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I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

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listen if you’re haggling over the age of consent, you’ve probably already done something wrong lmao

Imagine the Seventeen members sending you multiple pictures of Woozi when he’s asleep.

BONUS: When he finds out about it, he just smiles gently at you and shows no sign of anger but he’s actually secretly planning how to punish the others.


TLOS Tour: St. Louis - July 17th, 2016 // Left Bank Books
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I don’t think many people on tumblr realize that the blog they send negativity towards is run by a human being who has their own issues and hardships outside of the social media sphere. I know a few people might think that these people deserve negativity and that they should just deal with it or leave. But how ugly of a concept is that? If you can’t deal with negativity then don’t enjoy this thing. If you make a few mistakes you gotta deal with someone who barely knows you (or doesn’t know you at all) calling you out and making you out to be some disgusting human being. This totally goes against the idea and belief of personal growth. 

And then it comes down to the user’s wellbeing now. Some people would probably roll their eyes when they see someone hurt by the hate or even ridicule that person for hurting themselves over it. But essentially, it’s not always the hate itself that causes people to break down. It’s the hate piled on everything else they have to deal with that they can’t just walk away from. Ruining someone’s mentality and threatening their life is not worth the validation of a call-out, I’m sorry to say. 

Fic: Still Life

What’s this? An NQC fic? Me oh my! I might actually get them finished before I turn 26!

Summary: Looking to make a little extra money on the side, cash-strapped spinner and haberdasher Mr Gold agrees to be a life model for art teacher Belle French.

Rated: NC-17


Still Life

“Dad, are the pancakes done yet?”

“You can’t rush art, Bae.”

“But I’m starving!”

Gold just smiles as he pours the first batch of pancake batter into the frying pan, but he’s nowhere near as calm on the inside. Truth be told, he’s taking his time with the pancakes because he really doesn’t want to get on with the day and what comes after breakfast. He still can’t quite believe that he agreed to Belle’s proposal in the first place, but she’s Belle, and business has been worryingly quiet in the shop lately, and it’s a bit of extra cash in hand. Welcome cash in hand; Bae’s birthday is coming up and Gold is determined that his son is not going to go without after the rather tumultuous last year he’s had. When Bae’s mother had run off to Spain with her paramour, taking Bae and most of Gold’s money with her, it had taken most of the rest of his money to fight tooth and nail to get him back, and for a man as unused to fighting as Gold is, it has been an exhausting experience. Still, depleted funds aside, Bae is happily back with his father and things are looking up. All the same, Gold is still wondering how he’s going to survive the next few hours as he brings the stack of pancakes over to the table and Bae attacks them with gusto.

“Aren’t you having any, Dad?” he asks in the middle of his third when he comes to the realisation that his father isn’t eating. Gold shakes his head.

“Not hungry.”

Actually, he’s too nervous to eat, his stomach full of butterflies making him feel incredibly sick. It’s no good, he’s going to have to call Belle to cancel. It was a ridiculous idea and he’d only agreed to it in a moment of madness because apparently his brain ceases to function whenever Belle is around.

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