still in love w it tbh


favorite bts songs (in no specific order) spring day 

past the end of the cold winter
until springtime comes again
until flowers bloom again
stay there a little longer

someone once told me that “obsession isn’t the same thing as love” and tbh it shook me up and i still think about it because… do i even love??? or am i just obsessed with everything that i’m passionate about? because w bpd, when i love something, i become obsessed with it, so for someone to tell me that those two aren’t interchangeable really messed me up

I’m just gonna say that when Viktor said “Don’t get the wrong idea”  my heart sank. In that instant, I was like, no way, right? then he confirmed their engagement I actually cried and fukn screamed (throat still hurts a bit)
like I thought for a moment that we actually just got fucked over;;

 I’m overjoyed tbh, ✿ still shook tho 

can you believe leigh gave us wesper… an interracial gay ship that is currently (and hopefully always!!) very very happy together and they’re so pure and wonderful and amazing and they weren’t used for their sexuality like they a) weren’t fetishized!!!!! and b) had an agency of their own and their own arcs and heartbreaks/hardships that had nothing to do w/ them as a couple but they still supported each other as one even before they got together (officially anyway) and they were SUCH a power couple tbh like wylan’s literally the wealthiest boy in ketterdam and jesper’s a badass grisha sharpshooter but they still MELT around each other and they’re just!! brilliant showstopping spectacular never the same

slowbro sprite rating

as suggested by @hero-pons


not sure about this sprite, i feel like if you were looking at it w/out knowing what slowbro is you wouldn’t recognize that’s its tail. still cute though. 5/10


this is better. clearer. looks like he just dropped a contact and is bending over to look for it. i hope he finds it! 6/10


he found it! look how happy he is! i love him. 10/10


he dropped it again. 7/10


he’s happy again! he’s so excited to be here. happiness goals tbh?? 10/10


he’s waving hi to you because he’s so glad to see you again! how nice. shellder looks like he’s working through some things but it’ll be okay. 10/10


so cute??? looks like he’s doing a blep. this happy boy brings a smile to my face. 9/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

another happy boy, now wiggling a bit in his excitement. impatience, maybe? either way, i love him. 8/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

looks very spaced out, as slowbro tend to be. i support him. please help your local slowbro by reminding them to close their mouths. 7/10

bonus mega slowbro

please help him/10

verlinktbeichris  asked:

Neko, I wanted to tell you that I love you dead end-comic and I love Pacifist!Chara more than Goth and can I get reference for the pacifistic Chara?

aah that’s ok honn!! OMG I’m so honored u want to know about ma lil human ;//w//;


#for those who didn’t know, Paci!Chara is from my smol undertale comic ‘dead end’! feel free to read~! ;w;

EDIT(Additional info): aside from Papyrus, on special occassion a Frisk or Chara can sees them.

uhhh i have well over 500 followers now so i guess ill do a follow forever bc i love u guys!! 

im not sure if these are still a thing or what, or if im doing this right but

if ur on here im love u so much and tbh even if u arent then i love u too!!!! tbh im bad at lists so i prob just forgot u.

there are a few nonmutuals on here so if ur uncomfy w that just lmk and ill take u off! same with if weve never talked before..if u arent comfy w this then just lmk 💕

definitely check out all these cool friends if u want some quality, rlly cool ppl to follow!! these ppl have gotten me through a lot and are just great tbh

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i have no idea how did this even happen but i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you 💫

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sinnersweetie  asked:

I'm sorry for asking but what's your preferred pronouns? Just so I don't offended you or anything. And I just wish I could draw as good and you can ;-; and you're only sixteen. We're the same age and I still struggle. And I know you say practice and I do. Help lol ^^; still love your art tho so no hard feelings.

tbh i don’t care how you guys pronounce me lol

i’m comfortable w/ whatever pronouns you guys use on meh, so for example if you’re more comfortable w/ calling me “she” then sure! or maybe a he then sure!

all and all, i just hate to be a burden to you guys y’know? like if i put a rule about “gender/pronouns” i can tell that a lot of you guys are gonna feel uncomfortable around me, and i don’t want that! and i hate to be.. um.. how do you called it? uh.. “strict banana or tacos artist” lmao

so yeah, in short, i’m comfortable w/ whatever u pronouns me, cuz u know… i’m chill :^yyyyyy

and beside, i never told you guys my gender in the beginning anyways, so its not yer fault if ya get it wrong :^DDDDD

less than sober revisit of 2004 movie

and we’re off
i’ve got a fifth of peach new amsterdam and i’m ready to party

-no matter what follows, i really love the little candle that flicks on into the title card. like… that’s such aesthetic goals
-weird b/w grainy auction bit is nice tbh. i like Old Raoul’s little bit as a voice over. subtle
-i put some vodka in my really strong fruit tea and i can’t taste that alcohol so that’s gonna be wild
-still love that opening theme (we’ve gotten a sound bar since i last saw it so BASS) and all the aesthetic shit going on. like honestly i do love the aesthetic shit going on

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Tbh, ive actually had a couple of strangers message me telling me what a good mercy i am and it really makes my day. My roommate says mercy potg is stupid because its usually a rez, but he doesnt even play mercy because "shes too weak", and im able to get potg while healing my team and being a battle mercy at the same time like???? Ill get like ~8,000 healing, 11 kills, 3 deaths, and he'll STILL say mercy is useless and honestly ik her worth so its like w/e i love her so much til valhalla yall

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Pls give me a giant masterlist of sterek songs , i dont care how long or short (tho the longer the better haha) like madi just whack me w them musicaly sterek feels

  • Higher by The Naked and Famous (!!!!!! my sterek ANTHEM)
    -ALSO-> The Linney cover of this kicks my ass 2 4 / 7
  • Night After Night by Sandra Lyng (like. i get such a fratboy/fuckbuddies vibe w/ a side of obliviously fallin’ in love *_*)
  • Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding (do i. even need a reason for this one.)
  • Free Animal by Foreign Air (my favorite pasttime is listening to this song and imagining sterek kicking straight ass  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  • History by Olivia Holt (like. listen and then try and tell me this isn’t a PERFECT FIT ‘i didn’t know i felt the way i did before’ fucking oblivious boys honestly. ‘its like we never really closed that door’ also? that chorus? *sips tea*)
  • Intro by The xx
  • Stone Cold by Demi Lovato (i… am so s orry..,,,, ‘i was your ember but now she’s your shade of gold’ i want to d I E)
  • Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World (like!!!! hs!au where ya at????)
  • Closer by Lemaitre
  • Lay Me Down by Sam Smith (a.k.a the feels they can’t put in words)
  • Replay by Zendaya 
  • Haze by Amber Run (i cant even explain. just. listen for yourself)
  • I Found by Amber Run (listen. if i could put all of amber run’s song, I would.)
  • Believer by Imagine Dragons (the rhythm and beat of this song is more sterek than the lyrics, but fuck - when I say the sound of it is STEREK, you best b e l i e v e)
  • Won’t Let Go by Airia (the soundtrack for an angsty, aching, fucking epic whirlwind of a fic.)
  • I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace (oh boy, good ol’ Early Seasons sterek)
  • Cold Water by Conor Maynard (a song about water????? ‘i won’t let go’?? ‘even though time might take us into such different places’ ?? like. no further explanation needed lol.)
  • Intoxicated by Ashley DuBose (’lets just get drunk and tell each other our secrets’ fuck ok, i see u. someone write this fic.)
  • Barricade by Paxton Ingram (this song gets me ten types of fucked up. so much longing and regret and PINING. GO D.)
  • Bloodstream by Transviolet (straight lust like there isn’t any other explanation.)
  • Higher by Rihanna (let ‘im know, stiles. also??? where are my stoner!sterek fics at????)
  • This Means War by Marianas Trench (Point 1: “It’s been what? A half a year, like nothing ever happen in-between us. Fill me in on how you’ve been.” Point 2: “But that’s not what I came for, my amour. I hate to admit it but I miss the war. Gotta get you under fire quick. Brace for it.Conclusion: fuuuuuck.)

I decided to draw Riddler again after ages of not doing so and tbh i love the design I made for him still and forever will stand by it

in other news, i’m still 100% in love with the riddle man and my love for him will never fade no matter what fandom i sink into

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission and leave my description; thanks!)


17.08; Happy Birthday, Jack~!

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I miss Clexa so much that it hurts. I'm still angry. I don't think I'll ever stop being angry. How could they. How. At least there are still people like you guys and all the other writers and artists who keep the fandom alive, and I am eternally grateful. I love your fic, keep up the good work :).

Thanks! Tbh the death doesn’t even affect me bc I work w these characters so much I feel like they’re real and alive haha