still lots of films to watch tho

frogspears replied to your post “goingtothetardis replied to your post “rumaan: When you drag @jeeno2…”

i’m saving this one as like…the last diego thing i watch bc idk if i can handle it. altho i watched y tu mamá también the other day and i’m like….if i can watch this then i can watch anything lmao (it’s so good tho, just A Lot….)

hahahaha yeah it is def A Lot, i am prob due for a rewatch on that too

it’s been several years for both lolol

bby!diego is presh in dirty dancing but omg it was so hard to watch for me soo many hide my face moments lolol

but maybe it is time to Suffer again


My senior capstone film; 30 Day Animation Challenge

Please watch, please share, and please send me any feedback if you have it! I just graduated from Animation and I know I still have a lot to learn. This was so much fun to make tho. My first time using green screen and my first time compositing. I won a couple of student film awards! And I’m sort of proud of myself! Can’t wait to make more!