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"Harry himself never said he wants the band back together & that's a fact" GTFO, it only takes ONE look to see how much Harry loved and still loves the band and the boys. The only times he tweeted during his hiatus was to thank us, congratulating niall, and thanking us again the day of the band's 6th bday. He doesn't owe the fandom anything, this boy can't say A or B without people writing about C or D. He's cautious, but being like this doesn't mean he doesn't want to be in the band.



Listen up. Got some bad news. There is a patrol set for tonight – so far, Speirs wants McClung–

im honestly crying at enjolras and grantaire at teacher parent conferences??? they’re such a scary couple because grantaire never stopped wearing ripped jeans and nail polish and beanies and even tho he’s been sober for like, 20 years he still kinda looks like he fell off the back of some rock band’s tour bus, and enjolras usually comes straight from work with his suit and tie and carefully styles hair and briefcase and he’s also known for being very,,, opinionated,, and both are fiercely defensive of their kids so most of the more conservative teachers are fucking terrified of them

Monsta x Descriptions


  • Leader Robot 
  • Daddy material 
  • Shy and Awkward af
  • Dresses like a rich white boy
  • Smooth dancer
  • Is really a teenage girl 
  • Takes care of very dumb kids 


  • Calls himself sexy monster 
  • Tells people the “benefits” of eating Ramen
  • Cries over everything 
  • Laughs really weirdly
  • Flirts with everyone.. even with babies tbh


  • 7 yr old with ADHD
  • Talks too loudly and is always screaming
  • Forgets what he is doing all the time 
  • Attention span of a goldfish… srsly..
  • Hates cucumber and is starting a protest against growing them
  • Basically a mess at life 
  • Dropkick u if u eat cucumber near him


  • Starship vocalist
  • Mom friend
  • Somehow both cute and sexy???
  • Will eat chicken at the beach smhh
  • Voice of an angel 
  • Very smol mom of 6 idiots
  • Grandpa moves 


  • Tall as a tree
  • Looks 20 but is a 60 yr old man
  • Sleeps all day and still looks exhausted
  • Hates all his band memebers  
  • Small face and is a model 
  • very weak 
  • Kermit the frogs younger bro


  • Rapping monsta
  • Giant baby teddy bear
  • Is scared of anything that has more than four legs and crawls or fly’s.. Basically scared of everything
  • Amazing thick thighs..
  • Looks tough but is very soft
  • Two people in one boi and no idea which one u will meet 


  • Maknae rapper
  • Prankster/ playful little fucker 
  • Says relly bad jokes that make no sense 
  • Can’t be cute bc he’s too good for it 
  • Either doesn’t talk or never shuts up tbh
  • Has a hard time speaking both Korean and English
  • Bitch face