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💙 ✨ 🍎 Holster and his amazing Technicolor toothbrush icons 🍎 ✨ 💙

Who knew Holster was a toothbrush model OMG!! 

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Credit to Ngozi for webcomic 

ok honestly bless fat guys. bless boys with pudgy stomachs and bless boys with chubby cheeks. bless boys with thick thighs. bless curvy boys and bless soft boys. bless big boys who were never good at pe. bless the fat boys who were made fun of in school. if you’re a chubby boy then guess what: you look great today and i love you. your body is wonderful and so are you 🍑🌟❣️✨❤️💫💌

I had the dumbest dream the other night I met Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale and we sat down and talked for about an hour. We said goodbye and they left and I was so incredibly ecstatic that I called up a friend (a fellow mass effect enthusiasts) and just started freaking out about it. I hear “uh huuuh” from the other side of the phone and I just say “NO I’m not lying!” once again followed by the same response. “listen, I’m not dreaming. They were just here.” there’s a chuckle from the other end of the phone and I look around. I’m at a grocery store. I just had the best hour long interview with two of the most talented voice actors from my favorite video game in the meat section of a grocery store…

Mass Effect has destroyed my life.