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L I N G E R:  verb  lin·ger \ˈliŋ-gər\

·         to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave.

·         to dwell in contemplation, thought, or enjoyment.

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but some of us are looking at the stars by @lecrit (x)

There aren’t many things that Alec loves as much as he loves the stars. Most nights, he just likes to sit on his balcony and watch the eerie darkness drape over the sky and the silver glow of the moon, surrounded by the stars shaping constellations he knows by heart.


drag race meme ♕ (4/4) seasons: 5

Even though they had a clique, I had a mantra. Let’s say it together: water off a duck’s back!

I want to thank everyone who entered in my tumblr awards!! I honestly hadn’t expected so many people to enter! after days of wanting to pull my hair out because all the blogs were so beautiful and I couldn’t narrow down the list, I finally did it! but instead of choosing one winner and two runner ups per category, I changed it to one winner and four runner ups. under the cutthe winner is mentioned first, followed by the runner ups in no order! 

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you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along, would you? ( for @poisonpam )


Entry #12: Also, ever have a conversation with a girl and find yourself unsure if you were talking about rabid werewolves or curses or whatever, or whether or not you should date? Is that just me? It’s just me.

merydelcerro  asked:

hey there :) sorry to bother, but would you be willing to share the psd you used on your latest raven gifset? it's so pretty *.*

hi. thanks! i’m glad you liked it. good thing i still have it saved! pls take note that i adjusted layers in different gifs so they’d match. :) i’m not sure if you could use this one on other scenes tho. still.. here:

(without psd) 

(with psd)

> like or reblog if you download [ original post / download psd

anonymous asked:

hi, i was wondering if you still have the psd for /post/162044535804/i-wasnt-an-actress-back-then-this-casting it's amazing

Wel,l I did different colorings for each gif, and I didn’t save the originals (sorry). But, here’s a little psd pack (4 psds) I put together, that have similar colorings to that of some of the gifs from the post. Again, you may need to adjust some layers, but hopefully this helps some. ;)