still kind of a boring face expression

me and @jackmcknightley were talking and came up with this headcanon

  • Imagine Otabek sending Yuri dirty pics while he’s sitting next to Viktor. 
  • And Viktor is shocked and all Yuri says is “calm down old man" 
  • And later Viktor is crying/talking to Yuuri because he thinks Yuri is still to young for these kind of things even though Yuri is already over 20 
  • Viktor decides they need to have “the talk” with Yuri
  • He insist they should teach Yuri how to use condoms by practicing on bananas
  • Otabek has to come too
  • So both of them sit on the couch while Viktor shows them and tells them all they need to know and Yuuri is like "I’m going on a walk with Makkachin”
  • And then Yurio - bored expression on his face- says “you know we did it multiple times, right?”
  • Viktor’s expression is scandalized and terrified at the same time
  • He looks at Otabek and he only shruggs his shoulders
  • Then Yuuri would get back and absolutely scandalized Viktor would tell him all this and Yuuri would pat his shoulder and say “they are dating for four years. What were you thinking they do?”

Nico didn’t really enter the commons too often. It was fairly smelling, extremely depressing, and he got very negative vibes with the people he met there. Still, what kind of associate would he be if he didn’t offer the assets hope for n escape. This time, he was looking for someone to party with (how is that any different from any other time? Don’t ask.) Some who looked like they’d have a good time, but not be too out of control. He smiled when his eyes landed on a familiar face. Their downtrodden expression belayed the potential the man saw. 

“Hey, you! You look bored.” He motioned for the other to come over to him.