still looks so fake

2 art things that suit taz so well:

- fake screenshots, looking like stills from movies or a video game

- those monochromatic panels based on poems or lyrics

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What exactly happened with Dave Filoni? I've seen people mention it here and there, but I'm not familiar with it.



This was around the height of people associated with LF liking Reylo fanart, talking about it in positive terms, etc. The Reylo fandom was pretty much over the moon because HOLY SHIT CLAUDIA GREY SHIPS REYLO. DAISY LIKED REYLO FANART. MARK LIKED ART. WE ARE BECOMING MAINSTREAM, YO.

It was a bad time to be an anti. It’s always a bad time to be an anti, but, well, it was pretty good for us and they were mad. 

Enter Dave Filoni’s blog. 

A blog purporting to be that of Dave Filoni made a post absolutely trashing Reylo, and it EXPLODED. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of notes, antis in total celebration mode, much laughing and crowing that “HA DAVE FILONI THINKS YOUR SHIP IS DISGUSTING AND SO ARE YOU”

At the time, one particular anti blog was pretty much the leader of the whole movement. They were incredibly damaging and all-around horrible (I think they went on hiatus awhile back. They could still be around. I neither know nor care). They reached out to the blog and thanked them for supporting the anti cause. “Dave Filoni” announced that he was actually a big fan of said anti blog and announced that he was now following them. The anti blogger preened and talked about how honored they were, total fangirling, this is amazing. 

The antis were utterly convinced that they had a staunch ally at LF on their side, and oh, how they milked it. 

Until a few Reylo shippers asked Pablo what the deal was with Dave’s blog. 

Pablo shortly responded that he wasn’t aware of Dave having a Tumblr at all (and we know that Pablo is familiar with Tumblr discourse, albeit primarily in the sense that he hates it).

When given a link, Pablo’s response was a completely flat “yeah, there’s no way that’s him”. IIRC there was more or less official confirmation from the real Dave Filoni not long after.

An anti soon came clean and admitted that they’d created the impersonator blog themselves.

This was not long after the Matt the Radar Technician skit, and needless to say, the Reylo fandom had a field day with Matt memes since the antis had flat-out pretended to be a major player at LF just to make it look like their side had support when, as always, they had nothing.

It was absolutely hilarious and I’m still laughing about it a year later. 

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Les Amours De Marius - Chapter 1 - Elenchus - Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

OR The Fakest Fake Dating AU: a farce in four acts.

All Marius wants is for his grandfather to give him permission to marry the girl he loves. He’s not quite sure how this led to him pretending to be engaged to two of the most disreputable of his disreputable friend’s disreputable friends, but here they are, and Marius is nothing if not committed in the service of love.

A (loosely) canon era fake dating AU, staring Marius Pontmercy, Bahorel, and Grantaire.

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My theory about season 3 Shiro? (I promise is a happy one ) The Shiro that is with the paladins is a clone and the real Shiro is with the rebels that took Matt. He is safe , but he can't contact the paladins because of security reasons.


The clone is a good person but still brainwashed from the Galra. One day or another the paladins will find the hidden communicator or whatever else the Galra use to get to information that the clone is gathering and he will be adopted into team Voltron. Meanwhile the real Shiro is with Matt - who they will find again in s4 because we all saw the preview trailer with Pidge - aND EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE FINE!!!!! BOTH SHIRO’S ARE HAPPY NOW!!!!!!!!!! KEITH GREW BECAUSE HE LEARNED THAT HE CAN’T ALWAYS DEPEND ON SHIRO, NO MATTER HOW MUCH HE WOULD HAVE LIKED TO!! LANCE GREW BECAUSE HE SAW THAT KEITH NEEDED SUPPORT AND PROVIDED IT!!!!! PIDGE AND HUNK BOTH GREW BECAUSE THEY REALIZED THAT SOMETIMES EVEN THE PEOPLE YOU TRUST THE MOST AREN’T THE ONES YOU EXPECT THEM TO BE!!!!! EVERYTHING!! IS!!! FINE!!!!!!!

Sf9 To You Fainting On Stage During A Music Show

Inseong: “ohmygod” In the amidst of watching you perform with a smile on his face, the smile would soon quickly fade as you fall to the ground. Panic would be written all over his face and his eyes could even get a little teary/blurry knowing he’s not able to do anything about it. Would look at Jaeyoon in worry and Jaeyoon would comfort him about it saying you’’ll be ok but he would still be super upset. Would get angry at your company for having you so malnourished and looking at the staff members in his head like, they better not make her come back out and perform.”

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Youngbin: Would suddenly getting up off his seat, causing people around him to stare but he wouldn’t really care at that moment until the other members whisper for him to sit back down. Would get really quiet but also pissed at the company. Also no longer in the mood to smile or wave to fans the whole night but the type to still give a fake small smile so it won’t look obvious however, he’s only thinking about you. Not even wanting to talk to the members after like he usually does.

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Rowoon: Would immediately drop whatever conversation he was having with the members and turn into a quiet statue, frozen- only staring at you laying on the stage floor while the staffs were quickly picking you back up, his heart pounding so hard it could practically explode out his chest, watching as you were carried off backstage. Wouldn’t talk for the rest of the day, and would even turn super cold/rude to fans unintentionally at the fanmeeting after outside the music show building. Literally a fan would be like “Roowoon-ah Do A Heart To The Camera!” And he’d be like

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Jaeyoon: “What the heck is going on? What the f***, what’s wrong with her? My baby ohmygod.” Would be pissed/worried at the same time, his face obviously panicking while Inseong or Dawon would tell him to stay calm. Would llie and say he’s going to the bathroom so he can pass by your waiting room and sneak to see if you’re ok through the crack in the door and if you were, he would whisper and wave through the crack to get your attention and mouth “You ok babe?” with worry written all over his face. 

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Dawon: This jokster would try to blend in with everyone else looking worried for you but inside would 100000x be panicking af. Look around at other idols and would be like “is she ok?” talking to random people and doing fanservice for fans as much as he can to distract himself from you, even his members patting his back and whispering if he’s fine and he will just be smiling to the fans while whispering back like “no im not, im literally shaking dude haha”

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Zuho: Literally his instinct was to dash on stage to pick you up, but of course he’s not that stupid. Would immediately grip onto something possibly his chair or if the members were unlucky, their arm or thighs- his hand possibly digging into them unconsciously until they tell him to let go and stay calm. Would nonstop talk to Youngbin Or Inseong Or Rowoon constantly about you. “Is she ok? Do you think she will be? Oh my god what if they make her come back out and perform. Do you think she should go home or the hospital. What if she’s still unconscious oh my god.” 

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Taeyang: “ohmygodohmygodohmygod-someone-help-her-up-please.” Literally skipping to 20 thousand different conclusions in his mind and constantly looking rushed and rushing in his work and activities, spacing out whenever fans tried to talk to him. Would call you 20 thousand times and leave 20 thousand voice messages and video messages because tae boyfriend misses you and needs to know if you’re ok. 

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Hwiyoung: “noona….” he would mumble under his breath. Best knowthis boy is going to get teary real quick. Trying to not cry, he would just cover his mouth with his hands, chani or dawon rubbing his back for comfort. “omo, what’s going to happen to her?” He will whisper to dawon while holding in his tears that look like its about to come out sooner or later. Would just be super emo the rest of the day. 

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Chani: “!!!!!!!!!NOONA!!” His ass would yell out suddenly, the members like “omg shutup!” Now everyone knows you and him are close or at least friends. At that moment he doesn’t care, and is just wondering if you’re ok or not. Asking the manager if he can go to your waiting room after the show and asking your manager for permission if he can see you. WIll comfort and be at your aid the rest of the time before both of your groups leave the building.

“Aiyoo noona, stay healthy for me.”

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Some photos I took today! Went on a long hike/walk around a forest area with a bunch of lakes/ponds! Super beautiful, perfect weather, nasty allergies, and now I am exhausted and satisfied. Can check today off my list of things to enjoy living through.

i’m seeing a ton of mixed reviews on this season and tbh i’m just happy to have some voltron.

i mean, yeah a few episodes were meh but the last two to three were really good, and if we get a lotor “zuko redemption” arc then sign me the fuck up honestly. also matt holt is a pure boy who needs to be protected and i’m glad he’s back.


In the late 1880’s, a small ship wrecks off the coast of Africa. The sole survivors are a young couple with their infant child. John (Lee Pace) and Alice Clayton (Amy Adams) soon decide to build a small tree house in the dangerous rainforest, hoping that the small home will be enough to protect them from the dangers. However, their hopes are crushed when a leopard attacks them, killing both John and Alice. Their son surprisingly survives and even more surprisingly, is adopted by a female gorilla who has recently lost her infant to the leopard.

This small baby grows up in the African rainforest with gorillas. He learns their ways and is even able to communicate with them. He lives what he believes to be a completely normal life, but he always feels like something is missing. He knows he isn’t a gorilla, but he doesn’t really know what he is.

When he is assumingly in his late twenties, a ship sails into the harbor of his home. A small group of explorers begin to venture into the unexplored rainforest, hoping to learn more about the animals living there. He becomes entranced by a beautiful young woman named Jane Porter (Jenna Louise Coleman) and isn’t sure how to approach her. After a few thoughts, he makes an appearance and she is completely shocked to discover this wild man in the forest. Her father, Professor Archimedes Porter (Jeff Goldblum) and their guide, Cecil Clayton (Michael Fassbender) both are wary of this strange man, but allow him into their camp. Jane begins to teach him the English language and he soon begins saying Tarzan (Eoin Macken), which is the name he has given himself.

After gaining their trust, Tarzan takes the Porters and Clayton to visit his family of gorillas. The Porters are completely enthralled by the animals and take notes on their habits. However, Clayton has worse intentions in mind. He kidnaps the Porters and Tarzan and shoves them into the ship while his men go and hunt the gorillas so they can earn riches for the beasts. It’s up to Tarzan to escape and save his family and his new friends.