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So I guess Tae got married and Jin’s next in line…



진이의 ‘졸업 LIVE’ Behind the scene
학사모- 죠준 ~ 발싸 -☆


Jin’s ‘Graduation LIVE’ Behind the scene
Graduation ceremony - pull ~ your trigger -☆

trans: jhope-shi

GOT7 Reaction | When you’re afraid of the ocean

| Alrighty so I have a somewhat odd request (pls don’t judge meeeee), but could I please request a bts/got7 reaction to going with the whole group to the beach but then you admit to them that you have a strong fear of the ocean/deep water? (I couldn’t remember if you still did reactions for bts, but if not then don’t worry about it 💙) | I am shookt by BTS’s Not Today i am dead wow~Admin H

Mark: ???? low-key so confused?? he’s an LA boy so like? beach is normal. Once you explain i think he’d understand, even if he still thought it was a little silly but he’ll be gross n cheesy and protect u from the ocean.

JB/Jaebum: he’s gonna low key come off as insensitive, but then once he sees that you’re not kidding and you really are upset by the ocean he feels really really guilty and he apologizes to you even if you don’t realize he was being a butthead about it but he spoils you for the whole day and a little bit after

Jackson: u dont like the ocean? okay!ur never going near the ocean again! never! Jackson is gonna do his entire power 2 make sure that u are comfortable 24/7 and never have to go near the big bad scary ocean unless u want too!! if u guys go to the beach he won’t leave ur side for a second and constantly be asking u if ur okay

Jinyoung: mr gentleman is so so caring and understanding about this alright he’ll never push you any more then your boundaries but he wants you to get over this fear you have bc the ocean is wonderful in so many ways and he doesn’t want you to miss out on having a fun time bc you’re afraid

Youngjae: sunshine would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable!!! he might be disappointed if you’re afraid of a pool though, just because there’s nothing in a pool that could get you, except him! 

BamBam: Bammie is young, and he might tease you a little bit over it until he realizes that it is a legitimate fear you have and he feels awful about his teasing, and he’ll literally get on his knees and beg you to forgive him, even if ur not offended by it but after that he’ll do his everything to support you and help you overcome any fears you have about the ocean 

Yugyeom: honey pie is like Bammie in the fact that he’ll tease you, but he always knows the line and he won’t ever dare to cross it bc bigger fears like the ocean are hard to get over, but he’ll gently bring up maybe talking to someone about it or maybe even going for a couple’s swimming lessons or even just going and splashing in some tide pools as baby steps


hi friends!

so…yeah. i’m here to say goodbye to y’all since i think i won’t be able to update this blog anymore. got a year left before i graduate from college and i’m literally dying from stress and anxiety each day (but i’m doing fine, things are still bearable). as you may have noticed, i went on a hiatus from bts during these past few months and it’s rlly hard for me to catch up w everything until now :( still a fan of our kids tho, don’t worry.

anyway it’s been 2 years since i made this blog and i’m legit so happy to have mutuals who are all so cool and talented and loving and famous lmao ily guys

this blog has been my outlet for the past 2 years and bts has helped me get through my anxiety and depression for so long. i don’t rlly post quality content like others that’s why i still wonder why i gained 10k+ followers here :( i know i’m undeserving lol

sadly, i have to say goodbye. if anyone wants my url just message me and i’ll give it to you as a gift haha

ily guys. to my closest mutuals @syubzi and @princeuji, ilysm girls. i’ll miss talking to u both <3 u two are amazing ppl and i’m thankful i met you both here

to you all, thanks for following this shitty blog! it was rlly fun getting my shitposts noticed here haha 

that’s all for now. ily guys

karla out!

vallikesgivinghugs  asked:

Hey there liz! I was just wondering is it weird for me to enjoy BTS' music but not be able to deal with he Army's horrible antics? I am an Exo-L thorugh and through so I might be a little biased because of that but I need the confirmation of someone so do you think it's odd?

You sound just like me~

I see this a lot, that ARMYs(and other fandoms) will say that you’re an idiot for not loving and supporting a group still because of a fandom.
The way I think about it is. 
It’s Kpop, this is tumblr, it’s very unlikely for someone to stan the fuck out of a group and not have their tumblr full of that group.
How do you fill your tumblr with that group? Follow blogs for that group.
What are the blogs for that group? ARMYs.
So realistically, if you try to remain in BTS world, you’re still surrounded and subjected to ARMYs that you don’t want any contact with. 
It’s such a null argument to complain about people not wating to support BTS anymore because of their disgusting fandom. 

ARMYs are horrible, it’s completely understandable to not want to deal with a toxic fandom, while enjoying a group. I’m the exact same, I actually enjoy BTS’ musica little less nowadaysand actually was heavily in the fandom until fall of last year. I guess you can say I was really new into Kpop and the MAMAs and awards last year were my first real exposure to some of the nastiness fandoms do. And seeing as EXO was my main bitch, AMRYs effectively pushed me from wanting to remain with BTS. 
Oh well, I’ve got NCT now, and they’re EXO’s little brother/son group, so it’s easily sailing here.

But no, dear. You’re not odd at all for being this way. There are so many of us like this, you have no idea.


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