still kind of the sketch

I’m 100% sure Viktor asks Yuuri more than once if he’d want to continue training in bed while being at the rink in St. Petersburg 8)


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


Back from the void, it’s that great time of the year again, when people have fun and enjoy holydays and I decided that it would be great if I spend that joyfull summer working. At least I have air conditionner, and this is wonderful. Have some alien hunters ~ 

Meet boy. His name’s Lian. He and Dorian do each other’s makeup and nail polish sometimes (°◡°♡).:。 

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Yeh Mina get it girl! So then, out of that circle of friends, are there any girls you'd pair with Mina?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a good question!


have this starscream sketch idk what im doing

Anon said:  Thank you for the bakushima!!! Well actually thanks for all of your art in general!!!!!

Naw Anon thank YOU for liking my stuff!!!!  (ノ //ヮ//)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hi! If you're still taking requests, can you do some protective!Shallura? I know that it's usually protective!Allura, lol because she's a bad-a princess but, can we have some protective!Shiro? Thank you~ I love your art so much, omg.

Sorry for this fast kind of painting/sketch/screen (???) idk but still I hope all of you can enjoy it a little bit! Today i didn’t feel like doing something big… but maybe I will try to do something from my list.

Dear Anon, thank u for your kind words ♥ I also think Allura is a total badass and I love it so much ♥ When I think about it… I would love to see Allura rescuing Shiro. Like… he would die without her in that situation. My memory is bad but I don’t think something like this happened before x’D 

PS. I will post a step-by-step for my next drawing if someone would like to see it

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I have seen your servamp art, its so beautiful!! ^*^ Could you draw Tetsu and Misono (tetsono)? :D

…why the heck not


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9 or 12 for the draw meme? :D

9. Them as a tiny six year old cutie-patoot.

I’m sorry her 6 year old is not cute, because that year was hell for Athelas. ;—-;

12. An AU!

Modern AU where she is waiting for le hubby (Solas, in case you’re wondering) for a date night! This design is actually from a short comic that I will post soon.

Thanks for the ask @solverne! :D

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