still keeping us guessing

I’m a little upset at how little we got to see of Scorpion… like a lot of time was focused on Ratsputin while still keeping Cob’s intentions in the shadows well enough to leave us guessing.

But i’m glad we got the information we go in Mirage. It felt very appropriate to have a LOT handed to us. I was happy learning about the great Schism, the Cabal, Cob’s heart, Raven’s intentions, and about who Mellori really is- but man, Scorpion really got thrown under the bus I felt. We only really saw him as Scorpion for like, one battle- Ratsputin had a bit more build up in Polaris. Cob was also a LOT more kinder to Rat than Scorpion when they failed, which I found interesting- like, does Cob have favorites of his kids?? I kinda hope maybe we learn more about the “relationship” Cob has with his children when the next world rolls around :’D

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If GMW doesn't come back, do you think MJ's q and a tweets would still keep us guessing? Or would be it be very obvious that riarkle was endgame, etc

I would put it past him honestly. 😂
The tweets are so subtle.
If it comes down to Q and A then I hope MJ gives straightforward answers. But there has been so much foreshadowing, and the tweets are obvious for the viewers who pay attention.

due to some stuff i have seen on my dash lately i feel the need to say that if you’re mentally ill it’s not bad or “romanticising” to speak candidly about your symptoms in a casual environment such as a social networking site. if seeing people doing that makes you uncomfortable, consider being less ableist perhaps. 

we know being mentally ill sucks, we have to deal with it every day. you don’t have to remind us that suffering is Actually Bad. but if all we ever talked about was how much it sucks, that’d be boring, and kind of a bummer, wouldn’t it? it’s much better for everyone if we can support each other and provide a stigma-free environment for other people who are struggling.

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