still kinda freaking out that i did it


“It’s not too late to set things right.”

I’mmm still real messed up over little Caligosto here…I do wonder what his younger self would think about his grown up self’s actions….and I wanted him to interact more with Raz, since Cali’s sanity seems to be the most intact in his childhood; you do find his moral compass there, after all. Also I just wanted to get that poor kid a hug in some way aaaa

I think it’s interesting (in the most bitter, horrible way possible) that with Mr. and Mrs. Loboto trying to get rid of a “monster”, they really just ended up creating one. :T World’s worst parents everyone!

Neighbors (Part VI)

Soft sunlight is beaming through the blinds and she rolls onto her back, a hand covering her eyes.

She blinks slowly, rubbing her sleepy eyes and lets out a quiet groan. Her mouth is dry and her temples are throbbing slightly. She can feel her stomach clench in a weird way as if there’s something wrong. As if there is this gut feeling warning you.

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 Original or requested: Original

 Pairing: Paul x Reader

 Word count: 730

 “You’ve lost your mind.” You feel so nervous that a laugh escapes your mouth. “He’s my friend! He’s just a friend! Is that so hard to understand? ”

 “Yes, because he loves you!”

 “He doesn’t love me, Paul! I’ve known him since forever.” You sit on the couch, closing your eyes for a few seconds to try to calm down.

 Paul freaked out when you told him you spend the day with Dean, an old friend. He came from Canada to see you since it’s been two years you’re living here in Forks.

 “You’re naive. You’ve always been naive and you can’t see what I can!” Paul is shaking, just like he’s just about to shift. You’re not scared. You were never scared of his temper.

 “I am smart enough to understand these things, Paul.”

 “I don’t think so since you’re apparently on his side.”

 “I won’t stop talking to him just because you’re jealous.” Picking up your phone, you text your friend Marilyn. She’s the only one who can help you with this kind of problems.

 “Don’t.” Paul takes the phone from your hands, throwing it at the wall. Shocked by his action, you gasp, trying not to punch him and break your arm. “You won’t text him.”

 “I WAS TEXTING MARILYN!” You yell, running to your bedroom. You start to pack your things while Paul tries to make you stop and the rest of the pack who’s home watching from the door frame. When you accepted to move in with the pack or your own safety, you used to complain about all those eyes on your relationship, but now you don’t care. “I’m done. If you don’t trust me then there’s no reason for me to stay. I love Dean like a friend and I love you because you’re the love of my life. Not my fault you can’t understand it.”

 “(Y/N), I’m still talking. Be rational and finish this conversation like an adult. ” The tone of his voice is rude and it breaks your heart.

 “I’m still leaving.”

 “I need you to stop crying and explain to me what happened.” Marilyn gives you some ice cream so you can eat something while you cry your heart out.

 “I told him I wanted he to think about us. But he told me he didn’t need to think. Then I told him I needed to think. Do you really think I would break up with him?”

 “I’m still confused.” Always honest, Marilyn takes a deep breath.

 “It’s about Dean!” You shout, making your friend jump on the couch.

 “Oh. Got it. But Paul loves you so much and I can understand him. He’s scared to lose you.”

 “He’s the love of my life. I already told him that a million times!”

 “I’m sure you did, but how would you act if he spent a whole day with a woman? Even if she’s just a friend of his? A whole day alone with her while you stay home.”

 You put the ice cream down to think. Well, to rethink. Maybe, just maybe, this is kinda your fault. Paul wouldn’t freak out if he went with you. And no, you wouldn’t like him to spend all that time with a friend.


 “Yes, shit. I’m not saying you have to apologize, but I do can imagine how he felt.”

 “I love him, Mary. So much.” You whisper, tears still rolling down your cheeks.

 “Call him.”

 And that’s what you do. Fearing that he may be rude to you like he did earlier, you patiently wait for him to answer the phone. When he finally answers, you both keep silent. Hearing his breath is enough to make you want to be with him again and this feeling takes your breath away. You barely feel it, this weird pain in your chest, since you’re always together, but you just can’t take it.


 “(Y/N), you have no idea how it hurts. Being away from you is… too painful.”

 “I know, Paul, I… I’m sorry. I love you. No one but you.” With a smile on your lips, you help Marilyn to pack up your things again. “I’m sorry if I hurt you. Whenever I want to see Dean you can come. I didn’t know how much it hurt you.”

 “I’m coming to bring you home. I love you.”

 “I love you too.”

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Girl, I guess {TVD 8x16 Review}

OK guys, this is the last time I will have to warn the TVD fandom about writing in real time! Here it goes: You all know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time which means if I make any mistakes at the beginning of my review, I might have rectified them at the end. This will include: anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. It will most likely reference other TV shows including Kdramas and may include observations of the show’s anti-blackness and racism. Are you ready? Let’s. Go. 

1. That SC kiss is still awful. Slow-mo it all you want guys, it’s just going to accentuate how awful it was.

2. Kinda salty that the hotel’s wifi isn’t much better than the data on my phone.

3. Seriously, Vicki and Kelly being in hell makes no sense.

4. “The magic was too much for her” HOW THOUGH? Bonnie did way more strenuous magic in freaking season 2. LIKE?

5. “No no no no no”, Stefan is panicking that Bonnie might be dead and Caroline’s just like, Oh. I know we all talk about how Paul has checked out but what the fuck has Candice been doing?

6. So like why is Elena in a random ass wood in a random ass white bed? Is this what Bonnie’s world looks like? Because I thought it was a rundown Mystic Grill.

7. Nina’s wig is AWFUL.

8. How would Elena seeing Bonnie make Elena think Bonnie is dead though? Like, isn’t it just that if Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up? Who said anything about meeting each other in a random ass forest before Bonnie dies?

9. So Elena doesn’t even blink an eye when Bonnie tells her “I can be with Enzo now”? Like she just accepts that her friend is going to die to be with someone who was an enemy when Elena was awake?

10. How does Enzo have the power to bring Bonnie back to life? Is Enzo an angel? LIKE? Rules DO need to exist, Julie.

11. The look of relief on Stefan’s face when Bonnie wakes up is so nice to see.

12. Vicki, stop talking. I also like how no one has tried to tie her up to keep her from ringing the bell. Just because you can’t kill her doesn’t mean you can’t contain her.

13. “I can’t go back there, you don’t know what it’s like” because the show literally hasn’t shown us anything.

14. How predictable is it that the DE reunion is really a DK reunion, oh! Like season 1 when he thought he was kissing Elena! CLEVER. Like 100 anons came into in my inbox like, I bet it’s Katherine, the moment that reunion aired. Well, at least Damon realized it was Katherine this time, you know, after hugging her and being all, “You’re both OK.”

15. It is so tacky they made her say, “Hello brothers.” Like omg, why isn’t it over yet

16. So Katherine is in Elena’s dress. Is Elena just naked somewhere? And she straightened her hair, like how much time did she have to do this?

17. “Her PHYSICAL body” I do miss seeing Paul and Nina onscreen together again, that “so over it” attitude is very reminiscent of season 2 and the delivery was hilarious.

18. Although this Katherine is a little off, she actually seems a little more unhinged, like the way Nina says, “the devil” in that tone and “Why do you think he wanted you? Because I  wanted you. DUH.” Like this is probably the first time I’ve been like so you’re crazy.

19. I don’t know why but Stefan is making me laugh so far. Damon is all “Dammit Katherine” and Stefan’s HAD IT, he’s just like YO let me stab this bitch “We gotta find, Elena, let’s go” and he LEAVES. Like he’s ready to go into battle. It also makes me feel like it’s Paul rushing to finish a scene like, “It’s the last episode, Ian, let’s GO.”

20. CAROLINE. VAMP SPEED. Walking down the stairs with a teddybear all chill and shit.

21. This is so low energy, Alaric and Caroline should be yelling at the top of their lungs, like if you want me to believe this is life or death then the characters needs to be amped, they need to be scared and frenzied, this feels like any other fight in any other episode.

22. Alaric, seriously, demote Caroline to Auntie because that’s how she acts with those twins anyway.

23. At least Katherine took the time to dress Elena in a shirt, a cardigan and jeans. It’s very thoughtful of her.

24. Me at Stefan’s face when he sees Elena on the ground:

25. So Katherine’s hair is suddenly curly again? Does she have superpowers?

26. Oh great. The fact that Katherine said Elena would choose Stefan over Damon just confirms that Elena will in fact choose Damon over Stefan. Just had to spit in the SErs’ faces one last time, I guess.

27. Lol watch Katherine actually be Silas getting into everyone’s heads and voicing their deepest fears. Again.

28. I want to feel something about this SC scene but I’m legit bored. “Please, please don’t make me leave you, please,” was sweet. That’s about it.

29. Like I’ve seen Stefan emotionally distraught at having to part ways with Elena:

and I know SErs are upset over the “I love you so much” but it’s not this:

30. It really doesn’t feel like the “world” is coming to an end, everyone is actually pretty chill. Like the season 2 finale of Buffy was the world ending (again) and everyone is freaking the fuck out:

and this is just like, Elena is unconscious, Matt allows Vicki to ring a bell that will bring hellfire and there’s the slowest evacuation in the world. We don’t even see randoms freaking out in the street. Whatever.

31. Of course Bonnie is staying behind.

32. “Downtown Mystic Falls”, I mean I guess. As the crow flies? WHO WROTE THIS. You are NOT in Lord of the Rings.

33. So I’m confused about this plan, Bonnie is going to redirect hell fire through the tunnels away from MF into hell … so these tunnels lead into hell? Bonnie knows where hell is? The fire won’t destroy the tunnels?

34. Aw, Paul is acting! But yeah his speech to Damon is meh because Damon doesn’t deserve shit.

35. Considering that vampire blood can’t work on people who have ingested the cure, why would compulsion?

36. Why would I care about a Donovan family reunion?

37. So Grams is still around even though the Other Side is gone?

38. Bonnie pulled a Gandalf. “You shall not pass.”

39. Sorry, it was supposed to be a powerful scene but like nah.

40. So a bunch of black women who I’m guessing are the Bennett clan are pushing the hell fire away to protect a town that does not acknowledge their existence. Mmkay.

41. “He’s the better man, he’s the right man.” LOL EXCEPT NOT. HOW? Because he was FINALLY willing to sacrifice himself after almost two centuries?

42. He probably whispered something about loving Caroline to Elena.

43. I feel like I’m supposed to be sad that Stefan is dead but like I’ve seen this coming for a while.

44. LOL Magic School/Hogwarts where Jeremy teaches, this is SO BAD.

45. I’m sorry but these “peaces” just look like individual prison worlds.

What an AWFUL series finale, like it was SO BAD. I can’t even, I mean it’s laughably bad but like THIS is how you’re ending a supernatural series? WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? Nothing happened! Stefan sacrifices himself to make sure Katherine’s in hell when the fire comes but he dies when the fire goes through the tunnels so why wouldn’t Katherine just be dead if they kept her tied down in the tunnels when the fire came? And then Caroline and Alaric open a boarding school for magical kids in which Jeremy teaches for absolutely no reason and Klaus is a donor because why not and Vicki finally achieves nothingness except nothingness is peace with Tyler somewhere even though Tyler basically treated her like trash and the Other Side is gone so how they’re still watching the living is beyond me. And then Bonnie travels the world and that somehow makes her happy as if she hadn’t traveled before. Matt got a bench, good for you Matt. And Elena goes to med school and has a happy life with Damon we don’t see and then they die and each of them spend their peace not with each other and it ends. Like … why tho? How does this make sense as ending? I should’ve been drunk for this. Plus side is, Stefan has still only called Elena the love of his life.

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Hmm... Bakugou+Uraraka in the classroom? :D (I love your blog ^^ )

Originally posted by miuroko

DID YOU SAY BAKUGOU + URARAKA :D :D :D:D my blog loves you too. this headcanon is gonna be huge I can already smell it. 

So in this version of my many kacchako-shippingminded ideas,, Uraraka is still kinda crushing on Deku and one time in the classroom she’s just FREAKING out when Deku gently taps her shoulder just as she enters the classroom, and she just spazzes out and accidentally bumps into Bakugou. – who roughy shoves her to the side - which causes her to clash painfully hard into Deku - and spats at her she chould be careful where she walks in the typical salty Bakugou way. 

but Uraraka is so offended because he. hurt. Deku. with. her. body. Deku is still on the floor like “it’s okay~” but she leans towards Bakugou and bumps him back with her elbow, shoving him against a nearby table and ALMOST causing him to fall (dawww) and Bakugou damn glares at her and this is all the start of a heated annoy-the-heck-out-of-each-other-in-classroom-battle-WAR. 

So each moment they get in class, they will push each other, smack each other’s heads, trip each other etc. etc. and while Bakugou just simply hates losing, Uraraka keeps herself convinced she’s doing it for Deku. 

The class eventually treats it like a casual ‘ah they’re at it again,’ but it escalates and escalates until one morning Bakugou is so DONE with this tiny floating bitch who dares to show off an attitude to him so he smacks her onto a nearby table (other students are lik woaaahh wtf) and actually tickles her with both hands and Uraraka explodes ,and Bakugou just gets the biggest ass evil grin like “now I’ve got her.” and he tickles her until she’s squealing loudly and making a scene while the rest of the class awkwardly sits there waiting for Aizawa-sensei to enter and put an end to this (he is just chilling in his cocoon around the corner though, calmly waiting for the storm to pass by).

And eventually the storm does pass by because Bakugou tickles her sides and tummy so enthusiastically he ends up climbing on top of her on the table while he taunts and teases her and gets carried away (Mineta is GUSHING and Deku is BLUSHING and Iida desperately wants to put an end to it but he just kinda can’t.) so these two can just freely get carried away in their own world – and once Uraraka is letting out a hiccuppy “I g-give! I give!” Bakugou finally stops and kinda feels not like a winner because he has lost his heart right there. 

He just awkwardly gets up and ‘s like “there. that’s what you get fo –” Uraraka just pokes him and launches him into air with her quirk until his head hits the ceiling. HA. this bitch still ain’t giving up and btw if I didn’t make it clear yet Bakugou has totally fallen for her bright laugh and sassy cuteness and she’s gonna be the end of him.  

Sadie Black (Chapter 1)

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“I can’t believe you almost made us late,” I huffed at my brother as we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Calm down,” Jacob chuckled. “We made it on time.”

“Barely,” I said, putting my notebook into my backpack and zipping it up. I had a big test today; all my teachers had realized that winter break was starting in a few days and decided to throw a bunch of tests at us last minute.

“Oh look,” Jacob muttered as we got out of the car. “Paul’s back… and what a surprise, he’s joined Sam’s cult.”

I glanced over to where he was looking and sure enough, Paul Lahote was getting out of his truck with Jared Cameron. They both hadn’t been in school for at least a 3 weeks. This was the second time that Jared had disappeared.

“So what?” I asked him, shouldering my backpack. “What’d they ever do to you?”

That pissed him off. There was nothing Jacob hated more than Sam and his ‘cult.’ I rolled my eyes at him before glancing back over at Paul. I had always had a slight crush on him and damn it was like he had gone through puberty again in the past 3 weeks. His biceps had grown twice in size since I had last seen him.

It was at this moment that Paul looked over at me. Normally, if someone caught me staring at them I would look away immediately, but this time I couldn’t. It was the most intense eye contact I’d ever had with someone.

Paul’s face looked like he had seen a ghost. His jaw had literally dropped and my face must’ve looked like a tomato from how hard I was blushing.

“Oh for god’s sake,” Jacob grunted, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the school. “I don’t want you near them, Sadie.”

I stumbled a bit as he jerked my arm again as I had turned around again for a second. I don’t know why I did, something was pulling me towards Paul. It kinda freaked me out a bit.

Jake stopped right outside the school and turned towards me.

“I mean it Sadie,” he said, placing his hands on my shoulders. “They’re bad news.”

My breath was still caught in my throat from whatever had just happened back there so I couldn’t exactly answer him. I just nodded instead and Jacob, satisfied with my answer, walked into school.

Before I followed him inside though, an arm reached out and grabbed the door for me, pulling it open. I looked up.

Damn he was tall.

“Hey Sadie,” he greeted breathlessly.

“Hi Paul,” I replied softly, smiling. “Where’ve you been?”

“Oh… umm,” he stuttered. “I was sick.”

“Really?” I questioned, eyeing his large biceps. “You don’t look like you were sick.”

“Are you flirting with me, Black?”

“I… uhh, what?” I was the one stuttering now. “I’ll… uhh, see you around, Paul.”

I tried to bolt at that point, but he grabbed my arm, making me turn around and stumble into him.

“Do you want to go out with me tomorrow night?” he asked me after I had put both my hands on his chest to brace myself.


Damn it, Sadie. Get it together.

“Sure,” I answered.

“Great!” he exclaimed with a huge grin on his face before kissing me on the cheek and jogging to his locker.

What the hell just happened?

I shook it off and walked quickly to my first class. Jacob was not going to be happy with me. But I couldn’t find it in me to care.

After school the next day, my friend Kim came over to help me get ready for my date with Paul. Kim and I had been best friends since kindergarten. Because she was an only child and she lived right down the street, we were always at each other’s houses.

“So what time is he picking you up?” she asked me as she rummaged through my closet.

“6 o’clock. And don’t bother, Kim,” I sighed. “There’s nothing in there to wear. I checked last night.”

“How about that black shirt that that Rachel left?”

“Eh. Maybe.”

She left the room to go across the hall to my sister’s room, coming back with the black long-sleeved shirt that tied at the bust and flowed out. She had left it when she went to college.

“Wear this with a pair of skinny jeans and your boots,” she said, feeling accomplished. “I still can’t believe you’re going on a date with Paul Lahote.”

“Me neither,” I sighed. “Jake is gonna kill me.”

“How is Paul picking you up without him seeing?” she questioned me.

“I’m just making a run for it. He can’t stop me.”

“I’ll tackle him,” Kim laughed.

“Yeah I’m sure that you can take down my brother, Kim,” I answered sarcastically. “It’s not like he’s a giant or anything.”

“Honestly though! How is it that your twin brother is so tall and you’re literally so sma-”

“I’m average height for a girl!”

“Whatever,” she giggled.

“5’4 is average!” I groaned. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Fine, fine,” she said. “You’ve got two hours until he’s picking you up, so let’s get started.”

An hour and a half later, Kim finished putting my hair into two french braids as I touched up the makeup I had put on. I had already changed into what we had picked out earlier.

“Hey, Sadie?” I heard my brother coming down the hall before he opened the door. “What do you want to do for dinner toni…? Why’re you all dressed up?”

“Umm…” I stuttered, not being able to think of an excuse on the spot.

“We’re going out!” Kim replied for me.

“Really?” I could understand why Jacob was confused. Whenever Kim and I hung out we always just stayed in and watched movies.

“Yeah, we’re going to… uh,” she trailed off.

“We’re going to dinner,” I finished for her.

“Yes. Dinner.”

“Okay, then,” Jake muttered before leaving the room.

“That was a close one,” Kim giggled before wandering over to the window.

“Yeah well now he’s onto me,” I sighed. “There’s no way he believes what we just told him.”

“Well you better get downstairs.”


“Because I think Paul’s here early.”

“What!?” I rushed over to the window. Sure enough, Paul was stepping out of his truck as my brother burst through the door of my bedroom once again.

“What the hell is Paul Lahote doing here?” he growled. Kim and I stayed quiet before we made eye contact. Kim nodded before running and jumping onto Jake, attempting to tackle him to the ground.

“Run, Sadie!” she yelled as her battle cry. I bolted around Jake before he could grab me. Kim wasn’t exactly doing well holding him back. I rushed out the door just as Paul was stepping up onto the front porch.

I grabbed his hand as I ran pass and pulled him along to his truck.

“We gotta go,” I laughed. “Now!”

“What?” he questioned me as I jumped into his truck, him following suit.

“Jake’s not exactly happy about you taking me out,” I muttered.

“Yeah, I figured that,” he sighed in response. “But… you’re happy right? I don’t want to force you into anything that you don’t want to do and I don’t want you to fight with your brother.”

“Jacob is not in charge of me. He may think that he is, but he’s not,” I said firmly. “And I want to be here with you.”

“Okay, good,” he responded, smiling widely.

“So where are we going?”

“I thought we could get dinner at the diner and then we could head down to the beach,” he said nervously. “Does that sound alright?”

“Sounds perfect.”


After getting dinner at practically the only restaurant in La Push, a small diner that has the best burgers and milkshakes I’ve ever had, Paul and I made our way down to First Beach.

We walked side by side, our fingertips brushing, neither one of us sure if the other wanted to hold hands or not.

After a few minutes of this slight awkwardness, I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand, interlacing my fingers with his. I blushed slightly, purposely not looking at him, but he squeezed my hand and as I turned towards him he grinned at me.

“So why does your brother hate me so much?” Paul inquired.

“Well, it’s not just you that he hates,” I laughed. “He doesn’t like you, Sam, or Jared actually. He thinks you’re apart of some drug cult.”


“Yeah well you and Jared both disappeared from school for a few weeks and then you came back all big and uhh…”

“Big?” he laughed.

“Well yeah,” I answered awkwardly. “You’re like super tall now and umm… you’re like buff now.”

He barked out another laugh and pulled me closer to him, wrapping one of his abnormally warm arms around my shoulders.

“And you’re also really warm,” I shivered, cuddling into his side. In my rush to leave the house earlier, I had forgotten to grab a coat.

“If I had brought a coat, I would give it to you,” he sighed. He stopped walking and sat down, pulling me with him so I sat between his legs. He wrapped both his arms around me and I instantly felt warmer.

“It’s definitely not healthy how warm you are,” I sighed in content. “But I’m not complaining.”

“So… do you think my friends and I do drugs?”

“No I don’t, but that won’t stop my brother from hating you. But he would hate anyone that I went on a date with.”

“Yeah, he seems like the protective type.”

“Well ever since my sisters moved out and my dad was put in the wheelchair, Jake thinks he needs to take care of me,” I whispered. I didn’t mention my mother dying; everyone on the reservation already knew what happened seven years ago.

He didn’t say anything more, which I appreciated. He tightened his arms around me and kissed my temple. I had never been so happy.

The rest of the night went by smoothly and by the time that Paul and I got back it was late. I had never had so much fun. He had made me laugh and we had gone for a walk on the beach after dinner at the local diner.

He pulled up in front of my house and we both could see the lights were still on.

“I had a really great time tonight,” I said softly.

“Me too. Do you, umm, maybe wanna go out again sometime?”

“I’d love to!” I replied, trying not to sound too eager, but failing miserably.

“Great! I know it’s kinda last minute, but there’s a bonfire tomorrow night down on the beach,” he said. “Would you maybe wanna go… with me?”

“Sure,” I couldn’t help but smile at how cute he was. “I better get inside.”

I opened the door to the truck and stepped out, walking around it. But before I could get too far, I heard the door to the driver’s side open. I turned around, confused, but before I could say anything, Paul’s mouth was on mine.

He had one hand on my waist while the other rested on my cheek. I kissed him back fiercely, wrapping my arms around his neck and getting up on my tiptoes. His tongue pushed his way into my mouth and I tugged at the hair at the nape of his neck.

He groaned a bit before pulling away.

“You should probably get inside,” he whispered. “I don’t need your brother hating me more than he already does.”

“Okay,” I answered him, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move.

“Sadie? You have to go inside now,” he chuckled, but I tightened my arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him again instead. It was shorter than the first one, but still just as amazing.

“Goodnight,” I told him as I broke away from him and started walking to my front porch. When I got to the door, I turned around and saw that Paul was waiting until I got into the house. I waved as I opened the door, stepping inside, and he grinned and waved as he drove away.

I stepped into the house, grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t stop smiling. I had never felt this way before.

“So you had a good time, then?” I heard my father ask as I stepped into the living room. He had a look on his face, almost like he knew something that I didn’t.

“Yeah,” I blushed. “I’m umm… I’m going out again tomorrow night. If that’s okay?”

“That’s fine with me,” he smiled. “I don’t know how your brother’s going to feel about that though. He’s been moping around in the garage since you left.”

“Well he can deal with it,” I muttered.

“That’s what I told him,” he chuckled.

“I’m gonna go to bed, Dad,” I told him before kissing him on the forehead. “Goodnight.”

“Night, Sadie.”


You were walking down the hall of S.T.A.R Labs when you were suddenly aside. You didn’t know who to expect so you were surprised when your eyes met Leonard’s. He immediately broke into a grin as he took ahold of your hand.

“What are you doing here? I said we’d meet after I get off.” You spoke in a hushed tone.

“Well, that was the plan but you were taking too long. Besides whats the big deal if I’m here?” Leonard asked with a shrug. You didn’t get a chance to reply before Barry came speeding in, followed by Cisco and Caitlin. Leonard pulled out his cold gun and aimed for Barry, hand still holding onto yours.

“Let her go!” Barry shouted angrily.

“Oh, you didn’t tell them, did you?” Leonard asked from over his shoulder.

“Tell us what?” Caitlin asked in suspicion.

“Y/N and I are together.” Leonard blurted out before you got a chance to speak.

“Ok, don’t freak out! It just kinda happened.” You spoke quickly.

“You and him?” Cisco spoke eyeing the two of you, shock still evident on his face and you nodded slightly.

“Him!?” Cisco exclaimed.

“Yes.” You and Leonard said in sync.

“Why?” Barry asked.

“Because we get along. Also he’s really sweet and funny.” You replied with a smile.

“Now honey, don’t go making me sound soft.” Leonard said as he rolled his eyes.

“This is unbelievable.” Caitlin muttered while shaking her head.

“Look, if your all done questioning us I’d like to take my girlfriend to dinner.” Leonard spoke in annoyance.

“What a great idea! We’ll join you.” Barry stated and the three of them began walking towards the exit.

“That’s not what I meant.” Leonard spoke though no one listened.

“Come on, it’s one night.” You replied, planting a soft kiss on his lips before you two followed the others out the building.

❧ w.jh | assassin!au

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pairing; seventeen jun x reader

genre; bulletpointed, assassin!jun, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

tags; @lunarjihoon

notes; you guys i promise i’ll get to your separate requests soon !! i’m not putting them on hold or anything, it’s just that i’ve been really busy oh g od i say that all the time but really >< bc i’m still a student aaa do be a little patient i’ll get to them asap !! luvluv 

  • this boy 
  • gOD 
  • is more in his own world than the real one 
  • like 
  • he’d be on a really important mission 
  • and,,, 
  • “jun?” 
  • “jun, reply?”
  • “are you in position?” 
  • “hello?”
  • “huh what” 
  • everyone would get so frustrated bc there wasn’t time to explain what was going on
  • and jun was supposed to know the whole plan
  • but he always misses out a part here and there
  • so that would make very,,, interesting situations
  • like one time 
  • they were supposed to kidnap the leader of this other mafia group 
  • and jun was given the job to take care of the car to prepare to run once they’ve got the leader
  • jun literally ,,,,
  • had to just ,,,
  • stay in the car ,,,,,,
  • at the driver’s seat,,,,
  • and be on the lookout
  • he couldn’t mess anything up that way 
  • or that’s what they thought
  • because he did, very much, fuck it up 
  • by not realizing that he had turned off the engine while waiting
  • so after they managed to drag the boss in, time was wasted to turn the engine back on
  • everyone was everywhere too lmao so jun was in confusion 
  • they were running from the mafia group chasing them to get their leader back
  • and the mafia group was just trying to get into the van after they realized that their leader was taken away
  • and jun’s team had to fight them off ,,,, while preventing the leader from escaping at the same time
  • but in the end they managed to drive off with the leader in the car
  • so mission success!
  • but everyone was pretty pissed like wen junhui what the fuck
  • let’s just say he won’t be driving the car anytime soon
  • but! 
  • despite his aloofness 
  • he is very affectionate 
  • and caring 
  • and the rest of his gang doesn’t want him to leave
  • so 
  • they decide to train him in hand-to-hand combat
  • since he sucks ha 
  • they can tell him to slap a person and jun would just miss the person’s face and brush the tip of that person’s nose instead
  • ok not to that extent but you get what i mean
  • he can fight, but just not well enough
  • but,,, 
  • no matter how hard they try 
  • he just,,, 
  • isn’t fit for it??? 
  • like 
  • “why did you become an assassin if you can’t even fight?” 
  • “idk really”
  • tbvvvh it’s just because of their personal bond with each other
  • but stiLL
  • jun needs to know how to fight better to survive
  • soOooO
  • the group hires a personal trainer 
  • which is you 
  • //dramatic music
  • and 
  • you’re originally a trainer for boxers
  • aka stuff like taekwondo, judo, and so on 
  • you learnt those stuff professionally since you were in high school so you’d say that you were pretty good at it
  • and you were pretty well-known in an area bc of it too :’))
  • but you got really surprised when this group of 13 people stand in front of your doorstep
  • at 3 am in the morning
  • asking you to train one of them
  • ok they didn’t ask
  • they practically ordered you to
  • like ?? i don’t owe you shit ???
  • + you looked like some freshly baked potato who just woke up
  • but tbh you were naturally really alert although you didn’t look much like it
  • you even heard one of them mumble “are you sure she’s the one who can fight?” 
  • you literally swung your leg up and stopped a few millimeters away from his face
  • and he instinctively defended himself by roughly pushing your leg away 
  • and you two engaged in a super quick mini-battle for a moment
  • but you two pull away in the end and you just look at him up down like
  • “you’re pretty good” 
  • he smirks like ofc 
  • “you too.” 
  • and everyone else was just like
  • ok point proven
  • which made them convince you to train one of them
  • and you were like you guys don’t need training if you’re this good??
  • and one of them just looks at you and says “i need the training, not  the rest them.” 
  • and he introduces himself as jun 
  • and everyone else introduces themselves too
  • not like you’d remember their names all at once tho,, there’s 13 of them jfc
  • so apparently the one who ‘‘‘ fought ’’’ with you previously was soonyoung
  • and they offered a pretty high pay if you were willing to train jun so
  • you agreed
  • but you questioned why they were here in the middle of the night
  • like you could’ve asked me tomorrow afternoon or something ??
  • but they just laugh a little and gave you a little note before they left
  • and the note just says ‘saturday’ with an address
  • so every saturday 
  • you’re over at their… house? hideout? 
  • udk what it is lmao
  • it’s like a garage but it’s pretty damn big and it has everything
  • “this sure is a weird… place to live in”
  • cue nervous laughter
  • because 
  • they were afraid you’d find out that they were assassins/mafias
  • but they’re in luck
  • until now you still thought they just wanted to learn from you lmao
  • you’re as blur as their teammate
  • and
  • you finally get to meet jun properly on that saturday
  • when it’s not night 
  • more like evening-ish
  • and he actually can fight??? 
  • like you suggested that the two of you went at each other at first so that you could see how much he knows
  • and at first he was kinda
  • heh 
  • scared of doing anything bc you’re a girl
  • but after you showed him that you were capable of taking care of yourself,,,, he kinda just
  • throws you over his shoulder
  • and then freaks out when you don’t stand up immediately bc 
  • “!!! DID I HURT YOU”
  • ok but
  • that was pretty good for someone who “ doesn’t know how to fight ” 
  • he knows martial arts pretty well, and you noticed he knew some of the combinations that you hadn’t mastered yet
  • and that made you smile like hey 
  • you liked it when a guy was talented in fighting
  • you can learn from him!
  • wait no
  • nonononono what r u thinking
  • you’re the teacher here 
  • that’s not supposed to happen 
  • ,,
  • ,,,
  • ,,,,,
  • it happens anyway
  • and you guys just spend ‘training time’ as ‘having-fun time’ 
  • jun is just so fun to hang out with???
  • and to fight with ???
  • bc honestly you knew the combinations he didn’t know
  • and he knew some that you didnt 
  • so it’s like yall learn from each other
  • you noticed he’s actually good, it’s just that his basics aren’t too steady yet so yeah that’s what you help him most with
  • but
  • after time passes 
  • you don’t get what his teammates have been warning you 
  • “watch out he can be in his own world”
  • “he doesn’t really pay attention” 
  • but around you 
  • he does ?? 
  • ????
  • what do they mean lmao
  • but you just shrug it off 
  • but this one day
  • the members are watching you train him jiu jitsu 
  • nd they were like 
  • “jun’s paying attention for once?”
  • “ikr it’s kinda weird” 
  • “hmm” 
  • and they just continue staring
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • “is it just me or is jun acting weird and… flirty?”
  • ,,,,,,,,, “no its not just you” 
  • but over time, jun got a lot better with his fighting
  • so he got sent on more missions bc i mean he can actually help the group now
  • he’s more alert too
  • and there was once this target they were fighting was experienced at hell at hand combat
  • but jun settled it 
  • and was so proud about it
  • “y/n taught me that” 
  • that became his new catchphrase on missions lmao
  • //trips someone using a specific skill//
  • “y/n taught me that”
  • //knocks someone out//
  • “y/n taught me that too-”
  • but your saturday sessions started being cancelled more and more often
  • and you got kinda mad
  • like 
  • what, now that you know how to fight you’re just gonna throw me aside?
  • you really thought that the bond that you two formed while training was stronger than that
  • so it was one-sided after all huh ;;;
  • so you yourself started not going for saturday sessions
  • and you started not replying his/their texts too
  • jun got so :((( bc he wanted to boast to you about everything but he technically couldn’t bc that would be revealing his missions
  • but after 2 weeks or so of you not contacting him at all
  • jun just turns up in front of your door
  • you were gonna close the door on him but he holds it open 
  • “why don’t you come anymore?” 
  • you look at him incredulously like
  • “you’re the one who had been cancelling it” 
  • and his expression immediately softens and it made you regret talking so harshly
  • and jun tells you everything
  • aka his assassin business
  • “i thought you would’ve suspected it yourself and asked, but you didn’t” 
  • you kinda started questioning everything and everything started to link tgt
  • like
  • oh
  • but you were still upset
  • “so you’re using the stuff i taught u to kill people?” 
  • jun widens his eyes like noNoonONO
  • like okay yes he does but he doesn’t kill innocent people
  • and u believe him
  • you had been training him for like
  • 5 months
  • he’s the type to get worried after stepping on an ant
  • so yeah
  • nd you 2 started saturday sessions again
  • but not JUSt saturday sessions
  • yall met up outside of that
  • and u’know what happens
  • ;))))) 
  • yes ok
  • during one of the fighting sessions thingy
  • you two were going @ each other again
  • and you made him fall
  • and he smoothly just
  • laughs and 
  • “looks like i’ve fallen for you” 
  • !@#$%^&*????
  • “wat”
  • he gets up and bops your nose and says he likes u and u just
  • “wat” 
  • but ok that happened
  • and you ,,, never specifically said you liked him back
  • but you obviously did
  • and he knew it

justamomentayellowsky  asked:

What do you think of kyle

Craig: I don’t know. My opinion keeps changing. I know he’s an alright dude, and I know Tweek loves him. He just seems a little… sneaky? The whole “keep an eye on Tweek, here’s my number,” thing kinda freaked me out.
Craig: Now Tweek’s all stressed out and second guessing himself just because Kyle doesn’t think he should be ghost hunting. Who’s Kyle to tell Tweek what he can and can’t do?
Craig: I mean, I know I haven’t been in Tweek’s life for a long time, but I still care, I guess. I just don’t want him to feel like he did last night.
[Deleted by Craig]

Okay I just remembered another one. So on Tuesday this woman comes in with her son, they buy a few things, it’s whatever. Her total is two dollars and change, she adds a pack of cigarettes, eight dollars and change. Her son (about five or six) sees the fidget spinners on the counter. He asks for one and she says no. She asks again and she says “Tomorrow. I get paid tomorrow.” She pulls out a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL to pay for her shit. I groan inwardly but break it since I know I haven’t safe dropped in a while and do indeed have four twenties. The kid keeps whining about the spinner and she gets angrier at him. I’m kinda silent cause I’ve always been afraid of other people’s parents. As she’s leaving, kid refuses to leave the store and she just. WALKS OUT WITHOUT HIM. He’s still like right in front of my till, kinda hiding behind a post, and I’m now freaking out like, did she just abandon her kid right in front of me? Is she going to make him walk home by himself? No, she comes back a few minutes later, tells him “tomorrow” again, and they leave. First of all, lady, you do not do that shit. Second, if you’re paying for eight dollars of stuff with a hundred dollar bill, you definitely have the money to buy your kid a seven dollar spinner. I wish I’d told her they likely wouldn’t be there the next day, as there were only two left in the first place.

tree bros short fic

uug this is short and crappy my first DEH fic yay

also on AO3

lemme know if you actually want more of my writing

Connor worked out pretty quickly that Evan said sorry a lot. And since after the computer room incident and they became friends -at least Connor hoped he could call Evan his friend- he’d noticed it more. And more. Evan apologised for everything; for Connor getting angry, and Connor being an ass; Evan apologised for every question and every text message he sent ended with a hastily typed apology. And it was grating on Connor’s nerves.
They were just in Connor’s room, because it was pissing with rain and no way was Connor eating ice cream and hanging out in the orchard in this weather, despite Evan’s protests. So instead they were lying across Connor’s floor, arms spread out and listening to music. It wasn’t very exciting, he knew, but they did this when they at the orchard anyway. It was peaceful. Connor’s eyes were drifting closed, revelling in the silence; it wasn’t the same silence as usual, because he could hear Evan’s breathing along with his in the warm quiet of his room and he knew he could get used to this. Until Evan broke it with a
Connor sighed. “dude, what are you…”
“s…sorry for um…this…I mean…you said no…you said… not…”
Connor could hear the panic rising in his voice and sighed, “Dude, what…”
“Sorry, I mean, you said no to going to the orchard and um…I under…appreciate… that um…
“Dude”, Conner said, turning on his side to see Evan red in the face.
Evan pulled himself upright, beginning to pull on his shirt “S…sorry I’m rambling, uh, I’m…”
“Dude, stop apologising.” Connor groaned, trying to calm his growing heartrate.
Evan gasped out another, “I’m sorry…” and Connor snapped.
“dammit Evan stop apologising!”
He regretted it instantly. Evan flinched way too hard for it to be healthy and quickly pulled himself in, his breaths becoming shorter and frantic. “I’m…I’m…”
“shit dude.” Connor moved across the floor to Evan but Evan retreated instantly; Connor tried not to let it sting. Breath. Don’t flip out. That won’t help matters.
“Evan…” Evan was shaking, avoiding eye contact with Connor, gripping his knees in a vice.
“I’m sorry, for, I’m”
“sssh Evan,” Connor had never heard himself speak so softly. “It’s fine, really.” He wanted to say stop apologising, but it seemed to be Evan’s default, and being blunt appeared to only make it worse. He edged closer to Evan, breathing out in relief when Evan stayed still. His eyes wouldn’t meet his, but he wasn’t trying to get away anymore.
“Just l…let me, um… apologise….”
“You did nothing wrong,” Connor snapped; Evan flinched and Connor cringed internally. Nice one, freak.
“I mean,” Connor ran his hands desperately through his hair. “look you apologise all the time and…”
“I know.” Evan mumbled. “It’s ann…noying and…”
“Hey.” Connor gripped Evan’s arms and when Evan stiffened he kinda regretted it, but held on anyway. “It’s not annoying, it’s just…” Connor fumbled for something to say, like seriously, why wasn’t he any good at this?
“You shouldn’t apologise for, um doing nothing wrong? Uh,” Connor looked around, like the words would magically appear in thin air. “like, my mum used to say, don’t apologise, uh, say thank you. Instead.” Shit Connor that’s dumb. But it’s not my idea, it’s my mums, her fault.
Evan looked up that, eyebrows twisted slightly in confusion. “What…uh…d…does that….”
Connor pulled himself straighter, thought process going into overload. “Um, like…okay what are you apologising for? Right now.” Evan seemed to debate answering, maybe testing if it was a trick question. “Just tell what you were trying to apologise for?”
Evan stuttered out a hasty “for probably bother…um… getting in your space, f-for expecting, um that you wou-would…”
Connor didn’t understand what the hell Evan meant so replied “okay what did I do to get an apology?”
Evan looked up, confused.
“I did something so you felt you had to apologise because it inconvenienced me or some bullshit,” Connor continued, “so think about what I did. And thank me for that. Instead of you know,” Connor loosened his grip on Evan’s arms, trying his hardest to look in Evan’s eyes without freaking out, “apologising. And stuff.”
Something crossed Evan’s expression, and it seemed to click as he shakily muttered, “um…y-you invited me o-over to your um house? Even though you…uh…we didn’t g-go to the orchard?” Connor wanted to roll his eyes but managed to control the urge.
“Dude, of course I fucking invited you. I still wanted to hang out, the weather was just fucking awful.”
“oh,” Evan’s eyes darted to the floor. “s-sorr…”
Evan jolted, and opened his mouth, possibly to apologise again because he snapped it shut instantaneously. Connor simply raised a questioning eyebrow and waited. Waited.
“th-thank you. For um…in-inviting me to the…to your h-house even thou…”
“Anytime dude,” Connor replied, punching Evan lightly on the shoulder. He shuffled back over to where the music was playing on his bashed-up speakers and went to scroll through his I-pod, bored of whatever the crap was playing. He tried to ignore the voice in the head telling him he’d punched Evan way too hard, or cut him off way too early, or messed whatever they had for good…
“Than-thank you, Con-Connor. For, um…not, uh…” Connor decided to wait for Evan to finish, feeling guilt rise in him because you don’t deserve to be thanked for doing nothing. “For not, um… I mean…you’re like the f-first to n-not just, uh, just shut me down wh-when I apologise so uh…thank you.”
Connor wanted to say something along the lines, don’t thank me, I’m a piece of shit, but decided that was too blunt and he didn’t want a nervous, apologetic Evan again so he just nodded in reply. Tried to ignore the buzz in his chest from Evan thanking him, from the idea that he might have helped Evan. “What music do you want?”
“u-uh do y-you have cold-Coldplay?”
Connor smiled, turning ‘viva la Vida’ on and letting the familiar opening fill the room. When he turned to see Evan he was smiling, and Connor felt his heart skip a beat.

*chokes on a snore as I ungracefully exit the Dream Zone* hey y'all guess who’s emotionally compromised & it’S LEAKING INTO HER SUBCONSCIOUS AGAIN??????????

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anonymous asked:

Any fun headcannons, or I guess notes, you can share about your Miraculous Starco AU?

I think these are mostly facts I’ve talked abt before, but I’ll try to think of some that I haven’t lol

  • Marco’s Ladybug identity is called “Gentlebug”, I got the idea from @mrevaunit42 (and, yes, he did give me credit to use it)
  • The Ladybug miraculous are still earrings, but Marco wears them both on one ear, the amazing idea given to me very recently by @ dasketcherz   
  • Star is human in this AU, so she doesn’t have the hearts on her cheeks, but she does have paw prints when she’s Chat Noir
  • If the theory that Gabriel is Hawkmoth is correct, that would put Moon in that place. I’ve nicknamed her “Hawkmom” 
  • This isn’t specifically a fact abt the AU but I get a lot of fan art where they play with the designs (mostly just Marco’s) and a lot of them are better than mine lmfao. I might have to redesign Marco’s Gentlebug costume to be more interesting haha
  • In this AU Star has a crush on both Marco and Gentlebug, but with Marco it’s more like she just thinks he’s cute, whereas she’s of course head-over-heels for Gentlebug in every way lol
  • Marco is also head-over-heels for Star in the same way Mari is with Adrien. In fact, they’re relationships in the AU are the same as in the canon Miraculous Love Square, just with that one slight change (which might not even be a change if ya know what I mean ;) )
  • Of course, (as I’m predicting/hoping will happen in Miraculous Ladybug) Marco does develop romantic feelings for Chat and Star starts to feel stronger romantic feelings towards Marco
  • Chat Noir!Star has really sharp teeth (bc I think that’s adorable) and they kinda freak Marco out, but he secretly thinks they’re cute
  • Star is still a fashion model with Moon being a designer 
  • I did get a really cute idea from an anon once that Gentlebug’s antennas can detect danger, and honestly, I really like that idea
  • They also react with his emotions, which I stated in that same ask
  •  Marco used to have a crush on Jackie when they were kids, but eventually grew out of it
  • Volpina!Brittney didn’t get akumanized out of romantic jealousy, she was effected bc she was jealous of all the attention Gentlebug and Chat Noir “stole” from her
  • Most of the things that happen in this AU happen exactly the same as in canon Ladybug, with just a few changes to fit the surroundings better, so it’s most likely that if you ask me “How does ______ happen in the Miraculous!AU?” I’ll just tell you it’s the same

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll probably think of more later, and add on lmao. Sorry this actually ended up a bit long, but there you go :)

And in case I missed some, or even if you’d like to see some of my art and/or the amazingly amazing fan art, you can check out the tag!! 

And of course, everyone’s free to ask questions/share thoughts! ♥


Hey Y’all!  Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but things have kinda hit the fan here.  I wanted to give you some updates to let you know what is upcoming in the next months. 

Let me start out with the piece of news that is freaking me out the most…  I have been working these last couple weeks on editing an original novel that I have been writing for the past years.  I did a final edit and have sent it off to my most challenging and tough critic…my mother.  She will read it, help me with grammar and content, give me her thoughts on it, and depending on how that goes, I may submit it to try to get it published next year!!!  I’m super excited but also kinda nauseous about the whole thing…

Second piece of information, I still have 4 days to do for binge week.  I am hoping to catch up soon.  I do have Fall Break coming up (I work at a university to I get that time off too!!!)  and will hopefully be able to finish it then.  Just wanted to say I hadn’t forgotten, so there will be more TTB coming in the next few weeks!!!  

I have a lot of projects I am hoping to get done before December as I am making gifts for friends and family, so my writing schedule may be a bit wonky until I get caught up.  In my defense, I am only a week behind in my schedule! XD  But when I am not doing those things, I will be writing.  I plan to do quite a bit of fanfic writing in October, especially considering…

I plan to do NANO National Novel Writing Month in November.  I have one month to write 50,000 words of a new story.  I have the story picked out, it is another original work I would like to someday get published, so hopefully this will kick me in the butt to get things going.  

Other than that, I will be back on track soon.  I have one request still to write, TTB, A Rainy Night, and 101 Ways.  I hope to get more chapters out soon, so be on the look out!!! <3

Thank you for all your support over these years!  It has meant the world to me and I can’t wait to share more of my work with you!!! <3 <3 <3 

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Leonard McCoy had a minor problem. Well, actually, Jim Kirk had a problem, but as usual, it became Leonard’s problem.

It seemed that when his roommate was at all tired or exhausted, he developed a tendency to become a human blanket. It was happening several times a week now. Leonard would wake at dark o’ clock in the morning with the blonde out like a light and sprawled on top of the doctor. And the man was surprisingly heavy, and an even heavier sleeper.

And of course, when he woke, Jim said nothing about it. Just stumbled off and yawned and became his usual chipper self. Whenever Bones tried to bring it up Jim just looked at him strangely before changing the subject.

Calling his name made him just murmur a sleepy “Bones…” but he’d remain asleep. Trying to tap or shake him just made the man nuzzle into his chest or try to burrow his face in the crook of his neck (and Leonard was an unfortunate amount of ticklish). Trying to push him off completely was futile when the damn brat’s grip on him would then become octopus-strength.

And sleepy Jim was apparently opportunistic in becoming McCoy’s blanket. If Leonard took a nap on the couch, he’d wake with Jim dozing on top of him. If he nodded off at while studying at his desk, Jim would be in a chair next to him, passed out on his shoulder. And of course there had been that one particularly memorable time when Leonard had dozed off while taking a bath.

McCoy had given up on fighting it now (except for the bath incident, he’d been sticking to showers lately), and he’d begrudgingly admit to himself that it wasn’t completely awful to have a Jim Kirk blanket. He was a warm and solid weight, and nights that Leonard went without had started to seem a bit…chillier. And Jim was finally fully rested, so it was hard to argue with that.

It wasn’t an issue until they’d both ended up drunk, Leonard having a few with M'Benga after a long day, Jim arriving back later after hitting the bar after a longer day, and Leonard fuzzily waking to slow but insistent rocking at his hips.

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You Did What - Dylan Strome

Originally posted by martinjones

request:  Can you do one with Dylan Strome where you meet him for the first time and he falls in love with you so he breaks up with his current girlfriend to go out with you

I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK !!!!! so now I can update I’m so sorry this one really late

Dylan laughed as he walked in with Connor and Mitch to get there pictures done 

“Dylan your up next.” 

He fallowed the man into the room when he walked in her heard some laughing he looked up to see two girls by computers and the cameras on had dark raven coloured hair it was in low ponytail. The other girl had Y/H/C hair and it was in a high ponytail she had just some running shoes on and a jacket that had the Arizona Coyotes logo on the back when the other girl had a leafs one on.

“Okay Dylan right, My names Kat and Y/N here will be taking the photos.”

Y/n turned her head Dylan eyes went wide at how pretty she was her Y/E/C meet his brown ones all he could do was stare before she gave him a small smile and moved back to her camera

“Okay Dylan can you stand over here please.”

He moved to where Kat had pointed she came over and pushed his one shoulder so it looked like it was behind the other and she gave him a smile 

“She single you know and your heading to Arizona she does all their photo shoots.”

“what.. uuh no .. I wasn’t.”

“Oh please have the guys that have been in here have eyed her Dylan don’t play dumb.”

“Kat leave the poor guy alone and move so i can’t take the pictures.”

Kat gave Dylan  wink before she walked off behind one of the laptops.

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It’s kinda funny to see argue about who Hawkmoth is. To a lot of people he’s Gabriel and the to others he’s probably his twin brother or something. But when it comes to the time when we find it, it’ll probably be really obvious but right now, everyone’s confused, especially because of the new spoilers.

Referring to Hawkmoth, when we look at the people in the show and watch them go all oblivious and get confused of who Ladybug and Chat Noir are, we look just like the characters to the creators.
Us trying to figure out who hawkmoth is and fighting over it basically reflects what’s going in the show with characters being completely oblivious to it. And yet we call them dumb asses and idiots for not figuring it out.
Yes, it’s completely obvious for us who Ladybug and Chat Noir are but to the characters, it’s just as confusing as it is for us to figure out who Hawkmoth is (we’re in the exact same position as they are without really noticing and yet we can see more than they can).

Take it from their perspective, Ladybug and Chat Noir dodge people easily, can transform quickly and can come up with some bullshit excuse that all the characters will believe. To those characters, that’s a moment for them to go “oh yeah that situation is completely believable and there’s no way that they’re Ladybug/Chat Noir cause there’s no way that they would have been able to get from here to there, etc.”

But without us really realising, the creators are doing that to us right now with Gabriel. They’re making out like he’s hawkmoth and they they throw him into the way of an akuma and pretend like he isn’t hawkmoth when, by now, for all of us, we think it’s really obvious that he is hawkmoth. There’s obviously some sort of excuse that the creators are trying to cover our eyes with to believe that he isn’t hawkmoth and trick us like Ladybug/Chat Noir do to other characters. (He’s doing the same thing Marinette and Adrien are doing but more complex so it even confuses us).

Again, we’re just as blind to the truth as every other character is in the freaking show to Ladybug and Chat Noir’s identities.

(So yeah, even with all the spoilers that came out going against proof that Hawkmoth is Gabriel, I still believe that he is, they’re just trying to blind us kinda like they did with Chloe “not being Queen Bee”.)

Junior pt 4

And here is part 4!

I’m not entirely sure what the plot will be but there will be eventual Pan x reader.


Junior Series

Warning: swearing, 

Word Count: 1,403

The boys all exchanged confused glances.

   “He didn’t have a mowhawk last time we saw him but he had dyed parts of his hair red,” Peter explained. “We also thought he was dead,”

   “And Killian and I thought he was here!” I shouted.

It was true. I’d only met him twice in passing but last time I spoke to him he told Killian that he was going to try and get back to Neverland.

   “What do you mean?” Felix looked so shaken up, like he wasn’t processing any information properly. “What do you know of Rufio?”

   “Very little,” I looked up at him carefully before standing. “My brother told me of the boy from one of his more severe trips to Neverland. He and his crew were on high alert beause of their previous dealings with the lost ones and when they were attacked, despite your youthful apearences they didn’t hold back,”

I had thought Felix’s face couldn’t screw up any further but i was proven wrong when it did. I didn’t even know face muscles could do that.

   “Killian told me of a boy named Rufio that he fought one on one for a while and he ended up falling through a portal that was opened accidentally when someone’s magic beans was flown lose in the fight,” I continued.

   “We assumed, with Rufio’s lack of portal experience, that he was lost to the void of limbo,” Peter said, crossing his arms.

   “I was told he made it through the portal to the land of untold stories,” i said as I began tying up my pants.

   “The land of untold stories?” peter repeated. “That’s where he ended up? But you’ve seen him since then. So he found a way to leave?”

   “Yeah I only met him a couple times and we never really spoke about his past,” I mumbled, tying my shirt now. “He and i didn’t speak much if you know what I mean…”

There were a few whispers and grumbles among the boys.

   “Last time i saw him he was on his way here,” they looked like they didn’t belive me. “From the looks on your faces I’m guessing he didn’t make it?”

   “No one’s seen Rufio since Hook tossed him into that portal,” Felix scoffed. “If he was here then we obviously wouldn’t be so suspicious of you,”

   “HE FELL!” I shouted. “He and Killian have moved past their issues. Rufio has said to my face that he fell trhough the portal,”

   “THEN WHERE IS HE?!” Felix screamed into my face, spit flying.

I flinched where his spit hit my face. With a deep set scowl I wiped it off and stepped forward.

   “I. Don’t. Know,” I growled slowly. “Like I said before, last I saw him he was trying to get here,”

   “Whatever,” Felix turned on his heel and stormed away.

   “Everyone go to bed,” Peter instructed. “NOW!”

The boys all scurried off leaving Peter and I alone by the bonfire.

   “Did Felix hurt you?” he asked me.

   “What?” I looked at him in surprise. “You watched him trhow me to the ground-”

   “I meant your clothes,” he said slowly. “He dragged you out here half naked. Did he do something to you?”

   “Oh,” I caught on to where his mind had taken him. Interesting that he cared so much. “No it wasn’t like that. I had complete control of that situation. Then I told him my name was Junior Jones and he freaked out,”

   “Yes well we witnessed that part,” he mumbled. “Look I-”

   “I have an idea,” I cut him off. “But I don’t think you’re going to like it…”

   “What’s the idea?” he raised an eyebrow in worry.

As the Shadow carried me over the waters surrounding Neverland I thought of how surprised I was as how quickly Pan agreed with my idea.

As the Shadow lowered me down I could hear hollering from the deck of the Jolly Roger.

   “Junior’s back!” Ian shouted when he saw that it was me the Shadow was carrying.

   “Hi guys!” I smiled as the Shadow dropped me on deck. “Where Killain?”

   “Up here!” his voice drew my attention to the quarter deck.

He jumped down the steps and ran to me, swooping me up in a spinning hug as the Shadow flew away.

   “Are you okay?” he held my face in his hands roughly, turning my from side to side, looking me over for injuries. “Did those bastards hurt you?”

   “Nah I’m fine,” I shrugged with a smirk. “Aside from Felix being an angry douche bag, I actually had an alright time,”

   “I’m sorry what?” he looked at me, astonished. “You had an alright time?”

   “Yeah Pan’s kinda nice,” I thought back to when he asked if Felix hurt me. “I have something bigger to tell you,”

   “W-what? Pan’s niCE?” he looked between me and the island on the horizon and tried to put everything together. “Whats bigger that you getting kidnapped to Neverland but the Lost Ones are actually ‘alright’?”

   “Rufio,” was all I responded with.

   “What about him?” his freaked out fidgeting stilled for a moment. “Did he say something to you? Is he okay?”

   “That’s just it,” I explained. “He never made it home,”

   “What?” he looked as if he were about to stumbled back dramatically.

   “I know right?” I started to push him away from the wheel. “You ready?”

i turned the wheel harshly to start heading to shore.

   “Ah ha ha! No?” he took the wheel from me. “Ready for what?”

I opened my mouth to respond but he cut me off.

   “If you say to go work with the Lost Boys to look for Rufio I will throw you over board and you can swim back to that blasted island,” he snapped.

   “I guess i should just jump then,” I said before walking to the rail and throwing my leg over.

I was almost all the way over when he grabbed me and put me back on my feet.

   “Did you somehow broker a deal with Pan?” he asked.

   “A deal would suggest we each get something of equal value,” I put my hands on my hips and glared up at him for good measure. “But I get 2 things and he gets one and has to do a thing as well,”

   “What?” apparently I confused him. “What are the things? What does he get?”

   “Well we both get each others help to look for Rufio as he’s a mutual friend,” I explained. “And the extra thing I get that he has to give me is he has to be civil with you and the crew,”

   “That’s not a thing!” he shrieked. “Wait he agreed?”

   “Yes dumbass,” I rolled my eyes in exasperation. “But you have to be good as well. I’m don’t want to have to try and control the two of you like a couple of children,”

   “I’m a grown man,” he huffed in response.

   “Yeah okay,” Ian chuckled, shook his head and walked away.

   “Come on let;s go,” I took the wheel again with a harsh shove to Killian. “We’re going and you’re going to behave,”

   “Pan,” I called when we reached the beach. 

   “Junior,” he nodded with a smile.

   “Why’s he smiling at you?” Killian muttered protectively to me. “What? Does he think you guys are friends? Are you guys friends? Junior are you his friend?”

   “Can you shut up?” I turned to him with a frown much to the amusement of the Lost Boys. “We’re here to work together to find Rufio can you stop being an idiot?”

This earned more giggles from the Lost Boys.

   “That means you lot too!” I pointed an angry finger at the boys.

   “Alright alright,” Peter chuckled. “We’re all here for the same reason, let’s just be nice and find our mutual friend,”

the boy’s faces all sobered and a few nodded.

   “Althouhg I’m not sure why Rufio likes you in the first place,” Peter said. “You’re the reason he was thrown from Neverland to begin with,”

   “You can shut up too,” I snapped at him.

He looked surprised that I’d spoken to him so loudly.

Killian giggled a little by my side and I sent him a quick death glare.

   “Now,” I put my hands on my hips and turned to Felix who’d been standing silently by Peter this whole time. “You knew Rufio the best. Where should we start looking?”


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what happened to prisoner!america???????

because imagine rusame prison au 

where Alfred and Ivan are cellmates and Al is Ivan’s new cellmate. And one day Alfred asks Ivan what he’s in for and Ivan says “nothing because i am innocent” and proceeds to tell Alfred how he was framed for something he never did and mentally Alfred is freaking out because he knows exactly what Ivan is talking about because it was hIM who did it

Al never says anything at first though (bc Ivan is kinda scary looking) and eventually the two end up ‘a thing’ but Alfred comes clean one day bc a secret that big from your s/o is sure to cause a hell of a lot of stress and Ivan is suuper pissed and hgnnghhhhhhh

THey’d still be sharing a cell though and there’d be tension and fights and probably end up with a steamy sort of hatesex thing and 

oh man prisoner!Al needs to be a thing again