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“…and I was so scared that they’d made a mistake, because the script described how pretty the Princess was.  This is not what I felt myself to be.  The last line in the script was that the Princess is way down the hill and she is staggeringly beautiful.  I crossed off the ‘ly’ and ‘beautiful’ and felt this new wording more approached what I would bring to the character.” - Carrie Fisher


Allura’s reaction to The Hug™ (aka SHE KNOWSSS)

Okay first, they did this weird focus thing on them for a reason with Allura in the picture. I think she knows about their connection with each other and she’s surprised. Even when coran and Allura hug, it’s in a passing scene for .2 seconds but they purposely gave this a wordless but meaningful moment, and I think in s3, Keith is going to keep saying Shiro is like a ‘brother’ to him, but Allura is going to help him realize his true feelings

asdfjiggle  asked:

I think it's rad how much I see your art Improving with every new post!. Your art has never been bad but wow your style is evolving so quickly it's amazing! Keep it up! It's all so beautiful ;u;

Thank you!! It’s taken me a while, but I’m FINALLY getting used to drawing with a tablet which means I can FINALLY start using my traditional art style.

The style on the right is how I drew on paper and the one on the left is what I used when I was still new to using a drawing tablet… and then there were a bunch of other styles I tried out for more practice which explains why the art on my blog is so inconsistent ( ´・___・) 
Anyways, I’m glad you like my art! I’ll definitely keep it up x)

(also, your art is amazing and I hope you keep it up too!!)