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He’s far too different today. What’s flipped his switch?


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hello!!! I don't know if you remember but in July you made a gifset about Brianna in 2x13 and it was sooo pretty (The caption was her quote about history being made). I know it's been a long time but I was wondering if you still have the psd? Or maybe share how you made it? Thanks!

yes! I thought I didn’t have it but I looked for it on my old laptop and it was there! We’re lucky, I don’t even save psds anymore :)

Here you have!

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under the cut, you will find #100 female, male and unisex first names, meaning there is #300 in total. these are a wide range of names, stemming from unique to generic, and suitable for many different ethnicities. please like or reblog if you use, i hope you find them helpful !

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hey do y’all remember this gif i made

people keep stealing it and using its frames as still images, so i’m gonna just show you how many layers the psd file has and how much it does not not look like a simple brightness-contrast tweak (much less an unedited screenshot as someone tried to tell me their icon was once)

so as you can see it’s not just something i cropped and saved for web. here’s a demonstration of the differences

the brightness+contrast is what i would end up with if i was editing only using rgb levels and curves + the brightness+contrast tool. as you can see, neither of these look anything like the gif. among other differences: the overall color is less blue and more purple/red in the gif, the golds are brighter, his blush is more vivid and radiates out more from his ear, and also, i colored the entire background solid purple

so stop stealing this. despite what you clearly think it’s very obvious. thank you for your time


160512 // Kyungil