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Erin and Abby Highschool girlfriends here we go

  • Erin did track and field
  • Abby wanted to join the marching band, but they told her she was too fat and she wouldn’t be able to keep up
  • One early morning Abby decided to go running to try and get in shape so she could finally belong somewhere
  • While she’s there Erin shows up to practise like she usually does
  • Erin starts warming up, and once she’s stretched she takes off her shirt to run in her sports bra
  • Abby is looking at her, and when she takes off her shirt Abby gets too distracted and trips over her feet
  • Erin runs over and asks if she’s okay or if she needs any help
  • They train together that day
  • Erin doesn’t usually have anyone to sit with at lunch, even though the track and field members are her team-mates, they don’t want to sit with ghost-girl
  • Abby has a similar problem: she is member/head of almost every club in school, so most days she just tries to sit with one of her club members and they make some excuse and leave and Abby ends up eating alone
  • this day Erin decides to go sit with Abby
  • “Oh you don’t have to sit with me out of pity, you can go sit with your cool team-mates.”
  • “Well umm… They don’t want to sit with me”
  • “Why not? You’re a jock, you’re smart, you’re a mathlete and an athlete. And you’re so beautiful too” (which totally makes Erin blush)
  • “I believe in ghosts, so everyone thinks I’m weird. They call me ghost girl”
  • “Oh cool. I like ghosts”
  • instant friendship from them on
  • Erin finds out Abby was just training to fit in, and that secretly she hates it
  • Erin tells her that she should only run if she really likes it, and that she doesn’t have to change to be beautiful, Erin likes her just the way she is
  • One day they’re walking down the hall together, and one of them just casually asks if the other is going to prom
  • “I wasn’t planning on. I don’t think anyone will ask me or anything”
  • “Well we could always go together”
  • They get matching dresses and go together without the intention of finding a date, but just to have fun
  • One of the geeky boys asks Erin to slow dance, but she looks over at her friend and sees Abby all alone, and says that she’s gonna dance with Abby instead
  • From then on the whole school assumes they’re dating
  • In the hallway Abby and Erin are walking together holding hands, as best friends do, and someone yells ‘dykes’ at them
  • Erin doesn’t understand, but she is so used be being called ghost-girl that she doesn’t really notice/mind
  • One day at Abby’s house while they’re studying for an english quiz Erin brings it up
  • Abby explains that they get called dyke because people think that they’re gay/dating
  • “Oh well that would be…” Erin looses her train of thought and kisses Abby right then and there
  • She pulls back and apologises and she starts freaking out and abby can’t get a word in edgewise so she just interrupts Erin by kissing her back
  • They figure if they’re gonna get called dykes anyway they might as well date right?
  • They are the cutest couple and go on ghost hunting dates, or dates to the library to research more about ghosts, or study dates in general

Ok this post got way longer than I expected, I just love the idea of Yatesbert high school girlfriends. (If you wanna see more than this tho, you can send me one of the one sentence prompts and I’ll write a Yatesbert Highschool gfs drabble)

If anyone’s still interested in my NoiCle highschool/runaway fic, I was actually able to get around and post  the first chapter of it yesterday.

Again, I’m not the best writer. But it’d be cool to finish a fanfic for once, and no doubt i need the practice so I’m going for it!

Someone I followed pointed out that drawing fanart all the time made them inclined to conform to the style to preserve likeness and as such, caused them to feel restricted and unflexible. Of course, that was exactly what was happening to me.

Unfortunately this is what happens when I draw fanart in ‘my style’ (or lack thereof), by the book. It’s got all the delicious bits; Hugeass brush, little to no reference and respect for character design, horrid generic anatomy, line gaps, line gaps, LINE GAPS. Needless to say- it’s not very nice, is it?

But hey, it felt damn good to swing my pen around without caring if people liked it or not like I used to.

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Can I request headcanons of Ukai, Oikawa, Kenma, Akashi, Bokuto, Iwa chan and Suga, having a younger sister. And like one day the younger sister comes home crying because her boyfriend of 3 years dumped her over text. And was leading her on for the last year and a half. What would they do? How would they react? Etc. Thank!


*He is out for blood
*actually will kill 
*this kid is in highschool? Fuck that i’ll still fight him what the fuck?
*will actually ask her his address to go ‘set him straight’ 
*will probably buy her anything she wants
*sit around and listen to her talk shit about him and agree with everything she says

*will attack him on social media 
*Tells the whole volleyball team who this kid is and they go out of their way to let him know he did a shitty thing
*movie marathon my dude
*will start talking shit about this guy with her to make her feel better
*he’d be really shocked that anyone could do this tbh and he’d wonder about the motive for a while before asking 
*would not be happy no matter what answer he got. 

*he’d buy them a bunch of games 
*listen to sad game soundtracks while they cried and he’d sit around and willingly listen letting her forget her filter.
*would give her pain meds for the headache shed have coming,
*would probably seek out Yaku or Kuroo’s help 
*would not tolerate any shit from any boy and would actual duel the next guy to come near his sister fuck boys tbh

*he’d actually consider sending Bokuto on him.
*Let her hug him and just sob, perpetually shushing her for the first 10 minutes of her crying fit just so she could get it out 
*would compliment her a whole bunch and bring her to get her hair/nails done or buy new clothes 
*share his own personal relationship stories to let her know she wasn’t alone

*would feel personally challenged by this kid
*try to fight him with kuroo 
*probably egg his house
*his heart would break seeing her cry and he’d be emo about it the second she left
*breakfast in bed 
*everything in bed
*if she doesn’t wanna leave bed she doesn’t have to leave her alone. 

*angry Bara unlocked!!
*he’d be seething silently while she cried letting her just hug him and bawl for however long she had to 
*would later seek Oiks out to attack this kid on social media tbh 
*no boys for 10 years boys are not worthy of her she is an unearthly being deserving of only the best things get away from her i will choke you
*extra wary of boys now!

*would style her hair albeit a bit messily just to calm her down
*would let her cry to an extent making sure she didn’t make herself sick 
*order/make her favorite food
*Bake with her
*tell his big scary bara boyfriend Daichi to beat this kid up fuck this kid seriously 
*daichi would probably do it too tbh 
*compliments 24/7
*’you leave this princess alone if she doens’t wanna do anything she doesn’t have to shes mending a broken heart you big meany.’

I’ve only been in highschool for like nearly two years, and I’ve encountered 7 couples in my grade (that I know of! I don’t spend much time dwelling on who likes who and who’s dating who so I only know the REALLY open ones). 5 straight ones and 2 lesbian ones (well, one of the lesbian couples is a grade ahead of me but I’m good friends with them because they’re in my art class so I’m counting them)

And the two gay couples have been going on strong for 2 years and 3 years respectively.

The straight ones lasted for at the most 6 months (which is actually still quite long for highschool couples) and I’m pretty sure only one or two is still together.

So like, am I saying gay love is stronger and more unconditional? Yeah, I kinda am

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Good luck for your first day of cosmetology school. Are you excited?

Ah well actually I’ve been there for 6 months already, I’m just going to be starting full time on Monday. I was only there half the day during the school year because I’m still in highschool. I’m actually not excited at all :P