still my favourite interview


“Michael Mann’s Heat. And the reason I say that is because… I probably watch it once or twice a year and everytime I watch it I find something new in it. It’s the most precise thriller really of our modern era.”


Still be my favourite interview



“And funny…”

“I’m aware of that. I’m hilarious.”

“And athletic. You’re very good at basketball.”

This interview (x) is still one of my favourites <3

Pretty much just them arguing over how amazing Josh is. And back when Josh used to wear A LOT of waistcoats HAHHA. <3 <3 <3

If anyone knows who made these gifs, please let me know so I can credit them. I found them on google haha.


Gillian Anderson’s Self Portrait, The Guardian, June 2015

“You know sometimes people respond to you because they’ve been told you’re famous but they don’t know why, and they just wanna get your autograph because you’re famous. And that, does not give me a hit. [When asked if that affects personal relationships] It is harder…like the boys starting a new school here and wanting to feel a part of the community of parents. And also knowing that the minute that I kind of step into a room, it shifts things, and wishing that it wouldn’t shift things.”


this was always like my favourite interview ever and still is


This is still my favourite thing in the world


Still one of my favourite Richard Armitage interviews