still missing it

Important Note

Well it’s finally that time I told you all about a few weeks ago!

I’m finally starting my scholarship to travel around the world for a year! I’m so excited and nervous!

I just want you all to know I highly doubt I will be able to upload the comic on the regular schedule of Thursday and Saturday from now on. It’ll still be updated…but just rarely and sporadically. Basically, I’ll upload when I can.

Also, I will no longer be selling the Dream Catchers book since I’m going to be out of the country and I’ll be coming back in August 2018.

On a different note since some of you asked, the purpose of my scholarship is to pretty much go around and ask people why they like/create/cosplay anime/cartoons, especially those geared towards minorities, lgbtqia+, and other marginalized groups, etc.

I’ll be stopping in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, and France. Who knows I may even add some more countries. But yeah/// This will be interesting… I’ll see you around ;)


The Time Master

- I guess we’ll just have an other birthday in space… again…

- Don’t worry, we will get home again.

Soooo for the  @voltron-bday-trades (I’m sure it’s still the 28th somewhere. And sorry for the late submission, I had issues with my wifi and my camera )

This was made for  @volleyboysonice The request was either klance or slight Langst so I kind of did both ? I wanted to make them a little older (like one/two years older) but it’s probably not super obvious XD Sorry for the crappy pic quality, i’m a dumb potato who decided to do tradi when she doesn’t have anything to scan the drawing u_u” However I can send you the original if you want it so just PM me ! I hope you like it anyway.

And a late happy birthday for our sharpshooter ♥

you don’t stop
loving someone
just because
you don’t talk
to each other

you don’t start
hating someone
just because
things got tough
or wasn’t all
sunshine and
the whole time.

things work out,
they don’t,

sometimes shit
just happens,
and that’s okay.

love is really,
fucking complicated
but go with it
when you find it

you might
get lucky
or you might not,
but either way
you can say you
tried and learned.

and that’s

—  trying to learn from what happened (6/21/17), thekaijusleeps

Oh you know, just that fucking DEATH CLOUD that tries to kill you when you’re miles underground where no one will know you died nor will they ever find your desecrated body.

Also, spiders.