still in love somehow

The death of a beautiful woman is the most gossiped topic in the world

bruised soul falls into a splendid tear.
pixies wings spreading to soiled victims
golden balloons in heaven’s tombstones.
heart is kind and heart is cruel.
in the beginning there were
just sensual dreams and love butterflies spinning,
in the heat of madness just
troubadours poems and blurring smog,
in the end just doomed solitude and ominous smoke.
somehow I still am addicted to you.
somehow after misleading misfortunes
I still am in love with you.
guilt in my head at last vanishing,
search for my crucified shadow in a paradise lost.

hux had like 2 minutes of screen time total which he spent the entirety of being a fucking space nazi and yet somehow he still receives more love and attention from the star wars community than the actual male hero lead. fucking incredible

She loved him
And he loved her
But it wasn’t
That simple.

I looked through our conversations when we used to be on cloud nine and in love, these were the times you told me how lucky you are to have a girl like me, how thankful you are because you never received such love I was giving to you and whatever happens, you will never let me go. The words you said mean everything to me and it stabs my heart, realizing that these words mean nothing anymore. I can’t help myself but to cry my heart out till the sun has set. The pain is too heavy to bear, the love I believed to be true and different was gone. We used to be over the moon, but the present tells the opposite. This is stupid of me to say but, I won’t deny the fact that I miss you so much. I love you, I still do. But somehow, I’ve come with the thought that I can’t do anything anymore, I need to let you go because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve decided to finally move on and this would be the last time I would cry over you because there was nothing left to hold on to and I can’t hold on to something that doesn’t want to be held.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I was the reason why you let things end. I’m sorry for the terrible mistake I made, I never blamed you for deciding to end this because you were hurt and I understand. I only have myself to blame. But, I was hoping you would’ve understood, that I did it for us. I always feared the day would come, the day you will finally won’t take back the words you’ve said. I’m sorry for the other things that have hurt you, for the things that made you cry, jealous and mad. 

Thank you. I’m thankful that I met you because you have given me a temporary bliss. I laughed and smiled because of you. Somehow, you made me feel loved and beautiful in a short period of time. Thank you for the good days: the days we felt unstoppable like we’re flying high, when holding your hand felt like home, leaning on your shoulders made me feel secure and hearing your voice sound like the angels are singing. It was worth it, being loved and loving you. Thank you for making me realize how capable I am to love someone. You proved forever within a number of days. You were the greatest and worst thing ever happen to me. 

Goodbye. This will be the last time that I will write you a message, I’ll accept the fact that some things are meant to end, even though I used to believe that you won’t let that happen. I did everything I could to make you stay, but I guess your life no longer includes me because, you’re happy now and I can see that clearly. You already found a love that’s all the things ours couldn’t be. I hope you find overwhelming joy by her side, I hope she won’t hurt you and make you cry. I hope for the best for the both of you. It hurts but I’ve accepted the painful truth that I am just a distant memory now. I don’t regret loving you, but what I regret is that I let myself believe that this would last.

I won’t forget you and the memories, I will always keep you alive in my heart. I’ll just get used to not having you in my life anymore. Deep within my heart knows getting over you won’t be simple. I need to stop loving you so I can start loving myself again. You were a painful blessing, but you were also a great lesson. I guess you’re just another chapter of my life needed to end. I still and will pray for your safety and happiness even though I’m in pain right now, I still believe you deserve the best. I hope you find everything in her that you couldn’t find in me. You will always be my greatest love.

—  S.L // unsent last message

“I hope one day you will find someone who makes flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you.”

Drarry Being Petty

Don’t tell my Drarry isn’t literally the pettiest couple ever to walk the planet??? Like ????
Draco keeps nagging Harry to fold the laundry and wakes up the next morning to find ALL of his clothes hidden throughout the house.
Harry keeps telling Draco to clean his hair out of the sink, and finds his toothbrush full of fine blond hair later that day because Draco used it to comb his baby hairs out of his face.
Draco tells Harry to stop turning up the AC so high because it gets too cold and comes home from work that day to find their house is like 2000 degrees.
Harry complains that dinner is too bland and takes a bite at dinner the next day and almost dies because Draco dumped half of a bottle of Sriracha into the spaghetti sauce.
And Ron and Hermione are at a total loss as to why they are so horrible to each other and still somehow seem to love each other more than any two humans ever could.
Draco and Harry being petty as fuck is my aesthetic.

15 years from now
  • The Riddler: Alright Dark Knight. If you can guess my riddlers I will not kill these hostages.
  • BATMAN: I won't let you get away with this.
  • The Riddler: I hope you are ready detective. Here is your Riddle
  • BATMAN: [Prepares Brain]
  • The Riddler: I am a flightless bird who likes to make you think that I am your friend but I will kill anyone you fall in love with out of jealousy but somehow still manages to make you feel bad when killing you [Heavy Breathing] WHAT [Heavy Breathing] AM [Heavy Breathing] I???!
  • BATMAN: Oh my god.


1. You look at a map of a city you’ve never been to.
You see patterns and street names and they tell you nothing. The map remains dead, the city unknown.
2. You go to the city you’ve never been to.
It becomes a city you know.
3. You look at a map of a city you’ve been to, but have left behind. As you look at the map, you remember.
You are looking at nostalgia. You walk through street names and remember the taste of cake in the café whose name you forgot, but you remember its yellow walls and comfy chairs. A square is no longer four lines on a map, but an open space with people and statues and laughter and a fountain in the center. The monotonous, two-dimensional blue that indicates an ocean turns into postcard memories, so many shades of blue and green and the smell of salt and fish. The famous building with the famous name that everyone knows is now a personal experience, it is yours and yours alone in a way that will never make it anyone else’s. A billion feet have walked these (now familiar) paths and two of them were yours. You can trace the steps you have taken and you remember feelings and colours and strangers who offered you a smile. There is the hostel you slept in, there is the river you crossed so many times, there is the corner where you listened to the most amazing street musician. You fondly whisper street names that you had trouble pronouncing when you first spoke them, clumsily. You connect dots, and they turn to images in your head.
The map is alive, the city an old friend.
4. The map you look at is always the same; the perception is different. It is you who has changed.
—  p.s. // every time i look at a map I have a feeling that is hard to put into words

TFP is either gonna be the best finale in history or one of the most disappointing


“I can’t have any more blood on my hands.”

“Except for your own?”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Harry:</b> Professor Lupin, do you know Sirius Black?<p/><b>Lupin:</b> *sweats nervously as he thinks to himself* OH GOD THIS KID KNOWS SOMETHING HE MUST'VE SEEN PICTURES OF US SNOGGING JAMES MUST'VE LEFT HIM A LETTER ABOUT HIS TWO GAY UNCLES WHAT IF HARRY SQUEALS ON ME WHAT IF HE THINKS I'M STILL IN LOVE WITH SIRIUS ERGO I'M IN LEAGUE WITH HIM AND THEN TELLS DUMBLEDORE AND THE REST OF THE SCHOOL MERLIN'S BEARD WHAT IF HE TELLS SNAPE WHAT IF SNAPE ARRIVES AT SOME CONCLUSIONS AND THINKS THE SAME THINGS AND I GET KICKED OUT WHAT WILL I DO HOW WILL I EAT WHERE WILL I LIVE WHAT IF SOMEHOW SIRIUS FINDS OUT THAT I STILL LOVE HIM HE'LL SHOW UP AND FUCK SHIT UP AND I CAN'T DEAL WITH HIM AGAIN I'VE ALREADY GOTTEN OVER THAT MAN I WON'T POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO DO IT TWICE OMFG *flings suitcase across room into fireplace* *fireplace explodes* *Grindylow's tank bursts* *water and fire eating away at the room* *Grindylow swirls around Lupin and Harry's ankles* *Lupin's robes catch fire* *room gives out smoke smelling like burnt crapola and Grindylow steak* *old wizards having heart attacks outside* *children screaming* *dragons hearing this proceed to set fire to everything* *the universe burns up* *life ceases to exist*<p/><b>Lupin:</b> *completely calm* No. Why do you ask?<p/></p><p/></p>

This is Potter. The best friend I’ve ever had. He’s 13 years old and somehow still has the energy of a puppy. He loves so much and is so happy all the time. I don’t know where I’d be without this little guy.


Everything about his scene is so beautifully arranged.

The beds, so close to each other that they look like just one big bed. Yuri, peacefully sleeping, his ring visible and shining, the hand with the said ring closer to his face —and Yuri’s body turned to Victor’s bed, so we know he was facing Victor when they were both in bed. Then the sea, so vast, so full of possibilities, and Victor standing right there, facing it. Victor, who is looking at his own ring in the light of the sun; the same light that is making Yuri’s ring shine, entering through the window of their room.

I would say it’s the picture of the first day after a couple’s wedding, after the first night they spend together as a married couple.

A couple where they love each other so much, and feel so safe with each other. And, somehow, still overwhelmed by the reality of a love that feels so big, yet so natural.


“Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?”~ ♥

Leya is my wife and i love her. she’s a filthy memer and she always has the best nails. she’s really competitve, but she’s also really considerate. she has a huge gay crush on kathy ♥