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Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

the signs as directly quoted insults from Donald Trump's recent tweets
  • Aries: Ungrateful TRAITOR
  • Taurus: "evil"
  • Gemini: FAKE NEWS
  • Cancer: Sad!
  • Leo: Very Un-American
  • Virgo: Total Disaster
  • Libra: so-called judge (bonus: SEE YOU IN COURT)
  • Scorpio: Did a bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice
  • Sagittarius: EASY D!
  • Capricorn: The Failing New York Times
  • Aquarius: Fake Tears
  • Pisces: Bad "dudes"

anonymous asked:

Can I get a HC with Ace, Law, Smoker, Luffy, and Zoro reacting to being teased by their s/o with the following phrase; "And here we see the wild (character) in their natural habitat-- Shit. I've been spotted." Please? (Love your blog, by the way. .o.)

Awwwww, thank you, that’s so sweet~  <3 <3 <3
I love requests like these. They always manage to make me laugh/smile.

These are going to be a little short.

Being teased by their S/O headcanons:

Phrase: “And here we see the wild (their name) in their natural habitat– SHIT, I’ve been spotted!”


  • Confused at first with what his s/o is doing, then a huge smile breaks out on his face.
  • Starts laughing, ESPECIALLY once they’ve been spotted.
  • Gives chase.
  • But ends up falling asleep and falling on either his face, or his s/o.
  • Once he wakes up though, going to catch his s/o.
  • Probably starts a tickle war. Or cuddles.

Smoker, Law, and Zoro:

  • “What the hell are you doing?”
  • Do not recommend, they won’t understand.
  • Gives you a “WTF” face.
  • MIGHT wonder/ask if you’re feeling unwell.
  • If Zoro’s napping, he’ll just give a look and just go right back to sleep.
  • Smoker may say/think, “I don’t have time for this.” And probably compares them to his unit/others in G5 (Or was it G6? Basically his subordinates)
  • If Law was feeling playful, he’d have an automatic win. Because he’ll use his DF’s “ROOM”. And yes, smirking like the little shit that he is.


  • Omg, this poor baby. SO CONFUSED.
  • Tilts his head to the side, and all ?????????????????
  • Does not understand.
  • If his s/o tries to hide/run after being spotted, he’d think that they’re either being weird, or wanting to play tag/hide and seek.

x-i-l-verify  asked:

33, 34, 40

MP100 ask meme

33.  Do you like broccoli?


………….*glares* yes…..kinda……NOT SO SURE NOW THO DX (and really, it does kinda make me feel nauseous sometimes, even before reading MP100 so I’m not sure ^^;;;;)

34. Is there any crossover other than OPM that catches your attention?

:D So glad you asked!

I’m really fond of @jamjumpingjambore ‘s MP100/Psychonauts crossover! 1. Because it seems like such a fun concept, and 2. It’s thanks to their work and your explanations/encouragements from there that I ended up playing a SUPER FUN and amazing game (thank you again for that >v<)!! So really, this one has such a special place in my heart :’’D Also, I like the thought of Raz and Mob being friends, and here they are trying each other’s methods of levitation! …some are more successful than others… 

Although I just remembered that MP100 levitation is basically using telekinesis to make yourself float soooooo–


40.  Is there a voice actor you’d like to hear in the anime sometime?

Not really particularly?? I heard Alex Hirsch actually offered to voice act for the dub, lol, so I guess that would be cool?? Not sure who he’d voice though! X’D


Jin: What’s the difference between a peck and a kiss? 

Jimin: A peck is just gentle and kiss is…

RM: It’s the existence and nonexistence of the tongue!

Okay. So here we see how RM thinks that Jimin is mature enough to know these adult things :D And mommy seems like she doesn’t. Well, Jiminie, now you know :3

+ Namjoon is hella happy xD and Jin is probably gonna kick his ass at the dorm for teaching their kids such stuff xD