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Finally ready to start posting pieces from my Johtodex project.  The goal is to paint a watercolor of every Pokemon in the original Johto regional Pokedex using their original GBC color pallets.

Starting things off with the Johto starters, still personally my favorite batch of starters from any generation.  The first of which is Chikorita’s evolution line.  I love how this spunky turnip becomes a feisty herb and then a majestic pacifist flower.

Jeremy Heere is a Slytherin

fight me.

yes, I’ve seen that Joe Tracz said him and Michael and Christine are Hufflepuffs, but look at the characters.

Christine?? sure. she can be hufflepuff. we don’t see a ton of her character, but she’s very kindhearted and I can believe that’s her house. I wouldn’t put her in any other, I see the most hufflepuff traits in her.

Michael is the definition Hufflepuff. loyal, brave, kind, hardworking. he’s literally always looking out for jeremy, even when he ditches him and LITERALLY blocks him out of his life. he goes to approach jeremy’s dad who hasn’t done anything for his son in years, because michael is worried about the dick who wants nothing to do with him, saves the day, fights a literal supercomputer who he has gathered information on even though it’s not even available on the internet. he never gives up on jeremy, the loyalty is what sticks out to me most to say yes, he’s a hufflepuff.

Jeremy?? no, he is not hufflepuff. that’s incredibly wrong. from the very start, we see that underlying ambition which leads the story. ambition is one of the leading characteristics of slytherin. in two player game, michael shows his lack of ambition, shrugging off their loser status and saying he cant wait for college. (Nobody here appreciates, but soon we’ll be together where they do, cause guys like us are cool in college, cool in college, this I know). however, jeremy says “you know that you are my favorite person. that doesn’t mean that I can’t still dream”. michael doesn’t go ahead and agree with him, because he doesn’t have that ambition to move up the social ladder. but jeremy does!! when he is presented with an opportunity to be more chill (roll credits), he takes it. PAUSE. now, let me remind you: perhaps in Slytherin/You’ll make your real friends/Those cunning folks use any means/To achieve their ends.
when the squip explains optic nerve blocking to Jeremy, he is willing to ditch–no, not ditch, literally delete from his life–his best (and one of his only) friend in the name of becoming cool. THIS IS NOT HUFFLEPUFF. I 100% believe that if michael were in this situation, he would not agree to block out jeremy. his loyalty would win through–he’s a hufflepuff and fiercely loyal! but jeremy’s doesn’t. not at all. he picks his ambitions over his friend–using any means to achieve his ends. his choice to sacrifice his friend for his personal ambition is the defining moment that makes me say, yes, he’s a slytherin. PSA: SLYTHERIN DOES NOT EQUAL EVIL. JEREMY IS NOT EVIL. he’s ambitious. jeremy is a decent guy, most of the time. but he’s not a hufflepuff. fight me.

also if you ship boyf riends slytherin x hufflepuff is the cutest ship this is not up for debate sooo

Since Damian has no middle name, his family comes up with random middle names for him so they can use his full name when yelling at him. Some gems: 

“Damian Satan Wayne, where the frick are my tap shoes?!" 

"Damian Batman Wayne the Great, I swear to god if you don’t let Two Face go right now I’ll make Alfred take away your ice cream privileges for a week!”

“Damian Beyonce Wayne get down here right now!" 

"Damian Sparkly Princess Wayne! Give me back my tator tots!" 

"Damian Jason-Is-The-Coolest Wayne, hold still so I can shoot you!" 

And my personal favorite: "Damian Proof-That-Bruce-Slept-With-Talia-Al-Ghul Wayne! Let Tim out of that cage right this instant!" 


Shoutout to @taffydesu for creating this beautiful, amazing, adorable JeanMarco art that I can cuddle with now.
I am obsessed, so here you go, have a picture of my face because I am too excited about this. 😁♥️

the kylo ren concept art is really telling honestly

what we could have had: scary cyborg villian (space hamlet much)

what we got: pretty boy scar, obviously not trying to look too scary (or goofy), hes still clearly human… showing that humanity

and of course my personal favorite: (im not screaming gray jedi/redemption arc, I just have a blue lightsaber for the aesthetic)

(Well I haven’t been able to see their ocean world, but I gotta say the diver is just the sweetest thing~ And we have so much in common! We both like to explore, travel distances, learn about our history and make friends with the local fauna. Also we both love to communicate via chirps! We could practically be related hehe~)

hajime hinata sprite ratings

sore wa chigau yoi’m here today to do a comprehensive rating on hajime’s sprites from super dangan ronpa 2. without any further ado, let’s begin. 0 = i love my boy and 10 = im crying right now he’s so perfect

a classic! shows his personality. he’s serious, and he’s ready to solve some mysteries. however, he could smile a bit more. >:O. 9/10 

deep in thought. i wonder what he’s thinking about. don’t disturb his pondering. 6/10

he’s startled! mildly disturbed. he might have just encountered the death of a friend. oh no. however, he still has gorgeous eyes and perfect eyeliner. his face is soft, he has the look of a friend. :O 8/10

whatever you just said might’ve made him somewhat uncomfortable. please apologize. 8/10

sore wa chigau yo! 10/10

he looks quite unhappy. not as A Friend as other hajimes. he’s frustrated. 6/10

an angery boy. however, he is still soft and despite the fact that he looks like he’d punch you, he’d probably only swear at you for a couple minutes and then chill out again. 7/10

like if you would ask him what’s wrong….. repost if you’d wipe away his tears….. in all seriousness, though. this hajime does not deserve to be sad…. 1/10, only because it hurts me for me to see him sad

that is one loud boy! he’s in Super Shock/Horror! D:< 6/10

this boy is about to tell you why exactly everything you just said is wrong. and honestly, i’d let him. another classic hajime. 8/10

:O?! this is one creeped out boy. he is still very cute though. 9/10

Hajime’s In Denial. however, hajime… as they all say. denials just a river in egypt. on the other hand, this could be him shutting you down after you said something incredibly stupid. 7/10

hajime “what the fuck” hinata. 9/10, please help him. he’s about to go off the deep end- you can see it in his eyes. that does not make him any less perfect, though.

the most despairing sprite. please, help him. please. 2/10

the context of this sprite is that he’s in the middle of a very important exam and he’s not even halfway through and he just heard the teacher say that there is 30 minutes left. he’s under pressure but he remains determined. >:o  7.5/10

a pure, good hajime. beautiful sprite, one of the only one where he’s genuinely smiling- where you can see his angelic smile. 15/10

hajime, while thinking, also accidentally does a nya. >:oc…. 9/10

look at this photograph. it’s so beautiful and pure. he’s so happy. he’s grinning joyously- his smile is like sunshine after 1000 years of rain. it lights up my life, im crying right now. he’s too good. hes … too good. .. 20/10

why is his mouth like that. he’s clearly in distress, as evidenced by his spikey hair and clenched teeth, and upset eyebrows. 6/10

he’s thinking but people all around him are yelling. he can’t think straight and nobody will shut up. he’s still nyaing. >’:Ic 8/10

“ehehe.” this is one of my personal favorites. it might be because i too make this face a lot, but look at him. there isn’t much to say about him. he’s just beautiful. 10/10

shh…. be quiet…. he’s thinking. he’s thinking or he’s really fed up with you and your bullshit. either u_u or -_-. he could also be resting. 9/10 let him rest 

sweaty . not nyaing anymore. 7/10

something puzzling has just come up! he’s confused. “what the hell” he thinks. >:o???? 8/10


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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