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20/07/16 || Obviously not a study update because I’m on holiday (YAY 🎉) but I don’t want to stop posting so here I am. Today was a great day of shopping, especially books shopping, can’t wait to read so many of the books that see on my tbr. How was your day?

Thursday Things

1. I finally bought an electric kettle and it has changed my life in exactly the ways I knew it would, why did I wait so long to do this??????

2. To celebrate the nominal percentage of Irish that exists somewhere within my DNA (this is a blatant lie, I mean yes I am some percentage Irish but whoooooooo fucking cares, there’s literally nothing more pointless or boring than belligerent nationalism, I just want to make fatty desserts) I made vanilla bean panna cotta with raspberry sauce which is definitely Italian, except it has to set up for 4 hours or ideally overnight so congratulations me, you played yourself

3. Happy Inebriated Yelling Heterosexuals Day or whatever

4. If I see one more saccharine overwrought article lauding a frumpy bewildered gaggle of men for briefly inhabiting traditionally female spaces and emerging ~transformed~ with whimsical revelatory quips owing to having never before taken responsibility for emotional labor or even basic cognition, I’m going to shove my fist inside my own ass until I reach my spinal cord and I’m going to pull until it snaps off the base of my skull like a dandelion. Congratulations on taking a passing interest in how to put a shitty crooked ponytail on your daughter or wearing a skirt for an hour at a bar Dickface Doug, surely you deserve to have the innumerable pockets of your cargo shorts filled with gold ingots and vouchers for unlimited blowjobs for your noble sacrifice and personal growth wetfartsounds.mp3

5. Upon reflection, actually p. incredible I have any friends at all

still waiting for the miracle

When you’ve fallen on the highway
and you’re lying in the rain,
and they ask you how you’re doing
of course you’ll say you can’t complain –
If you’re squeezed for information,
that’s when you’ve got to play it dumb:
You just say you’re out there waiting…