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The New Gulliver - Directed by Aleksandr Ptushko, Soviet Union. The world’s first feature length stop-motion animation film. Released in 1935 to widespread acclaim it earned Ptushko a special prize at the International Cinema Festival in Milan. (image via In Search of Pagan Hollywood). View the film in it’s entirety on YouTube:

Bing Crosby and Mary Pickford on the set of the short, Hollywood on Parade,1933.  

This short film was made in order to make money for the Motion Picture Relief Fund (Mary was the vice president and one of its founders), which helped support out of work and struggling actors and actresses.  

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OMYGOD!!!! (Spoilers for Teen Wolf)

OHMYGOD OHMYGOD I Just realised something whilst scrolling through the Stydia tag on tumblr (’cause that’s what people do at 7:20 in the morning). OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!! ASDFGHJKL!!!!!

In Season 1 Stiles said “My 10 year plan to make Lydia fall in love with me may now have to stretch to 15 but the plan is definitely still in motion.”

He’s been in love with Lydia since the third grade. Which means 

  1. 3rd grade
  2. 4th grade
  3. 5th grade
  4. 6th grade
  5. 7th grade
  6. 8th grade
  7. Freshman year
  8. Sophmore Year
  9. Junior Year
  10. and they are currently in Senior Year

10 FRICKIN YEARS!!!! HIS PLAN WORKED!!!! It took 10 years for his crush to fall in love with him, and in the 10th year she finally realised it. (Forgive me if I got the school years wrong, we do it differently in Australia.)

I can’t. Omfg. Well done Stiles. Well done.

- 1runw1thwolves212


“Ah. Well, the 10-year plan for making Lydia fall in love with me may have to stretch to 15, but the plan is definitely still in motion.” -Stiles Stilinski, 2x12

“Remember, I love you.” -Stiles Stilinski to Lydia Martin, 6x01

“I think I loved him.” -Lydia Martin, 6x02

“I never said it back.” -Lydia Martin to Stiles Stilinski, 6x10



(I had to.)

Fenris jerks his arm away so quickly Hawke is worried they’ve hurt him but, immediately after, he shoots them a guilty look and awkwardly flexes his fingers.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“Did I do something wrong?” Hawke asks, brows knitted together.

Fenris only shakes his head, lips in a thin line, and seems to drift into thought for a moment. They’re worried but he hasn’t moved; he seems content to stay sprawled on his stomach on their bed next to them even with his arm tucked closer than before. Finally, slowly, he stretches it back out over the pillow next to their head.

“What were you doing?” he asks, quieter.

“I’ve never really felt them before.” Hawke explains, hand hovering over the lyrium scarring on Fenris’ arm. His eyes follow the motion, still so cautious, but he doesn’t move this time. “Usually I, uh, try not to mess with them. I should have asked.”

Fenris shrugs, shifts slightly, and props his chin on his arm to look at them better.

“You can touch them again.” he says finally, “I don’t mind.”

“You pulled away like I burnt you.” Hawke points out, fingers still hovering over his skin.

Fenris smiles weakly at them and shrugs again.

“I’ve never had anyone be so… careful with them.” he says, “It surprised me.”

Hawke scrunches their face a moment, processing this oh-so casually delivered information, and then leans in and presses their lips to one of the lines going up Fenris’ forearm. He leans back and watches, almost entranced, as they nuzzle their face against his skin.

True affection is not something Fenris remembers receiving before Hawke. He knows now, logically, he at least was hugged and doted on by his mother. But those memories have not surfaced, possible never well, so things like this with Hawke are all he has. The way their fingers comb through his hair or how they hug him–palms flat in the center of his back to keep him but not trap him.

And this. Whatever this is; Hawke gently pressing kisses into the lyrium lines on his skin. He’s not even sure he likes it at first–a common thing between Fenris and touch.

When Hawke raises up a bit and moves to nuzzle their face into the crook of his neck he’d decided he likes it and lulls his head to the side for them.

“Do they always hurt?” Hawke asks.


He’d be lying if he said anything else. But Fenris had long ago grown accustomed to ignoring them when they were at their weakest pangs.

“It’s not bad now.” he adds, noticing Hawke has stopped moving.

They reply with another kiss against his neck and fingers dancing down the thicker lines on his back. Barely there–just ghosting over his skin in such a way that leaves Fenris unsure they were even there at all.

Hawke lays back down and presses their forehead to his arm after a moment, hand stilling in the center of his back. Fenris glances at them in confusion, eyes half-lidded from contentment.

“I hate that you always hurt.” they mumble, raising their face to look at him. “I just want to fix it–make it better somehow.”

Fenris smiles and cups his free hand under their chin, pulling them to a kiss. Hawke’s hand draws across his back to coil around him. It’s slow and gentle and, again, something that took time for Fenris to adapt to. He loves it now.

“Some things cannot be fixed.” he says softly when they part, forehead pressed to Hawke’s. “You make things easier. That is enough.”

Hawke smiles at him, bumps their nose against his, and asks, “Since they’re not too bad right now, am I allowed to go looking for your ticklish spots?”

“Not if you value your life.” Fenris mock-threatens, even as he feels Hawke’s fingers dancing across his ribs and does nothing.

“Ah,” Hawke says with a chuckle. “Never had much use for that thing anyway.”


Gluten-Free Life


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if they talk Jean- Claude Van Damme’s “Bloodsport”, replaced the entire cast with women and gave it a much lower budget?
Well, ladies and gentlefolk, I give you “Lady Bloodfight”.

The good thing is that it stars a bunch of fantastic martial arts lead by my future wife, Amy Johnston.
The bad thing is that the trailer is full of underwhelming slow motion shots.

Still, I think it’ll definitely be worth a watch.

Trying this without @ferociousqueak telling me what to do at every turn:

-FUCK I’m lost and going in circles. I’ve literally run all the way back to the ship

-OHGOD THERE’S A MAP FEATURE. why didn’t i realize this existed before. (i’m so video game illiterate guys) Ok, made a little marker at the train station thingy. NOW I know where I’m going.

-…and BACK to the cabins. Hi corpses. Whoops, sorry Jenkins.

-Oh and so is Nihlus.
[note from dani: Confession: both Jenkins and Nihlus will always die no matter what you do :P I’m just so proud of my fandom friends for playing along without any prompting :P]
*glares at all of you*

-ooh if i angle the view up a bit i can see the path and my stomach doesn’t hate me so much. Downside, i can’t see anything else. This is basically like hiking.

-Survived a fight! A very small one. Saved. Also I’m pretty sure that’s a heartbeat. 

-At spaceport. Shift is the most amazing key ever, because all the chaos stops and ooh little red things are mean and i should shoot them. 

-Spoiler alert: I’m really bad at shooting them. Also really bad at telling Ashley and Kaidan to shoot them.

-Kaidan is being annoying “not in my line of sight” WELL WHAT GOOD ARE YOU THEN

-I’ve died like three times now. Apparently ignoring the heartbeat sound is bad. (but I wanted to talk to the DOLPHINS)

-Update: I went back in, got ashley and kaiden killed (but apparently if you survive long enough they regenerate? handy) SURVIVED, got on the damn train, cut screen, bombs, ohgod i need to defuse the bombs whyyyy, oh look there are people shooting at us oh and i’m dead again. 

-I really hope that saved somewhere on the train. I tried to, but it wouldn’t let me, grrr. But i’ve finally figured out how to fire a gun?