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ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴅᴅᴀᴍɴ ʜᴇʀᴏ

I like the concept of being a witch. Because it grows with you. You can look any way and be any age, and still be a witch. Unlike other jobs and titles for women, you don’t become some sad, old version of a thing upon getting older. You only get better at witchery, and thus that much scarier. There’s no place to go but up. Everything should be like that

I’m not sure why things happened the way they did, I’m not sure why we met on the first of may and I’m not sure why i ended up in mo. sometimes i still think about it all. but i do not regret it, that year taught me more about life, love, and most importantly myself than i ever thought it would. i became a better version of myself because of it. you taught me what i want in someone, and what i should expect from someone, i hope my future wife has some of the qualities i loved about you. you taught me to look for someone who will cover my room in sticky notes, or buy a huge bear just bc I’m sad, you taught me to look for someone who will hold me as i sob uncontrollably on the bathroom floor, and not look at me any differently because of it. in a way because of you, i learned what it was like to love someone with a mental illness, i watched you love me through it, and in a way it taught me how to love myself through it. i didn’t know it at the time, but i do now. some days i was so sad i didn’t even have the energy to wash my own hair and so you did it for me, i would shake and so you would hold me every night. when i thought i couldn’t ever smile again you sang to me in the car. i am not sure why things ever happened the way that they did, but a tiny piece of me is happy that they did. i have washed my hair without the help of your fingertips 74 times, i have slept tangled in blankets rather than in you for 63 nights, i have driven countless miles with an empty passenger seat, i have listened to hundreds of songs without your voice belting the lyrics. i never wanted things to end the way they did. I’m not sure why things happened the way they did, but I am thankful that they did. Hurting me is the best thing you ever did for me, partially because of you i have learned to love myself, you hurting me forced me to learn to love me without the help from you. I am a stronger me than we ever were an us.
—  And so I thank you, thankyou for hurting me,
thankyou for making me that much stronger.
thank you for being a part of my life. In the time I’ve spent getting to know you I’ve found you to be a truly beautiful person; full of life, passion and caring. Not only have you taught me Spanish but also inspired me to be a better version of myself, thank you. The time we’ve spent together has been a ray of light in the darkness I’ve faced, when we first started talking I was in a dark place, you’ve helped be find Beauty and joy again. When I look in your eyes I see a spirit of fire, a force of good so powerful but still gentle and ever patient. Please remember that no matter how hard the road ahead or how dark the mood, I’m somewhere in the world rooting for you. During my time away I will think of you every day. I look forward to what the future holds In store for us, it will be a great adventure. So in the morning when you rise look to the west. That’s where I’ll be, looking east to you.
—  spiri7offire 
official ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

good!! her fins are very nice and she is striking a nice little pose

much better in design! she looks more cat like which is very good and she has much more color! a good sprite all around 

strangely dog like and has odd fins on her legs. not too good but still enjoyable 

a good action pose and a very nice design! this one brings a smile to my face. Very Good

this one is perfect! her design is spot on perfect. she looks so ready to battle too!! 10/10 the perfect sprite 

somehow became cyan but thats okay! she is still ready for battle but a little more cautious this time. pretty good!

lots of Personality! she is doing a dance for us and it is very good!! this is a fun sprite and should be appreciated 

she has calmed down a lot. she looks much more regal like a real mermaid should. i like how it shows off her tail. a little boring but a good sprite none the less! 

i like how it shows the full length of her amazing tail! not much personality but it shows off how good looking vaporeon really is and i enjoy that

back to sitting but this one has a little more personality which is very good! mouth is open and she seems to have a happy expression!! im happy if she is happy

kind of lifeless which is sad. vaporeon should be happy and full of life!! not very good but still a good pokemon! 


Happy Valentine’s Day!

@sparklescharlie had a really cute idea for a Sam x Eileen picture, and I hope I did it justice. 

Something I learned while drawing this: There are actually two ways to say “I love you” in ASL. I think a lot of people know the shorthand version, which looks like this: 

I felt like the longer version would work better for this, though :3


UPDATE:  Big Sis Now. (comparison in second image)

I updated..or edited my recent Big Sis Now drawing and made it look better. Or at least I like to think so. The original is still here if You prefer that version

Watch how i painted this:


I recorded a real time footage of me editing the drawing here:


Finally have my drawing finished!! I couldn’t decide if the lineart or colored version looked better. So I have both to share with you guys~ You can color the lineart version but if you post it be sure to give me credit! And I’m not sure how well it would do as a digital piece but I think it’s more aimed towards traditional art. This was for a YOI Fan Project and the deadline is tomorrow so I had to rush a bit on the coloring process. But I still hope it looks enjoyable :3 Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day~


today, because i hate myself, i decided to redraw a few more early panels i had done back in july/august that are no longer up to standard. i’ve gotten a lot better at injecting acting into poses and constructing realistic spaces instead of having backgrounds look like the characters are just standing stock-still in front of wall murals

so yeah, there’s your progress update for today!

the old ones are on the left, and the new versions are on the right.


You know, I think that while the two-panel Ctrl-Alt-Del meme generally creates comics that are far funnier than the originals, it actually has a very different effect on Loss.

Namely, it actually makes it genuinely better.

First of all, let’s have a look at the original Loss.jpg:

And here’s my hastily-edited two-panel version:

One of the biggest issues that people often point out about Ctrl-Alt-Del in general is the lack of expressiveness–the B^U face being the default for everyone, regardless of situation. Now, while there are subtle differences between Ethan’s expressions in the first three panels, they’re still quite similar overall, with panel four being the only one to truly deviate from the trademark B^U expression. In my opinion, this has the odd side effect that cutting out panels two and three makes the comic feel way more expressive.

There’s also the issue of structure. The fact is, the middle two panels are pretty much superfluous in a dramatic setting, and actually detract from any emotional impact. Loss is structured like something that’s supposed to be funny, with panel four being the (in this case unintentional) punchline of sorts; unfortunately, this really does not work well in this specific context. Removing the middle panels neatly fixes that; it tightens the storytelling, and it makes Lilah’s miscarriage feel less like a punchline and more like something we’re meant to care about. 

Additionally, given that Ctrl-Alt-Del does, as far as I know, use the exact same panel setup as Loss for nearly all its strips, cutting it down to two panels rather than the usual four gives it a sense of significance within the comic itself; format changes, no matter how minor, are often jarring, and that’s something that can be harnessed very well for dramatic effect. (Given that this is Ctrl-Alt-Del we’re talking about, it probably wouldn’t be harnessed well in practice, but I digress.)  

I’d even argue that the edit makes the story slightly different–though do note that I’ve only read a handful of Ctrl-Alt-Del strips in my life, so given my lack of context I could be wrong. In the original Loss, Ethan is seen being directed to Lilah’s room and spoken to by a doctor before seeing her; we don’t necessarily know why he was rushing to the hospital so desperately, and it sure as hell seems like he wasn’t told what happened. But in the edit, Ethan seems to know exactly what has happened–he’s rushing to comfort Lilah. It’s a much more emotional story, context aside.

Two-Panel Loss is not exactly a masterpiece, no, but the fact is that it’s…actually kind of okay. It’s not nearly as mockable as the Loss.jpg we’ve all come to know and love–if anything, it’s actually vaguely emotional. Which was probably the point all along.


I have gathered all of the Tsukiuta icons and made this (there are ones that I left out). Everyone grew up so handsome.

Kokeru (sorry, a lame joke from the anime) Kakeru looks like he hasn’t changed at all. His bangs are shorter but that’s everything. I bet his height hasn’t changet either. (Okay…he might became taller)

Hajime from young charming prince became the king, for sure. Also his hair looks better now.

Koi has changed a lot and became seriously good loking, isn’t he? He is not a little boy with hairpins anymore, he is a man with hairpins now, I suppose, that’s sad, because he is the youngest among the boys.

As for Haru, he looks more handsome and serious, just like megane-san who is alwas with him.

Arata looked like an impudient but handsome brat, but now he looks like a Casanova.

Aoi from the cute neighbor boy became the prince charming in white horse. Okay he hasn’t got a horse but still… he looks much like much better just like everyone else, so nice work boys, I’m so proud of you.

I’ll also post the Procella version

Taylor Swift

1) The whole Kanye song/video thing. Yes, his song/video is misogynistic and overall, pretty gross, but she still shouldn’t have lied about things to make herself look better in the media, affecting Kanye’s public image in the process.

2) She claims to be a feminist, but only really speaks out about issues that affect her. She stays silent about anything that affects the gay or black community, and is, in every essence of the word, a white feminist.

3) Wrote homophobic lyrics.

“So go tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy, that’s fine, I’ll tell all mine that you’re gay.” (These lyrics were altered in later versions of the song, but still…)

4) Has taken fans to court over Etsy merchandise.

5) Sued her old guitar because he used her name on his website, even though he helped her achieve her fame and deserves recognition for that.

6) Slut-shames in her song “Better Than Revenge”

“She’s not a saint, and she’s not what you think. She’s an actress, woah, but she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.”

7) Posed with a fan wearing a shirt depicting a swastika (she claimed she didn’t realize it at the time, but ????)

8) Appropriation of a kimono and geisha imagery.

9) Perpetuates the idea that women are only worth their virginity.

“Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind…” (Referring to pre-marital sex)

10) Once said “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”, while she perpetuates many harmful misogynistic stereotypes and doesn’t offer any support to women who aren’t straight and/or cis and/or white.

There’s tons else, but I’d be here for days listing all of it. Let’s just say, she’s definitely problematic..

you know, everyone who ships Shakarian always talks about Shep in relation to Garrus: they fit each other, lift each other up, help each other grow, and make each other laugh - they fit.  They each compliment each other and fit the cracks and edges they didn’t know they had until they became whole together, there’s no Shepard without Vakarian.  Not to say they aren’t complete or whole people without each other, but through each other they become a better version of themselves.  

And we always talk about or think about how Shep saw beyond differences and saw his soul, and knew she couldn’t not reach for him.  He was there in front of her when she least expected it.

But sometimes I think how it must have been for Garrus, who came from such a strict culture - about chain of command, maybe turians look down on brash humans, there’s still some people with simmering resentment on both sides regarding Shanxi, and what turians find attractive is so very very different from these hairy ape humans.

And no wonder he was so confused or shy in ME1 and ME2.  She was his superior officer and so very different from turians in some ways.  But in others she awed and inspired him and sparked his soul.  She was so brave and resilient, she kept rising to each occasion and kept going forward.  When anyone else would have been rightly despairing against impossible odds and impossible situations, she just narrowed her eyes, clenched her fists and fucking did it.  

And she inspired everyone around her, whether it was her tenacity, her kindness, her bravery, or all of the above, everyone from the lowest tech to her comrade in arms would go to Hell and back for her.  Because they knew she would do the same.  She was like an avenging angel, a spirit of battle, brought to life before Garrus’s eyes.  And the more time he spent with her, the more that became all he saw, she was so beautiful in her glory. 

And maaayyybbbeee the colonists of Omega named him Archangel, but maybe he didn’t object too loudly or too much because it reminded him of Shepard.

Lion Emoji reviews

a gradient hamster/bear with a mane. he looks frightened and unhappy. 1/5.

soulless eyes stare into me. this lion has seen the void and has not yet returned from it. still, his face is cute and simple. i’d let him still be my friend. 3/5.

what did they do to his mane?? this looks like a skeevy ceo lion. i don’t trust him. 2/5.

……..where is his mouth. where are his ears. this boy is a mess. 0/5.

a much better version of apple’s!! still got the hamster look going on a bit, but it makes up for it in cuteness. one of the best boys. he is my friend. 4/5.

a fluffy boy!! look at the extra floof piece on his forehead. i like the detail. truly the king of the savannah. 5/5.

he has a nice shape to him. there’s nothing that really stands out, but at least he looks more like a lion than some of the others. 3/5.

a wonderful boy. looks like a natural-born leader. simba would be proud. 5/5.

kimba the white lion is not orange 0/5.