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One Piece is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Takato and Sadamomo and Jun are celebrating it too!  

For Takato, the One Piece Live Attraction was his debut role, where he played Luffy (the first Luffy, in fact), so the series is very near and dear to his heart.

Jun and Sadamomo were on the second One Piece cast, concurrently with each other, but not with Takato.  Sadamomo played Nami, and Jun was Zoro.  Zoro was also Jun’s debut role.

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ur worrying ppl teru

pls stop teru

Did a little redraw of an ooooold drawing of Syr to warm up tonight, since I haven’t touched my tablet since stormblood release ahaha

honestly I love seeing my improvement when I redo old doodles


It wouldn’t leave me alone so I rewrote this scene from “Alone”

“Hey, don’t forget this. Relax the back. Breathe in, breathe out.”

“How do you know all these things, Mulder?”

“I’m unemployed. I got a lot of time on my hands. Oprah. I watch a lot of Oprah.” There’s sadness in her eyes, or exhaustion; these days it’s hard to tell with a myriad of new expressions and feelings in her repertoire. He’s getting better at it, though. At all of this.

“Actually, I read the books.” Mulder admits with a sheepish smile. He hasn’t mentioned it before, because they have yet to talk about this. This baby thing. He doesn’t know what she expects, and up until he read up on it in the books, he wasn’t sure what he could expect either. For better or worse, another conversation they should maybe have and soon, he is in this now. He’s all in.

“The books, Mulder?” Bless her for shooting him a smile in this mess.

“Yes, the books. All of them. Like I said, I’m unemployed and… and I want to be involved, Scully. I missed so much already. I’m not going to miss anything else. I mean unless you don’t want me… here or there.” He holds his breath afraid she’s going to throw him out or take the pillow from him and hit him with it. Instead she touches his arm, lets her fingers curl around it. Mulder feels the pillow under his shirt slip to the ground where it lands with a soft thud. Neither of them cares.

“I do want you, Mulder. Here, there and everywhere.”

“Scully, did you just quote a Beatles song?” She moves closer to him, her stomach gently bumping against him, and he tightens his arms behind her back. They haven’t been this close in too long and he wishes they could stay like this, in this pure, perfect moment, for a while longer.

“We should get going. I shouldn’t have spent so much time at the office. Leaving was harder than I thought it would be.”

“Don’t feel guilty for leaving, Scully. I’m sure Agent Doggett can take care of himself.”

“He deserves a partner, Mulder. I always had one.” He’s quietly staring into her eyes.

“I know, but right now, you should worry about the little agent in here,” he puts his hand on her stomach carefully without breaking eye contact. The smile on her face tells him this is right, “you don’t owe the FBI or him anything.”

“Thank you, Mulder.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s go and forget about the FBI for a couple of hours. We don’t want to be late, do we? We need to learn how to breathe after all.” Together, he thinks and grins at her before he puts his hand on her back leading her out the door.


You don’t need me.

Hiatus is upon us, which means for the first few weeks, I will be going on hiatus too. The tag is teeming with fics/gifsets right now so, you know,  you don’t need me.

Katsuki Yuuri is brave and selfless and strong, and one of the best things about the series is watching him actually allow himself to have things, to actually allow himself to openly receive love from other people

And to actually allow himself to not be totally selfless; to take the love that’s offered to him as his own and embrace it, to take the dreams he wants to achieve and fight for them, even if it means other people have to work hard alongside him as well (because he now knows they love him and are willing to do so and want him to achieve his dreams as well). 

Yuuri is asking Victor a lot by saying ‘coach me even though you’re also competing’, but he sees now that it’s something he can do, that Victor loves him and wants so much for him to succeed that he can ask these things of him. He’s allowed to ask for things, and Victor is ecstatic when he does, because Victor wants this too. 

“Victor is the first thing I’ve ever wanted to hold on to.” 

Of course Yuuri’s wanted to hold on to other things. He loves his family. He loved his dog. He loves his friends. Victor is the first thing that selfless Katsuki Yuuri has allowed himself to say “I want this, and he wants to be with me, and I’m going to hold onto that”. And even then, despite wanting that, he still tries to let him go for selfless, if incorrect reasons. Victor, misunderstanding Yuuri (they’re both misunderstanding each other there), even outright says he didn’t know Yuuri could be selfish like this in episode twelve.

Yuri on Ice is partly the story of Katsuki Yuuri realizing that love is all around him and it is there for the taking, and he is worthy of it, he deserves it. Yuuri is a character that if anything, learns that it’s actually okay to be a little bit selfish (and it’s not selfish anyway if people WANT to do these things for you), because he didn’t understand it before. Yuuri is a selfless character who learns and is still learning that he doesn’t always have to be that way. 


❣️Because of the thorns
A beautiful rose 🌹 can bloom
Dark red flowers 🌺 it means I love you
Even if I bleed everywhere I wanna know you
Cause I think about you err-day
I’m already addicted to you❣️🎵🎵🎶


The Grand Inquisitor was able to use the right and left hands equally well, but I like to think he was primary left-handed (especially when it comes to using Force. He favored left one even when he had lightsabers in both hands). So have a few gifs with Inquisitor using his left hand in various situation :)


gangry (adj.)

  • a gay who is angry

synonyms: girritated, gannoyed, gad, gindignant, girked;

no but seriously. victor’s so often taken as this cardboard cutout who’s there to look pretty and be adorable all the time, but he’s so much more than that. this guy can lose his cool and not be adorable while he’s at it. the thing is he rarely does, because not anyone can get to him like that. the most hostile feeling you’ll get out of him if he doesn’t find you interesting enough to stress about is… indiference. ask jj.

does that make him a cold, calculating person? lmao hell nah.

this is a person who’s clearly kept a safe distance from everyone his whole life. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have important relationships with people that he truly values, it’s just that he never put himself out there enough to actually become vulnerable. then comes along The Katsuki. dude makes him feel more alive than ever then leaves overnight and never calls, y’all know the drill. and thing is, when it comes to this dude, victor feels everything. the good and the bad, the simple and the complicated, the “i love this man so much” and “oh god why is this man like this. why does he put himself down this way. can’t he see he’s perfect”. the latter is actually a pattern that plays out whenever we do see him outwardly upset.

first there’s victor getting pissed because yuri missed precious practice hours, then there’s his disappointment because yuri failed to act like a proper sportsperson. there’s him desperate because yuri is letting competitors’ scores get the best of him when he has nothing to fear, being in first place and more than capable of keeping his spot on the podium. then there’s him heartbroken because yuri is calling it quits on his career, which he knows yuri doesn’t really want to do. these are things that affect yuri and yuri’s career first and foremost, and to me it means that: 1. not much can get to victor, but yuri’s anxiety-fueled self-sabotaging tendencies surely will do the trick 2. he’s still getting the hang of how to handle it, and that’s okay. because victor’s not only made of cuteness. because he’s human. because he’s still learning—he’s still learning yuri. and because they always end up meeting each other in the middle.

so yeah, it’s important not to forget the times victor got angry. but it’s also good to remember the times he didn’t.

move overseas to coach the dude who clearly called to him then get rejected? kay guess i’ll just cry into my pillow. ask basic questions about him only to be shut down completely? kay guess i’ll distract myself with a fake ninja house and upload a selfie so people know where i am. at least they can give me some Attention (yep, he is that petty, but that’s another post). guy yells at you when you’re just trying to help him skate his best by telling him to remember a lover (which by the way is not you, he made it very clear)? kay guess i’ll just spend the next few days trying to get through to him, i rly fucked up there dude. he disobeys you in your first official competition and ends up bashing his head as a result? god dammit KAY guess i’ll just open my arms real wide and thank him for showing me he can do this—oops watch the nosebleed!

TL;DR can you believe victor nikiforov, my son, light of my life, my reason to wake up in the morning etc etc etc is such a complex character with so much more to give than iconic lines and that yuri katsuki is the best thing that’s ever happened to him??????  

haha whoops overgrown hair hanzo sketches whoops….

may i clarify i knOW the young hanzo skin has long hair but like… old hanzo with messy long hair and like, it going through an awkward inbetween stage where it still sticks up a bit when in a pony tail and like just being so busy with work and missions and unable to cut it and mccree n other ow members braiding it n playing with it  ;O; ~<3

Hey, so listen. I just think it’s important to say that no matter how much you know about the animals you’re keeping, it’s important to always keep learning.

It’s also important to research and take advice if you’re told something you’re doing may not be the best thing. It sucks to find out you may be doing something wrong, but take it as people care enough to try and help make sure your animals get the best care possible. Considering advice and researching instead of being angry or dismissive reflects better on you too.

Sometimes we mess up, but we just gotta learn and do better. I have made mistakes too. I’ve had to change the way I’ve done things with my birds after learning new info. I am not a perfect example all the time of good bird keeping. I’m still learning and will always continue to learn. New info is always coming.

Just remember that there is always more to learn.

This has been my random thought at 3AM.

anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Maggie watching Alex work in the lab, if you're taking prompts? Your fics are freaking amazing, I enjoy reading everything you write!

First prompt - yay! Thanks anon, hope I did OK : )

In between getting her stitches done and signing her discharge forms, there’s not a whole lot to do but wait.

She remembers being shot how an ocean remembers a tempest – complete upheaval in the moment, but now everything’s stilling, quieting, in a way that’s almost as dizzying as the original chaos, and the floor tilts when she tries to rise to meet it, and her elbow buckles against the bed, and every light in the room is suddenly too much to bear.

“Woah, easy…” she hears Alex murmur, gently pushing her down by her uninjured shoulder. “Those painkillers can knock you around a bit.”

“No kidding,” Maggie groans, wincing a little. She glances down at her shoulder, the place where moments earlier Alex had done tender violence to her skin, sewing together ripped flesh with the precision of a scientist, the care of an friend.

It seems, with work and with women, Alex Danvers is nothing if not exact.

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