all my pills again.”
“why can i not conquer love?”
“why don’t you come a little closer?”
“you are the cop and i’m on the run.”
“you bring me to life then you shut me out.”
“you covered my heart in kisses.”
“you did not break me.”
“you keep me silent when i should shout.”
“you make me come.”
“you make me cry.”
“you saw your chance to kill.”
“you take your chances when you kiss the hitman.”
“you went straight for the knife, and i prepared to die.”
“you won’t see me fall apart.”
“your melody is an art.”
“you’re locked inside my heart.”
“you’re twisted up like a slipknot.”

Joe Sugg Imagine #2

You and Joe have been together for a while, he broke up with you for another girl. You’re broken. (happy end)
Word Count: 2.6k
Pairing: Joe x Reader

I still felt the pain, it was like an echo in my hollow heart. It’s been six months. Six months in which I told myself every morning, that it’d be okay to give me strength to get through the day. Six months in which I smiled and reassured me and my friends that I was alright. Six months in which I was laying in bed at the end of a long day, crying because it still hurt so bad. It hurt looking at him.
But after these six months I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. So I awoke at a Monday and told myself that no one would ever get this much power over me to hurt me like that ever again. And with that I cut the feelings away. I didn’t feel anything at all. Empty. No more tears, no more heartbreak, no more hope. Nothing.
I was finally feeling strong again. No one could get to me. No one could hurt me. I could finally sleep again. I could see him in the eye without feeling tears well up…
All was good.

„Y/N?“ I flinched at the sudden call of my name. It was him. Joe. I looked him in the eyes and lost myself in the blue. But instead of feeling my heartbeat speed up, or butterflies in my stomach or a painful stab in the heart I felt nothing. „What did you say?“ I asked him, because I didn’t pay attention. „I asked if you want to grab a coffee?“ He was nervous, I could see it in his eyes and in the way he stepped from one foot onto the other. He still felt bad. Even if we were something like friends again. But he didn’t have to be careful anymore. I was strong again. „Sure.“ I smiled and stood up to grab my wallet. It was still warm enough to not wear a jacket. The sun stood low on the sky, it must’ve been something between afternoon and evening. The elevator ride was quiet, but it was a comfortable silence.
As we walked out in the streets a cold breeze hit us and made us shiver. But it somehow woke me up and my steps became lighter. I felt a smile creep on my face and I held my face in the sun. I loved this time of day. Joe also squinted against the sun and was completely by himself. I didn’t want to interupt him. The wind was playing with his hair and at that I realized he wasn’t wearing a cap, like he always did the past weeks. „Where did your-?“ But he wouldn’t let me finish. „She won’t come anymore“, he quickly answered. She? „It… It’s over.“ And with that I realized that he was talking about her. HER. IT WAS OVER. „That… I’m sorry… even if I meant your cap and not Hannah“, I explained. Hannah. That was the name of my own personal hell. The was simply perfect. Perfect body, perfect blonde hair, perfect style, perfekt mind. The perfect face. I just had to think about her dimples to get jealous. Hannah. The perfect match for Joe. They would never fight, they harmonized perfectly. It seemed like it was the perfect relationship. Couple goals. It was even more shocking for me to hear about them breaking up. „Oh, I wasn’t in the mood for it“, he explained, ran his fingers through his hair and smiled that half smile, that did crazy things to my heart before I lost all my emotions. „For what? The relationship? But why? Hannah was perfect!“, I admitted and his smile formed into a full on grin now. „I mean the cap, Y/N.“ „Oh“, I blushed and watched my feet. Suddenly Joe stopped his steps, which startled me. I came to a halt too, confused about what was going on. „I’m really sorry, you know. I always wanted to tell you that. I’m sorry that I was such a dick. And I’m sorry about how it ended between us. I mean. I don’t understand why we even stayed friends. Why would you still be around such an asshole like me.“ „Joe.“ He was hard on himself. „You know we couldn’t just stop being friends. We have the same friends. And I’m your roommate. Wouldn’t be too practical to not talk to your roommate, huh? Besides, I don’t think your an asshole. Not anymore, anyways. I mean. It hurt being ditched because of someone else but Hannah was perfect. And I’m not.“ I saw tears in his eyes and without thinking about it I pulled him in for a hug. I forgave him. He apologized. We were okay. Everyting’s gonna be alright. I let him go and as we arrived at the café big smiles were on our faces.
It became a nice evening. We talked like before and it wasn’t awkward at all. I loved having him back. We made plans to go out on the weekend and lauhed about stories from our past. We stayed about 3 hours at the café, and as we went home we watched a movie together. It was the first night I felt content and comfortable in our shared apartment after our breakup. Because of the non-existent feelings I still felt empty, but I was glad that there were no hard feelings between me and Joe anymore.
We went straight back to being as close as we were before the drama. With everyday we hung out it became more obvious that we tried to make up fort he time „apart“. Even our friends seemed to be relieved, that everything was back to normal, Conor even asked if we were dating again, which I laughed off big time.
Joe sensed that something was different when we watched the notebook. „You didn’t cry one bit, did you?“ I just shrugged. „Nope. Didn’t get to me.“ „You still cried two hours after the movie ended the last time we watched it.“ „Well, people change, I guess.“ „I guess“, he answered giving me a confused look. „Joe, I just have a bit more control over my feelings nowadays.“ „But… I mean, you can’t just control the way something makes you feel.“ „Yeah you can, you just have to train yourself.“ „But why would you do that?“ „To not get hurt ever again“, I quietly answered and I saw the way his face fell. He knew I was talking about us. „Come here.“ He held his arms out for me. „Why?“ „You need a cuddle.“ „No.“ „A big cuddle.“ „No, Joe, I don’t.“ „Yeah you do. Come to me or I will get you.“ But I didn’t cave. So he threw himself at me to get me to cuddle him. After a playfight he won. Of course, he was stronger than me, physically. „See. That’s nice. You needed that, Y/N.“ „No, YOU needed that“, I fired back, but let him pull me closer and laid my head on his chest. „Hm… yeah. I needed that.“ And at that moment I felt something. A warm feeling increased in my heart, making me feel bubbly. No. I could not possibly be falling again for Joe. That was impossible. So I focused on my breathing and the feelig was gone. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was tearing my walls down and that couldn’t be happening.

„Y/N? Baby“ He knew I hated nicknames. „What’s up, Joezeeboe“, I answered using his mothers old nickname. „Would you help me? I’m cooking.“ „Nope.“ „Pretty please.“ „Alright, but only because it’s you.“ If he knew, how true that was. We were closer than ever. Almost every other night we would sleep in the same bed, just because we forgot to walk to our room, after a movie or long conversations. I joined him in the kitchen and sighed. „You sound like an elephant running down the stairs like that“, he laughed as he cut onions. „Shut your mouth, or the elephant runs up the stairs again.“ He just laughed louder. „I didn’t say you look like one“, he explained and threw the onions in the preheated pan. I just shook my head and grabbed a knife to help him. „Why are you always choosing the most difficult recipes?“ I asked him. „I love challenges.“ „Well, you do, but why do you involve me in that as well?“ „Because I can.“ I could hear the grin on his face.

As the meal was ready an das delicious as imagined, we filled our plates massivly and began to eat. „Thank you for helping“, Joe said with his mouth full and I couldn’t help but laugh about his face. He looked like a hamster. „You’re very welcome, if you do the dishes alone.“ „Y/N!“ I laughed again. „I’m kidding. But we made a mess and you know I hate cleaning up.“ „Yeah, me too. But after that we can watch a movie. Or Game of Thrones. You choose.“ He took a sip from his wine and looked at me with questioning eyes. The sparkle in them is unreal, I thought to myself as I let myself get lost in them. He truly had won my heart all over again and as much as I enjoyed every minute we spend together as much I hated myself for falling for that idiot for the second time. „I don’t care. I’m tired. You choose, I’m probably gonna be asleep in less than ten minutes.“ „Noooo, you can’t be tired! I had planned a wonderful evening“, he pouted. „You’re making this sound like it’s a date or something“, I laughed and meant it as a joke but when he didn’t join my laughter I became nervous. This couldn’t be a date. It just couldn’t. „Which it’s obviously not“, I pointed out. „No. Obviously.“ Phew. As much as I was disappointed as much I was relieved. Surely he wouldn’t make the mistake of dating me a second time. After everything edible has been eaten from the both of us, we quickly made the dishes. „The Maynards are coming over in twenty.“ He told me. „But I thought we wanted to watch something?“ „Yeah, well, they wanted to join us and as you said this isn’t a date.“ Did he sound pissed? Was he annoyed with me for speaking out the truth? Did he think this was a date? I was confused. „Alright, then. I haven’t seen them in ages.“ He just nodded. I knew something was off, but I just didn’t know what the matter was.

As the doorbell rang, signalling that the Maynards arrived everything was clean. Joe went to open the door and I sat down on the coach waiting for all 3 to join me. Conor was the first to greet me. „Y/N! I havent seen you since forever. How are you? You look amazing by the way,I love your hair today.“ He was always so sweet to me and I wished I would have fallen in love with him. „Thank you, Conor I missed you. I’m good.“ I hugged him quickly but friendly and turned to Jack who already held his arms out for me. „Well, well, little Lady. Look at yourself you‘re becoming more beautiful everyday.“ „Oh, shut up, Jack you’re making me blush.“ I laughed and let him pull me into a hug. As we all settled on the coach, me and Joe on the long end, with our feet up, Jack and Conor on the other side, laying in the cushions. We settled for a romantic comedy, as we all didn’t want to pay attention too much. And as I said earlier after ten minutes I was very sleepy and laid my head against Joe’s shoulder. I was at the edge of falling asleep when I heard Conor say: „So, you and her again?“ „No“, Joe whispered so I wouldn’t wake up. „Not after what I did to her.“ „Have you seen the way she looks at you?“, Jack chimed in. „She’s head over heals for you.“ „Well, you clearly didn’t pay attention at all. Today she told me that she doesn’t want a date with me. It’s over. We’re friends. It’s good like that.“ „Good is not perfect, Joe.“ „Maybe it isn’t. But maybe good is the best I can get for now.“ I feel anger building inside of me. How come he suddenly wants more than just friendship? Why did he leave me when he wants me? I coudn’t wrap my head around it. I didn’t want to wrap my head around it. I felt the urge to get out. Get out to clear my head. So I stood up and without a word I left. Silence. That’s what I need.

I wandered the streets in our neighbourhood for what felt like forever. But as I made my back to our apartment  I had calmed down. I knew Joe would ask me why the fuck I would do that. But I didn’t care. As I entered our apartment I heard Joe in the kitchen so I went to him. „Where are Jack and Conor?“ I asked as if nothing happened. „Gone. They went home like an hour ago.“ „Hm. How was the film?“ I tried to be calm and collected but I could feel that my hands began to shake. „Good. Nothing special. Y/N?“ „Hm?“ „Would you look at me,please?“ I didn’t realize that Joe had come closer. „Please.“ So I looked up, directly into his eyes. We stared at eachother in silence and my heart began to race. I couldn’t. My walls have been torn down. I was defeated. „Joe… I… I can’t.. it’s.“, I stammered and took a few steps back. „What is it? Why did you run away? Was it something I said, or…?“ „It’s just.. I.. You broke me and I promised myself to never feel again and then you apologized and we became friends again and I forgave you and I… You started to tear my walls down. I was convinced that I would never love again. And you of all people have to be the person I fall in love with. Again.“ I didn’t care that I started to cry. I finally had the courage to tell him the truth. Even if that meant to get my heart broken all over again. „You… sure?“ I just shrugged, then nodded and wiped my tears away. „I always… I always thought I wasn’t… doesn’t matter…“, he interrupted himself. It seemed like he was more upset than I was. „Joe… I’m sorry, I can’t control my feelings after all.“ „Well, neither can I. Nobody can. When I met Hannah she was all I ever dreamed of in a girl. But that wasn’t the reason I broke up with you. You know why I called it quits? Because it felt too right. You felt too right. And I coudn’t let myself trust someone like that. I never had loved someone like I loved you. I got scared. So I had to push you away. Hannah was perfect so I thought it would be easy to forget you when I’m with her. It wasn’t. I could’ve punched myself everytime I heard you cry. I was miserable and Hannah knew that. She wanted that you moved out. But I couldn’t let you go. So I broke up with her. I never thought you would forgive me after that. But you did. I don’t deserve you. Noone deserves you.“ He cried, too. After his rant we just stood there, looking at us crying. He loves you, I told myself again and again. He loves you. My tears ran out and I smiled at him. „I thought I was strong, not feeling anything. Fuck that. I’m strong, when we’re together.“ „You make me strong“, he sang to me as he embraced me and kissed me passionately.
Hey guys, I hoped you liked the second one.
This ones a bit dramatic. :D 
Kat .xx

anonymous asked:

Can you explain me pls what an ita bag is?? I feel so confused seeing all of those around

It’s basically just a bag that you pin all your merch to, usually with a clear plastic cover to keep them from being damaged. It’s called an itabag because of “ita” in Japanese means painful. It’s a cheeky little thing like, as in like the the cost of buying all this is pain on your wallet (and tbh at least for me how many times I stabbed my self with pins). It’s just a trend in Japan and with some overseas fans, like, you can just show how much you love a character(s). I always wanted one when I saw them in Japan but I didn’t love any character enough to actually make one until now… So, that’s why I have an Otayuri one now – although considering I just bought like 40 new otabek merch items on top of what I still have coming, I think I may be able to make a solo otabek one now too (and solo JJ one)

I’ve gotten out of hand SEND HELP 😩

anonymous asked:

Congrats of 2.2k followers! We love you~ Sterek Prompt: One of them has a cat thief that goes out and comes home with random articles of clothing that belong to the other, and it leads to true love or maybe smut (or both). Go hard.

anonymous said: congrats to so many followers. I’m into kid fic right now, so I would love to read something with dad!Derek who’s all like surprise! I have children to stiles. maybe stiles is struggling with that ? I’m looking forward to all the fic you write. <3

[Thank you! I decided to mix both prompts, I hope you like it!]


“You’re going to get me in so much trouble.” Stiles sighs, glaring as Fluffer trots into the room carrying yet another stolen shirt.

He tried to do something about this, but Fluffer is an old cat. His owner left him in Scott’s care before moving out of town and Stiles just can’t say no to his best friend. Now, three years later, here he is, taking care of a cat with a dumb name and dumb habits.

At least the cat is cute.

“Hey, what –” Fluffer averts Stiles’ hand, jumping on top of the couch and then making his escape by running towards Stiles’ bedroom, “fine. We’re doing this your way.” Stiles glares, sneaks after Fluffer just to find him behind the wardrobe, white tail wagging happily. “A-ha!” Fluffer jumps with Stiles’ sudden outburst and hisses when Stiles steps closer. “Keep your paws where I can see them!” The cat only throws him an unimpressed look, one Stiles became very familiar with, and turns around, jumping out the window calmly. “Yeah, go! But you’re not getting tuna tonight!”

This is what his life became, cop by day and frustrated cat owner by night. He’s definitely living the dream.

“Okay, buddy. Let’s see what you’re hiding here.”

What he’s not hiding here should be the question. The blue shirt he got this afternoon is just the newest acquisition, as Stiles moves the wardrobe he finds that his cat is not picky. Pens, books, a moldy cookie. He’s got everything from clothing to toys and even a fucking cell phone.

Stiles’ cat is a thief.

What the hell.

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Have I told you lately that I love you?

Originally posted by spidey-man

A/N: I had two requests for Joaquin and I figured I could put them together! I hope you enjoy!

Requests: “Can I have a Joaquin imagine? It doesn’t have to be anything specific but it would be cool if it could be a female reader and there’s some smut. Maybe I convince him not to leave or something like that.” –

“Can you please do a Joaquin imagine where he’s bi and with a female reader and she’s preppy and safe like Kevin and he takes her virginity after they’ve hung out for a couple months at the drive in?? Please if this is too much change whatever you want thanksxx” – Anonymous.

Warnings: smut, fingering, losing virginity, female Oral, Bi!Joaquin.

Word count:


I was currently sitting in the Drive-Inn with my best friend Joaquin. He had shown up at my trailer earlier saying that he wanted to hang out. It was unusual for Joaquin to show up unannounced but I just shook it off and decided to go hang with him.

We laid in the bed of a truck, cuddled close together. The fall breeze blew past us as I shivered.

“Cold?” Joaquin questioned, I nodded my head while Joaquin pulled me closer. I laid my head on his chest listening to the sound of his heart beating. “(Y/N), I wanted you to hang out for a reason.” I sat up and turned to Joaquin with a smile.

“What is it?” Joaquin sighed before answering.

“Can we go back to your place? I’d rather talk in private.” I nodded as we climbed out of the bed of the truck and into the front seats. Joaquin started up the truck before making his way to my trailer.

We soon pulled up into the trailer park and then to my trailer. I was about to make my way out of the truck when Joaquin opened the door.

“Thank you,” I said as I climbed out of the truck. We walked up to my pathway until we reached my front door. I unlocked the door and we headed in. I threw keys onto the counter before falling onto the couch. “Now, what’s on your mind?” I questioned with a smile. I patted on the seat next to me, motioning him to come sit down.

“Listen, I need to tell you something and I know you’re not going to like it.” I furrowed my eyebrows before sitting up straight. “I’m leaving Riverdale.” I felt my heart break at the sound of his words.

“What? Why?!” I questioned standing up to face him.

“There’s just so much heat on the Serpents right now and I don’t want to get you caught up in it.”

“You won’t! Joaquin, you’re all I have here! I can’t lose you too!” Without a second thought, I pressed my lips to his. Joaquin stood in shock before kissing back. We stood there for what felt like an eternity until I pulled away. “I love you…” Joaquin bent down, taking a hold of my thighs before slamming me against the wall.

“I love you too.” We reconnected our lips as my hands made their way into his hair while he made their way onto my hips. I moaned into the kiss when I felt his hard bulge press into my aching core. Joaquin removed his lips from mine before making his way down my neck.

“Bedroom. Now.” Joaquin lifted me off the wall and made his way down to my bedroom. We reached the room and almost immediately Joaquin threw me down on the bed. I giggled before leaning up on my elbows. “Lose everything but the Serpent jacket,” I said with a wink and a smirk. Joaquin looked at me with shock before quickly replacing it with a smirk. Doing as I said, Joaquin removed everything but his Serpent jacket, he climbed back onto the bed and reconnected our lips.

Joaquin then began to remove my shirt and bra. His lips left mine, making their way down my jaw and onto my neck. Joaquin began to suck on my sweet spot. I moaned out loud making Joaquin smirk against my neck. His fingers made their way to the waistband of my jeans, beginning to undo them. Slipping his hands inside of my jeans and panties.

“Mmm, fuck Joaquin.” I moaned into his ear as his fingers rubbed circles on my clit. The next thing I knew, his fingers slipped into me and began pounding into me relentlessly. I was a moaning mess, I clung to Joaquin’s broad should while profanity’s and his name fell from my lips. I felt my climax beginning to reach it’s peak when he suddenly hauled his fingers out.

“I want you to cum on my cock,” Joaquin whispered into my ear while I instantly became wetter.

“Joaquin, wait,” I spoke up making him sit up with a concerned look.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” I giggled before sitting up as well.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just… I’m a virgin.” I whispered the last part. Joaquin’s hand came up and caressed the side of my cheek.

“Baby, if you don’t want to do this we do not have too. We can stop right now.” I shook my head taking his hand in mine.

“I want this. I want you.” Joaquin smiled before pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. He then began to remove my jeans and panties. Reaching down, he pulled up his jeans and got his wallet out hauling out a condom. Sliding it down his shaft before lining up with my entrance.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Joaquin questioned as I nodded my head while he pushed in. I winced at the sudden rush of pain to my lower abdomen. Joaquin stopped when he saw the look on my face. He stayed still until I felt the pain fade into pleasure.

“Move…” I moaned a little, Joaquin began to thrust which made the pain fade more and more into pleasure. “Faster…” Joaquin lifted my leg, thrusting at a newer angle. I was moaning like crazy. The way he made me feel was driving me closer and closer to my climax. Joaquin was groaning and moaning my name while I clung to him.

“Fuck (Y/N), you feel so good.” I felt my climax begin to reach its peak.

“FUCK JOAQUIN! I’M COMING!” I screamed out as my orgasm hit me. Joaquin’s thrusts began to become sloppy before he slammed into me one last time before hauling out and laying next to me. I rolled over until my head was on his chest. I looked up at him threw my lashes while I spoke.

“I love you, Joaquin. I will stick by your side through thick or thin. Please don’t leave me.” Joaquin reached down and lifted my head up until my eyes met his.

“I won’t leave because I love you too.” A smile came across my face as I reached up and connected our lips. Joaquin kissed back until we pulled away and lead back down, ready to start this new adventure together.

Secrets Unfolded (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Character: Matt Murdock

Word Count: 2,514 (Sorry it is a lenghty one!)

Warnings: Fighting, injury and blood

Requested by Anon: a matt murdock x reader where the reader is a vigilante like matt but they dont know about them both being vig’s so when the run into each other they get in a pretty bad fight? And this ends in fluff please?

A/N: So here it is! I feel really proud with this one yet I don’t because I feel like the ending is a bit rushed. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Coffee and Cigarettes (Trixya) Chapter 2

AN: Sorry, sorry , sorry this took so long to update. I wrote the chapter and then scrapped it and rewrote it. I’ve really conflicted about how to take this fic as I had a plan in my head and I’m sort of doubting it now! 

Anyways, here is Chapter 2!! 

TW: Implied Abuse, drug use. Panic Attack

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