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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if when the split happened if bden & spencer had made their own new band and not continued with Panic!… I wonder if Brendon would have found the success he now has. Would the guys be friends/friendlier than they now are. Would Panic! be a distant memory 1 hit wonder from the early 2000′s that only popped up on sporadic buzzfeed posts. 


“to know your enemy, you must become your enemy”

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BUT ANYWAY! thank you so much you all! I love you!

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Just because you like feminine things or act feminine doesn’t mean you are a girl.

Just because you are masculine or like masculine things doesn’t mean you are a boy.

Femininity and masculinity does not have to correspond with your gender.

@venusianhag is One Smelly Armpit acting up for you lately because i am having An Issue

That intersectionality feel when your black classmate is trying to deal with racists asking stupid questions after her presentation so you smack them the fuck down bc you know what it’s like

Honestly I’m tired of hearing about how fairytales belong to cishet white people? They don’t. They’re stories with universal themes and they’ve been shoved in everyone’s faces so long that y’all have forfeited them. They belong to the general public and black Cinderella or trans Hercules or w/e isn’t going to make the world come to a screeching halt

Tumblr has changed me in soooo many ways

But the most prominent change in me was:
My understanding of sexuality and genders
And the fact that I like some BL ships now XD