still love narry


Mark Me Up (Make Me Yours)Diaryofanarcissisticgayman / @narryhadalittleliam

“Way I see it, people get tattoos for one of four reasons. Zayn, he gets them to commemorate important ideas and thoughts. You, you’re about marking important events in your life, even if it’s in a way only you can understand. Me, if I were to get any it’s about celebrating the people I love, but nobody has ever been important enough to me to do that, to permanently sear a remnant of them into myself because whether they’re still with me or not, I want to keep them close.” Niall explains quietly, keeping his eyes locked on the line he’s engraving on Harry’s arm.

“And what’s the fourth reason?” Harry asks, just curious to hear more of how Niall’s mind works while he still has a chance.

“I reckon it’s because they want to remember they’re alive.” Niall breathes out. And yeah, Harry thought it might be something like that, but it sounds so perfect coming from Niall’s mouth. He wants to kiss him, just to see if that helps remind either of them that they’re still alive too. Because Harry isn’t so sure that he is anymore.

Fic Appreciation 6/?

  • Me: when the fuck are harry and niall going to come out
  • Friend: what do you mean?
  • Me: like when are they going to confess their love for each other
  • Friend: i thought they already did that?
  • Me: what the fuck are you talking about
  • Friend: well, they go on dates right? The golfing and shit, thats pretty fucking exclusive to me
I'm prolly gonna get hate for this but sry grow the fuck up

To start this of I have nothing against Larry.

It’s just the way you ship it.

Like everybody else’s ship is wrong and/or forbidden or something like have you ever thought about what if your ship isn’t real?

I mean like ship Larry if you want but plz let Narry shippers ship Narry & Elounor shippers ship Elounor and whatever the fuck ppl wanna ship. You don’t need to attack them for it. It’s just they’re opinion, just like “Larry is real” is your opinion.

So plz grow the fuck up and let ppl ship what they want & we will leave you ship Larry and not put our ships in your face like you do for us.

I’ve seen too many fights in this fandom with Larry shippers vs. some other shippers like realize your ship might be as fake as every other ship is for you.


Also if I offended anyone with this it was never my intention I just want you to realize that you don’t have to ship so “aggressively”. And I would like to point out this is just my own personal opinion and how I have experienced things.

I mean you wouldn’t like if we come and tell you Larry is fake, do you? :)

I still love you tho xo