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new show idea: anthony bourdain and gordon ramsay travel the united states visiting hole-in-the-wall dives with bomb-ass food. bourdain picks out the restaurants and spends the first however-long of the episode talking up how fucking amazing this place is. when they get there it is always in a strip mall, or a shack in the woods, or a trailer under an overpass. ramsay is constantly scared and confused. bourdain is usually also scared and confused but pretends he is actually cool with whatever, in keeping with every other show he has ever done.

shots from every episode:

  • bourdain completely terrified by ramsay’s driving
  • bonus points if ramsay refuses to just drive a normal car like a normal fucking person
  • the look of horror and resignation on ramsay’s face when he sees where they’re going to be eating
  • ramsay taking in every possible health code violation
  • bourdain’s poorly-contained sadistic glee at the look on ramsay’s face
  • at least one scene that is more censor beeps than audible dialogue
  • ramsay’s vindication when bourdain ends up trapped in the bathroom shitting his guts out
  • bourdain’s complete lack of remorse and insistence that it was completely worth it

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series -
Gun cleaning should not look so pretty N°1 - SN:12x18

so apparently one of my mosaic crystals decided it was tired of living on my ranch and launched itself into space

Fushimi Saruhiko + Yata Misaki :: Miyano Mamoru + Fukuyama Jun
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I seriously miss my beautiful crispy boy so much! I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from Honest Hearts when I first played it, but it is still definitely one of my most favorite game DLC’s of all time!

I don’t even know how many years it’s been, but I’m still recovering from it not being canon to take him with me as a permanent companion. Graham, how could you hurt me?? D: 

(Had to reupload. Something went wrong last time.)

My favorite BNHA con moment

Me: *points* AH! LOOK! THERE IS A BAKUGO AND DEKU COSPLAY AHEAD! I wanna go and ask them for a picture!!!

Friend *who hasn’t watched BNHA in a while and is way behind*: Wait which ones are they???

Me: They’re the two MCs in the show. Remember?

Friend: *being dragged so we can approach the couple* ?????

Me: *dramatic sigh and arm motions* Sparky sparky boom man…and crippling depression.

Friend: Ooooohh right!

Bakugo cosplayer: *overhears, snorts, starts to cough from stifling laugh*

Deku cosplayer: *concerned for Bakugo friend and is confused because they didn’t overhear*

It sometimes still makes me mad how poorly Paul was treated directly before, during, and for a while after the big Breakup.

None of these boys were saints, obviously–there were a bunch of unresolved issues, perfect familiarity starting to breed contempt, outside influences starting to put pressure on them (cough Yoko cough), and ego is undeniable–but I always have hated how much Paul got the brunt of the anger and how the other 3 banded together against him.

Especially when you consider the fact that Paul was right. The other 3 blamed him for pushing too hard, for wanting a different lawyer, for not wanting Spector anywhere near their stuff, for holding out, and for being the one who eventually dropped the news.

I’m pretty sure the break-up would have happened no matter what–Yoko had her claws deep in John by this point, they’d all been together a long time, there were tensions and they were exhausted–but I also sort of believe that had they listened to Paul (and maybe if he had backed off just a tad bit), had they tried to keep things together instead of ostracizing one for not agreeing with the others, maybe there could have been another Beatles album in the future. Maybe things could have been resolved a little bit more kindly. Maybe there would have been time–after a cooling off period wherein the band actually operated as a “4 sides of a square” group–for John and Paul to finally TALK, for them to set aside some of their major beefs and differences, for each Beatle to try their hand at a solo career, and then they could have come back and continued work together as The Beatles. 

But that didn’t happen. It went down the way it went down, and history shows that Paul was right. The legal mess could have been avoided had they decided to go with a different firm, Spector was a terrible person and most of his producing work does not sound as good as what the Beatles + George Martin had ever done. Also, I can’t blame him for not wanting to be all in to the LSD craze or being genuinely concerned about John’s Yoko-influenced heroin addiction. Paul was not perfect. He had his ego, he had his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, but it has always seemed unfair to me that the others banded against him so viciously. 

It is also the height of men-who’ve-known-each-other-since-teenhood pettiness that one of the biggest things that pushed the Beatles into an “us vs Paul” mentality was the fact that Paul was the one who finally dropped the official news–AFTER he’d been voted down on everything and his music had been corrupted without his permission or knowledge. I’m pretty sure John’s mentality was that he’d left the band first, why does PAUL get the credit?

But then even after they’re broken up, even while George is experiencing great solo success and John has his precious Yoko, they still have so much bitter animosity towards Paul. George, John, and even Ringo collaborate on post-Beatles records–but Paul is not invited. John and George create caustic, unkind lyrics for songs, trash his music in the press, speak bitterly of him in personal contexts. Even Ringo has his turn, in things like ‘After 1970′ saying that he “doesn’t know” if Paul would play with him, but knows the other 2 will. 

I guess it just kills me because John was the one who created most of this discord. He was the one who started bristling at the fact that Paul was taking control of the band cos he was too deep in his Yoko/heroin addiction. He probably definitely encouraged some of George’s minor ‘anti-Paul’ thoughts, and he was absolutely the ringleader when the 3 decided to go with a different lawyer, a different producer, etc etc. In any case, it was John who created the tension, who caused the bad feelings–but it’s Paul who gets ostracized. It’s Paul who gets the blame for causing the breakup, for being against the others, for holding out on what the rest of the group wants. 

And all Paul really wanted was to keep creating music. Keep working with his best friends, keep pushing The Beatle ingenuity forward. We’ll never know if he could have been successful, we’ll never know if the Beatles creativity could have gone any further, if they could’ve kept things together without them exploding eventually. But I think it’s a shame they never got a chance to try. 

To me, it’s really not fair that Paul, who had kept them together after losing Brian, is the one who ends up losing his passion project. Yes, he went on to work his tail off to keep his career going, founded Wings and all that, and–for the most part–kept his nose clean of all the mud-flinging, but still bears the brunt of Beatle-breakup crap. 

It just seems like rubbing salt in the wound.

astridthevalkyrie  asked:

Can you do a not-a-Mary-Sue argument for Astrid? I did think she was when I first watched the movie, but I love her character now, so when I see someone calling her a Mary Sue I always frown.

“Mary Sue” is used to mean almost anything anymore. Any time people see a female character that they feel is lazy writing or portraying common elements that reappear in many female characters, she’s called a Mary Sue. The purest definition of a Mary Sue is a perfect character with seemingly no flaws and seems to idealize an author’s wish fulfillment. If a Mary Sue has flaws, I often see they’re related to either something trivial, or something overly angsty and dramatic.

Astrid isn’t that. Even if we’re looking just at the first HTTYD, she is hardly wish fulfillment or perfect. She might start as Hiccup’s wish fulfillment - but the entire point is that Astrid’s skills of fighting dragons isn’t what is actually needed to keep Berk safe. Astrid is Hiccup’s ideal of a Viking… an ideal which ultimately needs to change for either Hiccup or Astrid to become their greater selves.

The television series, Gift of the Night Fury, the second movie, and other canon elements help expand Astrid even more. We see some specific weaknesses: instability when it comes to her family’s safety and honor, uncertainty when it comes to elements of her early romance with Hiccup, hot temper resulting in fiery reactions. We also see strengths: a logical side, an empathetic side, even a silly side. Astrid teasing Hiccup at the start of HTTYD 2 is not something we would expect of the “uber cool, ideal Mary Sue.” Astrid isn’t that straightforward definition of a Mary Sue, no, not at all.

That said, what people are picking up on for Astrid being a “Mary Sue” is that she does contain a lot of features in what I call a “stereotypical action woman.” The concept of a Mary Sue and a “stereotypical action woman” are sometimes conflated anymore, but what I mean by stereotypical action woman is:

  • A female character who is a very badass fighter. Oftentimes, her fighting skills will be related to athleticism, close-quarters fighting, and agility.
  • She also tends to look very sexy. Her clothing may be impractical, or her physique will noticeably be what society considers “hot.”
  • She tends to be cold and more emotionally separated off from the other characters. She is the hardest character in the group to “get to know” in a friendly fashion.
  • She may demonstrate a warmer, compassionate, and more affectionate side to her when interacting with the main male protagonist.
  • She will usually be the love interest of the main male protagonist. They’ll fall in love and have a romance.
  • The main male protagonist may start off less competent than she is, but by the end of the film, he might be better. Regardless, he’ll probably be more recognized for his output than she is.
  • People may think she is an emblem of “feminism,” but if you take a closer look at her, it’s not really feministic at all. She’s another cardboard stereotype and instance of lazy writing that does not create beautiful individuality and freedom for representation of women in media. She’s simply the same action female mold that’s repeated in film after film after film.

Basically, a badass woman who is a good fighter in an action movie is often NOT a step forward in feminism. What I consider a “stereotypical action woman” is one such female character that is an uninspired stereotype. Fiction characters that I consider more or less falling into this form include Black Widow (MCU), Gamora (especially first GOTG), and Tauriel (The Hobbit). Many other characters have lesser extents of this trope… you could even talk about Tigress from KFP having lots of these elements.

As much as you may hate me saying this… I feel as though Astrid hits nearly every bullet point on this list, especially if you look at her just in the first movie. This is where lots of people may criticize her character, or why many might not be “as intrigued” with her character as others in the franchise.

What is important to consider about Astrid is that she is still more than those bullets on the list. She is also the character who starts dorkily dancing when she is sleep deprived. She is also the character who thinks that yaknog is a good idea. She is also the character who repeatedly unfurls Hiccup’s dorsal fin in HTTYD 2 because she finds his reaction hilarious. She is also the character who grows from a fiery young girl who wants to fight her parents’ war… into a talented, confident, compassionate dragon rider. Astrid is given a lot more time, attention, and characterization than most “stereotypical action women” I see. She isn’t a Mary Sue who’s already perfect… not an action woman meant to be a pleasing aesthetic to an action movie… but an intricate young woman who still needs to grow and develop throughout her life’s journey.

It’s also, to note, that Heather is a lot more developed than this list, too.

So that’s the best way to consider whether or not a character is a Mary Sue, a stereotypical action woman, or some other worn-out trope. Is she more than the bullets on the list? Is she more than those bullets in a unique way? And if so, then she’s probably not some unappealing, uninspired cardboard cutout. Haha, and I would say that Astrid has far more dimension than cardboard! :)


I’ve read so many fics lately my heart has been bursting with feels and i hAVE to share them with you! The writers below, god I love every single one of them and hope my writing is as good as theirs one day!!!

But in no particular order, here we go!

(** = favorites)


OK but honestly now, there’s a whole lot more so I recommend just following her and binge-reading her stuff cause they’re all so fluffy and heartwarming and gahhhhhh. Traci. You da girl. 


This scenario made me feel all kind of ways after I finished it. It was one of those fics that I couldn’t just forget. Her writing is absolutely beautiful and it’s like I’m reading poetry. 


  • run (college au) **
  • grow (fantasy au)

ok yes I’m aware that both of them are yoongi scenarios yes I’m yoongi trash ok? ok but god…dreamscript and your writings…FRICKING A+


no its not smut. It’s actually one of the cutest, most adorable jimin scenario’s ive ever read and I’m not joking, I legit squealed.


(is it just me or did I seriously just rec all her fics that start with an m….)



  • give you the world (streetartist au) **
    • God. GOD. THIS ONE. tHIS ONE IS BY FAR one of the best fics I’ve read. It held so much emotion and the plot was beautiful and honestly the story just felt so real to me, I’m amazed. Jen, you are the definition of writer goals. I LOVE YOU! <3


  • dearly beloved (2 parts) (READ IT) **
    • *SCREAMS* is an accurate represenation of me the whole time I read this, goshhhhhh Jimin scenarios are honestly my weakness and tie in the whole “I hate you and you hate me but I actually love you but my pride and ego won’t allow for that ha nope” 

@exoticarmy127 **

Yes I just gave her actual account stars because I have read (I’m not joking) every single one of her stories and loved every single one like her writing is beyond this universe and yet it’s so simple and beautiful at the same time. I can even say that Kaye was the reason I wanted to start writing because I wanted to be able to read my works one day and say that “i wrote that” and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Kaye. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAYE for being an inspiration, an amazing and beautifully talented writer who manages to blow my mind every single time. 

For my followers who don’t know her, don’t even hesitate to read her works cause you will love them, a 100% guarantee from me. BUT I’ve still managed to compile my favorites from her writing below (probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do lol)

  • cold & hold me tight 
    • these two were one the first scenarios I read of Kaye’s and they had pulled me in asdfghjkl it was just so cute and so angst and so ajdnififisn
  • as promised 
    • daddy taehyung has got me weak in my feels. 
  • you, me, & the little things in between 
    • I think I cried a good bit with this cause my heart was too fragile for all the angst and cutesyness. 
  • laws of motion and attraction
    • low and behold the holy grail of Kaye’s work. This one was a rollercoaster of emotions and there were surprises at every single chapter that I had never anticipated and in a honestly, this was a real piece of art. 

BUT that’s all for now guys! Once I read any more, I’ll definately update the list and let you in on the great fics floating around on tumblr. But if you guys have any recommendations for me ( I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING SEND ME ANYTHING I LOVE ANYTHING ), just drop them in my ask or message me and we can fangirl about it together once I read it hahaha! 

Hope you guys enjoy the list and don’t forget to check out the other works of these writers too! They’re all amazing and truly talented!


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