still look weird tho

when you spent 7 hours on one second of animation bc you really love cute/slightly sadistic expressions that you even dreamt of watching a Sonic anime with awesome artstyle

3rd try on doing animation but LOL ain’t it difficult

send help for me

AAAAA JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK U FOR 1000+ FOLLOWERS ;A; it the most i ever had h hh – This is also kind of a redraw of this,, hhhh ill try to be more active here,,, try being the key word hahaha


Happy birthday, honey.

I replayed Jumin’s Normal Ending on my birthday today so he could say this line. Never been happier in my life xD but how to kiss scene? lol my first try doing kiss scene and I am still learning sorry if it looks weird tho. Constructive criticisms are welcome, but rude comments without showing how to do the right things/corrections; please leave.

Bonus RFA Reactions:

And Taako you remember Lup now. Of course! How could you forget Lup? Those memories that you had- in the Chalice- of your lonely childhood, of you just on your own out on the road- there was something there that you couldn’t quite perceive Some static It was Lup. It was your sister. Out there on the road… 
Outcast, but never a l o n e.

idc who you are, if you scare my baby again you’re gonna catch these fangs.

raphael’s body language in the deleted scene 



I was at comic con today and I met John Barrowman and cosplayed (?) Rose Tyler and it was great tbh (ignore of my face on the picture with John lol)(I was so excited = I smiled like an idiot)