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Work Harder #3


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Season Three came out today so I’ve decided to gift you this in celebration <3 Although it won’t be the same as the celebration on Oki… Some of us know how that went <3

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Work Harder has been planned to have at least 7 parts, each with a different theme. There might be more for the purpose of (I just got deja vu writing that) development.

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“Begin training level 18,” Lance spoke out. He prepared himself. The gladiator dropped from the ceiling and onto the floor. Lance shot at the robot, dodging as needed. The gladiator hit Lance with the end of his stick causing Lance to fall back. 

“End training sequence.”

Lance attempted to get up only to fall back in exhaustion. He placed both hands on the ground was finally able to sit up. It took far too much effort just to stand up. He got in four steps before having to grab onto the wall for support. Everything hurt; his legs felt numb, his arms were bruised and heavy and his chest felt as if a car ran over him. 

He limped into his bedroom, stripping down and climbing into the shower so he could wash off the blood and sweat from his body. He fell over twice trying to get the shampoo but luckily didn’t further injure himself.

Once out he dressed in his sleeping gowns that the castle provided and nestled into his bed ready for sleep. 

Though he wasn't prepared for the noise.

Alarms blared loudly and Allura could be heard through the microphones. 

Lance groaned in both annoyance and pain.

He lifted his legs off the bed. The shower had lessened the pain to the point where he could walk again but there was a slight limp on his right from where the robot hit it with its rod. 

He pulled on a white shirt different from his usual attire since he wasn’t able to put last nights clothing into a washing machine. He did, however, keep his jacket to cover the multiple bruises littering his body.

Lance walked into the bridge, everyone staring at him with blank faces. 

Lance cocked his head, “What?”

Allura shook her head, “You’re 10 minutes late.” She walked past the others, “Why?”

Lance looked up through his eyelashes, “Last night I was-”

“Nevermind,” she cut him off, “You’re never on time.”

Lance felt his stomach drop.

I’m sorry.

That was all he wanted to say but he couldn’t get it out.

“I was just-”

“Coran, can you hand me that panel right there?” Allura called out. 

Lance looked down. His headache was coming back and his exhaustion didn’t help.

“Lance, let’s go,” Keith spoke out to him. While Lance was staring off into the distance the other paladins had decided to go to the training room. 

“Oh, uh yeah.”

“Lance, to your left!” Shiro called out. 

Lance dodged and swung his Bayard around to shoot at the robot. Having dead arms, he ended up doing a full circle because he didn’t have the strength to stop himself. 

The gladiator’s strike that was meant for the Cuban male ended up hitting Keith in the back. It shoved Keith into Shiro, causing both to fall into Lance. 

“Lance, what the actual hell was that shit?” Pidge asked from her spot on the floor. 

“Pidge, language,” Shiro groaned. 

“I’m sorry. Lance, what the actual heck was that shit?”

Shiro groaned once more in response. 

“I’m sorry. My mind isn’t in the right place today. Just a bit distracted,” Lance explained. He climbed out from under the other two.

Hunk frowned, “Did you sleep fine?” He put a hand on Lance’s shoulder, “You seemed pretty spooked last night.”

Lance smiled, “Fine, really! Got a good 8 hours!”

Hunk smiled.

“Maybe you could use those eight hours to train more,” Keith grumbled.

Shiro pushed Keith off of him and stood up. “Lance, are you sure you’re good?”

Lance smiled, “Yeah. Let’s just try again?”

Shiro nodded. 

“Start training level 8.” 

Lance shook his head to clear out his thoughts. He took a stance. 

The gladiator dropped down in front of him. It went straight towards him, ignoring the rest. It was as if it was on some auto lock system. 

Lance aimed at the robot, his knee on the ground to keep him steady. He tried to align the robot and the gun but the robot kept jumping into the air. If Lance wasn’t as exhausted he felt he would’ve been able to hit his target.

But then again. He was hurt, tired, and his headache hadn’t gone away.

He pulled the trigger when the gladiator was only a few feet away. It moved out of the way,

hitting Pidge in the stomach.

“End training sequence!” someone shouted. Lance couldn’t see straight. He has shot his team mate.

He hit Pidge.

“I-” Lance tried to say.

“What the hell, Lance?” Keith screamed. He ran over to Pidge who was unconscious. 

“Hunk, go get Coran and tell him to get a pod ready!” Shiro ordered. 

Lance shook his head. 

“Shiro, I-”

“Lance, you’re not helping,” he snapped. Shiro kept his hands on Pidge’s neck, making sure that she still had a pulse.

Keith was furious. “You did this on purpose didn’t you?”

Lance stepped back, “What? No! I-”

“I don’t need a half assed excuse!” He screamed. 

“But I-” Lance tried desperately to speak.

Shiro shook his head, “Lance, I understand that what Pidge said hurt you but this is too far.”

“It wasn’t that! I’m just-”

SHUT UP!” Shiro shouted loudly. Lance couldn’t breathe. Keith was frozen in shock.

“Just-” Shiro took a deep breath, “Go away, Lance.”

Lance looked down. He felt Keith glaring into his back as he turned to walk out. 

Whovian Feminism Reviews “World Enough and Time”

“World Enough and Time” is an episode of Doctor Who that is very self-aware – of its own history, of its own tropes and cliches, and of the community that follows this show so passionately. This results in some truly delightful fan-service that lightens what might otherwise be an unbearably grim and horrifying episode. But that self-awareness falters when it comes to the treatment of Bill Potts and her fans, who were handed a brutal episode that came right to the edge of fridging the first lesbian companion and second black woman companion. With one episode left in the season, there’s still time to pull out a happy ending for Bill. But I’m not sure it will make up for everything Bill and her fans will have been through to get her there.

Even though the end of this episode left me feeling conflicted, I sure as hell enjoyed the ride. Steven Moffat has always been good at creating stories that creatively play with time travel, and parking a massive spaceship right next to a black hole is such a fun way to mess with time. Director Rachel Talalay perfectly paces the transition between the two time zones, creating a story that flows from one timeline to the next instead of giving us narrative whiplash. But what she’ll probably be most remembered for in this episode is making the Mondassian Cybermen truly, bone-chillingly scary. There was always something eerie about their sing-song voices and cold logic. But Talalay brings the body horror to the forefront of their genesis, emphasizing their unceasing pain and letting the audience’s unease build steadily until it’s almost unbearable by the time Bill is converted.

But while the Mondassian Cybermen loom over this episode, this story is firmly about the Doctor and the Master’s friendship and enmity. The Doctor’s test isn’t just an opportunity for Missy to escape her prison in the Vault. It’s the culmination of nearly fifty years of conflict between these two characters. At one point or another, each has believed that the other can be convinced to see the universe as they do. Now the Doctor gets to see if he’s right and if Missy can really be reformed. 

Missy is going along with the Doctor … sort of. She’s not actively trying to burn everything down, but she’s definitely going to do things her own way. And if she’s going to endure this exercise, she’s going to poke fun at the mythos the Doctor has created for himself. She calls the companions the “disposables” and names them “Exposition” and “Comic Relief,” which can be read both as a commentary on the Doctor and a meta commentary on the show itself. There’s even a long bit about whether he’s called “The Doctor” or “Doctor Who,” a reference to the insufferably long-running argument in fan circles about how to refer to the character. (The answer is that both are fine; Missy cheekily tells us to “check our screens,” reminding us that in the Classic series, the character was named “Dr. Who” in the credits!) 

In contrast, John Simm stands out as the quintessential Master. His portrayal here is a more toned-down version of the Master from the Russell T. Davies years, and he’s leaned hard into the Classic Master tropes. He’s got the beard and the high-collared black jacket. He spends most of this episode disguised in a rubber mask. He even calls Bill “my dear.” Get some hypnosis and the TCE in the next episode and he’ll have checked off all the boxes. I should’ve figured out who he was much earlier in the episode, but John Simm’s acting and prosthetics were so good that I have to admit I didn’t figure out that Razor was the Master until the moment that he snuck in on Missy (and there was definitely a lot of impressed swearing once I finally realized what had happened).

As wonderful as he is, Simm isn’t just there to provide fan-service. He’s also there to encourage Missy’s worst impulses. He’s the devil on her shoulder, their mutual Id – almost like their Valeyard, if you’ll accept the analogy. He reminds her of all the distrust and anger and betrayal they’ve built up against the Doctor. And if the trailer for the next episode is any hint, it looks like he’ll be encouraging her more violent impulses. The Doctor wanted to test Missy to see if she was genuinely reforming herself, but now that test will happen while her previous regeneration is deliberately driving a wedge between her and the Doctor.

And Bill is just another body caught in the crossfire.

Before I dig into Bill’s conversion, I want to start off with one caveat. This is only the first part of a two-part story. I don’t know what ultimately will happen to Bill, and whether or not the next episode will cast this one in a different light. However, I think it is still valid to examine and critique this episode based on the information we have so far. This episode wanted to leave us with feelings of shock and horror for a week, so it’s valid to examine those feelings and the communities they impact the hardest. And regardless of Bill’s ultimate fate in the next episode, it is valid to examine whether the events that took place in this episode were problematic.

I would argue that they were. Although Bill isn’t dead, this episode goes right to the edge of fridging her. She has practically no agency in this episode, and everything that happens to her is in service to someone else’s story. She is shot and converted into a Cyberman to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. Everything that happens to her is done so we can explore the Doctor’s feelings – his guilt and pain over pressuring Bill into this situation, his conflict over giving the Master yet another chance, his struggle to forgive Missy after what her previous regeneration has done. This isn’t about Bill, her choices, or her story. Hell, she didn’t even want to be on that ship. Arguing about whether or not we can count what happens to her as fridging because she isn’t actually dead feels a bit like a technicality. She is still violent, graphically harmed for her male protagonist’s story.

It doesn’t help that “World Enough And Time” has some uncomfortable parallels with the Series 8 finale “Death in Heaven,” where another black companion, Danny Pink, is also converted into a Cyberman. Danny was another casualty in the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. And his death and conversion weren’t really about him or his story either. It was about the Doctor’s discomfort with soldiers, and it was about Clara’s guilt over having treated him poorly. Danny does reclaim some of his agency in the end, so perhaps there is still some hope for Bill. But this is now the second time that a black companion has been converted into a Cybeman to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. 

It’s also worth noting the level of graphic violence involved with Bill’s near-death and conversion. Plenty of companions have died or had horrible things done to them. Moffat is particularly fond of making monsters out of his companions; Rory became an Auton, a Clara echo is converted into a Dalek. But seeing a horrible burnt hole through Bill’s chest and her slow, piecemeal conversion into a Cyberman is truly on another level. I had to think back to some of the things that the Sixth Doctor’s companion Peri suffered through to find any examples that gave me the same visceral reaction – and those are moments you really don’t want to be compared with.

This is a drama and science fiction show, and there’s always been a certain level of risk when companions travel with the Doctor. We were meant to be horrified by what happened to Bill. But the people who were always going to feel this moment the hardest were the most marginalized and underrepresented in this fandom – queer women and women of color. Women of color have had so few non-white companions on Doctor Who to identify with, so obviously this moment would be felt particularly hard. And this would also be especially hard for queer women, who have faced a recent surge in violent deaths of queer characters, largely to further the stories of white, cis, straight protagonists.

The great irony, of course, is that this episode spends a great deal of time cheerfully showing off how self-aware of fandom it is. There’s fan-service galore in this story … just not for the fans who were invested in Bill’s character. And our standards were already set so low. I would’ve been happy if she came out at the end of this season alive and whole. I would’ve given bonus points if she was happy and with a girlfriend.

I don’t think Bill was shot or converted because of any particular animus or prejudice against her character. There was a story that they wanted to tell between the Doctor and the Master, and what happened to Bill was necessary to further that story. I think it just shows the carelessness with which her character was handled. It’s all well and good to represent a black lesbian woman on TV, but that comes with a certain amount of responsibility. And even if this is all magically undone by the end of the next episode, nothing will erase how Bill’s pain and suffering was used to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. And nothing will erase the sight of Bill with a hole through her chest or crying in pain beneath the Cyberman mask from the memories of women of color and queer fans.

‘Let me count the ways’: All the ways JonSa could evolve in S.7 ep. 1 or 2

I shall but love thee better after death. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until recently the possibility of anything happening physically between Jon and Sansa early in s.7 seemed remote. I really thought (still kinda do) that we will get them coming together in s.8 after Jon gets disillusioned by Dany. But based on a few posts, plot leaks I’ve tried to avoid, and actors comments, I’ve upped the potential for a f*ck plot in episode 1 or 2 to a solid 50/50. (Excuse my language I don’t know what else to call a f*ck plot but a f*ck plot.)

**SPOILERS**  maybe…

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Spoilers for Harlots Ep 6

My stray thoughts on this episode:

  • We see Lucy continuing to grapple with all of her deeply negative and traumatic experiences with sex this episode (she’s had only one positive experience with it and seems to have had a number of the worst sort of experiences early on - would she think she was “no good at this” if her entry into this world hadn’t been so rough? probably not, but she thinks her reaction is unnatural and her fault) - it makes her supremely uncomfortable to even hear all the groans and grunts of pleasure in the house of Wells. this of course all comes to a head when she stabs the horrid sir george in self-defense, and it’s far from an act of vengeance or something meant to signify her “descent into darkness” (she even goes back to apologize to him!) or whatever people are saying about the direction of her storyline. it’s a thing that happens that Margaret takes upon herself so that sweet Lucy won’t be damned, in one of the most powerful moments of the episode. more than ever, this episode shows us how even when Margaret does the wrong thing, it’s always out of love. that’s something of a theme in the parent/child relationships this episode including the abusive relationship of lydia/margaret (which I’ll discuss later) as Florence points out, and Florence’s own relationship with her daughter Amelia - and Fanny’s relationship with her unborn child is also explored as another example of the exigencies exacted by motherhood. Despite the hand her mother has had in her situation, Lucy continues to be loyal to her and lashes out at the other girls when she suspects them of speaking ill about her. All the scenes of her and Margaret holding each other - in the wake of Lucy finding out what her mother did for her - caught at my heart and made me cry.
  • Scenes like the one we got between Will and Harriet are so important. Seeing Harriet happy that she finally has some power over her life and the future of her children is a beautiful thing, and seeing Will reach out to her with kindness and empathy from a place of shared understanding was cathartic for her to be sure - and I’ve little doubt he has now somehow gone after her children and will bring them back to her. Then we see Will crack under Benjamin Lennox’s constant racist attacks on him, and Margaret’s interesting response - she is proud of Will for defending himself but as he says, still upset about the practical side of things. Margaret has a clear moral compass but business pretty much always comes first in matters of pride.
  • The irony of Emily’s situation and of Margaret saying to Nancy that “that girl’s not worthy of your care” is that she is a lot like Margaret was once in terms of her circumstances (and I suspect, her personality), as Nancy pointed out last episode and yet Margaret turned her away. She did not “sustain and defend” as Nancy said she ought. This is an indictment of Margaret’s occasional ruthless pragmatism (possibly even an unconscious occasional emulation of Lydia as I’ll discuss later) - it is not a reason to blame Emily for her own situation (and it’s not something the other girls have seen Margaret do before as they’re shocked and it leads Fanny to keep her pregnancy secret). She felt under-appreciated so she left for work elsewhere. She in no way brought her horrible situation upon herself. 
  • oh my god the scene between Florence and Amelia had me in tears. And it really seems to have enabled Florence to look on others in similar situations who haven’t given up the trade more charitably. Amelia is the only source of good in her life, but her goodness is so pervasive and determined and comforting that her mother cannot help but be swayed by it and decides to extend that understanding to others. she sees the hand of God in her child’s understanding, and takes it as a sign that her perspective is the right one. can Amelia just become a midwife or something to help out the other girls? that would be ideal. she’s been a nurse for her mother for years now!
  • Haxby is absolutely DESPERATE to get his job back (and looks like he’s been crying?), as it’s always been obvious it’s his whole life, and clearly believes his own delusions about the sway Charlotte had over him (notwithstanding his parting shot later about how she gave him pleasure - that was clearly a bit of unwitting jealousy) - that the fault lies with her. I’ve seen the next episode and he’s not in it much either and all I can say without spoilers is that I don’t like the direction it takes - it’s not so much character assassination as character oversimplification. It’s possible that more will be done with it in ep 8, but I’m pessimistic about it being resolved to my liking. This is one of only two things about this show that bother me - they just stick out a lot bc everything else is so well done (and I’m talking about episode 7 specifically and not what happens in this episode). Cmon guys you hired Ed Hogg - give him good material like you did in the first half of the season!
  • oh betsey having trouble with drink and Prince trying to help her :( he wants to be friends with the girls but his own survival instincts make it hard for them to trust him.
  • It was great to see more of Kitty this episode - she’s a good leader able to hold down the fort when Margaret’s needed elsewhere, and to manage conflicts and issues among the girls.
  • Nancy served SO MANY LOOKS this episode; I was LIVING. also Lydia’s black lace hat thing was my favorite thing ever - need one of those for myself
  • “How can it be hate that drives you? It is love.” And we see that love, such as it is, come into play in the final devastating scene of this episode. When Lydia comes to the door once more as Nancy is trying to transport Howard from the premisses, Margaret looks absolutely spent. Out of a combination of desperation to distract Lydia, emotional exhaustion, and through the learned behavior of an abused child, she tells Lydia where Emily is. “That’s my good girl,” Lydia says to her, and touches her chin in a way eerily reminiscent of how we’ve sometimes seen Margaret touch Lucy’s. That wraps up an episode on the perils of motherhood for both parties involved, and the lengths to which mothers will go when it’s not hate that drives them, but love.
Castle Ficlet: White Fences 1/1

Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

White Fences

Post 8x22, Angst/Tragedy, (possibly AU)

Although this is short, I’m putting it entirely behind a cut to make it easier for anyone who doesn’t want to read mentions of a sensitive subject to scroll.

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Genesis Azazel vs V.S. Azazel

OK, I’ve seen some discussions about Azazel’s character from the first and second season, I also decided to give my take on things.

First of all it’s VS Azazel that actually made me interested with his character and the show itself. Sometime after I started VS, I decided to check on Genesis.

In Genesis we have the Azazel who views humans as nothing more than insects, but, despite other demons, he’s still greatly interested in them. He enjoys making his evil experiments with the history of certain humans just to see how they will react, how the events will develop. That of course makes him first real antagonist in Genesis for sure. He takes real pleasure in manipulating human actions from behind the scenes, but we also see he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty on the front-lines in battles against the humans.

In Genesis he still has his magic abilities - he can create escape portals, he can summon small army of skulls, he even barely battles with his hands, he just uses his shadow snakes, and in rare cases, he transforms them into a solid sword and a rod.

All in all, so far he’s one pretty evil demon, who is really full of himself and so damn sure about his superiority over other demons and humans. 

BUT……he’s the first demon that is shown to carry sense of respect - in Genesis’ case it was towards Lucifer, who shares the same sentiment towards Azazel. We still don’t know why, when it was obviously implied that demons care for their own lives and don’t give a damn about anything, unless it’s beneficial to them. He was the first demon to turn against Beelzebub and his plan. Yes, it was because he wanted to settle the score with him and to restore his pride after Beelzebub tricked him, but among all that he helped Kaisar and Favaro, when he dodn’t need to do so! At the end he even helped angels seal Bahamut, when, once again, he had no reasons to do so if he cares for his life alone!

These were Azazel’s first steps in showing that aside from being evil demon, he’s also something else. And if we have to face real facts, Azazel isn’t entirely a demon. He’s a fallen angel. Long ago he was born an angel and the fact that he fell doesn’t erase the fact that he was someone else before he became demon. And I think that tiny small angel part of him still lives in him.

In Virgin Soul we have a setting 10 years after the events with Bhamut. Demons are beaten and enslaved and tortured on a daily basis. They have obviously lost their magical powers, so Azazel is also affected by this. He’s no longer able to use his magic, and yet he’s still capable to stand against a small army and beat it. But he still is one against many! Even I am not surprised that he had become a punching bag! He still is formidable fighter, but he’s alone against an army of fully armed soldiers, who have powerful forbidden magic to help them beat demons and gods as if they’re insects. And yet, no matter how many times he falls, he still stands back and continues, because he has made a mission for himself. I believe this is more impressive that the way he battled in Genesis.

Suddenly Azazel is no longer the superior being. Humans are. The insects that he liked to study are now his greatest foe and they’re stronger than ever. It’s a shock and Azazel is really really angry! I don’t want to mention that Lucifer might have died when demon capital was conquered by Charioce, and if that’s true, I believe it’s perfectly normal for Azazel to start killing humans, although until now he never directly intervened in such events. And still it’s worth mentioning that he kills only humans who torture demons! He’s not killing every human that passes his way out of sheer anger!

Suddenly he’s no longer writing history, he’s part of it! Something tells me that the events of episode 8 must’ve made the situation really desperate for Azazel. I believe he starts to realize how helpless he’s against Charioce.

But among the hot vengeance he wants to achieve he takes care for a child he doesn’t even know, just because of one smile.

He saves a girl who tried to capture him, while being chased by the king’s soldiers by air and land.

He keeps Nina’s secret for her dragon transformation because she asked him to.

He admits twice out loud that Nina saved his life!

Even if he does all this stuff because he feels indebted to Nina, or whatever, he still could’ve acted like a demon and not give a damn about paying a debt, or keeping a promise, or taking care of someone else!

Ever since the events of Genesis Azazel’s character development has been on a journey, starting as selfish evil demon who tries to pass the time by playing with humans’ lives to a demon who helps humans fight a greater enemy, a demon who takes care of other being despite himself and a demon who saves a human life without having a single reason to do it!

We still don’t know if VS will expand more on Azaze’s backstory and how he fell, but even if it doesn’t at all, Genesis Azazel and VS Azazel are two parts of a character that undergoes his development. Just like humans, Azazel is a creature that hides many faces and now we are able to see them.

Because Genesis and Virgin Soul are actually showing us that Angels, Demons and humans are alike! No one is superior. The 3 races can be good and evil, the 3 races make mistakes, the 3 races are acting extreme if they believe they’re right and others are wrong!

Anyway….that went too long than actually intended.

The Cinderella Promise (RUCAS AU) - Epilogue

Summary: Riley Matthews went to Las Vegas for her best friend and her Uncle’s joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party, but fearing that she would never find happiness she hides out in the hotel bar drinking away her sorrows. While there she meets a handsome stranger with a proposition that would change her life.

Billionaire Businessman Lucas Friar went to Vegas for a business meeting, but after being denied the CEO position at his family’s company, for being known as a player/heart-breaker, he comes up with a plan to win them over if only he finds the perfect “wife” to play the part.

One year was all he asked for, once the clock strikes twelve on their one-year anniversary they would go their separate ways.

But what happens with they start to fall for one another?

Chapters [0.5] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

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The nine defining moments of Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation has had its share of big moments, scenes, comedy, characters and even tear-jerking moments that will live on even after next month’s far too soon finale. But there are a particular share of moments and memories that really define what Parks and Rec is all about, why it survived this long and why it is so special. Here is what I believe those moments are.


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anonymous asked:

Another day of sightings and another day of Carol with the Kingdom and the King. It's obvious what is happening, another season of Carol NOT with Daryl and obviously a new romance for Carol NOT with Daryl. I hate this show. Do you not agree that it doesn't look good for Caryl?

Hi, Nonny, I think it is a bit early to make that assumption lock, stock and barrel yet. I’m guessing you have only come into the fandom fairly recently and were not here when we spent filming season for season 4 with Carol not seen at all for ten episodes. Then she popped up with Tyreese, Judith, Mika and Lizzy during filming of ‘The Grove’.

Your frustration is understandable, of course.  It isn’t what you and many other fans want to see from filming spoilers.  

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My Final Top 11

Wooo this shit show is almost over! This season was way more stressful than the first and if the rumors of a season 3 is true I might explode. But anyways here’s my Final Top 11, I tried to be as realistic as possible. This was extremely hard because at this point I want all 20 plus some that already have been eliminated in the top 11. Let’s begin!~

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anonymous asked:

Considering how Nik's been emphasising in interviews how J/C is an abusive relationship, I wonder if the show will make that much more overt now that Cersei has all this power. If I recall correctly, Cersei had Jaime's golden hand commissioned for him while Jaime himself did it in the books. And she had that look of horror on her face when she first saw his stump and he's never removed it in her presence either so maybe that might come up this season?

Well, as always, the warning goes that we cannot take any interview as gospel as to how future outcomes in seasons are going to be (Nik in particular… he loves to troll, even though in this case, I believe it’s his honest assessment of the JC situation and also his *take* on it in his portrayal of Jaime as far as the narrative allows for it), so we cannot easily deduce that something of that sort will come up in a particular context to highlight the matter. I do think that Nik talks about it because that is his general opinion of the relationship, this abusive relationship that it has been for way too long, has lasted for way too long and does neither one any good (well, safe for strategic purposes on Cersei’s side – because she does have advantages of having Jaime still in her camp, but that is another matter).

However, I, too, wonder if the show will want to add up to the idea of having rearranged Cersei having commissioned the golden hand instead of Jaime. After all, the show has *removed* a lot of the horrible things Cersei has done in the books (or at least delayed… one will have to see). And while I don’t judge this as horrible or so in any way, this may be one of the things that will add up to the divorce narrative we have seen unfolding in the books by now already and is yet to unfold on the show to full effect.

Nik has been talking about how that is no look of love after Jaime returns basically *from the war* after his maiming and everything he has been through. While I don’t want to play blame game here – she is shocked, so yeah, you cannot expect her to react a certain way. Reactions are impulses that you cannot control in that sense. However, once time passed and she has that hand made for him later on, her attitude is no longer attributable to mere shock, and it’s more ripe to be considered along the lines of this being her general attitude towards him and his disability during that time. And it *is* telling that her reaction is (within show narrative) to cover it up, to conceal it, and coat it in something beautiful, something golden.

As Michele Clapton said in an interview wherein she also discussed Jaime’s golden hand, it’s a hand made to “caress.” And seen from that perspective, I find that not only a wonderful choice on behalf of the costume design department, but also quite telling in the sense of how Cersei regards it and reflects on it in that scene, talking about how elegant it is, whereas Jaime would rather have something more practical. Because that shows that this hand is basically about her (in a diverted sense from the books, where Jaime thinks about having this hand made *so Cersei will like it*, to over-simplify here), it’s meant to caress (her), it’s overly decorated, heavily ornamented, something that she could basically wear to match her outfits by the time if it were made fit to her hand.

And *that* in itself is something that I take as a subtle but still strong narrative hint transmitted via the costume choices, which have been for the very most part so very on-point in terms of storytelling (the one thing I bracket is Greyworm’s Nipplevest, I have yet to figure out why that Nipplevest came into existence………).

All of that eventually found, to me at least, its peak in that admittedly still VERY questionable scene (let’s be real, I hated it with my guts, but… delay pattern… so strong delay patterns…) in the WST, where they eventually hooked up again to make blegh. She kisses *his golden hand* – and that is also, I believe, very symbolic in that she kisses that which is beautiful, unharmed, perfect, is what she chose it to be via having the hand made in just that fashion.

Now, to cut to the point at last (sorry for the rambling)… and more towards what is always the topic of most of my posts, which is JB’s undying lurve yet to finally enter Bang City….

Originally posted by wackygoofball

Anyway, back on target: I expect that there will be a subversion of that in Brienne’s behavior towards Jaime and his stump that will be a stark contrast to what we have seen in Cersei’s continuous reactions towards that particular *blemish* of his, or at least so perceived blemish. While I am not yet sure if that will come up in season 7, it’d be something very good to use for season 8 the same way.

However, no matter when it happens, I think that is a wonderful narrative means of establishing *difference* - which is to say that this would neatly show their diferent reactiosn to teh same object without the necessity of establishing how one is wrong or the other right, it would just show how different they react to Jaime in that way, and the question would then be what Jaime would *rather* have. So yeah, I would find that REALLY neat.

As to Cersei being more abusive towards him now that she is in power… the issue is that she, up until now, still needs him around to do shit for her (Cersei does not lead armies, Cersei knows shi about leading armies… in general, Cersei can only plan so and so far into the future before it comes to bite her in the ass - see High Sparrow shenanigan, because karma is a bitch).

Things may swing another way if Euron were to offer her more and she feels more certain about herself and her agenda being fulfilled that she may consider no longer holding on to Jaime as tightly as she did, because, let’s be real, other than Jaime, she had no support system because she took *good* care of getting rid of anyone not her.

Because to Cersei, anyone but Cersei equals enemy. 😉

So yeah, that is something only the next season will bring, as always. However, what I can well see is that Cersei will be more cocksure about herself now that she assumed the position she *wanted* and that puts her even more before Jaime than her being Queen or Queen Regent or Lady of Casterly Rock ever did or would have. That may lead to her believing that he will just take any slight she has been throwing his direction (see her repeatedly calling him dumb, useless, or what not that Jaime’s always only ever shrugged at up until now).And that may well show abusive characters fo the relationship that was marked by having to stay together in the face of arising hardships, etc. that alos put the label of necessity on top of their relationship.

I would find it interesting, to be honest, to see more of that sort in their relationship to highlight that what is at the wrong is not just that this is, ugh, incest, reproductive incest, which already makes it ten thousand miles of nope, but that he gets a sense of in how far Cersei has been taking advantage of him without having them in mind in the way that it has been driving him primarily. Because that is what would give both their characters a push in terms of development, show!Cersei finally creeping out of the holes of “motherhood is my one defining factor in contrast to my book counterpart who’s only ever defined by being a psychotic narcisstic person who should seek out a doctor” - we have to see her step up more to the game o total villain, after all.

And Jaime would gain more of a sense of his self, about what he wants from a relationship, and not just about catering her and her needs as far as his morality conceptions or lack thereof allow (because show!Jaime has repeatedly been acting against Cersei via his relationship with Brienne, his continuous helping her particularly in finding, securing, and aiding Sansa, which was brought to a first peak with him having been willing to send the Tullys North if they had surrendered the castle to the terms Brienne and he talked about first – which would have been a MASSIVE refusal of anything Cersei ever wanted of him).

But yeah, more than anything, I am holding my breath for seeing Brienne act very differently towards his injury and not trying to cover it up – inside my mind, there are a million of headcanons about how Brienne tenderly touches the stump after removing the golden hand, kisses it, whatever, and all of that reduces me to a puddle of JB Feels – but being tender towards him as this now blemished man whose perfect exterior got cracks and made him one of the broken things and put him much closer to Brienne, who’s also getting degraded due to socially constructed blemishes that mean to dictate that her being “ugly” according to societal standards that dictate what beauty is supposed to be.

Cersei being a buttcrack about it in the next season would be a nice call back and would be a very nice way of setting up the different directions, but I am not holding my breath for it because screentime is ever the more valuable with the shortened seasons… we may have to read a lot more between the lines than we have to anyway.

… I hope that answered the question halfway coherently.

Thanks for the question!


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thoughts on a certain american

hi all ! i just wanted to write some thoughts/questions here to sort of organize my thoughts on everyone’s problematic fave alfred f. jones . i’ve been a usuk fan for about 7 years, a roleplayer for 5 years, and a public writer for about four months now. and as someone who’s studied method acting for over 10 years, i like to think i’ve been doing a sort of character study on this guy!

i’d love to hear others’ opinions about this dude, so please reblog/reply/send me asks with your thoughts, tips, questions, or anything, really!! but for now, here are mine :O

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Bring Him Home (Klaine one-shot)

Anonymous asked : Can you do a fic where Blaine is a part of the army and he is ‘missing in action’. After a year he surprises Kurt by appearing at the door. (Bonus if Kurt has moved on and Blaine has to get him back).

The kiss.

No, that kiss.

Kurt can still feel it on his lips, hard and lingering. It never goes away, that last kiss they had. The very last kiss before his husband left to fight for his country. Kurt can still feel it every time he wakes up, every time he falls asleep. Those lips, the ones he’d grown so accustom to, the ones he’d vowed to spend the rest of his life kissing, every single day.

When Blaine had told him that he was being deployed to Afghanistan, sheer terror had filled Kurt’s veins and he’d begged him not to go.

“It’s going to be 4 months Kurt. That’s it. Then I’ll be right back home”

Of course, Blaine had always been so optimistic, where as his fiancé had worried over and over their situation every single minute of every single day until he was ready to leave.

Amongst a sea of army greens, Kurt and Blaine had shared their teary goodbye’s, Kurt clinging so desperately to his love that his knuckles were white, his eyes red and raw.

“You come home to me Blaine Anderson, you come home to me” he’d managed to say through broken sobs as he was held in his fiancé’s strong arms. Blaine had smiled at him as tears raced down his cheeks. He’d pressed their foreheads together and held his love as close as he could.

“I’ll never say goodbye to you”

Kurt had laughed softly and they’d kissed, long and hard and desperate.

Kurt had stood, lips trembling as he watched Blaine wave to him until they were all gone, and he was alone.

All alone.

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Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 6: This Theme Was Crap

I hate doing stuff like this but here we go. I told y’all this week was gonna be a trainwreck. I just knew that none of these songs were going to actually work well with any of the styles (we were lucky that four of the 8 weren’t bad). It was also incredibly corny. And let me just say that this was probably the worst batch of team dances ever. And I think we have enough evidence to make a case to get the show to get rid of them. We haven’t seen a really good team dance since Team Foxing Awesome. Nick Carter was a guest judge as Julianne is somewhere in the country doing Move Beyond. And also he was in a boy band and was on the show, so why not. With all of that said, let me just try and fight my way through this. This is gonna be a tough one. So pray that I don’t throw my laptop against a wall during this recap.

Simone and Sasha- Samba (Score=35)- So I was kinda iffy on this dance. It was not great, but it was not bad. And I thought it was overscored slightly. I think technically, Simone was nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the song choice really affected the actual performance. It just wasn’t a samba song. And it really just didn’t work out. I’m surprised Sasha came up with what he did for that. Because it was rough. With all of that said, I actually think this was one of the better dances of the night. And that’s not a really good thing.

Bonner and Sharna- Rumba (Score=30)- I never realized how corny I Want It That Way was until it got separated from my childhood tonight and thrown onto this dance. I was cringing at those lyrics. Eek. I guess performance wise, Bonner did a good job. Technique and dancewise? Nope. And again, the song also didn’t really fit too well. It fit better than Survivor did for a samba, but that’s not saying much.

Nancy and Artem- Paso Doble (Score=33)- Well, this dance had the potential to be great. And it almost was. The big issue here was Nancy’s nerves. I think she put so much pressure on herself to do well because this song, Free Your Mind, kinda belongs to Mel and Maks’s paso. Those are big shoes to fill. But yeah, she got in her head and the first half of the dance really fell flat. She lost some control, her shaping wasn’t as precise as it needed to be and she was tense. I also thought the cage part was way longer than necessary. Once the second half of the dance rolled around, Nancy seemed to be more at ease, got into the character and really killed it. I thought it was good, she just psyched herself out too much.

Nick and Peta- Jive (Score=28)- To be honest, I missed about half of this dance. At this point in the show, I was over it and forgot it was still on. What I did catch was not that great. Nick was confident and he performed well, but I don’t think his technique was that good at all. I do think he probably should have gotten the same score as Bonner (or really a point or two higher than him as I thought Bonner was overscored).

Normani and Val- Salsa (Score=38)- This was an absolutely awful salsa song. Just dreadful. Just as dreadful as a samba to Survivor. But I don’t think this was actually very good at all. Because the song was so wrong, the energy was way too low for a salsa. I think Normani did everything that she was given, really well. however, she was not given much. There was such a lack of content, that it pissed me off. Val has given her content lite dances more often than not. And when Len calls him out for it and rightfully so, Val talks back? No. Shut up. This dance was full of spins and a few lifts and some arm passes. There were a few other salsa steps thrown in, but they were half assed, so I don’t count those. Normani is doing great with what she’s been given. Val is just phoning this season in and not really challenging her. This was also way overscored and should have been no more than a 35.

David and Lindsay- Argentine Tango (Score=29)- The judges were way too harsh on David. I thought that this was his best performance to date. Both in terms of technique and performance. Lindsay choreographed a great routine that David could execute well. The biggest issue was that lift that he had trouble with. I think he was nervous and never really got his footing right, which made him unsteady. But he kept Lindsay safe, and that’s all you can ask for at that point. Yeah, I enjoyed it, and it should have been straight 8s.

Rashad and Emma- Tango (Score=37)- This was amazing. I really loved this and it was the one dance that sort of saved the night for me. I think the music worked perfectly with the dance. I loved the intro and the staging. It was unfortunate that Rashad did lose a little bit of control because he went after it so much. He also lost his frame a bit. But otherwise, this was my favorite dance of the night. It deserved the score that it got, for sure.

Heather and Maks- Rumba (Score=40)- Well. I will say that this was the type of dancing that I was looking for from Heather all season long. I think this was her best dance of the season. Unfortunately, because of Heather’s background and the fact that I already was so over the night by the time she was up, I didn’t really get to appreciate the way I probably would have without the circumstances. Somewhere down the line, I might look at it again and really enjoy it. But for now, it was good and it was the best dance of the night. PS CAI conveniently missed a lift…

Team Dances

Team Boy Band (Score=33) vs. Team Girl Group (Score=34)- These dances were terrible. Now, I think Team Boy Band was way more fun and enjoyable than Team Girl Group. And they did WAY MORE DANCING. It was clear they all had a good time, even though it was far from perfect. I really enjoyed it and thought they embraced the theme of the dance and the night incredibly well. They really were like a boy band that you see at your 8 year old chlid’s elementary school. You know the boy band that performs at the talent show and everyone claps but it’s clear that only one of them knows what they’re doing? Yeah, like that. As for Team Girl Group, I was so disappointed. They had all of that talent on that team and did the least amount of dancing that I’ve ever seen done in a team dance. I was like “Wtf is this” the whole time. It was a waste of their time, my time, the show’s time and the nation’s time. I can’t even really critique it because they didn’t do much but sit and whip their hair. Maybe do a few lifts and some jive steps and that’s it. It was terrible.

Anyway, all of Team Girl Group was in jeopardy. As soon as they said that and I saw what everyone said Heather got on her rumba, her running order and the fact that she had a lift, I knew she was a goner. And she was. In a “shocking elimination” or whatever. I been telling y’all since the season started that it was going to be her though. She had “SHOCKING ELIMINATION” written all over her from the time the cast was announced. So I wasn’t shocked and was actually expecting it.

Next week, is our immunity challenge/dance off bull. I’m so excited about that. Is next week A Night at the Movies too? Idk. I just know the immunity thing. Bonner and Nick still need to be worried. I would also throw in Nancy and Normani at this point. Now that we’ve started the “shocking eliminations” we don’t know how many we’re gonna get before the finals. And I definitely see one more happening before the season ends. That’s it. Let me know your thoughts on how much this night sucked (or if you enjoyed it) and I will talk to you all soon.

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't get mad at this question. I always wondered why fans say that Fez/Jackie was forced? I remember Jackie always got jealous of Fez's girlfriends and that in season 1, Donna makes her realize she likes Fez. Fez obviously always liked Jackie. I don't like them as a couple but I don't think it was forced. I think it was actually showed since season 1.

Hi! Not angry at all. It’s a good question.

First, an important note: early-seasons Fez is a very different character from S6-S7 Fez, and season-8 Fez shares little more than the original character’s name and accent (and portrayer).

Initially, Jackie is attracted to the sensitive romantic part of Fez’s personality but not to Fez himself. She wishes Kelso had the same romantic sensitivity, and Kelso often takes advantage of and benefits from Fez’s attempts at wooing Jackie – because Jackie isn’t romantically or sexually interested in Fez but in Kelso. 

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TVD 7x12 Review {SPOILERS}

So I completely forgot that today is Thursday until people were in my inboxes talking about TVD shit I had no idea about and I was like OH RIGHT IT’S THURSDAY, which also means that Scandal and HTGAWM is back on so HAHA but those links aren’t up yet so let me do this TVD review. To those who don’t like to read my complaints or my rants or my unapologetic anti-Damon/Delena opinions … you do not have to read this, it’s honestly THAT simple. Again, I write this in real-time so if I say something that isn’t correct I may have rectified my mistake further down the post. All right let’s go.

1. Watching the recap like, but really, Klaus — er, I mean Julian — just turned MF into the Fast and the Furious! Also considering that Stefan and Damon have been alive for over a hundred years, how have they not heard of the Huntress? And as one of my followers asked, is the Huntress really just Buffy?

2.  A car is driving down an empty road, I bet Damon is going to be lying in the middle of it.

3. Oh look. Damon is lying in the middle of it.

4. OK but WOW has Ian aged. And the problem with how they’re doing Damon’s freakout over the fact that he thinks he killed Elena (because let’s be honest, JP and CD would never make Damon torch Elena; Tyler was going to shoot Damon because he thought Damon would discover that Elena wasn’t in the coffin) but the problem with this freakout is that I get that they’re trying to make Damon in shock, like so in shock to the point that he can’t be turning over tables and drinking and destroying shit because he simply can’t believe he did that so he’s actually “calm” but when you do something like that, there’s a removal, like Damon’s eyes should be dead, he should be speaking monotonously, like he should be SO far removed that it’s like he’s experiencing a psychological break. What’s happening is that Damon just sounds like he doesn’t give a shit.

5. And herein lies the problem with Defan and Delena. Damon says that he can’t imagine caring about anyone ever again and to make sure that that point hits home he says “not a single solitary soul” he doesn’t even say besides my brother and that’s why Defan is not a true ship to me because Stefan would, will and has sacrificed everything for Damon and all Damon can see is Elena so how exactly did Elena make him a better person when he just gets more selfish when he’s with her? The beauty of Stelena was that loving Elena led Stefan back to loving Damon and loving Stefan led Elena back to being a supportive friend and good sister, they grew with each other and made each other better people. Delena is actually the WORST for both Damon AND Elena.

6.  Wow, Damon killed the driver and we couldn’t even see any blood splatter on the windows, guys? Jeez, are you just allergic to stakes?

7.  VERY cute that Stefan got Caroline fries for her cravings. I’ve wanted to see something like that all season. I like that they pecked each other on the lips. All the makings of a cute couple-y scene are here  but … but … but … you know, I just don’t buy them as a couple. This still felt very friendly to me. Maybe because when the baby is kicking so hard and Caroline  is in visible pain, I mean, Stefan looks concerned but I mean, rush over to her, hold her, put your hand on her stomach, say she should go to the hospital, like it still seems very half-assed and muted, which is a problem with the entire show in general but I just know that Boyfriend Stefan would’ve said more or done more or acted more if it were Elena and if the writers were DIFFERENT.

8. Matt and Penny do not have chemistry. Stop it.

9. Of course Julian doesn’t miss when he shoots an apple off a human’s head. You know what would’ve shown what a “villain” he is? If he didn’t miss and then shot the human anyway for shits and giggles. But nah, why have danger and twisted things happen, I mean, it is only a vampire show.

10. Wait, Bonnie and Enzo are supposed to end up together, right? I mean, I’m not complaining that he hasn’t been in episodes lately because who the fuck cares about Enzo but I do find it typical that the writers are less than half-assing Bonnie’s love story.

11. You need to protect them? WHY BONNIE? WHEN HAVE THEY EVER PROTECTED YOU? JFC. I need someone to get Julie Plec and Caroline Dries in a room and make them explain in detail with powerpoint and cue cards why the fuck Bonnie NEEDS to protect her ungrateful ass friends.

12. Damon’s “descent” is so terrible.

13. Can’t Stefan kiss Caroline on the forehead or something?


15. It doesn’t even look like Julian is choking Damon, it legit looks like Julian is just holding his neck. Damon isn’t even struggling to speak.

16. I’m more than upset that Bonnie is clearly a pawn to make Mary-Louise jealous.

17. And since WHEN was Bonnie so petty? Oh that’s right, she wasn’t.

18. LOL pregnant Caroline is like pregnant Bella. Julie, please NEW IDEAS.

19. So Julian and Damon are basically a poor man’s Klaus and Stefan. Got iT.

20. Here is the thing about Mystic Falls going to shit. It really doesn’t feel like it’s going to shit, I don’t see paranoia or fear or sheer terror (and I’m also kind of confused because I thought the residents were compelled to LEAVE the town) what they should have is like season 1 The Walking Dead or season 1 True Blood where there’s mass panic and Julian and his cronies are feeding off of that and terrorizing everyone. Everything is too neat. Too isolated. It doesn’t feel like the town is overrun.

21. Caroline and Valerie have more chemistry than Stefan and Caroline, which is hilarious to me.

22. See when Valerie tells Stefan that Damon decapitated one of Julian’s friends and that it seems like Damon had a death wish, we really should’ve seen Stefan be over it, like he would still go but a resigned “of course” or a sigh, like that was what they were going for but it didn’t work out, like Stefan should be visibly irritated or nihilistic or tired. In Sons of Anarchy, hey do it well with Jax and Gemma. Jax is having a fine time and his friends are like “hey, so Gemma did xyz” and Jax hangs his head and is like “Jesus CHRIST” and walks out the room

23. This fight to the death thing is actually really boring. They’re VAMPIRES. When they’re punching each other like blood splatter, broken teeth, and healing, defanging, SOMETHING.

24. And honestly, Bonnie confronting Nora that she’s using Bonnie to make Mary-Louise jealous isn’t a confrontation because Bonnie is like “go help her look for her” it’s resigned and her “I’m tired of being in the middle of it” should actually be “I know you only brought me here to make her jealous but this isn’t a game to me, the huntress is coming after my friends and I want to find her so I’m tired of being in the middle of whatever it is between you two so just go, kiss and make up so we can get back to work” *stalks off* like it’s NOT hard to give Bonnie Bennett some fucking agency.

25. I mean NONE of their shirts are even bloody but this is supposed to be a harsh brutal fight to the death?

26. This reminds me, Stefan did this WAY better when he got into bar fights and let strangers beat him up to feel pain and he would laugh and egg them on. Lol sorry Paul just surpasses Ian’s acting when he tries. Ijs. It really BOTHERS me that their shirts are hardly bloody.

27. Lol when Damon says he’s “in” and goes back to the ring I’d be like pfft fine, I’m done.

28. I bet Stefan punches Damon to knock him out so he won’t go back into the ring and that the promos lied to SErs to get their hopes up that he punched Damon over Elena.

29. Oh look Enzo magically shows up and saves Bonnie because THAT’S NOT CONVENIENT.

30. LOL JULIAN IS ACTUALLY A POOR MAN’S KLAUS. I CAN’T BE THE ONLY WHO SEES IT. “I never had a brother” and he has his friends who are like his hybrids. LMFAO.

31. So why can’t Valerie kill Julian with magic tho?

32. THEY MADE HIM DO IT. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. First of all, Stefan trying not to cry when he finds out Elena is “dead” is the MOST emotive I’ve seen Paul since he had his “Jacob” dream and I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you can see how much he cares and loves Elena in that facial expression and him punching Damon?? OMG MY STELENA FEELS.

33. They better not ruin it by making Stefan be like ‘I’m mad because you screwed yourself, Damon’ like if they make Stefan’s anger over Elena about his sadness that Damon lost Elena I will be PISSED.


35. Go the fuck AWAY Valerie.

36. I mean they sort of make Stefan’s sadness about Elena about Damon by making him say that Julian destroyed Damon but like I’m just saying, it was Elena’s death that got Stefan to say he doesn’t want be to the smart one anymore. OH MY GOD.

37. Matt and whatsherface DO NOT HAVE CHEMISTRY. But I do like that he has someone tell him that he’s brave and cute because Matt doesn’t get that a lot. But I’m also mad that Matt gets a whole new character who hasn’t wanted anyone else on the show and Bonnie gets Enzo The Irrelevant who was insanely in love with Lily or she’s a pawn for Nora and Mary-Louise. And the only person who was interested in her and intrigued by her and wanted her from the get-go was Kai so obviously he had to die.

38. Nora’s “and what if I did [like Bonnie]? She’s beautiful and smart and loyal” but she still chooses Mary-Louise sums up the entire problem with TVD and the writing of Bonnie’s character because she IS all of those things and she’s never chosen first. Ever. And if she is chosen it’s always a struggle. And the show actually insults her again by making Nora characterize these things about Bonnie but have that look of incredulity on her face like “How could I like Bonnie despite her being all these things”? Every chance the writers get to stick it to Bonnie and put her in her “place” they do it.


40. So the Huntress is actually like a Phoenix then. Ehh.

41. Lol Matt vervaining Stefan. Remember when he would drink vervain every day to build up his tolerance? OK.

42. The “three years from now” reveal isn’t a reveal so I don’t get what’s up with this music because we already saw who the Huntress was in the scene before and it’s not like she was anyone we knew from the past so I don’t care enough to have a connection to her and Damon is tied up and Stefan is apparently vervained and that isn’t an exciting revelation.

This episode was actually pretty stagnant like all of the episodes this season, I have no idea what the show is trying to accomplish, what exactly we’re leading up, what the central theme is, but at least it gave me my Stelena feels.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #90

BTVS 4x07 The Initiative

Stray thoughts

1) This is one of my favorite Buffy moments in the show.

2) Let’s forget for a moment that we know the whole Initiative arc didn’t work at all and it was kinda boring, this first shot in which we realize what is going down underground with the military dudes and the demons is pretty awesome (a lot of wasted potential, I guess, because this storyline of how science and the government might tackle the supernatural was all sorts of interesting.)

3) So how is it possible that the same person who is able to draw this…

…also draws this…

…and this…


4) “Well, how about this? We whip out the ouija board, light a few candles, summon some ancient, unstoppable evil. Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem.  We show up and kick its ass.” He ended up doing pretty much exactly this in OMWF, didn’t he?

5) “ She’s wised up a bit. Fine! I’ll take her apart. I don’t care how brilliant she is.”

(okay, you can read more after the cut, this recap includes a lot of pics and I don’t want to clog your dashes with just one post, so read ahead if you’re interested!)

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no signal in hall, round up of Tyler’s panel while i can remember it

  • Tyler’s first question was about eating a lot of pie on Road To Perdition, he was convinced he’d be fine, by the end of the day he’d learnt to go slow, good lesson learnt.
  • SOME CUTE LIL GIRL GOT SHY AND TYLER WAS LIKE “DON’T BE SCARED, SWEETIE,” because he’s an angel, she wanted to know why Derek’s eyes are yellow again, much laughter (somewhat hysterical possibly? from audience) Tyler said so would Derek, and we’ll find out as the season progresses.
  • question about photo war with Colton, Colton started it, Tyler is on the look out for terrible photographs of Colton. said he knows they’re out there.
  • asked about why Derek can’t full shift when Laura and Talia could. Tyler said it was because Derek has yet to learn the full “mastery of being a werewolf” that it’s about the purest form of werewolf. Peter’s wolf in s1 was “monstrous” because he had gone ~darkside, said in Star Wars style voice, dude is an angel AGAIN. (aside, Derek has been a werewolf his whole life, Laura was only a couple of years older, understand Tyler explaining it like that to cover up lack of writing continuity but like… surely Derek has a handle on being a werewolf by now? especially as he’s aged ten years since pilot. idk, maybe it’s about Derek not believing he’s deserving of the gift?)
  • his most surprising experience on TW so far was discovering Ian was the alpha in s1. when they were first introduced he thought Ian was only going to be around for a day and so was v cool like “hey how’s it going,” because he’s always more comfortable talking more with people he knows, so went off to hang with Posey and Dylan, but then Ian was BACK, and surprise! and now they’re bros obv.

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