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Top Ten Biases

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This was actually much harder than I expected. I have so many idols that I really respect and like but don’t necessarily bias. I tried my best to narrow down my favs and only chose one per group but this changes all the time so its not the steadiest of lists lol. 

1. Kai-EXO. Making Jongin my ultimate bias took me a long time to accept. EXO was the third kpop group I got into and I knew about Call Me Baby but seeing Kai in Love Me Right sold me. To this day, I’m still emotional every time I watch that video. I could go on and on about how talented he is, how his dancing makes me absolutely swoon, how he must be one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen, but what I love about Kai is how incredibly sweet and soft he is. He always makes me smile by being extremely awkward and introverted and I love that about him so much. He’s incredibly hard-working and low key a perfectionist (if the multiple leg injuries don’t prove that I don’t know what will) and so freaking adorkable it makes my heart hurt. I don’t think any boy has made me cry as much as this one has. I miss seeing him regularly and am dying for Exo’s next comeback so I can see my man in action. 

2. Taemin - SHINee. Lee Francesco might actually kill me one day. I had found out about SHINee through Taemin and his solos only to bias Taemin, then the rest of the band, before moving back right to where I started. Getting into SHINee and watching 14 year old Taemin who blinks too much and needs Jonghyun and Onew covering his vocals during live performances turn into 23 year old Taeman who has two solo albums and his own solo concert coming up makes me so proud. His growth is incredible and he should be such an inspiration to all aspiring kpop idols. Despite all the fame, he still such an awkward bub who I love dearly with all my heart. If you haven’t listened to Press Your Number, I swear its one of my fav kpop albums, check it out.

3. Jimin - BTS. This is actually really sad but JImin was my first and ultimate bias for a long time before Kai. He’s still in my top three though and I love him so much. Jimin has grown from a cute squishy child to an even cuter squishy adult with slytherin and grandpa tendencies (according to Namjoon). He’s so supportive and caring to each member of BTS despite his own insecurities and gives his all in every performance. Although I love Hoseok and Jungkook’s dancing, Jimin’s has always been my favorite in the group and he was amazing in his Lie performance. You can really see how much more confident he is now and both him and BTS make me proud

4. Luna- F(x). Time to get salty. Luna is so underappreciated it actually hurts me. I’m amazed to this day how everyone sleeps on perfection. Her voice is amazing, even more so when you realize that she entered SM for her dancing and she’s now the main vocal of her group. Her solo was perfect in every way, so undeniably infused with her spark and optimism. She’s always reaching out to help others (ie Amber’s upsetting Instagram post and her charity to help single mothers). It makes me sad that people have said things about her weight to the point where she feels the need to diet. She’s a beautiful inside and out and I’m so glad I finally found her and F(x). 

5. Yoseob - Beast/Highlight.I recently got into Beast/Highlight and I’m in love. They are an incredible group and their comeback is going to be so good. TBH im not sure if Yoseob is my bias in this group bc although I love him, Kikwang is up there, but I’ll talk about Yoseob anyway. His voice is gorgeous, and he is constantly praised for his vocal control. Not to mention he’s incredibly cute and funny. I don’t know what Highlight would be without his optimism and happy-go-lucky personality. He is so personal with his fans and very obviously cares about them. His interactions are so genuine and he’s just precious. 

6. Solji- EXID. I found EXID about a month or two ago and omg they have become one of my favorite girl groups. Honestly, all these girls are so great but I have such a soft spot for Solji. She’s such a mom to all the girls and holds them all together while still having fun. This was so obvious especially in their latest promotion where all of EXID thanked Solji for their win and joked around about her loving memes (same). She was originally EXID’s vocal coach and her voice is no joke. I cried when I heard her sing Maria. She is always laughing and happy and I hope she gets better soon and can join EXID again in the future.

7. BamBam - GOT7. This was the ultimate trip from hate to love. When I first started getting into GOT7 I quite literally hated Bambam which I regret now. I’ve come to laugh at his embarrassing jokes, lovingly cringe at his dabbing, and get emotional over his surprisingly soft personality. He’s another one that really goes out of his way for fans, performing even the dumbest of requests for a laugh. Although the ultimate meme, he just wants to be loved and appreciated by fans. A side note: his glow up and blonde hair ends me. 

8. Ten - NCT. I didn’t really realize how much I liked Ten until I made this list lol. He’s kinda a new fav since I don’t know all too much about NCT but I was super hyped for his SM Station and it didn’t disappoint.  After his SM station, I started looking more into his dancing and found all his Hit the Stage performances. This boy is amazing and I can completely understand why everyone praises him. He seems like such a sunshine and is always really bubbly and upbeat. He’s got an amazing career ahead of him.

9. Hyuna - 4Minute/soloist. Hyuna is so incredibly cool. I wish I could be like her. She pulls off the sexiest concepts and gets a lot of hate, but still delivers amazing performances and is so kind. It’s funny how opposite her real personality is to her on stage personality bc she is so charismatic on stage but such a sweetheart off. Both her subunits are hits and my only complaint is that 4Minute disbanded and she can’t rap with them. Even so, I have so much respect for her and all her music.

10. G-Dragon- Bigbang. I find GD to be one of the most conflicting people in kpop. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs with him tbh. But I feel like I would be lying if he wasn’t included here since I’ve known him since I’ve been in kpop and he’s always been kinda a constant. I always say I’m not really the biggest fan but I have most of his solo stuff (as well as a crap ton of bigbang) and basically jumped on the first opportunity to see him live so whoops. I don’t really need to go on about what an incredible producer or leader he is bc that’s just obvious but what I like about him is that despite all he’s been through he’s maintained such a close relationship with his band members and becomes so genuine around them. Only when he’s with bigbang does he really open up and it’s adorable. 

This was way longer than I would have expected and honestly im shocked if anyone bothers to read this lol but thanks anyway and ill tag @sh1nee , @moonjjongie , @mxci , @kjonginswife , @withfx , @professorjjong , @keybummietomyheart , @kaizzzi , @taejaboo , @taeminleigh and anyone else that wants to do this

Describing My Boyfriend - Zitao

to be honest, I don’t know what to call Tao because he’s left EXO but in my heart he’s still there. is it disrespectful to call him by Tao and not Zitao?

“What’s your boyfriend’s personality like?” 

he’s a cutie.

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he’s scared of a lot.

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but makes up for it with being athletic. 

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he’s loving.

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he’s different, that’s what makes him special. (LMFAO, babe)

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“he sounds majestic.”

majestically amazing. 

if you want me to describe more boyfriends just ask me c:
(big bang, exo, bts, teen top, block b, nu’est, seventeen, infinite, got7) or any other.
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EXO's PLAN IN 10 YEARS (From 2013)
  • D.O.: i’ll go first. i want to have a 10 year anniversary concert with the members. (chanyeol: it’s 11 year anniversary!) yes. i think [in 10 years exo will be] having a 11 year anniversary concert. even then members that need to be hit will be hit.
  • CHANYEOL: personally, i want to compose and make a lot of music that will shine korea. and our members will sing those song. i want to make songs that will move people’s feelings, and stop war. (reporter’s note: then suddenly, baekhyun and chanyeol started singing ‘we are the world’.)
  • SUHO: 10 years later, i think i’ll be working as an all-around entertainer. and then we have a 11 year anniversary world tour concert together.
  • LAY: i want to be a producer. so i’ll make my own stage. like a concert. i can draw as well. so i’ll do the stage design, and it’ll be nice if my friend who does lighting can help out. there, i will sing and dance and play the piano, i want to hold a small concert. i’ll invite small number of people and accept no concert ticket fee.
  • SEHUN: i would like EXO to still exist then [in 10 years time]. even if a team called EXO does not exist, i would like members to stay in contact with each other.
  • KAI: in 10 years time, i want to buy a chelsea seasonal ticket. also, i want to marry and have son and go and cheer [for chelsea] together while wearing the [chelsea’s] uniform.
  •  everyone then said “are you saying that you won’t be part of the team?” to which replied, “I’LL GO AS A HOLIDAY!”
  • TAO: i want to become the greatest action movie actor in china. jackie chan sunbaenim would have aged then as well. [so tao wants to become the greatest action movie actor] instead of jackie chan sunbaenim.
  • KRIS: in 10 years, i’ll probably be vacationing in hawaii. [he’ll probably] traveling the world. i’ve always wanted to travel. i think i’ll have free time then. also, i want to make my own brand. i probably will. (baekhyun: kris hyung has talent in outfit and stuff.)
  • BAEKHYUN: i want to become an all-round entertainer. i want to become a person that other people acknowledges and remembers as “that guy is someone who’s perfectly prepared”.
  • XIUMIN: i don’t think [i can] look that far (10 years) into the future. it’s being faithful to the present. but there is one thing i one to do. i want to open up a small coffee shop and become a barista.
  • CHEN: i’ll probably still be singing until then.
  • LUHAN: i want to pay my parents as much filial duty. i want to continue working as EXO.
  •   baekhyun and kai’s additional plans
  • BAEKHYUN: i’m saying it as a joke now, but i really want to buy a mountain and build 'exo land’.
  • KAI: then it’ll be nice to make exo junior as well.

It’s too bad that Muse Dress decided to dub over Tao’s performance of Alone on tonight’s episode. Thank god for fancams, So much better LIVE! And Tao going hard, be still my heart 😍 #huangzitao #zitao #tao

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