still loyal to the past

i hate the whole idea that good characters are considered “uninteresting”. For example, we have finn from star wars, and the fact the he truly is a nice guy, he is GENUINELY a good, noble person, and considering he went through a lot in the past, he can still be a caring, loyal guy to his new friends. The fact the he can still be a hero and leave a toxic environment is so…INSPIRING!!, and i wonder how people don’t see the potential in that, i will never understand that. Give good characters a chance, specially black characters like finn, it’s important that they are represented in a positive light.

Adolf Hitler: The ’Man to Come’, the 128th year since the herald of Kalki came into being. Hitler was the penultimate avatar for mankind and prepared the way for us to continue, as we depart from the Kali Yuga (Dark Age and decay) onwards into the Krita Yuga (Golden Age and rebirth); Think of it as a voice, harking from a distant, primordial past, still lingering in those persons still loyal to their Race. A voice beckoning the ’Hyperborean Archetype’, urging those attuned to it to a final, finite fight to the finish, against the Eternal Enemy. A spiritual battle comparable to the Mahabharata – a battle closing a cycle and opening another. There is memory in our blood and some of us shall continue the fight even past the spiritual and cosmic sense, but the physical, also. The way has been paved and created, the battle was lost but not the war– This is merely another cycle to be endured and overcome. Bring forward the coming aeon through fayen. Believe in Europe.

Ich gratuliere Ihnen zu Ihrem 128, Adolf Hitler.

Family Reunion || Manny & Claire

It was just another day on patrol for Manny as he strolled through the streets of Pansaw, lost in his thoughts. He could hardly believe that this was happening, that the last few years of his Rebel Army memories had been wiped away by C.A.R.M.A. Actually, he could believe it. He’d seen victims of C.A.R.M.A’s brainwashing via memory alteration before; he just never thought he’d ever become one of them. 

Now here he was, stuck as a C.A.R.M.A agent and pretending to still be their loyal employee with no recollection of his real past. Since he started remembering everything, he had to wonder…how long had it been since he’d seen his parents? Since he’d seen his sister? Had he even seen them at all during the holidays the last few years or was that C.A.R.M.A’s doing? 

He stopped suddenly in his tracks, incredibly familiar sounding thoughts filling his mind. He’d recognize that person’s thoughts anywhere––it was Claire. He backed up a few steps on the sidewalk, turning his head, and he could have sworn that was her across the street walking. What was she doing in Pansaw? He stood where he was, reaching out and projecting his mental voice inside her mind. Claire? Is that you?