still my favourite part

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice

“I told you I could even charm a mermaid, Cinder.”

I know, technically the prompt is “Pirate” but I love to mix pirates with mermaids and Thorne and Cress fit the respective tropes so perfectly. LLC is more fond of merman!Thorne (and I will have a pic for that, too) but I personally enjoy mermaid!Cress because it fits her so well … and it’s fun to draw.  ^.^ So, be prepared for a few more pics for my Pirate/Mermaid-AU.

I always get super uncomfortable when people draw naruto as this uber manly hurly burly GRRRR masculine dude 

cause like have u seen him?

pls don’t forget about this part of him it’s literally the most important thing thank u

HAPPY (belated) 1st ANNIVERSARY!

One year now, over 600 hours, and I am still in awe at the sight of Mira’s beauty every single time I turn on the goddamn game. I never thought XCX would take my heart that easily, and although Xenoblade Chronicles is a fucking good game, and X has many flaws, I believe it still sneaked it’s way up to my favourite part of the two. It offered me everything I ever wished for in a game since I… play videogames. A huge world that is absolutely free to explore, where you can go everywhere. LITERALLY. You can FLY. TO. EVERY. SINGLE. ROCK. YOU SEE. IN A GIANT FIGHTING ROBOT. WHAT? The planet is filled with diverse landscapes, beautiful and deadly like the creatures living on it. It has characters that are diverse and loveable, and a story that is… short, but intriguing nonetheless. The music is just awesome. And I don’t need to mention the awesome and loving fanbase.
….And it has Elma. Do you need more convincing?
No. No you don’t.

Also, and that is to me really important on another level, it inspired me to draw so much. Like no other game ever managed to do so before. The progress I have made over this year thanks to the game is enormous. I love you for that, X. Thank you.


🇦🇺 Happy Australia Day everyone! 🇦🇺

🇮🇳Happy Republic Day too! 🇮🇳

Hopefully everyone is having a rad day so far! I went and saw Passengers today which was rowdy and honestly my favourite parts were the stills of space with its galaxies and nebulas. ✨
Also I stopped by the muji and kikki.k store !!

Neat beat: never be like you by Flume ft Kai
((Gotta get that triple j top song on here))

Awesome Angry Fairy Princess

One reason why I love Strange Magic is that Marianne is allowed to be ANGRY. I’m not referring to her facial expression, not that that isn’t awesome, too.

Roland betrayed her, and even when her father sides with that ass, she refuses to swallow the shit Roland’s trying to hand her and smile and give him another chance like a “good girl” should, but kicks his ass instead. The “Stronger” scene is where I fell in love with the movie, and it’s still one of my favourite parts.

Instead of absorbing abuse and making herself as small and accomodating to others as possible, she respects herself and takes care of herself.

And while the movie goes on to show that isolating herself completely is harmful and opening up to someone who deserves this trust is a good thing, I never had the impression it tried to paint her initial reaction as wrong — I read it so that she needed the time and focus on herself to heal.

There is so much pressure on girls and women to neglect their own needs and feelings and “be nice” and “just give him a chance”, and stories that treat female characters as things and trophies where of course the guy who wants a certain gal gets her in the end, Strange Magic was for me a very needed breath of fresh air.

Sherlock: The Final Problem

There is SO much I loved about this episode, but I’m still trying to get over it, so this list of my favourite parts will be all over the place as I recall different parts of the show…

1. Sherlock and John pranking Mycroft
2. Mrs Hudson telling Mycroft where the kettle was
3. The moment with the bomb where Sherlock complimented Mycroft
5. Mycroft trying to provoke Sherlock into killing him
6. Trevor
7. The appearance of Moriarty
8. Sherlock finally fulfilling his dream of being a pirate
9. Mrs Hudson hoovering with music blasting from her earphones
10. Molly being so emotional
11. The moments between John and Sherlock in which they reminded each other they had to be soldiers
12. The fact the skull and the headphones (and the chair) survived the blast
13. Greg called Sherlock a “good man”
14. Sherlock crying over his best friends
15. Sherlock trying to kill himself
16. The plane
17. The graves
18. Sherlock remembering his past
19. Sherlock and John raising Rosie together
20. The Baker Street Boys
21. Mycroft showing his emotions
22. Brotherly bonding between the Holmes
23. Sherlock hugging Euros
24. Sherlock destroying Molly’s coffin
25. Sherlock being called “the adult” in comparison to Mycroft
26. Sherlock playing the Sherlock theme with Euros
27. Mary and her final message
28. The remaking of the flat
29. John spray painting the face
30. Sherlock shooting the wall
31. The puppet
32. John showing his knowledge about guns
33. Sherlock being flustered by all the puzzles
34. Sherlock being comfortable handling Rosie
35. John moving back in to 221B
36. Their faces as they jumped out the windows of the flat
37. Brother mine
38. The run out of the building at the very end
39. Mycroft being scolded
40. Sherlock SHOUTING that John should listen to the truth because it is a FAMILY issue
41. John hating the brother’s fighting
42. John coming up with the idea to scare Mycroft shitless
43. Euros not letting Sherlock kill himself
44. The lack of glass
45. Sherlock using an accent
46. The brief clips from John and Sherlock’s life together after the events of the final problem
47. The fact that the final problem was Sherlock’s first problem
48. The Holmes parents being able to see their children perform a violin duet
49. Euros’ motive being simple jealousy and loneliness
50. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

I probably could keep on going but I shall stop there to save you the trouble of having to read them all/scroll past this ridiculously long post. I can’t believe this is the end. This show has been fantastic and I don’t know what I will do without it and the characters that it brought to life and made me care for, so very much.


Superman vs Muhammad Ali


Do you guys remember when Hussie tweeted one of my original posts alongside an image edit he’d made turning it into an announcement for the new SBaHJ?

And then a bunch more of my faves including Toby Fox commented on it?

Because I do, and it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

rose-grangerweasleyisbae  asked:

Omg Hannah you should totally do that! Make Sims! I would totally do it for you if you wanted but I have 0 skills and no Sims, and i'd probably ruin ur vieuw on hiw they look, but still, omg u should!!!!

To be honest my favourite part of sims is making the characters so I don’t mind doing it XD

Please stop asking me questions about working for Lush Cosmetics!
  • I’m not mad at you anon I promise
  • I can’t bring myself to talk about it anymore
  • I know I always praised it but it was horrible for my mental health and kind of like an abusive relationship
  • I love lush products for the most part - I’ll still tell you my favourite things etc (ultrabland is amazing)
  • I just don’t want to talk about the company itself because i don’t need to be dragging it and saying super negative things on the internet
  • come off anon! make a throwaway! we can have a one on one conversation about what happened to you too.

keeping up the trend of only talking about my swtor progress, I’m… done with kotfe! I managed to wrangle my character’s arc into something that could… work with the whole Destined Ruler stuff and that’s gone fairly well, for all that she’s still Not Doing Great

makeb remains my favourite plotline but parts of kotfe came close, especially the beginning, and I have to give it credit for really selling the tension and disorientation and anger when it kicked off

less so later but it still had its high points? overall it was a fun time if… not exactly what I’d been looking for