still love you bey

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How do you feel about feminist (like Bey),marrying or dating men like Jay who have history of being misogyny or having a dirt past? I love their marriage and think Jay is cool, but someone people act like Jay is a saint. We all make mistakes but he's get sweeped under the wrong.

I don’t feel anything because I know Jay and Bey were meant to be together and as Bey said they connected on a spiritual level.

Jay’s past has never been swept under the rug and he’s been talking about how his past would affect his relationships since “That’s How You Like It”

“I know you’ve heard I’m a gangsta.
They say stay away from them gangstas”

Right up to Part II.

"She fell in love with the bad guy, the bad guy
What you doing with them rap guys, them rap guys”

"Beyoncé you can do so much better”  That was the opening line to a song Bey wrote called He’s My Man and the whole song was about Bey sticking up for Jay against all the negative things she’s heard about him.

An article was printed not that long ago with the title Andrew Cuomo Meets Admitted Former Crack Dealer Jay Z - His past is out there and people will use it against him even when Jay is doing something good. As Jay said, he can walk into any room and his past will still follow. If you love Jay and Bey and their marriage you should support them as much as you can, know that Jay’s past is out there and as there is as many people who support Jayonce remember there are also people who don’t.