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Self-Insert me (Kella) as a Sans/Skeleton 

Skellaz (S-ke-la-z) 

*Was trying to make the one I made in a previous me as a sans (but left) so I tried to make it a bit more creative but I still wanted to keep some of the designs the way I shaped it so this is a version of me as a good sans in a way, not really sure what I want to do with this either cause I ain’t making a story so probably just artwork or animate in stuff so who knows*  *ALSO I LOVED MAKING THE HIGH HEEL DRESS BOOTS ;W;* ((Might make them into an animation or something too ehehe))

Think of the name as a mix of Sans + Kella = Skellaz. And to think that my jaw line fits with Sans so I fit him perfectly but that’s my opinion. Also I’m not too sure if it’s a bad thing that I act as Sans or not cause I fit the bill of being like him in a way. *cough* ..maybe.. *cough* ..undyne and gaster.. *cough* too *coooough* or some people may look at me as an au mixture of sorts but I was trying to come up with designs as I love to be creative is my own me as a sans or au.. er whatever EH my brAain! X’C

((And also I do not smoke.. but I wish I had one lol Kinda stressing a little or maybe I’ll drink some angry orchard.. maybe that’s why on the top right Skellaz looks a bit drunk.. or high.. or both x’D And… I have tiny hands.. >.> ))

Skellaz /c/ Art by me (Also that lily flower you see, is from my @wildtaleau <3)

(((P.S Also if you want to keep this going if you wanna reblog and make yourself as a Sans by all means go ahead and give it a shoot! Tag in stuff too but I won’t mention tagging anyone cause I believe they won’t do it so I’ll just tag everyone I guess all tat aside make it fun and stuff!)))

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I think after years of hard work and creativity Lana was a little tired because no one noticed her for many years. She even said that in an interview. So I think LFL is a little lacking in the quality department but it seems like she can never win. She always gets ridiculed whether she tries hard or not. Even if this era is not the best it's still amazing because it came from her. Maybe she spent so much creativity over time with no positive results that she's like I'll just give them whatever



@markiplier you wanted us to send you the video that made us subscribe and I think I’d have to say it was this one. I have been experiencing panic attacks for about 3 years now but I was never able to explain them to people until I found this video. its even actually helped me get out of a panic attack on several occasions and the monologue at the end really showed you weren’t just some guy putting up a show but that you actually cared.  and also I know this wasn’t part of what you asked but I still want to thank you for helping me get out of my creative slump. I was stuck on a dead end and not improving at all but you and your characters made me pick up the pencil again after seriously considering to quit, so thank you. (this makes no sense and I way too rambly but there’s a very small chance you might see this and I just wanted to thank you)


Welcome to a world without Light.

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10 girls I keep in my heart

1. Beauty was never your goal. Your eyeliner is sharp, a blade, war paint. Your laugh is deep and unwavering, open mouthed to bear fangs. I remember when you cut your long hair off and streaked it with pink. Not like a fairy but like a fire. Yet water runs through your veins. You love your mother so.

2. Oh girl of the earth, you never liked poetry. I think you were carved from the mountains that you’ve never seen. The strongest winds cannot move you. Your hands never rub raw. Yet your edges are soft for stone.

3. Your house is full of beautiful things but you don’t see any of it. Nothing ever feels like home. Storms blow through you so often I think you gave up on rebuilding. And now you live among the rubble. Your anger broke my windows and cut at my cheeks. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

4. How does your smile always manage to reach your ears? So wide you have to close your eyes to make room. Your hugs nearly suffocate me but I don’t mind at all. You play nirvana on your guitar and you don’t understand the lyrics. I hope you never do.

5. I miss you everyday. The gentlest soul on earth. The world hasn’t given you half as much as you deserve. I can’t believe how many people don’t even know your name. Your heart is full of tulips and an angel sent you my way.

6. My first love. You opened my eyes. We spoke our own language and danced like no one was watching. I kept every drawing you made for me. I wonder if you remember me from time to time.

7. My oldest friend. We are holding hands underwater. We are hiding in bushes. We are spinning elaborate stories and pretending not to notice how they unravel. You used to fall asleep on my shoulder. I hope our paths cross soon.

8. You are so much made from so little. You radiate with the force of the sun your body can barely contain you. How you saw me through your own light I do not know. Your name is from the moon and Jupiter is in the art you make. Oh girl born to live.

9. I’ve seen 7000 sides of you. Multidimensional and deep as an ocean. And what lives under the surface bites. I’ve mastered the art of walking on water. I was never good enough to reach you. But someone will be. Someone is coming. I promise.

10. How is it that every song is about you? I wonder if you realize that I look for you everywhere. Your soul is in splinters they’ve flown up to space. They’re tangled in trees. You’ve sent them my way. Oh I’ve felt you exploding not in anger but in creation. Galaxy after galaxy. Oh nebulas light my way home. You are dandelions spilling over rolling hills. You are grass stained jeans. You are Ferris wheels at sunset


When you just wanted some quick tips on boxing form but you get a full tutorial instead and you’re not even sure if your teacher is 100% right based on how bad he is at explaining things to people who aren’t Himself

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.

Try to unravel this mystery, January.

I did it for the pun

love is in the air