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Part of the limited edition ‘The Idols’ collection, each piece is individually made by hand involving a process of cut-and-sew.

Each design features the name and number of a serial killer from classic, Americana pop-culture slasher-flicks, with a high definition x-ray image of the lumbar, rib-cage and thoracic bones of the spine, showing through them. 

Satirising the whole trend of 'designer name and number’ t shirts, The Idols collection provides a twist that has been featured on the likes of London Fashion Week.

Only 100 released worldwide.

We don’t glorify. We horrify.


The true essence of the macabre. Using unconventional and unique materials such as pressed coral, pressed bone and inlaid semiprecious stones, pearls and metals, Macabre Gadgets create individual, timeless pieces which are the pinnacle of avant-garde, luxury jewellery. 

Available HERE. Free shipping worldwide.

Like a wearable work of art, each piece is individually inspired and meticulously hand-crafted, through a process of cut-and-sew.

Only 100 pieces of each design are ever made, complete with a custom hangtag which has the edition of each piece hand-written (x/100), hanging by antique, genuine leather cord.

The Divine is available here

Live Lucky.