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family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice


Throwback to NYCC 2015! I was so proud of putting this costume together (and still am!) 

My favourite part is probably the silver of the sleeves; the texture is all beads strung together one by one, and the left lower sleeve is detachable to reveal the torn part, so I can do either the Jotun arm or the regular undamaged look. 

I’ve been meaning to do another shoot with this for at least a year, but just haven’t gotten around to it (also want to do some work on the wig). Hopefully this year I’ll be able to do some more photos! 

Silhouette Cosplay 
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Night in the woods again :P, seems to be my thing now. Wonder what I’ll be doing anddrawing after Jack finishes the game. Watching this in the evening before going to sleep is my safe place. I love the voices, colours, dialogues, character’s and the game in general even more every episode.
Really liked the last one! It was so calming and yet still scary. This part was probably my favourite because it was just so thoughtful, that’s why I drew it obvs. Jack as Mae today cause he really identified with her last episode. We all kinda do. (Especially since she’s bi/pan. Like how awesome is that! I love this game for showing how normal being queer is. Gregg and Angus and now Mae :3)
I hope Jack gets better soon and am looking forward to the next episode!

“I told you I could even charm a mermaid, Cinder.”

I know, technically the prompt is “Pirate” but I love to mix pirates with mermaids and Thorne and Cress fit the respective tropes so perfectly. LLC is more fond of merman!Thorne (and I will have a pic for that, too) but I personally enjoy mermaid!Cress because it fits her so well … and it’s fun to draw.  ^.^ So, be prepared for a few more pics for my Pirate/Mermaid-AU.

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Favorite JoJo part besides Vento Aureo?

I’d definitely say JoJolion!

Maybe it’s because I’m getting to experience it as chapters come out, but I’m loving the mystery, and the chemistry between the members of the Higashikata family is really enjoyable, like how Hato and Joshu insult each other, or the way that Norisuke and Jobin get along. I’d love to see more of Mitsuba at some point.

Josuke is also probably my favourite JoJo overall; he’s got a lot of lighthearted quirks - sometimes missing social cues, or coming off stilted - but he can be pretty formidable and scary.
I love the villains a lot, too, and I can say that at least one of them has been genuinely terrifying to me thus far.

Honestly, overall, I think it combines strong elements of both parts 4 and 5 that I love - like some of the pacing of 4, and the gray morality and general uncertainty of 5. Its tonal shifts strike a good balance, I think.

My condolences to anyone whose ever lost me
And to anyone who got lost in me
Or to anyone who ever felt they took a loss with me
My apologies for the misunderstanding or lack thereof
I’m sorry you missed the God in me
And I’m sorry you missed the light
I’m sorry you forgot the way I rose like the moon, night after night with the burden to forgive
Eager to feed you everything
See, I’m a holy woman
I know what it’s like to give life to a being without ever needing to press skin against one another
I’ve practised how to hold my tongue long enough
I’m afraid I forgot to say goodbye
I’m afraid you’re under the impression that I was made to please you
I was under the impression you understood me better
The truth is, I’m a superwoman
And some days, I’m an angry woman
And some days, I’m a crazy woman
For still waiting, for still loving harder even if I’m aching
For still trusting that I’m still worth the most
For still searching for someone to understand me better
—  my favourite part of her album (via @crist-al)

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I'm the eliza+maggie enthusiast and I loved the fic about the pictures, maybe you could write one about how eliza weekly call to alex started to include maggie, first she asks about maggie, then to alex to give the phone to her and finally she just calls maggie right away 😊

“Hey mom,” Alex answers her phone on the couch, Maggie’s head turning from where she’s lying on Alex’s lap, turning down the TV so Alex can talk to her mom better. 

Phone calls from Eliza have become a weekly occurrence since Alex came out, since Eliza found out about her daughter and Maggie, and Maggie is glad because Alex never used to smile when Eliza rang, always used to wince slightly when she saw her mom’s name flash up on the screen, but now she answers and she smiles and she laughs and jokes with Eliza. Alex had also started opening up to Eliza more, telling her more about Maggie, and Eliza had gotten better at asking questions that didn’t centre around work or Kara and instead focussed on Alex. What Alex was doing, what journal she was reading, how her and Maggie were, whether they spent enough time together with their crazy work schedules and Alex was finally reconnecting with Eliza. 

“Yeah, everything’s fine with work. Yes Kara’s fine mom, I don’t know why you’re asking me I know you’ve phoned her too,” Alex rolls her eyes at that and Maggie chuckles. “Yes I’m eating! Mom I’m not a child! Well yes maybe Maggie is cooking for me but-no! Mom no I’m not making her cook she offers too oh my god mom just ask her yourself!” Alex rolls her eyes harder and passes Maggie the phone.

“She wants to talk to you,” Alex mutters under her breath and Maggie grins and Alex can’t help the smile that escapes her lips because her mom, her mom who has always pushed her so hard to be better, to be more, is finally easing up. Is finally realising that Alex is enough as she is and is embracing her brilliance and her daughter’s girlfriend with open arms. And Alex couldn’t be happier, and neither could Maggie, because Maggie has a family. Maggie has Eliza, who checks up on her when she checks up on her other daughters. Maggie has a new little sister in Kara who has roped her into sister nights every so often, and she has brothers in Winn and James and her very own space dad in J'onn who has welcomed her into the DEO and into their family with open arms because anyone who makes Alex happy is more than worthy of my time, is more than family.

So Maggie grins and she grabs the phone and she sits up on the couch next to Alex.

“Hey Eliza! Yeah it was my aunt’s recipe, it’s pretty easy to make, I can show you next time Alex and I come up to visit. Yeah that works too,” Maggie laughs and Alex can’t really hear her mom on the other side but she hears Maggie’s “I know she wolfs it down like it’s going to disappear,” and she knows they’re talking about Alex’s mile a minute eating.

“You only don’t eat that fast because you know Kara wouldn’t steal food off your plate mom!” Alex shouts from where she’s moved to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and she hears a faint laugh from the other end of the phone.

“Your mom says you used to eat that fast even before Kara, apparently you were a chubby baby too,” and Maggie laughs as Alex’s cheeks redden.

“Give me the phone,” Alex deadpans as she returns to the couch and Maggie grins and shakes her head as she continues her conversation with Eliza. Alex just shakes her head, smiling softly at how content her girlfriend is talking to her mom.

Eventually Maggie hands the phone over to Alex and Alex chats with Eliza for a while before saying her goodbyes and she sits back on the couch, pecking Maggie on the lips.

“You know my mom might as well call you instead of demanding I give the phone to you every time we speak.”

“Oh she does. She phoned me yesterday because she wanted to ask me about a case we were working on, something to do with her research.”

Alex sits up, mocking offence. “So now my girlfriend is the first port of call for my mom when she talks about aliens, not her own alien daughter, or special ops alien fighting daughter. Fine!” Alex huffs, but she grins and she pulls Maggie back down into her lap, leaning down and smoothing some hair behind Maggie’s ear before kissing her softly.

“Special ops alien fighting daughter. Is that your official job title now?”

“Shut up,” Alex grins. “But seriously, I’m glad she calls you, I’m glad you’re close.“

“Me too Danvers, me too. The Danvers women have become a pretty important part of my life.”

“I’m still your favourite though, right?” Alex cocks her eyebrow and Maggie laughs.

“I don’t know, if it weren’t for Kara’s awful taste in Netflix binge watching she’d probably be my first choice." 

"Pfft It’s a good job you’re cute Sawyer.”


“Yeah, and I mean the fact I love you helps a little bit.”

Maggie laughs and she pulls Alex downs for another kiss. “I love you too and I love your mom and I love Kara, but I’m head over heels, would move mountains and oceans for you in love with you.”

With that Alex smiles softly and almost in embarrassment because she’s still not fully used to Maggie, this wonderful, amazing, beautiful, strong woman loving her and telling her so. But she’s learning, she’s learning how to be happy and how to be loved.

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Hello!!! For the color palette challenge, I was wondering if you could do pallet #5 with the word ‘dream’. (uwu)

Dreams full of magic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I’ve noticed that all of my cinnamon roll sims always shake hands with Grim! 

Thank you @shipofsims for Alvin! I’ve always felt bad that I probably didn’t show him enough because it was a double heir generation, but he’s still a part of my favourite Fletcher timeline and hopefully we’ll see him again one day! I’ve enjoyed having him in my game. He’s super unique-looking and produced some beautiful kids, he was the best spouse for Paris and I loved his interaction with my other sims ♥

Not Meant to Be

a/n: enjoy! #4 & 16 from prompt
It was so sudden, Kol coming back to his new body after months of being reacquainted with his own.

Nobody knew how it had happened, his human body being safety kept in the same room they kept Rebekah’s human body (as weird as that was), but it had happened. One moment he was asleep in his bed as a vampire, the next waking up in the room downstairs as a human.

You all spent most of the day figuring out the what’s and the why’s and how’s until Davina let out “I did it.” To say you were shocked was an understatement, she was his girlfriend after all. “You… why?” He asked, he sounded small, so unlike himself. She shrugged “I just thought you’d be happier like this-you told me you loved your magic side, your human side, you said it made you feel like yourself, like you had all the control, I just- figured that’s what you would want.”

You looked at Hayley who looked at you with raised brows, both of you trying hard to look busy with the argument that was going on, “but tha’s not really your decision is it?” Kol pressed, making Davina sigh “look it’s not like I did it on purpose with anything in mind other than helping you.”

“HELPING me?! Tha’s what you get from switching me body back to this?” You could tell she had gotten frightened from the tone he took on next “look, I can understand where you’re coming from but you didn’t have any right to do that, I didn’t ask you to, you may have thought tha’s what’s best for me but next time you need to ask, you need to ask the person if tha’s what they want, or need.” “Kol..” “I need you to leave.” You took an intake of breath as you saw Davina rush by you, tears blurring her eyes.

Hayley and you stayed quiet before seeing Kol run upstairs, slamming the door behind him. “That was..” you nodded, looking up at Hayley with a frown “yeah..” Klaus walked in with a look on his face before Hayley filled him in, “knew I should’ve killed that witch when I had the chance.. what is it with witches and their mess-” you glared at him, raising your hand “helloooo I’m part witch.” He smiled “yes and you are the acceptation.. the only smart choice my brothers ever made regarding witches.” You sighed, yes Kol and you had dated, once upon a time ago. And while he might’ve moved on, you had tried and tried to no avail. But you were happy for him, when you had found out. Cause underneath it all you knew Kol could be quite the sweetheart when he wanted to.

“So it’s settled then, you’ll go give him a talk.” You snapped at Klaus “what?!” He smiled “s'the only possible solution, he won’t want to talk to me, Hayley he hardly knows, Bek’s is gone.” You sighed before nodding “fine.”

Stomping up he stairs you decided, maybe you were the best person to talk to him. God knows you drove him up the wall when you dated, talking to him till you were blue in the face, as he always said. You’d talk and talk until he got you to shut up, him not being able to handle it anymore. You smiled, knocking on the door, not hearing a response you went for the door handle, hissing in pain as he had drenched it in vervain.

Now you were upset. Pushing open the, strangely unlocked door you saw Kol laying on his bed, bottle of whiskey in hand. You smiled, shutting the door behind you and stood at the foot of the bed fighting a smile. “What no time for cups? Jus’ taking it from the bottle now?” You saw him fight a twitch of his lips before you smiled “it was a mistake Kol, you know everyone makes one of those.. even you.” You walked over, sitting at the desk as he took a sip. Silent.

“And Why are you ignoring me?” He shook his head “not ignoring you, listening darling, you should know I did a lot of tha’ when we were together. As you know.” Ah. There it is. He’d never let you live it down, the fact you talked him up and down the walls. Still you raised your brows “well s'good thing we’re not talking about the past, and I’m here to listen to you. So talk.”

He nodded, sitting up “fine. You want me to talk?” He pursed his lips before spouting standing up “let’s talk about how my girlfriend switched my body WITHOUT my consent, let’s talk about how she thinks it was BEST for me, let’s talk about how she thinks it’s OKAY to make MY decisions for ME, let’s talk about how she could care BLOODY FUCKIN’ LESS WHAT I HAVE TO say!” You jumped as each word got louder and louder flinching as he threw the bottle at the wall, a quiet “sorry.” Coming from him as he saw your gaze flinch and hit the ground, you shook your head “it’s okay.. you’re talking that’s good.”

He nodded before taking another bottle out of the cabinet, which made you stand up “maybe you’ve had enough?” It was true, his movements were sloppy and slow, unsteady with his new longer, taller body and considering he was human you didn’t need him getting hurt. “Kol, I’m not gonna tell you how to feel but like I said everyone makes mistakes, you can ask her to switch you back to your old body, or I can!” You smiled, trying to remain positive, he shook his head “no, what I want to do is sit here and drink, jus’ drink.” You rolled your eyes, always one to pick the mature way to handle situations. “And you’re gonna drink with me.” You shook your head “no, ’m not.” He smirked, handing you the bottle, “someone’s gotta take care of your drunken self.” He rolled his eyes “I’m a grown man y/n nobody’s gotta take care of me.” You nodded, fine. Alright. You were getting tired of hiding these feelings, you were tired of pretending to be fine, you weren’t lying when you said you were happy for him but it was tough.

Grabbing the bottle by the neck you smiled, standing up “fine.” Taking a swig you missed the satisfied smirk on his face, his lips wet with the whiskey he already drank. You ended up sitting on the edge of his bed, him taken your previous spot at his desk as you exchanged the bottle, exchanging horror stories and things to make the other laugh.

“Mmmmm alright, wha’ wha’ is the biggest lie a bloke’s ever told you?” You bit a giggle as you said “that he’s got..big feet.” You couldn’t help the laugh escape you as his face lit with understanding and he smiled “fair ‘nough” you smiled making a grabby hand, “hand over the bottle.” He handed the bottle, smiling as you took chugs of it before you hummed, the alcohol making your body feel like a live wire.

“What is your favorite perk of being human again?” He smiled, “the hangovers are my least favourite, but we’ll talk about that later.” You both laughed before he said “probably feeling alive again. Feeling love and affection.” Your lip wobbled before letting out a laugh “whatta sap! That’s a bunch of bullshit!” His lips quirked at the ends before he nodded “all right, you wanna know my favourite part?”

You nodded, lips twitching before he leaned forward, hands touching the bottle you were still holding, eyes bright blue against yours “my favourite part is being able to feel someone else pressed up against me, kiss them and leave however many marks on them and be able to make someone’s toes curl.”

You bit a gasp as his fingers brushed against yours, instead you croaked “you probably could do that when you were a vampire.” He nodded, eyes glazing over your face before saying “but I don’t have to concentrate on not tearing into them, not biting them or hearing the blood rush through their veins, I can just be with them.” You nodded, it made sense, you just didn’t know why he was being so descriptive to you.

He grabbed the bottle from you, downing most of it before asking “alright, you go, what’s your favourite part of being a vampir-no heretic?” You smiled, him saying heretic all fancy like. Grabbing the bottle back you took gulps of it, wiping your lips with the back of your hand, ignoring his burning stare “mmm the heightened emotions, feeling everything a thousand times more than I’d normally would, just makes everything so much better.”

He had a daring smirk, even the devil would feel uneasy about. Taking notice of it you shifted uncomfortably, standing up on uneasy legs, “but anyway… what is-” “y/n..” he croaked, you licked your lips “mhmm?” “Come sit please.. unless your gonna make me walk.” You snorted, making him laugh “What was that?” You shook your head a smile on your face “nothing you idiot.” He smiled, beckoning you over with a sleepy grin “C'mere.”

You hesitated before walking over, sitting on the edge of the bed “I’m here, whaddya want?” He smiled “that your real favourite part?” You rolled your eyes, a smile on your face, face reddening “yes you big fool.” “Oi! Am not a fool!” You laughed, opening your eyes seeing him holding his chest, offended.

“You are.” You nodded, feeling the hazy warm feeling your head was, realizing just how tipsy you were. “Tha’ hurts me, really hurts me.” You laughed “well if we’re talking about hurting each other, your vervain ridden doorknob hurt me, you burned my hand.” He looked up “oh yeah? Wha’ hand?” You laughed, raising your left hand, smiling as he said “give it here!”

Rolling your eyes you held out your hand to him, laughing a bit as he “inspected” it, all laughter dying in your throat as he pressed a kiss to first your fingertips, then your palm and then the inside of your wrist. You pulled back your hand once he was finished with “better?” Nodding you whispered “was just the palm though.” He nodded “so it was.”

Licking your lips you avoided his gaze, that is until he perked up saying “Le’s play a game.” “A game?” He smiled “yes you twit a game.” You slapped his shoulder before saying “what’s the game?” He smiled “drinking game! Whoever the bottle lands on they have to drink and reveal….” he was thinking before his eyes lit with a devilish glint “reveal where they’re most liked spot to be kissed is.” You gaped “what?!” He laughed, like it was the greatest thing in the world “unless you’re not brave enough.” Giving you a look, you glared before saying “spin it.”

So far you found the same loved kiss spots you’d known, behind his ear, his collar bone, and oddly enough his bottom lip. And he found the same ones he’d known about you, your breastbone, throat, jaw, between the brows. “This games no fun, we know everything.” He blew out his lips before asking “do we?” You nodded before adding “and if there is anything else I wouldn’t want to know.”

He snickered before moving to sit beside you on the bed, making your breath hitch in your throat “you’d be surprised..” you rolled your eyes moving to stand up “some of us don’t find you as amusing and attractive still like Davina.” Ouch. Even to your own tipsy ears you heard it.

Looking at him he had a frown before saying “is that so?” You shrugged before taking the bottle from his hands, taking a drink and passing it back to him, oddly quite in the room when he stood “cause I think you’re bluffing.” You smiled “I wouldn’t be too sure of yourself.” Turning to look at him you laughed as he said “I’m sure of myself everyday.”

Both of you giggling like fools when you put your hand on his chest to stabilize yourself, “babe..” he murmured, making you look up, brows furrowed “can I?…” he left off as he leaned in, brushing cheeks with you, lips kissing the side of your mouth, giving you the option, he wasn’t going to force anything on the two of you. “Kol.. you have a girlfriend.. you’re drunk.” He smiled against your cheek “slightly tispy my lo’.” “Girlfriend?” You tried again, gasping as he whispers “I’m breaking it off, s'not the one for me.”

You frowned “you still-you should do it now..” you sighed as he lowered his head his lips pressing against your neck “Kol..” he moaned against your neck “Lo’ jus’.. jus’ I need you. let me worry about Davina.” You bit your lip, you weren’t a cheater, but the wandering hands on his lips being everywhere at once was a little too much for you.

Pulling your shirt over your head he smiled, pressing his lips against any available spot of skin, until you pulled at the buttons of his shirt, both of you eager to get it off, “blasted butto-” he broke off as you bust into giggles, and once you finally had it off he smiled into your skin, pressing kiss after kiss to your throat, trailing down your chest, holding your waist as he pressed a kiss to your sternum, trailing lower until he popped open the buttons on your jeans and slid them down your legs, smiling when you kicked them off.

By this point you were sitting fully on his bed, pulling him closer by the belt loops until your hands worked at his belt, his hands catching your wrists before all but kicking his pants off and hovering over you, sliding the last bit of both your clothing off, a mess of kissing and moans.

You sighed, feeling cool sheets underneath you, smell of whiskey and cologne in the air, opening your eyes you groaned, yep. The hangovers definitely suck, and for you since you were half human it was just as bad, no loopholes. Looking next to you, you gaped at the bare chested sleeping Kol, bruises and bites scattering his skin, looking around his room you gasped seeing a mixture of your clothes, his clothes and… that dreaded whiskey. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. You bit your lip deciding what to do. Number one of your thing NOT to do was this, sleeping with Kol was not going to help him. Number two was to get the fuck out of here.

Slowly trying to move out of the albeit wayyyyy too comfortable bed, you were good, good until your foot stubbed the dresser, causing a glass to fall off his dresser, breaking. Fuck. You glanced over at Kol as the bed moved, seeing him yawn and ask “wha’s happening?” You smiled sheepishly as he eyed you, eyed your bare back, and eyed the clothes strewn across the floor. “I’m-I was just leaving. I’m sorry.” You got up to move when he said “did something break?” You nodded, “just a glass but it’s okay I can-” he groaned, rubbing his face with his hands before getting out of bed, throwing a pair of boxers on and saying “stay there, I’ll get something to clean it, don’t want you getting cut.” You rolled your eyes “I’ll be fine.” But you waited.

You watched as he bent down to your knee level, cleaning up the glass shards, making sure every bit of it was clean before asking “what’d you break it when you were tryin’ skip out on me?” You blushed in shame, he had a quirky smirking mouth so you knew he was teasing but still. “I-” “relax babe, m'joking, but we probably should..” he coughed “talk about it.” Sitting down on the bed next to you, you stiffened “what’s there to talk about?” He sighed “we did sleep together, I do have a girlfriend, that even though I’m gonna break up with I still have to do.” “Don’t.” You choked out “don’t break up with her, it’s-she made a mistake and.. so did you.” “This-you think I think this was a mistake?” The tone in his voice hurt you, sounding like a small child like version of himself. Insecure.

You sighed “point is, there’s nothing to talk about Kol, yes this was a mistake, it was a drunken mistake that’s all it was. I was supposed to talk to you, make you feel better, not sleep with you.” “Well you did make me feel better.” You laughed, your eyes boiling over with frustrated sad tears, jumping a bit when his hand smoothed over your back “hey..” looking at him he whispered “I don’t regret this.. you and I. It’s the best thing tha’s ever happened to me.” You licked your lips, looking forward before whispering “that doesn’t change the fact that you have a girlfriend and I’m not-I wasn’t a cheater. This was a drunken mistake and I’m sorry.”

His hand left your back as he sat back, watching you dress before asking “tha’s it then?” You choked back a sob, nodding “I don’t know what else you want me to say.” You heard the bed creak before he had his arm around your shoulder, lips pressed to your ear “stay. Stay with me.” You frowned, brows furrowed “Kol..” “baby..” you frowned deeper, you had to keep the sob in “I have to go.” You thought for a while you were gonna have to pull his arm off when he asked, full of hope, thinking this was his last ditch effort “have you ever regretted us?” You licked your lips, yes, no, yes, no, no, no, “yes.” He then finally let it fall from your shoulders and he watched as you grabbed your shoes, running out of his room and slamming the door behind you.

Taking the stairs two at a time, you missed Klaus coming from the kitchen watching curiously as you ran and made it outside, leaning against the brick walls you slipped on your shoes and bit your lip, holding back the pent up tears till you finally let it break, till you finally did cry, the true words you should’ve said to him 'Not Even For A Second’ whispered from your lips.


Part 2: Favourite PS2 games

Thought I’d make another favourite PS2 game post since, even though the one I made yesterday included all my favourites, there were still a load missing…So here it is. Part 1:


One of my favourite parts of the AJ game is that Phoenix likes to present himself as this kind of oddball quirky laid-back dude, who has this small little life of taking care of his daughter and playing piano + poker - it’s not much, but he seems fairly happy.

Until you remember that he’s actually a sad fuck who chooses to cut out reminders of his past so that he doesn’t have to remember how he lost everything seven years ago.