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Meet boy. His name’s Lian. He and Dorian do each other’s makeup and nail polish sometimes (°◡°♡).:。 

“Sonny’s Day Off”, an Uptown Funk/In the Heights Rotoscope

ahhhhhh it’s finally done!! the beast is conquered! i can doodle once more! i hope you guys like it, i’ve been doing this since november,, and now i’m looking forward to spending this week doing requests :)

Why don’t we ever talk bout how hard Simon has had it like?? His dad died when he was pretty young and then his mom struggled with a drinking problem and on top of that he clearly suffers from an anxiety disorder and is canononically a hypochondriac and now he’s a vampire, struggling to keep what’s left of his family and yet he still is so funny and kind and caring and just idk I think we need to acknowledge how fricking strong he is

lestrade ships

lestrade is such an unproblematic safe choice for shipping with any character

like, lestrade and molly, i can see that. He’ll be such a kind gentleman towards her and yet still aloof and funny

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lestrade and mycroft? god yes, they’re basically sherlock’s parents look at these two

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lestrade and sherlock? i dig it, always looking out for sherlock and keeping an eye on his addiction and willing to outwardly show affection

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like none of these are my otp, and yet, if someone were to give me a fic of these ships, it’s like yeah i don’t mind reading it actually, lestrade is so unproblematic and good for the world

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That feeling when you’ve heard/sang along to a song enough times to feel tempted to do a cover of it 

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Dude, that imagine with Hanzo getting super angry and protecting his s/o was good shit, can I get one with McCree please?

Thank you for your request! In all honestly I LOVED writing that little fic of Hanzo, I’m thinking about doing it for more characters so thank you for giving me a head start  ɷ◡ɷ

  • When you first joined Overwatch, you honestly despised McCree; you saw him as nothing more than a smooth-talking playboy
  • Although you aimed to avoid the cowboy as much as possible, it seemed like fate had other plans; you were permanently assigned as partners and there was no escaping it
  • To make the best out of your sad predicament, you laid down some ground rules for him and if he violated them, and you told him “Don’t think I’ll hesitate to shoot you huckleberry”
  • As time proceeded, and you hated to admit it, but he grew on you; he was kind, funny even, but he was still playboy and you kept your guard up at all times
  • Huckleberry would later become your nickname for McCree and he loved it, constantly teasing you by saying “I’m your Huckleberry” and spouting out romantic pick up lines your way; you’d only roll your eyes at him, but on the inside you found them a bit hilarious
  • One night after finishing up a late mission, the both of you walked home along side one another when suddenly rain came down hard and there was no shelter anywhere in sight; rain poured down on the both of you and you couldn’t help but shiver
  • Without a second thought McCree took note of this and put his serape on you and his hat on your head; “they’ll keep you warm darlin’” his grin displayed his teeth and more so his beautiful eyes, you knew then that you were deeply attracted to him
  • It was later in your friendship, when he got close to you, that he revealed his feelings for you; You were aware of the clear policy that 76 had established prohibiting partner relationships, so the both of you decided to keep your relationship to yourselves
  • The both of you would go on to date for many months in secret; you felt as though you’d found your soulmate
  • Going through your mission box you noticed a note with a meeting place and time, figuring it was from Jesse you took it and prepared for yet another one of your secret rendezvous; little did you realize that the meeting spot was fairly different than your usual one, you figured he was being spontaneous
  • When at the spot, you were early (like usual) and as time ticked by you grew increasingly impatient, where on Earth was he, was he seriously standing you up?
  • Hearing footsteps behind you, you twirled around, but your were let down by the sight of just another recruit; the recruit wore a devilish grin as he approached you, this was not good you thought.
  • Slowing stepping back from him, you could feel your heart beating so quickly as you asked “What .. are you trying to do”, the recruit let out a sickening chuckle “What’s wrong baby, were you hoping i’d be your ‘Huckleberry’?”
  • You were taken back, how on Earth could he had know, he spoke up again “You see.. I’ve been watching you for a very long time. I loved you.. and you” he stopped grinding his teeth a bit “You cheated on me with him? Jesse McCree the infamous piece of shit” 
  • By this point you were terrified, you had no idea who this recruit was and what he was talking about; the situation got dangerous when the recruit pulled out a standard issue combat knife waving it care-free.
  •  “Why didn’t you notice me, was I too redundant? I loved you so much” he was delirious as he continued after you, you eventually finding yourself at a dead-end back pressed against a wall
  • The recruit grew closer and closer, until finally he was right in front of you, he held the backside of the knife up against your throat, it was cold and you were on the verge of tears; was this how you were gonna die?
  • “Close your eyes, I don’t wanna see you cry when I slice your throat. It’d break my heart to see you in pain,” the recruit cooed as he used his spare hand to brush your hair; you had no use and complied
  • You were startled by two loud gun shots and before you knew it the feeling of the blade had vanished from your neck; you opened your eyes and you breathed out, in front of you the recruit was on the ground crying out as he held onto his legs, off in the distance Jesse was approaching you or so you thought
  • His calm and collective eyes were filled with angry and his face held a large pulsating vain. Latching onto to collar of the recruits shirt, he lifted him he then spoke “Stand up you worthless piece of shit before I blow your brains out” 
  • The recruit refused crying out in pain “You shot me in my shins you bastard, how do you expect me to stand” This only angered McCree more, with one swift motion he ground-slammed the recruit and began violently beating him
  • He beat him for leading you out her, he beat him for threatening your life, he beat him for sending him on a wild goose hunt to find you; he too had a note, but his held a darker message: You may have stolen her heart, but now I’ll be the one to steal her life
  • The thought of loosing you only encouraged to beat him more, his cybernetic hand was now broken in man spots. You told him to stop, you even begged, you were so thankful that Jesse was there to save you but you feared if he killed this man, there was no way you could see him the same.
  • “I’ve gotta take law in my own hands,” he assured you as he pulled out his peacekeeper, putting it up to the recruits head he said softly “I’ve gotta make sure this never happens again.” You were now crying, you knew in your heart Jesse was trying to protect you so you said the only think you could to make him stop “If you really love me… you won’t kill him Jesse.. he’s sick” 
  • Now with a gun at the recruits head, Jesse smirked at his now beaten-to-a-pulp face and muttered “I bet it was fun, huh? Bringing the only women I’ve ever loved out here and terrorizing her, putting a knife to her throat, you sad pathetic piece of shit. If you ever come near my woman again I can assure you I’ll blast your brains all over this pavement” 
  • Jesse stood up, put his peacekeeper away, and proceed over to you. He held you for a long time telling you he was sorry that you had to see that side of him, he explained the thought of loosing you was far more than he could ever bare. 
  •  After the incident, 76 sent the recruit to a psychiatric facility to seek treatment; in a way you were glad, you knew he was sick and held no grudges.
  •  Your relationship with Jesse was now known to everyone, to your surprised 76 wasn’t the least bit concerned by it, he even supported making comments about when you two were gonna get hitched.
  • You were happy and in love, from then on it was only you and your huckleberry.
The signs as people I know

(I am a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising)

(I’m sorry if I offended anyone in this post lol, your sign is great.)

Aries- really good energy, positive, crazy at some times, nice, a little spacey. Very sweet and considerate.

Taurus- closest friends, warm fuzzy feelings when you’re with them. Good sense of humor, generally cute and bubbly. They like food, sleep, or both. (From my experience this stereotype is true. XD)

Gemini- generally very nice people. You’ll find yourself constantly trying to make plans with them for some reason. They’re a little shy sometimes, but if you’re on their bad side, they’re anger and true character won’t hold back. Possible lack of trust?

Cancer- sweethearts honestly. They’re so nice and lovable, you just wanna hug em. Except they’re so moody. They’re super nice but so fucking moody!! If they like you, they won’t let their moodiness harm your friendship. Very cute and a little sensitive.

Leo- they’re okay. They’re nice, but a tad boring. They never are exciting, but they’re cool Yknow. They’re like the cool people that you try to be like but you never know why you’re trying to be like them.

Virgo- they’re really nice and kind people, they’re likable Yknow…. but for the love of god shut up about your opinions- no one gives a fuck! I’m sorry but it’s true! Like, you’re not always gonna be right, sorry fam. Also very sensitive.

Libra- always fun at first. Like really enjoyable, great for relationship advice, have a good sense of what they like. DO NOT GET ON THEIR BAD SIDE. Once even remotely angered, Libras will socially tear you to pieces. And that friendship will never be the same. Also very sensitive.

Scorpio- what can I say. They’re like drugs. Hot affff. Mysterious. Sarcastic. Funny af. Yes, they’re sexual. They’re really great listeners. Extremely loyal. But omg- they get triggered so easily. Also very narcissistic.

Sagittarius- really cool tbh, really funny, kind of weird, but still cool af. Really curious, always asking a lot of questions. A bit self centered. Always telling random stories about themselves. Lovable, but annoying at times.

Capricorn- what can I say? The GOAT. But seriously sometimes shut up. We get it. You’re a smart and stale asshole. Like you think you always know best, you don’t. At the end of the day a really good and loyal friend who will always come through. A rivaled friendship, but there’s a deeper connection than what meets the eye.

Aquarius- they seem like the OG, you’re best friend, you’ll be obsessed over them at first, then later, it slowly dies and they don’t seem that interesting. Great for talking about completely random things and will take your mind off of most things in life.

Pisces- extremely bubbly, super cute, great sense of fashion. Sometimes you’ll get in arguments with them, resulting in an on off friendship, but if you care as much as they do, the friendship will work out. Great with relationship advice.

mark's dif. types of laughs

-nose scrunch and like a very sinister cackle, can be seen when u say 3 words in front of him and he dies 
-his hahaha laugh where he hits the nearest person, could be impulse or his aries moon 
-the shy giggle when he’s not feeling like letting it all out but he still wants you to know he thinks you’re funny cuz hes kind.
-the scream laugh. he screams. while laughing. hes a rapper but hes got lungs
-the dude laugh. titled the dude laugh cuz if hes around fellow dudes (Jaehyun, Johnny) he goes HEHHDHDJE DUUUDE OHHHH OHHH HEHEAHHE 
-the chuckle. almost like the commas of the mark lee world. mark doesnt take breaths in between sentences. he chuckles to intake air. 
-the nervous ahahah ahhhh hyung.. ahh.. laugh when he’s put on the spot. not to be confused with the shy giggle. this one is always followed by a train of stuttering and word fumbles. adorable 
-the johnny bday vid laugh. ‘happy new year!’ 'wait happy new year?’ HEHDHJDWHBDJF. 'OHHH BROMANCE’ hdhdhdjfjdhsksk
- nose AND eye scrunch his mouth is probably like :D he resembles a lion cub. god tier of mark laughs. for visual representation view this