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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

actually, it kind of makes me laugh how much they’re trying to tease us into thinking a proposal is forthcoming. Instead of queerbaiting it’s wedding baiting. who ever thought 2016 would end with a gay couple in a sports anime that is so in love, the makers can believably tease us that they’re going to propose to one another.

Talia, Sun, & Moon

Rebellious by design,
Rose took up embroidery
whenever insomnia wove
its spell. Everyone was drawn
to her depiction of ogres.
But when she braided an image
of the king’s first wife on a spit,
people began to twist thorns.

LKT © 2016