still justin

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Your mom is still there? Cool! Hi Justin's mom! I saw the picture of the two of you on his dash and I just gotta say I can see where he gets his good looks from! <3

She is! I left her at the beach house this week while I went back home for work. I gotta go pick her up again sometime this weekend if I can drag her off of the sand long enough to convince her to come home.

-Justin (Slytherin)


Australia, you are so special. Look to the person next to you and say ‘you are so special.’  It’s okay to let that guard down sometimes. It’s okay to show that vulnerability. We’re all human we’re all going through the same things. Maybe different, but we’re all hurting inside. So lets stick together” 

i finished 13 reasons why and i honestly can’t say that i’m okay.

Comet (2014) directed by Sam Esmail