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→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3


A Brit living in Germany reacts to Charlottesville and explains very well how the situation in Charlottesville/the USA could possibly compared to the Weimar Republic in the late 20s.

Exams are over

But I want to do nothing and been watching kitchen nightmare n hotel hell for the past 6 hours

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)

Internet Jonsa AU -  they met on the online dating site, where you match with people not knowing how they look like. When they finally decide to meet, Jon sees her waiting for him and is shocked that the girl of his dreams is his best friends sister.

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I finished up Thisbe v2, the Reyes Smoocher, and got that all locked in and I have to say I enjoyed the subtle way that the game lets you play a Reyesmance not only as an emotional choice but also a political move. These same benefits also exist for a Reyes-friendly Ryder, but it’s interesting to have the opportunity to shift the lens a bit and view the pairing with some political facets on it.

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Me, talking to @bibocas-valkiria after keith vlog comes out: ok but what if Shiro is able to pilot black again and lance stays in red and Keith is not needed anymore?
Me: Like taking into consideration how much he needs to know that others are there for him… That would prob destroy him…
Season 4: Ep 1 happens!
Me: You love to make me suffer so much dont you?

Happy new year !!
We start 2017 with voltron Cupcakes ♥ ❤️💚💙💛 we had a lot of fun baking them with @toshikisworld !
(And now we dont want to eat ‘em lmao )

I hope 2017 will be awesome for you ✨🎉

Bonne Année les gens !! Sucre et paillettes sur vous !! :D


Hey, are any of my followers Astro Boy fans? Because I am seriously FREAKING OUT right now and I haven’t seen this video on tumblr yet It probably already is but whatever. 

Anyway it looks likes Astro’s getting another reboot for 2015 and the teaser for it looks INCREDIBLE!! Look at this animation guys!! And the colors and the music and the backgrounds! SO COOL!! X3

I’m just so thrilled they’re bringing Astro back!


1x16 / 1x20

Reminder: Even under the worst-case scenario, Klaroline still wins. :)

I mean seriously.

Suppose that Klayley or Klamille do become end game, share ten million hours worth of ridiculously contrived ‘romantic’ scenes time with each other, and rule the all-important kingdom that is NOLA (vampires want to rule it, werewolves want to rule it, witches want to rule it - gahd, what is with that city?) together with their one hundred 'heirs’ who all need to be protected, cause… well, Julie said so.

Suppose too, that Caroline ends up with Stefan, they live in a charming little house next door to his golden vagina of an ex-girlfriend who’s finally with his bad-again good-again older brother who basically raped Caroline before but hey all’s forgiven right? - and they spend the rest of their lives drinking wine in dim-lighted rooms and chasing bunnies in the woods and thanking the heavens because when the greatest love of your life gets away, you can always turn to your best friend!

(Alternatively she can end up with Enzo and they can banter adorably with each other and be cute together for the rest of their immortal vampire lives. Oh yes you know which ships I root for, don’t you? :D)

But the thing is, ten years from now new viewers will be watching downloaded episodes of TVD. They’ll wonder what happened to the Mikalesons, and so perhaps they’ll watch TO. Or people will be watching downloaded episodes of TO and they’ll want to know everything about the Mikaelsons including their MF past, so they’ll watch TVD. Bottom line, they’ll watch 3x11 and they’ll get to know the perfection that is Karoline.

And in the end when they learn that Klaus and Caroline didn’t end up with each other, they’ll just gasp in horror and say “What? That’s wrong. That’s just wrong.”

See, even in the worst case scenario, Klaroline will never lose. The same way Angel and Buffy, Draco and Hermione, and Barney and Robin will never lose. Yes, these couples did not end up together, but ultimately almost everyone knows that they should have ended up together and almost everyone believes that in some parallel universe where good things come to those who wait, these couples did have their happily ever after with each other.

And you know why? Because these ships are the ships that people genuinely love. The showrunners didn’t have to shove these pairings down people’s throats. The writers did not have to explain why these couples were perfect for each other. The producers did not have to guilt viewers or beg them to supporting the pairing. We just saw them and we fell in love with them. And even ten years from now that same thing will happen - new viewers will see them and just fall in love with them, even if the entire world already knows that they didn’t end up with each other.

I dare you. Find ten people who honestly believe that Angel loved Cordelia more than Buffy, that Ron and Hermione’s marriage isn’t a mistake, and that it was the right decision to break up Barney and Robin so she could return to Ted. 

Good luck. :)

A Soul Eater Appreciation Post

I just wanted to express something I enjoy about Soul Eater: Sid Barett and Mira Naigus. Even though I wish they had more focus (specially Mira liek omg), I really like those characters. Black Characters that’re teachers, CIA agents, demolition experts, and ninjas is something you DON’T see often in media. And they’re barely stereotypical. And they’re flat out interesting.

What about you, our loyal subjects followers? What do you appreciate about Soul Eater? Reblog with your comment! :D