still makes me laugh ugh

I don’t know why but I have a real instinctual love for seeing superpowered characters in movies run really fast. 

And not necessarily when it’s exaggerated to the almost-time travel “everyone else is frozen in place” level of like, The Flash or Quicksilver (even though those can be fun). But specifically, just superhumans who can sprint as fast as a car on the highway.

There’s a moment in Wonder Woman – after she’s annihilated every soldier in that empty building – where she knee-slams that dude through the window and then lands on a nearby rooftop. And the camera cuts down to Steve running on the ground and he looks up and sees her running along the same path, but on the roof. And she is clearly going like… three times as fast as him. It only lasts for a moment but it’s so satisfying.

Other examples: 

  • At the beginning of Winter Soldier, when Cap repeatedly runs past Sam during their laps. Or when Cap lands on the ship and is running across the deck and in a wide shot, you see him he run in one doorway and then, in an unbelievable cut, emerge from the doorway on the other side to knock out the pirate?
  • Or in Civil War when Steve and T’Challa are running behind Bucky on the motorcycle? And they’re just vaulting over moving cars??
  • Even in The Incredible Hulk (which is otherwise not all that memorable), there’s that first moment where Blonsky gets to engage the Hulk after being injected with the experimental supersoldier serum. And he runs across the field and is just whizzing past all the other sprinting guys?

There’s just something very exhilarating to me, about seeing reasonably superhuman speed realistically depicted on screen. Like when it’s done (partly) with real people in real locations and trick photography rather than say, weightless pixelated ragdolls in completely imaginary CGI locations? 


*kisses fingertips* 

It’s so good.