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Our Duty (Arranged Marriage Au Vernon)

Type: Fluff

Hansol crossed his legs as he sat calmly in suit on the coach in his dad’s office and he waited for his father’s business partner to come. “Can I ask why I’m here?” Hansol asked as his father looked up from his phone “you’ll see” he said as Hansol rolled his eyes. Soon a knock on the door filled their ears as the door opened.

You followed behind your father confused on why you were here. You instantly froze as you saw a bit around your age there. “Good note that your here we’ll allow them to meet. Hansol this is Y/N. You two as of today are engaged” his farther said as you blinked rapidly. Your father patted your back “Hansol be a lad and take your fiance for a walk” his father said as Hansol nodded sticking his arm for you which you took slowly feeling him tug you off.


Que stage two of the moving in together. Hansol and you were still extremely awkward with each other. You two looked at the bed in your new apartment “there’s only one bed” he spoke as you looked up at him. You sat down on one side and he moved to the other. You laid down and he did the same “this can work” you said calmly as he nodded looking up at the ceiling “you know we’re expected to have children at some point” he spoke as you turned your head towards him “I’m aware” you say as you closed your eyes letting yourself drift off.


Stage 3 was even more awkward as you two had your wedding. Hansol leaned in and kisses you for the first time. It felt right and he must have agreed because it went on longer than either of you expected before he pulled away resting his hand on your lower back you towards everyone and smiled. Letting the festivities begin.

He guided you over to some of his friends “I’m thinking my friends maybe going after some of your bridesmaids” he said as you smiled lightly as the ones who weren’t. “This is Joshua, Jihoon, Wonwoo, Seokmin, and Jeonghan” he listed pointing to each. You smiled at each again before long Hansol felt hands clap down on his shoulders “congrats man” Soonyoung said as he looked at you “you two should be getting ready to dance together for the first time soon. Gah I want to steal your wife and dance with her but I really can’t do that until you dance with her” Soonyoung says as Hansol scoffs.

“You’ll not be dancing with my wife. You go over the top when you dance” he says as Soonyoung nods “the ones who didn’t go flirt with the bridesmaids fill free to dance with Y/N after our first dance” Hansol says as he waved them off pulling you towards the dance floor.


While you guys danced you could see something in his eyes “why are you looking at me like that?” you asked as he smiled. “I think our marriage will go smoothly. Sharing a bed will be easier” he says as you giggle. “Really?” you ask wrapping your arms around his neck. “Yeah. I wondered if I kissed you earlier maybe things would have been less awkward the best 4 months” he says as you giggle.

“It happened the way it happened for a reason” you tell him as he grips your waist tightly. “Y/N. I really want to kiss you again” he whispers as you tug him lightly. You locked your lips with his and he deepened it. You could hearing awing and cheering around you as you pulled apart. “I hope that’s the second of many” he whispers as you nod. Maybe arranged marriages weren’t so bad.

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our students ship us, the faculty ships us, you’re really cute and intelligent but when it comes to romance, you are so oblivious Nozoeli au

words: 2629
feat bonus rinmaki and suffering umi. 

“I wasn’t even expecting to walk in on something like, like that, the things they were doing I wouldn’t even imagine—“

Eli takes a deep breath through her teeth. Sonoda Umi is one of her favorite students, no doubts there, but sometimes she’s just… a little too much. It’s rare, but when it happens, it happens like a storm. She’s still babbling even when it’s made clear that Eli is starting to tune her out for a brief pause to gather her own thoughts.

“Please calm down, Sonoda.”

“I’m sorry, Ayase-sensei. But I’m still in shock, I—“

“Yes, of course. I’ll send you to the nurse’s office, but tell me what exactly happened from the beginning again. Slowly, this time.”

This time, it’s Umi’s turn to take a deep breath. She presses a hand to her chest and grips the edge of Eli’s desk until her knuckles turn white, squeezing her eyes shut and making her whole face screw up like she had bitten into a lemon. Seriously, this girl.

“I went to the supply room on Kousaka-sensei’s request for more markers, and when I opened the door,” she shudders, disturbed by revisiting the memory. “Coach Hoshizora and Nishikino-sensei were… they were k-k-k-k-“

Eli calmly holds up a hand, signaling Umi to stop before she gives herself an aneurysm. “Thank you, Sonoda, that’s enough.”

“That’s not the worst part!” Umi suddenly stands in a fit of… something, but not anger. Maybe desperation? “On the way here I passed by Toujou-sensei, and I tried to tell her about what I saw, but she laughed at me! What’s wrong with the teachers at this school?! Ayase-sensei, you’re my last hope!”

Something suddenly occurs to Eli. “Did Toujou tell you to come to me about what you saw?”

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