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music from pixar movies
  • toy story: Randy Newman™️
  • a bug's life: Still Randy Newman™️
  • toy story 2: Randy Newman™️ but more depressing
  • monsters inc.: still fucking randy newman
  • finding nemo: way too upbeat and swingy for the movie
  • the incredibles: hype
  • cars: you can say you hate country music but this movie will physically transform you into samuel timothy mcgraw
  • ratatouille: so pretty you don't even care that you have no idea what she's saying
  • wall-e: cures my anxiety
  • up: 40s aesthetic but without the overt racism
  • toy story 3: Randy Newman but bouncier
  • cars 2: literally just listing american and british stereotypes
  • brave: daughter of a mumford
  • monsters university: roar isn't gonna be dated nope not one bit
  • inside out: elevator music that makes me cry
  • the good dinosaur: i haven't heard any of it recently so i don't have a joke but it'll probably make you cry
  • finding dory: sia made a funny
  • cars 3: a 90 minute funeral march probably

My TV broke a while ago… Luckily with some parts from Ebay and the help of some Autobot Scientists I was up and running in no time. 

RATCHET:“This part goes here…pass me that torch Wheeljack”
WHEELJACK: “I still don’t see why we can’t make it turn in to a Dinosaur”
PERCEPTOR: “I am not going to have this conversation again…”


Transformers Generations (Fall of Cybertron) Combaticon Gestalt Bruticus (With MBC002 Military Titans set) 

Bruticus is the combined form of the Combaticon team. A terrifying sight on the battlefield, Bruticus is among the strongest of all Transformers. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with a single 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. His armor is impervious to most artillery and radiation.He’s also dumb as a sack of hammers. But as far as Decepticon combiners go, that’s not a problem. In fact, Megatron wishes that he had an army of Bruticuses, and Optimus Prime is thankful that he doesn’t.

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Where the heck did LEGO hire the writers anyway, they wrote both Ninjago and Chima to make me feel PAIN

Trivia: Naming “This May Sting a Bit” for Legends of Chima EP26 is an Understatement. GDI LEGO.


Skydive, it has been said, would rather read about an aerial battle than take part in one. He’s the Aerialbots’ resident bookworm and is fascinated by the history and science behind aerial warfare. Within the limits of his design, he’s capable of duplicating the flight patterns of anything he sees. His knowledge of aerial warfare and tactics is unmatched. Skydive is probably the most skilled Autobot flier in existence. All of that, and you’re more likely to find him secluded in a cozy library than actually in the sky. He’s simply too modest and bookish to realize how smart and skilled he really is. Thankfully the rest of the Autobots definitely do.

Skydive combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form Superion.