still jolly

he borrowed tome’s jacket

The best feeling of the world when you motivate your cosplay senpais and make them want to do something <3

This might be something little, but considering how horrible day I had today, seeing my cosplay inspirations making aesthetic posts and mentioning me… )u(

 It really brightened this shitty day up!

do you ever think about the fact that the first time Killian saw his ship, it was after his brother found a way to free them from a life of servitude and abuse, and that it must’ve been the first time in years that he felt free?

and that he spent several years happily serving with his brother on that very same ship, and it was the last place he saw Liam alive?

and that the ship that freed him granted the same freedom to Milah, and that they fell in love and built a life together on board? and that Killian had to watch another person he loved die on the ship that was his safe haven? and that the Jolly, which had once seemed so lucky, felt somewhat cursed after her death?

and that he still held onto the Jolly, even with the tragic memories clinging to it, because it was the only place that had ever felt like home, and the only thing he had left to love?

and that he risked taking the ship back to Neverland, in spite of knowing how risky that was, because at his core Killian is a good man, and he was finding his way back to the light?

and that when he was separated from Emma during the missing year, he put all of his passion and frustration and loss into finding the Jolly again, even to the point of sacrificing his morality to get it?

do you ever think about the fact that after ALL of that went down, Captain Killian Jones still traded away his ship in order to save Emma Swan?

The Shears

So is Belle still living on the Jolly? Because when Killian said he had to go check on the old girl, I thought he meant Belle at first. Lol. I wonder where he is going to hide those shears on the Jolly. I think the shears will definitely fall into the wrong hands (probably the EQ’s) but wondering how she’ll find out about them. Will Belle stumble across them? Will the EQ pose as Archie again and trick Emma or Killian into revealing the existence of these shears? Hmm.

Things I need:

  • Killian being a badass fighting with his sword again. 
  • Conversation about the Jolly Roger’s return.
  • Killian being all flirty and saucy and he and Emma having a good time together. 

After the darkness is gone, the house is different.  

Almost alien.

The shadows are long and the bed is cold. In every corner lurk memories of deeds that haunt her. 

She escapes to the Jolly Roger, still firmly anchored in the port.  She curls up in his empty bed. His familiar scent still lingers on the pillows. 

She pulls the blankets up around her and warmth slowly drifts through her body.  A tear slips down her cheek as she breathes out a soft whisper.



“Papyrus believes in you!”

Tried to do a more “comic-style” approach this time! I always try for a “realistic” style, but I’m not good at those still. So have a jolly Papyrus with an overgrown Annoying Dog instead!

This style is pretty cutesy! Haha! Might do more in that style!

(Sigh, I wish I could be as positive as Papyrus. He’s literally a ray of sunshine!)