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*looking through the DVR looking for something to watch*

My mom, who never watches SU unless she happens to be in the same room when its on: Maybe we should watch Steven Universe



people who don’t recognize the storytelling in gintamas and only sees it as a “gag or troll anime” are simply not taking this series seriously for what it is… try to see how serious sorachi is even about the most random, silly arcs. see how much effort and creativity it takes to write such mini stories into his over ten year running story that includes parodies, gags, quotes about life, character development, badass fights and japanese history into one memorable life changing series. every single story even the one episode just-for-laughs episodes end with a quote or makes a bold statement about living and being human. (ie. beauty, death, stress, identity, family, pain, regret) please take this series seriously for what sorachi meant it to be and see the deeper meaning behind each chapter because although you might not take this series seriously… this “comedy” and “gag manga” takes itself very seriously.

PS (yes there are deaths yes there is pain there is alot of it and it will tear you apart)

gintama is not for the weak

but luna and simón’s relationship is just so… wrong.

like, luna’s not with simón bc she wants to get back at matteo or anything, but literally she’s with him because she feels like she owes him a chance. simón is just so… deluded (delusional?) with the idea of him and luna being a perfect match and just ‘loves’ her so much that she’s started to think that maybe he’s right, and even if she feels awkward/not comfortable with him as her bf, she’s still with him.

the whole thing is just so wrong.

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Oh no your Allura is cute, why opera why? she's TOO much 4 me

ALLURA IN GENERAL IS TOO CUTE…. it is my duty as an artist to attempt to capture her ultimate beauty, character, badassery, and momness in everything i draw for her. it’s in the pact i signed when i sold my soul and drawing tablet to voltron. line 24, page 116: “allura is a goddess, draw her so or you will be thrown in the pit of hand cramps” good thing allura is so cute every artist out there makes her look perfect, so that hasn’t happened yet. in fact the only way that can happen is in line 25, page 116: “why the hell you whitewashing” but that’s a shitpile for another day. pfft thank you so much for liking my dumb gay art of her, i can promise a ton more in the future, because she is also…2 much 4 me….

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“The goal is to get from point A to point B as creatively as possible, so technically they are doing Parkour, as long as point A is delusion and point B is the hospital.”

I know there’s another comic floating somewhere here in tumblr that involves the office and Ace Attorney, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

Still, I was watching this episode the other day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Phoenix and friends being all “cool” and “hip”, with parkour and broken ribs.



Beauty & The Beast 4x11 “Meet The New Beast” Episode stills + Description

Vincent and Cat consider life on the run – When Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) discover they lost control of their secret, they finally admit it might be time for life on the run. Vincent realizes he must face his past, while Cat worries about how much they have to lose. Austin Basis, Nicole Gale Anderson, Nina Lisandrello and Michael Roark also star. David Makin directed the episode, written by Patti Carr and Lara Olsen. Original airdate 8/25/2016.

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I love that you can’t even voice a legitimate, well-rounded, level-headed criticism of any of LetsPlay’s videos on youtube or you’ll be called a cancerous pissbaby. Like we all know that their videos have gone downhill substantially in the last year or so since they introduced this whole LetsPlay family thing.

Their Minecraft and GTA videos used to get 1 million views easily and now ANY video getting above 500k is a really good day for them. The channel has just really gone downhill and I don’t know if that’s youtube evolving in terms of what the audiences want or Fullscreen pushing AH/RT in a direction that it doesn’t want to go. It’s just kinda disappointing to me that I don’t really look forward to watching their stuff anymore. VR the Champions and the Lets Watches have been good and 7 Days to Die is great and I really want more of that.

But the channel overall seems to be focusing really heavily on quantity and sponsorship and promoting games via sponsored videos now. It doesn’t feel as genuine and that disappoints me. They need to take a long break from Minecraft and come back fresh to something totally new, like PC with mods or something like that. It’s really clear that a lot of their “staple” videos aren’t things that they enjoy doing anymore and that comes across. But I guess I’m a whiny pissbaby for voicing that in the comments lol

door anxiety!!!!

  • inability to relax unless you’re keeping tabs on every door in your line of sight
  • if you can’t see the doors, you need to know where they are anyway
  • absolutely have to know whether doors are open or closed
  • feeling anxious about doors that are ajar or halfway open because definites are far more helpful for the sense of control regarding your environment you’re actually after and these half things just make you even more uneasy about doors than you already are
  • makes sure to sit in view of doors even on public transport
  • back to a door = anxiety code yellow
  • back to an open door = anxiety code red
  • unexpected doorbells feel like a fcking heart attack, code red, shit flashing, alarms blaring, everything is awful and I might die
  • (someone rang the doorbell an hour ago and I’m yet to calm down!!)

I hate this shit!!

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Honestly used to watch SU, but it's gone from a funny SoL show to 'lets give you a reason to cry about X this episode'

Well, isn’t that real life technically? Life isn’t all silly. The show would just get boring and weird that way. The characters would seem unrealistic and flat. And anyway, alot of the sad stories are so freaking deep, relatable, and moving. Btw, it’s still slice of life with episodes like babysitting and going to carnivals. What do you mean? XD

I mean, you can have your opinions but you can’t ignore the fact that most of the episodes are still slice of life.

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where are the stills you used in Life with Maknae Changjo: Episode 1 from?

They are from Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam! You can find all the episodes subbed HERE, and you can find the raw videos in THIS google search (click the links with the episode number #1, #2 etc)~ ^^