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Oh I know LOTS of things

Also, just throwing this out there to make people sad, but…

When he’s thawed out he’s laying down. He was frozen laying down. And the plane hit the water when he was in the pilot seat- we saw that.

Which means he wasn’t knocked out by the initial impact. And it doesn’t look like he drowned, either. He had time to see his expected death coming, after the impact, and lay himself down. My guess is some internal injuries from the crash, followed by freezing to death inside the plane.

So just go ahead an add a little scene in your head of Steve surviving the crash, but knowing that wet and isolated on a field of ice, in a plane that’s still sinking, nobody would get to him in time. But he knows he’s done his job. So he lays down, and closes his eyes, and maybe wonders if anyone will ever find his body, and bring it back to be buried by his mom and dad, since Bucky never was buried. But either way they’ll have a service for him, and that will be nice, and the priest will say the words and he’ll be at rest. And he feels bad, leaving his men, and he regrets everything he never told Peggy, and that he won’t be there for her now, but at least he did his part, right? He got the job done, and that’s what counts. If he dies alone, bleeding out and freezing, that’s all that Bucky got, to. So that’s all right.


Forgotten/Cut characters of Game of Thrones + Tumblr textposts

You know I was thinking about the difference between fandom/internet culture now and when I first became a participant and there’s a few main differences, I think.

Purity culture, yes. But that’s superficial when it comes to harrassment, I think. Certain genres, themes, kinks, or pairings have always been a target for harrassment. It’s just now people are using social justice terms to cloak their biases and dislikes to make every one else try to shame those that like it rather than shaming it in other ways…but a lot of these things were already shamed before the current ‘discourse’. Purity culture isn’t the only one taking social justice terminology either, a lot of hate groups are too.

Also the idea of anon or trolls have changed. While the idea of for the lulz still exists, the people trying to get a rise out of the other are viewed as a person with motives, desires, and ideaologies of their own. This is good, I think. The dismissal of troll culture is what got us the gg harrassment campaign.

Another thing that’s changed is the idea of critique. At least in my art circles, critique was something you should desire whether it’s wanted or not. Now consent to critique seems expected. I actually think this is a good thing, because I know some need to be in a certain mindset to be able to accept and digest advice and it also cuts down on people attempting to critique that might not be suited for it simply because it’s expected. Of course there is the problem that many artists and writers don’t have critique built into their curriculum in schools and are unused to receiving it in any manner. But the harsh environment I recall for my art circles would likely have made such a person give up than make them grow.

I also feel a lot of artists are urged to monetize before they are ready, but this was an issue before but mainly for commissions. Now we have things like Kickstarter and patreon which take a lot of time and effort in themselves. The problem of course is that people have a finite amount of money so you really can only expect to be supported if you’re in a person’s top three for favorite content. There’s also the idea that these tools can support the majority of artists and that’s… likely not going to happen. At least not yet.

Just a few thoughts. I’m rambling now.

okay so i can’t stop laughing at this because

kraft is like lulz i’m still going to win this tournament

and richard is just happy as fuck

and then these two little idiots come on look at them

simon “i’m so hot look at me doing this sexy smirk”

and then kasai “hahahaha what am i doing hahahaha what”

like no


Hey there! I bet you didn’t see this coming lol okay jk. It hasn’t been that long since I made my first follow forever (like in 4/ 5 months ago). But then I reached another milestone of followers and I just got the time to spend on this. It’s nothing fancy and idk if anyone even cares about this. I just started my new semester and the first week was hella boring. 

Eh and after a few months, this blog has multiplied in the number of fandoms. I’m in so much pain due to this. K-pop has ruined my life, I never sign up for this /weeps in a corner/. Thank you for bearing with my super multifandom and super unorganized blog! 

Kay enough of blabbering, this follow forever is made to thank all of my amazing followings and followers. I want to thank everyone in my followings list, you guys never fail to fill my dashboard with rainbows and unicorns (which weirdly gives me a lot of pains haha). And my dear followers, idek why did you guys chose to stick with this sh*tty blog. Words can’t express my gratitude but THANK YOU EVERYONE, I TREASURE EVERY EACH OF YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU.

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