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Describing My Boyfriend - Zitao

to be honest, I don’t know what to call Tao because he’s left EXO but in my heart he’s still there. is it disrespectful to call him by Tao and not Zitao?

“What’s your boyfriend’s personality like?” 

he’s a cutie.

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he’s scared of a lot.

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but makes up for it with being athletic. 

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he’s loving.

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he’s different, that’s what makes him special. (LMFAO, babe)

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“he sounds majestic.”

majestically amazing. 

if you want me to describe more boyfriends just ask me c:
(big bang, exo, bts, teen top, block b, nu’est, seventeen, infinite, got7) or any other.
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EXO's PLAN IN 10 YEARS (From 2013)
  • D.O.: i’ll go first. i want to have a 10 year anniversary concert with the members. (chanyeol: it’s 11 year anniversary!) yes. i think [in 10 years exo will be] having a 11 year anniversary concert. even then members that need to be hit will be hit.
  • CHANYEOL: personally, i want to compose and make a lot of music that will shine korea. and our members will sing those song. i want to make songs that will move people’s feelings, and stop war. (reporter’s note: then suddenly, baekhyun and chanyeol started singing ‘we are the world’.)
  • SUHO: 10 years later, i think i’ll be working as an all-around entertainer. and then we have a 11 year anniversary world tour concert together.
  • LAY: i want to be a producer. so i’ll make my own stage. like a concert. i can draw as well. so i’ll do the stage design, and it’ll be nice if my friend who does lighting can help out. there, i will sing and dance and play the piano, i want to hold a small concert. i’ll invite small number of people and accept no concert ticket fee.
  • SEHUN: i would like EXO to still exist then [in 10 years time]. even if a team called EXO does not exist, i would like members to stay in contact with each other.
  • KAI: in 10 years time, i want to buy a chelsea seasonal ticket. also, i want to marry and have son and go and cheer [for chelsea] together while wearing the [chelsea’s] uniform.
  •  everyone then said “are you saying that you won’t be part of the team?” to which replied, “I’LL GO AS A HOLIDAY!”
  • TAO: i want to become the greatest action movie actor in china. jackie chan sunbaenim would have aged then as well. [so tao wants to become the greatest action movie actor] instead of jackie chan sunbaenim.
  • KRIS: in 10 years, i’ll probably be vacationing in hawaii. [he’ll probably] traveling the world. i’ve always wanted to travel. i think i’ll have free time then. also, i want to make my own brand. i probably will. (baekhyun: kris hyung has talent in outfit and stuff.)
  • BAEKHYUN: i want to become an all-round entertainer. i want to become a person that other people acknowledges and remembers as “that guy is someone who’s perfectly prepared”.
  • XIUMIN: i don’t think [i can] look that far (10 years) into the future. it’s being faithful to the present. but there is one thing i one to do. i want to open up a small coffee shop and become a barista.
  • CHEN: i’ll probably still be singing until then.
  • LUHAN: i want to pay my parents as much filial duty. i want to continue working as EXO.
  •   baekhyun and kai’s additional plans
  • BAEKHYUN: i’m saying it as a joke now, but i really want to buy a mountain and build 'exo land’.
  • KAI: then it’ll be nice to make exo junior as well.

It’s too bad that Muse Dress decided to dub over Tao’s performance of Alone on tonight’s episode. Thank god for fancams, So much better LIVE! And Tao going hard, be still my heart 😍 #huangzitao #zitao #tao

Link to raw full version on YouTube Cr:Lunchbox0502
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