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Death to “Momtaku” :)

This blog is going on a more permanent hiatus than I originally intended. Maybe forever, maybe not, but certainly for now. Before anyone starts to worry, let me assure you that I’m fine. Better than fine actually. For the first time in a long while I feel powerful again. 

In recent month, this blog has increasingly become the target of attacks. Blocking is pointless when people can change IPs. Turning off asks is pointless when the hate is instead sent to my friends. It’s gotten out of control and I’m tired of it. I feel like “momtaku” has become something beyond me. It’s a name that is being held to a standard that is not attainable. 

So me, the very real person behind this blog, has had enough of the constant scrutiny, the hate mail and the policing of my likes. By stopping this blog, I’m taking control of my online experience again. I’m not “letting the hate win”. I see this as a victory for me because I can start over and reshape my fandom experience.  So death to “momtaku”, which is fine because I wasn’t crazy about her anyway. 

To the 90% of you who visit this blog and are normal people, thank you! Thank you for all the kind asks, the interesting discussion, and generally for being great people. I still love snk, I still love this fandom, and I’ll still be around but with a less known persona. 

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excuse me for going off on a tangent here

but here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:

being a new (or at least somewhat recent fan) to Homestuck can be such a strange and confusing experience, especially when it comes to the fandom? like the fandom is its own massive living, breathing entity in a way. it has a solid 7 years of inside jokes, theories, AUs, popular fan content, cliques & clubs, established and built-upon fanon, and of course, heavily debated Discourse™ that would take months to scratch the surface of if you’re unfamiliar with it.

for someone unexperienced who was never there for that, who comes in all fresh and unknowing of the lurking behemoth that is The Fandom Of Years Past, it’s overwhelming and kind of intimidating to just jump right into it. you never know if some headcanon you thought up will accidentally step on the toes of established fans. if some idea you have has already been done countless times before by much more skilled people. if something you say or do out of ignorance will be perceived as a microagression you will never step out of because you just truly didn’t have a clue

even for me— someone who’s been in this fandom for about a year now— I still learn new facts, or see popular content for the first time, or read about a hotly debated topic I’d never considered, on a near daily basis. I worry a lot about whether or not I’ve unthinkingly pissed someone off with my lack of knowledge, or rehashed a stale and unoriginal idea that older fans are already bored of seeing. I can only imagine I’m not alone in that either

I don’t think there’s any way to accurately or properly encapsulate the experience or knowledge of the older fandom for newer fans, but I really wish there was.


oh my god why is Michael such a horrible trash compactor of terrible decisions and negative feelings?? UGH! MICHAEL EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT

I drew this comic literally years ago except for ONE panel of Michael, and never bothered to finish it until now, lol. The work is kind of stale by my current standards now, but I love??? Pablo Neruda?????? his poetry is the most cutting??? If you aren’t familiar with his work and enjoy feeling every horrible and glorious feeling, look that dude up! This shining endorsement for this amazing master poet is commin at you from a sourpuss cave troll who Doesn’t Even Like Poetry, so, take that as you will.

PS: hello GTAV fandom it is me, Julia, still alive and well! Soon I’ll be launching into a brand new printed north yankton zine project (!!!) and so! Digging up this little old moody oneshot again seemed timely.

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So we got Amber Heard saying there's a ton of closeted gay men in Hollywood, and now Barry Manilow came out after being with his partner for 40 years. Antis still wanna go with the "closeting doesn't exist larries make everything up" narrative? 🤔

I already knew barry manilow was married to a man like at least a year ago (ETA: april 2015)  so it’s interesting that he’s just commenting on it now (and yes, using it as a pr boost for his new album but more power to him).

we’re not making anything up. this is how the industry works. i’d suggest the antis either open their eyes or find a new fandom (though good luck finding any kind of media related fandom that doesn’t also rely heavily on pr stunts).

“Wholesome” as in uplifting, happy, positive, anything that does the heart good. Just like last time in January, we are asking the fandom to participate in this event with fanworks that can take our minds off the soul crushing way last season ended, and help us prepare for what’s going to hit us on July 15th, with the new season’s premiere. Let’s stockpile on happy fanon to be ready for the cold Winter of canon!


• We are going to start reblogging the works on the first day, July 3rd, but we’ll still accept late (or early) contributions!
• Fan arts, fan fictions, fan songs… every kind of fan work goes!
• Only SFW works (so no nudity, gore, or excessively allusive imagery).
• Tag your works with #wholesomeweek2, or tag this blog @wholesome-week​. Or, if you don’t have a blog, you can submit them here.
No angst or drama. This doesn’t mean that it has to be fluff, anything happy and positive is good!
• Use any character from the show you want! The prompts descriptions are just examples!
• This is not a ship-specific event, it’s your choice to make it about couples or not!
• You can find more about the rules here, but if you have doubts, ask us!
Be nice and have fun!


Sweet Creature - imagine

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Hi darlings! I wrote this after hearing Sweet Creature for the first time. If this goes well I kinda want to do a whole series, one for each song! lots of love xx

Tiresome. It’s what Harry’s mood had constantly been lately. Everything was tiresome. By now, the excitement had died down. His album was out and had been for a while. The TV and radio shows were slowly dying down too. It wasn’t that people were forgetting. You knew this. But Harry was still worrying.

“I just feel like ’m gonna have gone from the ‘uge hit to nothin in a matter of days”

He was tired. Every night he would come home at around 1 am. You were asleep at that time, you always were. It was almost on purpose that he came home at that time now, because something about seeing you sleep relaxed him. Not in a creepy way, of course. It was just the way you lay, spread out on the bed, one leg bent, the other straight. An arm underneath the pillow that held your head, resting gently. Hair spilling over the side of the mattress. His old plain white t-shirt that you had adopted those many months ago decorating your body. Making you look so peaceful. It was the only peace in either of your lives anymore. When awake, you fought like cats and dogs. Harry’s schedule took a heavy toll on him, therefore impacting you. It was never anyone’s fault, but constant annoyance from each other was always present.

Harry sat down at the edge of the bed. The rings you had brought for his birthday over a year ago glinted in the moonlight streaming in through the blinds as he slowly got undressed. In just his black boxers now, he paced over to the window and leant back on the sill, the cool night breeze on his back. Sometimes it all got a bit much. The longer he looked at you, watching you chest rise and fall, the fuller his heart became. Despite the persistent disagreements between you two, you were a part of him, and he knew it.

Sighing, he mumbled under his breath; “I just dunno anymore love.”

It was a simple sentence, and quiet. But Harry’s rusty voice stirred you. Slowly lifting your head, you saw the figure by the window. Little butterflies danced in your stomach, the way they always did when you saw him.

“Sorry sweet didn’t mean to wake ya.”

Smiling, you slid off the bed and went over to your boyfriend. Harry’s face was wet from tears he hadn’t even noticed had fallen. You brushed your thumb lightly under his bloodshot green eyes, before slowly massaging your hands over the rest of his face. He closed his eyes, and you could feel him slowly softening under your touch. Suddenly, a sob escaped Harry’s lips, and he crashed his head into the hollow of your shoulder. He was missing something. Home, his mum and sister, his friends. you didn’t really know exactly what it was, but you tried you best. Tried to squeeze the pieces of him back together.

Harry didn’t know what it was either. He didn’t know why he was crying. But your small hands caused so many emotions to flow inside his veins, and he decided he didn’t care anymore. Leaning back, he slowly lifted his head and brought your lips to his. You had a very open relationship, and you thought you had explored every inch of Harry, his lips in particular. But this felt different. It felt raw and new, He was scared, you could tell. But he wasn’t scared of you. Eventually, you opened your eyes, brushing his dark locks away before resting your forehead on his.

“D’ya wanna come to bed Haz?”

He hesitantly nodded, and followed you across the room, his large hands still nestled tightly in yours. Harry climbed in first and waited for you to follow. Lifting the plain white sheets, you lay behind him, curling your legs under his and wrapping your arms around his waist. He grabbed your hands, and brought them to his mouth, running his chapped lips along your knuckles.

“Am I supposed t’feel like this? Feel like I’m not allowed t’be. Feel like I’m supposed to be really happy, ‘n I dunno why but I just don’t. He murmured to your fists. Kissing his back, you sighed.

“I dunno Haz. You’ve done what you wanted, right? I mean Christ, a billion shows, a whole album. Maybe it’s just the shock of everything going to plan. You’re doing this by yourself, no bandmates. I mean you’ve got Mitch and all them, but it’s not quite the same as what you’re used to, and I think that’s finally settling in. Of course, it’s ok to feel this way.

You could feel his trademark grin forming against your hands. He tilted his head back so it was resting right next to yours, Placing a small kiss underneath your earlobe, he whispered:

“You really are my sweet creature.”

Ahhhhh! I’m still kind of getting used to this whole writing gig, but please let me know what you think! I currently have a Kiwi imagine in process, so ill probably post that soon!

lots of love xxx

I wish Shiro would get more love from the fandom. [I’m new to the fandom and apparently there are a lot of people who don’t like him, and I honestly have no idea why? He’s an amazing leader and friend to all his teammates, and he’s been through so much trauma but still manages to be a kind, trusting, and encouraging person. Shiro is an amazing character and I wish he could be appreciated more by the fans.]
-submitted by anon


Originally posted by blackholesmf

Pairing: Barbara X Reader X Jerome 

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: murderous psycho-dorks fighting over you and you are unfortunately, a very average person.

-Part 1- -Part 2-

The only sound heard was the motor of the car, the gears shifting accordingly as street lights passed just a pace slower than your heartbeat. You were thankful you weren’t driving, you were so cold and shock-still you couldn’t even see the road. He tittered, making your heart skip remembering Jerome was beside you. Not because of some kidnapping or as a partner in crime, but because you saved him. You saw Theo grabbing the knife. It was instinct. You saw someone in danger and you didn’t think who it was before wrapping your arms around his chest as Theo raised his hand, and you yanked Jerome out of the way. The whole room blinked, everything paused to take in what happened.

A cold hand, one of delicate fingers ran down your cheek as Jerome started up a great laugh. Barbara pulled in from the back seat close to you, “You’re alright Kitten.” She kept petting longingly as Jerome’s victorious laughter shook through the car. “I told you, underneath it all, you’re one of us. You’ve always been one of us.”

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What made you ship shance? I am genuinely asking, because I love this pair as well!

I’ll be honest, a lot of it had to do Klance shippers and the fandom. 

I kind of got sick and tried of seeing new, official content being related to Klance in whatever way people could find. Plus seeing Klance literally EVERYWHERE in the fandom kind of got on my nerves.

I wanted some variety in the pairings, y’know?

And I don’t dislike Klance at all. It was the first pairing I got into when I started to watch Voltron. But the fandom’s attitude toward it and all those antis have kind of soured my appeal toward it.

Shance is like a breath of fresh air for me compared to other ships in the fandom. And Shance shippers are all super sweet and kind!

Hello all This is an update and somewhat a break regarding the tumblrs future and yes I am breaking away from the character description I started adding to each post.

As some of you who have followed the tumblr will know late last year I tried experimenting with a potential friendship problem adventure story that I had fun drawing with some of the scenariosI put book horse and apple horse in XD . But honestly since the beginning have struggled to come up with a humorous idea on how to warp it up. Not only that but in the recent months I have found myself losing interest or getting slightly stressed on what else I can do with Twi and AJ weekly This tumblr was inspired by Rarijack daily and I though Twijack would be a breeze but its not ,thats partly because I want to keep the images close to the cannon as possible and leave really shippy images to other twijack fans.

This is going to sound silly but I sort have lost my drive to make anything MLP at the moment, though considering I have been with the pony train since early 2011 you have to cut me some slack to essentially take a break from the world of Equestria and focus on other fandoms and personal projects which I have a lot of passion for right now )You can blame Anime for this ^^;). My new direction in my Life is to go in to Picture book / comics as a professional and I can not let side projects like Twijacky weekly eat up all my spare time then I desperately want to have something  unique original to do with jowybean. Now I am in no way shape or form saying I am leaving the fandom or going to become an antibrony I still find ideas popping in to my head for future  pony art and twijack images. I just find everything about MLP G4 kind of Meh at the moment.

Now regarding this information the tumblr is not stopping either its just not going to continue the friendship problem storyline or be updated weekly.  From now on it will be updated with cute sketches or illustrations of the duo only if I think they would make a great addition to the roster of Twijacky imagery I have previously made. I imagine when the new pony season and movie rolls around the inspiration will come rushing back to me and the enjoyment for the tumblr will be refilled :).

I apologise if this annoys/ disappoints you in anyway as i did the exact thing when I attempted luna comic in 2013-2014 and stopped that because well big fan projects for me are hard too keep on top of. I have been drawing way before G4 ponies was a thing guys and I have so many wonderful opportunities as a professional artist that I need to take advantage of before I regret missing them because of being a crony artist.

I feel more assured that I am sharing this with you now rather then letting it die slightly or press on and make it a chore that drains me. If i kept forcing the lacklustre twijack work guys, you would tell I was running dry on ideas soon enough. MLP just dose not have the same magic I felt for it in the early days and eventually it will in some way fade away for me. not ever die out just become another thing I enjoyed being a part of like any other geek thing in our life’s, trends come and go and its a natural response as time moves forward and we grow up in this crazy world.

Whatever happens with me and my love for MLP I applause the diehard fans that can enjoy everything pony to the fullest. And I am am very grateful for so many people taking the time and interest to follow this silly tumblr for two characters I really like.  

until next post which hopefully will not be too long Laters and bro hoof Jowybean

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Blog recs?

i havent done this in a while and i could use some positivity so heres the exact opposite of a shit list (in no order or like,,, most recent to least recent follow bc im just getting these from my following list so i dont forget anyone lol)

  • @nikiiforovs i only followed and started talking to her recently but shes super nice and really talented at making graphics??? google how do i be like liz enter
  • @mysanitynotfound is The Kindest!!! what a darling!!!!! she let me rant about one of my favorite characters in a show she doesnt even watch like when will ur fav ever??
  • the mods of @askoppositeotayuri are super sweet and the art is ADORABLE
  • @dicktor-thicciforov has the best url ever??? i havent talked to them much yet but theyre still cool aND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT LIFE IS STRANGE WITH THEM :(((
  • @yourplisetsky / @otabottom sub beka is the best ALSO THEYRE SUPER NICE AND I WANT TO TALK TO THEM BUT KJHFKJHF
  • @meimagino a loser
    no im kidding shes extremely kind and has the best responses to everything ever also a fantastic writer and she lets me call her ‘mei’ 
  • @yuratchka-speaks super sweet!! has the best headcanons and her voice for yuri makes me weak at the knees
  • @kanekkis an aMAZING writer idk how she manages to churn out fics so quickly also REALLY FUN TO TALK TO ILY ELLE
  • @justanxietythings im too shy to talk to them much but their fics??? i cant deal??? FUCk?? also my co-captain in the “mila and yuri are platonic soulmates” boat
  • @katsu-nikii adorable art and seems really nice but im shy!! also a fellow filipino so i really want to talk to them and maybe like eat at jollibee with them 
  • @aphhun too talented for words i cant dEAL with her!! also endlessly kind?? wtf?? sami leave some for the rest of us
  • @daddybek KIM UR AMAZING literally the kindest and sweetest person on this earth also rly pretty HOW DO I DEAL!!!
  • @novocaine-sea fellow “oh my god sometimes the yoi fandom is just Too Problematic” person love u aja
  • @viktuuri-pork my bes!!! somehow amazing at music and art at the same time like leave some talent for the rest of us >:(( ALSO I’LL MEET HER IRL SOMEDAY THIS I VOW
  • @dandybek the dandiest… but also the sweetest!! and the strongest!!! what a blessing 
  • @otabaeplisetsky best older sis figure!!! also the kindest and the prettiest how do i deal
  • @kawaiilo-ren intimidates the fuck out of me but theyre really sweet?? and talented??? notice me senpai
  • @draco-rys intimidating at first tbh but really talented?? and kind!! and les mis trash which i appreciate
  • @tecochet NADIA!! SO PURE SO KIND BYE!! and has the softest art ever did u know ur art is still my ipad homescreen heheh
  • @sarah-yyy every time she notices me my heart stops tbh they have THE BEST fics ever??? also if ur into les mis specifically e/r ur in luck
  • @otayuriism the chillest of them all, that cool kid next door u kinda want to talk to but at the same time ur hella intimidated by id like to marry her someday
  • @boxwineconfession the man. the myth. the legend. the creator of fawl. drunk 25/8
  • @fuku-shuu my go to source for the Hip New Happenings and amazing art in the fandom, also very kind and approachable!!
  • @nikiforohv i wouldnt be surprised if shes starting to get creeped out by my admiration for her but. here i am. doin it again
  • @seeyounextlevel MOTHER!!! super talented and pretty and the queen of snapchat *viktor voice* wow amazing
  • @nooowestayandgetcaught salt friend!! riverdale friend!!! i dont talk to them much but when i do its always a great time :’)
  • @felicitatem meta on point?? beautiful?? cute art?? incredibly kind?? when will ur fave!!!
  • @otayuri-queen i miss u wifey!!! but has super cute art and is incredibly kind, but we all know she a bitch inside :^) im kidding ily
  • @kingotabek honestly idk much about them just that every time i see a fic from them i die

plus a lot more but this is long enough as it is so COUGHJSDK

You have invented a new kind of stupid
A ‘damage you can never undo’ kind of stupid
An 'open all the cages in the zoo’ kind of stupid
'Truly, you didn’t think this through?’ kind of stupid

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BAND OF BROTHERS FANDOM, FALL IN AND HELP THIS ANON IN MY ABSENCE, PLS!!! this is a lovely, friendly, warm group who are still creating all kinds of great stuff and i know you’ll love it!

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So, I'm kind of new to the voltron fandom, can you please explain to me what's going on with keithxmothman? Like, what is that headcanon? Why is everyone so obsessed with it & how did it even become a thing?

aaahhh fandom lesson!!! I’m going to make a short version of this, very matter of fact, because the real reply is: magic??? under the cut because of photographic evidence and rambling

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Hey, your hc's are absolutely on point and also just adorable!! Can you make a hc about Candys platonic relationships/friendships with the boys?

thanks anon! //sweats// I feel like I shouldn’t write these and let them be based off your Candy’s persona?? bc i don’t think there’s such a thing to make headcanons for Candy i mean,, she is who you want so - i’ll try ?? 

maybe i’ll make headcanons on the types of things they do as friends with Candy - so,, enjoy ?

for you kiddos, the meaning of platonic; Intimate/affectionate friendship that’s not sexual.



  • That type of friend that’s a mom friend but is also a dad friend.
  • Doesn’t really touch Candy like - a pat on the shoulder is as far as he goes, depending on if Candy likes him or not.
  • Invites Candy over to his place to watch some homicide documentaries
  • Ok but Nath gets mad at himself if he predicts the WHOLE episode - since he’s done this before.
  • Tells her some scary crime stories if she’s sleeping over.
  • Very tense when she first spends the night at his place ?? again, he’s awkward with this type of stuff
  • Often goes out with Candy. Like at a park, museum, he went as far as a movie - which he felt was super awkward (for him, at least). 
  • Always has Candy’s back.
  • Gets kinda petty when he asks for help and Candy says no. Like has he not helped her too? 
  • Is always the first saying “happy birthday”.


  • Such a charming prince charming.
  • Always finds a way for Candy to feel like the best in whatever room.
  • Complements her often like “you look good today”, doesn’t use very descriptive words like “gorgeous” or “beautiful”.
  • Often is concerned about her. Like how she’s doing - even in friendship, he proves that.
  • Still is a nerd for homicide documentaries.
  • Gets kinda petty with her other male friends, but still, wants to see her happy.
  • Teaches her some boxing moves. Kinda like some punches that can knock the boys people out.
  • Texts her a lot during the night.
  • Blushes pretty easily, that’s no lie.
  • Often questions what he does that she likes, so he can keep doing that stuff.
  • Honestly, resists the urge to fling Amber out of the window for Candy - maybe he’ll be shady, but he’d prefer to throw her out a window.



  • King of sarcasm times five.
  • Is that type of ‘frenemy’ friend that exchanges smart alec remarks with Candy.
  • Doesn’t matter how tall or short she is, that hair is getting ruffled somehow. 
  • Friendship is very much with a “sweet and sour” theme if you get my drift.
  • If they’re not as close and Candy gives him a smart alec remark (or says smth sarcastic), he wouldn’t provoke himself into it.
  • Forgets important dates like when they met and stuff, he’d just be like “it’s been a year that you’ve survived as my friend and congrats on that”.
  • Isn’t jealous, at all - very chill. Unless Nathaniel somehow exists, again.
  • Pulls pranks on her tbh - like spiders in a locker or trying to trip her (failing or succeeding, depends on you) just to see a reaction.
  • We all know this boys actions are purely based for reaction lmao.
  • Doesn’t swear around her as much, doesn’t feel like he should.


  • King of sarcasm times 10.
  • Will nonchalantly flirt like - really, he doesn’t care around Candy.
  • Made Demon pounce on her and scared the life out of her.
  • Kinda swears but not really ?? Usually light swears like “ass” or “damn” but he doesn’t go too far.
  • Throws sarcasm like he throws shade, be on the look for a sarcastic Cassy.’
  • Still isn’t jealous ? Looks at Candy like a best friend - not at the level of Lysander, but a very good friend.
  • Probably considered being in a relationship with Candy and he’s just like “Hm…Nah”
  • Speaks his mind a lot. If Candy’s looking good from across the classroom he’s just like “Wow Candy, what are you gonna do looking like that?”
  • Might get a little jealous when Candy talks about her crush. 
  • Yes Castiel would know who she likes, he’s that good with her he’d know - very good at keeping a secret.
  • Probably hinted at her crush once or twice that Candy likes them, got punched in the arm for it.
  • Is really a cool friend, everyone should know this. Especially an awesome platonic one.



  • Really the quiet friend, Candy has to start conversations.
  • Probably has an extra notepad in his jacket…but he seems to have lost his jacket.
  • Such a good friend to vent with, pats on the back are common.
  • Likes asking for Candy’s opinion on some new song lyric of his.
  • Tells her some stories of his childhood both just because and both because he just wants to say.
  • Helps her even if she doesn’t help him. Too pure.
  • Seems like he always knows how to calm Candy down.
  • Farthest he’s went with Candy was patting her back, no exceptions of anything else.
  • Makes sure if Candy is hanging with he and Castiel, that she’s not a third wheel.


  • Not shy to give a complement, will casually say how pretty Candy is without feeling awkward.
  • The prince of making Candy feel like a princess as cliche as that sounds it’s actually pretty good.
  • Is close enough with Candy to nearly make an angry face.
  • Very loyal, very sincere. Even as friends and platonic-wise, he’s there.
  • Not super jealous but may be a little jealous of her male friends. As long as she’s happy.
  • Gives relationship advice he got from Rosa to her bc we all know Lysander hasn’t ever been in one.
  • Still too pure, too nice. 
  • Asks for Candy’s advice - but not all the time though.
  • Even if Candy gave the most obvious signs of having a crush on someone, he couldn’t even tell.



  • F is for friends who play games together, U is for ‘u’ are gonna be killed, N is for ‘n'ywhere and anytime at all! Down here in the deep blue meme.”
  • Such a dork, still. Doesn’t matter if Candy is a new friend. 
  • Would try to influence her in fighting games. Preferably Tekken.
  • Is the kind of friend that’ll buy a light saber for Candy and him and try to battle. But can’t since they’re cheap af
  • Honestly ?? such a fun guy, Candy can’t be bored around him - he won’t allow it.
  • Sometimes complains to her about his games or daily life tbh. She somewhat listens but as long as someone’s there to listen, he doesn’t care.
  • Uh, doesn’t even touch Candy tho - doesn’t feel like he should. 
  • Asks about what fandoms she’s in or out of, or if she has any fandoms at all.
  • Isn’t shopping with her, lmao bye.


  • Blushy lil Armin probably has a crush but will never admit that.
  • Knows Candy is just a “awkwardly super close girl friend of mine and I don’t know how but still she’s great” girl.
  • Will honestly comfort her, he may not be serious at *most* times , but he’s a good venter.
  • Kinda jealous of the guy friends, he watches out sometimes. 
  • Gives her side hugs, but not real hugs - until she starts it first he’s SUPER awkward about it.
  • Swears lightly around her, usually “damn” or “hell”. Nothing bad, really.
  • Text language all around, he has no grammar.
  • Never forgets stuff she says. Even the bad stuff, he remembers it.
  • Super fun and he’s there when she needs him. 
  • Ok but he doesn’t ask for help from Candy though, wants to do everything by himself.



  • This boy has been friends with Candy for like - 3 years, depending on how she had treated him. 
  • If that’s the case, he cares very deeply for her.
  • If that’s not the case, then how are you even frienDS?
  • Always offers her sweets. Not a single apple was given.
  • Knows when Candy doesn’t feel good, he can read her face very well.
  • Becomes a nurse if Candy’s hurt like - seriously, he’s the first one on it. Even if it’s not a big injury (ok but this is canon).
  • Still pretty timid around her, he’s not all in all very close but he knows her well.
  • Would offer to take her places like the park or movies like “they used to do”.
  • Drops hints sometimes that he needs to talk.


  • Wait, so does she not like me or-
  • Very close to Candy, wonders why he can’t just be her boyfriend.
  • Invites her over to his place a lot to hang out.
  • Will honestly play at the playground with her, he’s not that old yet not to do this-
  • Let’s be real, Kentin honestly would fling Amber to the sun for her to leave Candy alone.
  • Asks Candy how she is often, starts conversations.
  • Brings up their old, cringey days back in middle school. 
  • Teases her about having a crush, honestly. Again for the 100th time, if she’s happy, he’s happy.
  • Will honestly confess on her behalf but would be slightly salty in the process.
  • About 99% ready to confess to her. 

🐧.  SOBS, lol. Seriously though started RPing Ramsay in B.C — jk it was actually in :August 5th, 2016    <– that my FIRST Ramsay blog was made. This Ramsay blog is the third but been rping as Ramsay since Aug 5th, 2016. Like cooool. right? The more you know *rainbow sign*.

You all have no idea how thankful I am to have you all in my life :’) !! You’re all fantastic human beings who bring SO MUCH LIFE & SO MUCH BEAUTY ON THE DASH, with that A+ writing and muse of yours. Such quality blogs that I follow & that follow me, such delight. Let me just say how honored I am to have you all in my life. Maybe I don’t roleplay with half of you. ( but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your muse or your threads or wonder how would our interactions be. )

And the ones I’ve been roleplaying with, or just started roleplaying with. I am so, so thankful for all our, ( long threads/ short threads/ random asks/ memes/ crack —- I enjoy it all from you slayers. ) You’re all bunch of special snowflakes, okay? Each and every one of you bring something different on the dash. You all bring creative stories I enjoy reading every time it’s on the dash. You breathe life into your character. Not all Ramsay’s/ Jon’s/ Sansa’s —- or Cersei’s are the same. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. If you put your heart and soul into your writing and muse, trust me. People will love it, & they do. I know I do. And this goes out to all the different fandoms I follow! Like you’re all just admirable. And should be proud of your portray on your muse(s). Those who have been with me since the very beginning ( from my old Ramsay blog to here. ) - Thank you for STILL being here and standing by my side and supporting my widdo flaya, Ramsay Bolton. :’) You have no idea how much I love this muse. He’s really, — something.

Shoutout to the G.O.T fandom for being one of a kind!! For standing up for one another, we’ve had some tough times, and we’ve survived it all. I am honestly SO THANKFUL for this fandom. And I don’t regret joining it. Made friends, close friends & a best friend. ( just — met a lot of people who mean the world to me, and still getting to know a lot of new people who are already unique gems. )

Shoutout to W.W.E fandom: I have some old roleplaying partners that are following me on this blog. People who meant/ and still mean a lot to me :’) !! People who I roleplayed with, in the stone age. When giant gifs were a thing, only one type of font. No icons, no fancy blog. Honestly, I love you all who followed me on this blog, we’ve watched each other grow :’) !! sobs. okay.

I love you all so much. ♥️  I hope I get to continue enjoying that flawless muse of your, all your threads and you ( the muns. ) You don’t understand how honor I am to just be able to call you my friends, rping partners — fellow followers. And I thank you for sticking by my side since day one.

I am grateful for every one of you. Honestly : Now moving on to where I thank you all: Also it’s gonna get long for a few of y’all CAUSE I am MUSHY AS FUCK. These are to all those who I appericate : If I forgot a few I am sorry.


@adunxphel // @agirlingrey // @applesrose // @ashenkiing // @asmyladymcther // @aureatehand // @badasshybridqueen // @bastardsbcy // @benjenstcrk // @boltonxblood // @born-to-be-admired // @breakercfchains // @cantfrightenme  // @clownpriince // @comellly // @corcillum // @darkdwelled // @davosshorthand // @distrcss // @dreadlcrd // @emberwraith // @fcrgottenone // @feastforthecrown // @fidelisursa // @fifthbornforrester // @finalpetal // @fircbride // @firefclt // @flame-of-ostwick // @foreignaccent // @fuckthekiing // @fuckthewildfire // @fyrsol // @godveiined // @greyenvy // @halvbjorn // @handofhonor // @ircnbcrn // @joydolorous // @kcnnelisms // @kingslaying // @ladiesofstillhaven // @lil-mxnster // @littlealinabolton // @lolotoituaiga // @longmayshereign-cersei // @lordofthewatch // @louvereine // @maimedlion // @mischiefiisms // @motherofwolvcs // @motherstarkling // @nctyourlady // @needlcd // @neitherknightnorlady // @northernvengeance // @ofgoldenwit // @ofpalletown // @ofturncloak // @ofwolvesblood // @onceasmuggler // @onceporcelain // @opposes // @ornxry // @palewhisper  // @qceenmother // @queenlyreign // @queenofhartsxo // @rcseheir // @rcsemaiden // @rcsethcrn // @rcver // @reekcd // @reneexpaquette // @royalsadist // @rubyarmoured // @sansavis // @scatterbraincd // @scsnaak // @secxndstark // @sermountain // @shamanvladek // @shewasdornish // @sihnons // @singlesighted // @showmaxter // @soldier306 // @sonslayed // @sovietghoul // @starhaze // @sunderedforce // @technogod // @tethereddivine // @theblackcraven // @thecodekeeper // @thelostwildwolf // @thesellsword // @thewhxtewclf // @thrones-of-a-game // @timelordcurse // @trystcne // @txrmundgiantsbane // @unburntxqueen // @unscorchedqueen // @unseenmockingjay // @valyarys // @vezosdarilaros // @waspromised // @wildlingfire // @wildwclf // @wintercrowned // @winterswhcre // @withanarmy // @wolfdreamt // @wolfsouled // @worshipsonlydeath // @zaldrizesx // @zaldrizotala // @zokliitsos // @forgedweapon // @themanyvoiices // @liiberum  // @astatheloner // @yngwolfrobb & @kisscdbyfire

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Shout Outs for NoHate Awareness Week!

Okay now that I’m actually home and have time, I’m gonna combine days and do a really big post for some cool people on here! This week has been so wonderful to see all the positivity being spread around :)

(These aren’t in any particular order, and I tried to put as many people as I could think of in multiple categories. I apologize if I forgot anyone because I promise I love you too <3)

Artists: You are all amazingly talented and I love seeing our favorite characters drawn in your own unique styles! You’re all huge inspirations for my own artwork and I hope you continue to hone your skills!

@kaschy, @inktamer7, @suits-neechan, @life-arlertt, @nuclear-tan, @bear-tholdt, @nenekantoku@tycheh, @slightlystalesushirolls, @bertoltssweat@whinges@alinajames, @charperche, @nelldya, @reiner-braunies

Writers: Seriously, your works are worthy of awards and are more enjoyable than many books I’ve read! You’ve all got so much skill - thank you for sharing your work with us!

@pretty-eyes-jaeger, @piningmarco, @josie-theoneandonly, @ackermom, @flecksofpoppy, @reibertx, @karniajoy, @thecolossustitan, @sydney-yooo, @xxrandoxx

Content Creators: Thank you for all of your edits, headcanons, cosplay, RPs, Sims silliness, and just fun posts! I love seeing your non-traditional approaches to the fandom!

@pretty-eyes-jaeger@sookashira, @didanwhisperer@eldiahope, @madbiscuitlady, @armorofone, @sweet-armin, @ceyrle, @sydney-yooo, @omeinfreund

Mutuals and Followers: I still can’t believe how many incredible people follow me on here, offering support through messages, comments, and tags on my stuff. It’s so much fun to interact with you all and thank you so much for all your kindness! It’s your sweet words that motivate me to keep making new content!

@pretty-eyes-jaeger, @kaschy, @ceyrle@life-arlertt, @sydney-yooo, @xxrandoxx, @inktamer7@piningmarco, @josie-theoneandonly,@bertoltssweat@slightlystalesushirolls@thecolossustitan, @reibertx@bertold, @strongest-armored-braun@sweet-armin, @bertholdtss@pammspamm, @mr-snippyloki@xxqueenofnightmaresxx, @danchoudaddy@fandomsandgiggles, @kominato-ryosukes@chaos-saber, @bertltolt@dumbbroadsyd, @bara-dads, @echopancakes, @kaiju-and-kyojin, @phangirlandmanyotherthings, @theoceanempress@armoredtiitan, @hidingfromthehotties@theotpeffect, @eldiahope, @riseofmustachio,@picturesofarmincrying@hirkaygritte, @sookashira, @bear-tholdt@sammytabby

I love you all and thank you so much for making my experiences in this fandom so wonderful and worthwhile!!! <3 <3 <3

Shout out to every writer of Castle fanfiction

Whether you’re writing drabbles, one shots, multichapters, or whole new episodes of the show,

Whether your fics are funny, angsty, or smutty (because yay Castle allows all three!),

You make me feel all kinds of emotions,

Your creativity broadens my horizons,

And thanks to you I’m learning new expressions!

All in all, you make me happy to be a part of this fandom, and I’m grateful every day that you once had the courage to start sharing your work with the rest of us.

PS: I’m including in this message every writer who doesn’t feel inspired to write about the show anymore, because I often find myself rereading old fics, and I’m still as captivated by those stories as the first time I perused them.

PS 2: This post is about writers, but gifmakers and people who enjoy debating about the show are also awesome! To be honest I just love anything that’s creative and positive.

Have a good day everyone!