still life with episode

noel remains the closest, most empathetically handled depiction of what it feels like to have PTSD that I’ve ever seen. it’s very hard to watch, but it’s also so cathartic. I wish I could find better words. this episode means a lot to me. 

Forever crying about:

  • Beth Childs
  • Felix’s love for his sister
  • Team Hendrix twerking
  • Cosima’s sweetness to Gracie
  • Delphine missing Cosima
  • Pupok’s demise
  • Paul saving Sarah
  • Paul admitting he loved Sarah
  • Paul’s demise
  • Helena coming back for Sarah
  • every single thing that happened in Orphan Black 3x06

anonymous asked:

wait, when did chloe come out to max?? i didnt see that happen in the episode??

aha that’s kind of the greatness of it, how subtle it was.. it’s when they’re chatting on Chloe’s bed before Max gets dressed, and Chloe drops subtle hints that there were other things in her life besides “boy toys”. And Max, having a finely tuned gaydar herself, points out that Chloe is hard to picture with most guys, to which she confirms “Rachel came along to rescue [her]”. Max quickly joins the dots that their relationship was more of a romantic crush than platonic, but rather than taking the conversation down the standard “omg so ur gay/bi/whatevs like how did u know have u come out to ur parents yet etcetc”, Max is just cool. It’s totally natural for Chloe to be crushing on Rachel, and the fact that they’re both girls isn’t even relevant. That’s the beauty of the moment.

HEY I just realized I never shared my favorite Max selfie here…I think I only posted it on instagram

but I actually feel like I look like her here :D as opposed to every single other cosplay where I’m like “oh god why is that my face”

do you think if we create a summon circle of emojis, episode 3 will come out faster?

(pics with bff)

it looks like ABC is doing all their renew/cancel announcements, like, RIGHT NOW? they’ve already announced quite a few things

i keep refreshing Twitter/SpoilerTV i’m so nervous

Watched it super late, but god damn what an episode.

Is this show even real?